Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 15, 2016

We Are At a Collective and Individual MAJOR Choice Point.



This morning my mind seems to be focused on one particular reading yesterday and the feeling that so many of us are in this very similar position.  In front of my lady, spread out to her left, right and center were three suns.  They were not hanging in the sky or even the upper atmosphere, each one was only about a foot above her head and the two towards her sides were about 2 feet away from her, the one over her center path was about 3 feet away from her.  There was nothing else I could see, but I did know she was at a major choice point in her life.  Stay on the same path she is on, move to the left or right to begin an expanded version of herSelf and her life journey.  Not a single detail was shown, other than the suns, the choice points.  As the reading went on, her team did show that her center path forward was actually done.  They showed this by pulling a shade down on her path, however, we with free will can continue on the path that is expired, but as always, with consequences.

We tend to make choices based on our physical life instead of our spiritual life.  We enter a job that for a long while, we loved.  We are making good money, keeping our overhead, over head.  And then, what seems out of the clear blue, things start changing, the job allows new players in the fold, changing the joy we once experienced, making the time heavy and burdensome, even if we still are loving what we are doing, the environment and/or people changed so much it becomes a chore.  That is a tell-tale sign that you are reaching your exit point.

Altho I reflecting on my lady’s job from yesterday, this holds true for just about everything, relationships, living environments, cities…

But we get focused on what we have and what we think we need instead of what could be next.  Pesky humans that we are.

However, the other hazard to this, is the choice MUST come from within us.  These are the times our guides must pull away their energy and their insight to allow us to make the choice from within our hearts.  It is those times when most people get frustrated because they cannot feel or hear their inner guidance, or no clues are being placed in their reality to help them make the choice.  Think of these moments as graduations days.  Your done with this part of your life and now YOU must choose whats next.  Once you choose, even if that choice is staying the course of familiarity, that’s when the next series of information/visuals/assistance comes into play.

She did get a warning and I got some pretty strong memories brought forward thru her reading, on the hazards of staying the course.  I remembered my terminix days as a branch manager, we had a change in upper management, I went on vacation to see my daughter for a week, came back to find out I was no longer branch manager, nor the sales manager title I held before that promotion, nope I was back down to just a sales employee.  WTF??  When I found out more of the details, I brought on a sexual discrimination lawsuit to my employer and my attorney insisted I stayed employed while going thru the suit.  My body started to break down, between a massive depression setting in, ulcers raging, GERD developing.  Even tho my pay was decreased with my demotion, it was still a better pay than anything else around.  6 months I endured this hell at a job I loved doing but hated going to more and more… until I finally quit, discovered my bathtub and all my illnesses evaporated (over time, with new choices.)  The day I gave them my resignation I swear it was the first day I let the sunshine back in my life.

I mention all this because as my lady’s team repeated to her yesterday, you can stay where you are, but it will twist up your energy field.

This morning, as we all sit on that threshold of first half of May and begin to enter the second half of May, it feels so strongly that we are ALL at this massive collective choice point, individually as well as collectively.

Thru another reading that is now in my mind, the choice could be and dare I say, should be, to allow ourselves to go higher (vibrationally) than we ever allowed our selves to go before.  And the human within asks… what the hell does that even look like.  I personally, have no freakin idea.  Equally tho, I feel an unhinging of my own energy as I get ready to go to Virginia tomorrow.  Kind of like I am closing out the cover of one book, the time spent with my daughter will be collecting the new energy for the next book and when I come home… well… we will see, cuz again, I have no freakin clue!!

Actually, maybe I have a clue of the what, but surely not the how, because I am being reminded of this information dump that is still underway.  The new energies coming in, thinning what we think of as the veils, easier and fully access to our spiritual abilities coming in and that alone often times changes the path we have walked to here.

We will see, won’t we… or better said, we will be in the experience of our choice, even if it is a choice to stay the course.

On that note, my day begins early today.  Lean into something new and I will see you there!!

((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and bliss and  choices in your peripheral vision!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. It was as if you were speaking directly to me in this posting. I have been feeling this Massive choice point as well. Its good to know many other people are feeling this moment of choice. In this coming week, we should begin to see the dominoes move in one direction or the other as people begin to make those choices in their lives. Roy

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