Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 3, 2016

Dolphins, Merkabah’s, Nuclear Energy and the Change Underway… oh My!!!


Boy oh boy has December revved up the engine of life or what!!??  I am back to doing readings with my eyes closed and my hand over my eyes, zip, zap, zoom batman!!  New skills, serious supers powers are coming online.  I once again woke up late, I think its between the stress my oldest daughter and youngest grandson are going thru and a plan to get them out of homelessness and back to Texas to safety going awry every single day and then the magic of what is coming thru the readings, the energy embedded in all that magic, I am burnt toast at mid day!!

There are so many different skills I want to talk about, sadly, I wish I would have gotten out of bed when I woke up at 3:30, but I closed my eyes and wham… they opened again at 6:30, dammit!!  I’ll get in what I can tho…

One of the lady’s yesterday who had an amazing pod of dolphins all hanging out just outside my office door.  Three were most visible, one was most prominent and said her name was Ela Weesa.  What really surprised me is that Ela Weese is an incarnation of the lady I was reading for, soul.  It was explained that it was easier to incarnate as a dolphin for this time of connection and remembering, the language of understanding would be easily translated from dolphin to human because they shared the same soul mind.  This dolphin was 15 years old.  They live and play in the deep pacific and work on changing the sound energy thru the oceans with their communications, their echos and songs.  My lady will remember how to do the same thru the air waves as well.

Another lady, thank god she was my last one of the day, she had these (which she later showed me was the merkabah) crystal things easily the size of a tennis ball, tons of them, raining down all around her:


In the center of each one, was these ellipticals of energies, red, white and blue and what her team called nuclear energy, like the nucleus of a star.  As my mind wondered what she gonna do with these, in that instant, she reached out her hand, plucked one and shock me… popped it in her mouth!!  The moment it entered her mouth, the crystal part evaporated, the energy that was contained inside released and flooded her entire mouth, but the greatest change that I could see came from the bony structure of the back of her teeth.  Over the next few weeks, this energy will infiltrate the entire bone system in her body as well as those bodies that reflect her frequency, which would be the 11D system!!

I am also starting to understand that many of these energy changes that we are going thru, will be finishing in waves.  Some just after the full moon in December (the 14th,) some as we cross into January, some mid Feb and even some March.

Whatever all this is, I am bearing witness to the extreme intensity of duality amping up.  My son, who was texted that he was fired over the thanksgiving holiday, then went for his final paycheck and was docked $50 for a reason his bipolar boss made up.  He realized he fared much better than the guy, who was also texted he was fired the same day, he was docked $100 for a reason the boss made up.  Mean people just getting meaner.  But the my oldest daughter is giving me, makes me really wonder what we are going to be looking like next year, in the contrast of life.  She and my 10 month old grandson went homeless the week prior to thanksgiving.  They were living with and working for my grandsons paternal grandparents.  He decided no one is getting paid, period.  It was supposed to be a lump sum payment that is just never going to come.  And his mean streak just became so much meaner and every foot up my daughter gets, he single-handedly rips out from under her and his baby grandson.  Mind boggling to me really.  I cannot even imagine what goes thru a heart that wants to make sure a 10 month old has nothing.

Anyway, I digress.  Spirit has been saying that there are going to be two extremes playing out and I now have a bird’s eye view of what they are talking about.  Our job is to remember, to know and live… the heavenly bodies that we are.  To pay attention to what is happening, but don’t get covered in the muck.  To lend a hand to those in need and desiring to get to safer grounds, but not engage in the chaos.  We are going to find that even well laid plans may change on a dime and to keep steering lives to safer ground.

On a final note, I do have a gofundme together for my daughter and grandson, whose entire plan changed yesterday, so I will be revising it and upping the assistance needed later today as soon as I have the final figures in on the change of plans.  The biggest change has gone from driving the RV from California to Austin texas, where they have friends and family and support, to shipping the RV, which will be their home when they land in Texas.  Bids are coming in now and we should have a new game plan today.

On that note, my own day begins.  Enjoy this crazy ride.  All-ways know, YOU are the heaven that is emerging, that is being built over all time lines.  Hold steady and be in Joy all the moments you can!!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of nuclear energy changing lives from the ground up, to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas




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  2. Thank You Lisa. just now catching up on your blogs after being sick with that awful energy flu twice…ugh….I hope your daughter & grandson are all fixed up now. The youngest of my Brothers-in-law hooked up 2 years ago with a fab lady with 3 children, she rented a lovely but wild country property, with 10 acres & a stream, (he has dogs) she got pregnant, bub was born just before Xmas. He (BIL) stupidly lit a fire in a metal drum & a neighbour called the Fire Brigade, so the Owner’s sister called round & said they had to get out…..they must be out by Jan 11th, owners said the property is being auctioned off then….they were well aware that there is no other suitable (dog friendly) properties in the area, honestly, where is people’s Humanity, empathy. We can’t help much, no car & both on Govt pensions…a hundred miles away….breaks my heart, she is the best Mum….I cannot imagine how she is coping….my BIL is bi-polar AND has an ABI (Acquired Brain Injury)….he does his best & is a wonderful loving Father, but he does look scary, (a disguise just to put off nasty other males) & yes, will get agitated & shout if something goes wrong, or he is put under a lot of pressure….you can guess the rest….I send as much Love & Healing energy as I can muster….try not to get too sad about it all, see it as being resolved & them in a lovely new home etc….what else can I do? (Rhetorical Q…lol..)…this baby is only a few weeks old but at least has 2 loving parents & 3 siblings….Thanks for listening (lol) Peace and Love to you, Lisa, I know you had the flu too, it was a bit scary, especially the breathing…..
    Much Love & Blessings to you & all your family….
    Happy New Year…
    Sylvia Melaynia xx


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