Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 4, 2016

Shambhala Has Arrived and the Earth Shakes in its, In Your Glory!!!


YAY, I pulled my happy butt out of bed at 4am this morning to make sure I can do a good a huge information dump!!  Lucky you lol.  One of the main things I wanted to do this whole last week, was gather all the various “anomalies” happening in, on and above earth in these last several weeks, which really are reflecting the energies being shown in the readings every day.  Of course, I understood the events more completely the day they were revealed to me and I was still incorporating the days energy readings, now with some time in my rear view mirror, it’s not as clearly detailed in my mind within the relationships of what you are doing in readings, what the ETs show you they are doing with you and how it is affecting our earth and air.  But is a marvel!!!

A youtube video was shared on my wall several days ago, sadly, I was knee deep in assisting my daughter that I couldn’t even comment on the understanding, but I do want to bring it here for those who have not seen it yet:



I love the last few words in the description, looking for a culprit.  We must raise our hands and take blame or is that, credit!!!  We, with a tremendous amount of help and direction from our ET friends, are changing the magnetic pulses, frequencies and anything else we can do there, within the earth and beyond the earth… stuff is gonna move, act a little crazy, no differently than our bodies act as they receive these new energies and assimilate.

Pulling information from, on Dec 1st they talking about:  MESOSPHERIC BORE (IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK): This month, a lot is happening in the mesosphere. The mesosphere is a layer of Earth’s atmosphere above the stratosphere; it is the realm of sprites, noctilucent clouds (NLCs), and airglow. Starting on Nov. 17th, NASA’s AIM spacecraft spotted bright noctilucent clouds forming in the mesosphere above Antarctica. Then, in an apparently unrelated development on Nov. 24th, the normal dome of airglow over China split in two.

This is called a “mesospheric bore”–and not because it’s dull.  A bore is a type of atmospheric wave with deep ripples at its leading edge.  Indeed, you can see the ripples in Shuai’s photo separating the zone of airglow from clear sky.

Bores fall into the category of “gravity waves”—so called because gravity acts as the restoring force essential to wave motion. Analogy: Boats in water. When a boat goes tearing across a lake, water in front of the boat is pushed upward. Gravity pulls the water back down again and this sets up a wave.

In this case, instead of water, rarefied air is the medium through which the wave propagates.  The sudden boundary in the airglow layer is probably akin to a hydraulic jump.  But what created the disturbance in the first place?  (What is the ‘boat’?) No one knows.

The day prior we were gifted with UNEXPECTED SOLAR FLARE: Yesterday, Nov. 29th at 1723 UT, new sunspot AR2615 surprised forecasters when it suddenly erupted, producing an impulsive M1-class solar flare.  A few hours later, it happened again. At 23:38 UT on Nov. 29th, AR2615 produced an M1.2-class flare, causing a short-lived radio blackout over Australia.

Of course, this on the heals of the asthmatic producing thunderstorm in Melbourne Australia, the one and only time any ET ever said exactly where their base is and took me underground to show me.  I have now been doing ET connections for 3 years I think, with the exception of the lab beneath the gulf of mexico, the ETs have never revealed exactly where they are located on or in earth.  But in that one connection, they even spelled Melbourne out to me so I knew where they were.  There is a reason for that.  ET’s or spirit reveals nothing without important relevance.  And that base down under is working directly with the magnetics of earth and beyond earth.

There were more anomalies, I just cannot find where I seen them at.  Sorry I have been distracted this week, not to mention my brain has literally been vibrating from kingdom come and back each and ever day reading the field, not a pleasant or workable event!! lol

Now lets back up a moment to the video, hilo events.  That happened around the same time spirit said to people, target the water movement towards the oil basins.  If we are going to move water and create new flows, guess what, the earth is gonna shake itself up a bit!!

In so many of the readings, water itself has come from and center.  Let me just pull one from yesterday, and we can start to see how the thunderstorms are creating huge influxes of energy that just happens to have an adverse affect on bodies.  (A little something I have 4 years of first hand experience with!)

Ohh wait, before I get to her details, there is something I have been wanting to share but kept forgetting!!  There are three areas I am seeing people set up within outside the door (in the field of light.)  As we transitioned into December the placements took on new meanings.  Those I see at the ground level are working directly with the earth’s energies and frequencies, those about 6 feet above the ground are working in the upper atmosphere, beyond our breathable air space and then the mid section, they show up directly between the two and work the breathable airspace, which combines the earth and upper atmospheric energies.  One is not better or more important than the other, just different duties providing for the good of all.  However, I do have to say, there is a lot more people working the upper atmosphere than the other two areas.  Maybe it’s because we are still going thru intense change, I don’t know.  We will see!!

Anywayz, my lady yesterday was in the upper atmosphere swimming in energies that looked very ocean like, but was pure energy.  I could see the waves forming and blending back into the energy just like you would an ocean.  My lady was doing the breast stroke, very particularly the breast stroke (her team made sure we understood that.)  She had on a white bathing cap, her team explained that was for her crown protection.  As her right arm went out and pulled the ocean like energy behind her, it took pure energy and gave it something equivalent to an emotional frequency.  Her left hand took the energies and gave them the frequency of matter.  Her position was head and breast above the energy surface and from the waist down, below the surface.  However, the energy ocean from her waist down was very very different from the one in front of her.  Her team explained that by doing the breast stroke (using the heart, lungs, ribs and diaphragm) and changing the energies with her hands, it produces a usable energy for the earth, which transitions to the earth via rain.   Ain’t no wonder our rains are so potent these days!!!  Add some electricity to the mix… it is all changing life on this planet.  As life changes, so must our bodies ability to eat and breathe these changes.

Ohhh and one of the things her team explained I found so stunning, came from our conversation about even spiritual vision being 20/20 in hindsight.  Even tho what I am seeing we are doing Now, spirits concept of Now and ours are a bit skewed.  For example, they showed her also over the Emerald City, that to us humans incarnate, we still walking towards, yet it is fully built, amazingly beautiful and we are already working there too.  I was watching her do the breaststroke in a clockwise large circular motion, what her team explained is creating something like an energy vortex the likes earth has never experienced before.  So she is already working there, as well as here, and primarily from the sleeping state (body asleep, soul busy, as just about everyone I am reading for now, is doing.)  The greatest gift we are going to ever give ourselves is to start participating consciously.  The more you understand your innate, natural skills, the more proficient you become at using them for your own personal creation and destruction.  Keeping in mind, destruction is as important to life as creation is. Once again, I hear the old familiar statement from spirit “If you can have it all, would you give it all up first.”

Yesterday was my five month anniversary of leaving my heaven, my beloved life in New Mexico.  Never in a million years did even think something could cross my path that would have me leaping out of that life into another on a moment’s notice.  But then again, I was pretty damn sure I would never see my mother again in this lifetime.  And yet, like a volcano erupting, my life in New Mexico melted away and new structures set up in Florida.  Lava always reformats itself into a solid construction… eventually.

I dear friend I never met, Jeff Schauss created a painting earlier this year that just exploded in my heart.  He even decided to send me this paining and the energy from it just radiating everywhere in my Being.  I hung it on a wall that faced the outside of the backyard, yet was positioned on the wall inside my home where I parked my car in the front yard.  I don’t tend to over analyze things, I just ride the energies.  I think it was last week or the week before I was looking at this paining now hanging on my office wall spreading its energy out into the marina when I just stopped in my tracks!!



Those four things to the right of the painting felt important, but for the life of me, I could not interpret them.  That is, until the other day as I was looking… feeling into this image before my day started and being completely blinded by the rising sun and my heart stopped”




Everything that I was about to experience is fully detailed in the painting.  The poles of the sails I see every day.  The blinding sun energy, even when you look towards the bottom of the painting, there is the marina, the waters of the marina.  And cradling the entire explosion is the colors of New Mexico.

Then I had to look at the whole wall’s energy now:


The Mesa, the explosion of change and my soul painting.  Destruction and creation, one in the same!  Birth and rebirth!  Our duty is to hold nothing and allow for everything!!

Speaking of change!!  Things are moving in an upward direction for my daughter and baby grandson!!  One of my friends met up with my daughter, she had AAA with plug RV on it, and AAA moved her RV (even after they realized, since there was no truck involved, that not how the plusRV was supposed to work, let it go thru anywayz) to another wonderful souls property in Redwood Valley.  That part of her change is finally done, no more mean degrading people pushing her around.  Now we are still waiting to see if her paternal sister is going to drive her big truck from Houston texas to Cali to pull the RV to Austin.  This really is best case scenario.  We should have a definitive answer today.  If this becomes the case, we exceeded what was needed in fund-raising, and to each and everyone, thank you from the depths of our souls.  She will actually have enough money to settle into an RV park instead of just parking it for a few weeks on a friends land.  I think last night was the first time in weeks I slept soundly, which is why I could dance out of bed at 4am today!! lol

I also want to mention my youngest daughter as well, the one in jail.  Ya know, I really do have amazing kids and they sure have not taken the traditional path in life!!  Since Valorie became incarcerated, I have been looking for paperback versions of the trilogy “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch, until last month, the only things I could find were hard covers.  I finally got to send her the trilogy and OMG you talk about the phrase “right time, right place” being a truth.  I don’t know that she was really ready to digest that information in the way she is now, before.  She needed everyone of you writing to her, redirecting her thought patterns, and sending love in the unique ways each of you do, to be open to this information.  And holy gobble gobble is she excited and ingesting and getting it!!  She was like firecracker last night, quoting parts of the book in understanding.  Saying she always thought I was a fruit loop, especially when I would tell her I am God, she is God… and now she understands.  NOW she gets it and embraces it and big yays!!

She is truly in a school you can’t pay to be in, surrounded by such contrast you can’t pay to learn from.

And for my mother, myself, my children, the greatest alignments they have is YOU.  Your love, your support be it prayers, money, letter writing, whatever, all feeds the funnel of rebirthing our children, our parents, our world.  For that, I am on bended knee in deep thanks, overwhelming gratitude that you LOVE That much, that completely, that unconditionally!!  You ARE Shambhala made manifest!!!

((((((HUGZ))))) of life exploding love to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas






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  3. Not long ago I wrote about how true service to source is a balance between service to self and service to others and that your Purpose/mission will blend the two seeming polarities into one. So as you serve others you will SIMULTANEOUSLY and very literally serve your own evolution. It dawned on me this morning that this is precisely what you do. You are the living example of this balance. I admire your courage to create. Thank you for your service to the all ❤️❤️


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