Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 14, 2016

Enhanced Changes, Inside and Out!!

body and earth changes

Well, aren’t these days filled with unexpected twists and turns in the energy field.  I should have known (but didn’t) that something interesting was underway yesterday just by what my team was focused on sharing.  I really thought I was in for a marathon of a day with 6 readings and 4 homework sessions scheduled, good thing I was full of energy to get it done… until I tried to connect to my first reading, nothing but my floor.  What the hell?  As I sat and pouted and waited for my next appointment to show up, I started to see water balloon sized energy drops raining down everywhere.  However, these massive drops were not clear at all, instead they were like a living grayish color.  I say living because the energy in these large drops were moving within itself.  Strange.  Reading number two, nuttin.  The field is unviewable.

As I sat and pouted having to tell everyone on the days dance card that I cannot see the field, I got an inner nudge to look at stuff in my house, going back to what I had written earlier in the day about the informational energy around any given thing.  It did take me out of the little pity party I was having with myself and created an excitement.  I started to see the information codes around anything I looked at.  I couldn’t hold the vision for more than a few seconds, but in those few seconds I could see the codes that create the information set that makes my plate a plate, a crystal a crystal or my plant a plant.  I was excited, something new here to play with.  What I found interesting was my large spider plants, the information field around them was breathing, in and out.  My plate and even some of my cut and polished crystals, stationary (not breathing.)  What was really interesting, when I looked at the wheels on my computer chair and thought to myself, if I can hone into the information field clearly enough, I should be able to move my chair since it’s on wheel.  The moment I connected for those brief few seconds to its information field, I could feel the connection of it in both of my legs, like suddenly my legs felt, I don’t know, heavier.  My team explained that it was the magnetic connection between the two (my legs and my chairs legs.)  It went as fast as it came…. this is gonna take a lot of practicing to hold in my field of vision for sure.

As I got done playing with this new part of my (our) vision field, those big balloon size drops of energy changed form.  Now it was more like wispy thin clouds stretching downward and engraving something onto my arms, I could feel it but mostly I could see it.  My team started to explain there is a massive information dump underway.  New encodings/engravings coming in to take all of our abilities to new levels of experience.  Then my team lined up everyone that was on my homework schedule for the afternoon and each one of them was getting this engraving as well.  I was, I am so excited.

I may not have been able to connect to the field all day long, but I got an energy show I never expected.  As the hours went on and I am just in awe of what I am seeing and understanding, I could feel the upper part of my head, the consciousness zone, spread apart as this new energy came in thru the crown, creating the feeling of a flock of butterflies in my solar plexus.

What I understood about all of this energy stuff yesterday, it is released en masse for anyone open to receive and use.  Our jobs, which I find kind of pesky, is to start experimenting with our abilities in areas we have never been able to go before.

Of course, we all know if something huge is happening to each one of us, then something huge is happening to and thru our earth as well.  I received an email last evening that really caught my attention from Steve Rother and “the group.”  Let me copy some of the info in his email:

They continue to tell us to work on assisting the Earth to release in small amounts, and to celebrate every 4.0 magnitude earthquake and under. Why? Because we are still on target for a very big happening. They’re going to talk in depth about this and so much more over the remaining three days.

Scientists are speaking about the San Andreas fault line being “Locked and Loaded” meaning we are in the perfect set up for a very big California earthquake, the group wants us to pay more attention and prepare for a Tsunami of unprecedented levels.

Over our remaining three days together they will speak of specific global predictions of where the waters will rise, where the earthquakes will hit and where to watch for tsunamis coming in 2016 and into 2017.

None of the information is meant to alarm, rather they want each and every one of us to take our power, be aware, be prepared and be of service throughout. 

They remind us over and over again that we signed up to be here, in fact we stood in the front of the line. They want to remind you that you are more powerful than you realize and if we work together, we can still affect the outcome of many events that are lining up in front of us now.

(You can visit his website here to learn more.)

This caught my eye due to a reading I had a few days ago with a lady who lives in Los Angeles.  She had explained that she had been trying to buy a home in LA and at every turn, she has been blocked.  I heard her team explain that she does not belong in LA at all, the energy field there does not serve her at all, so yes, she has been and will continue to be blocked from growing roots in that area.  However, if she looked at a suburb of a suburb (her team’s words) she will find the place best suited for her.  The one thing I was sure of, they were not telling her why not there with the only reply was the energy is not right for her growth in LA.

But if we look back at the way spirit has been sharing information, starting with removing ourselves from “soap-bubble land” (deep duality) and living fully, freely on the new earth, we started to create ripples in the waves of time.  Think about soap bubbles fragility, when a wave or wind comes near them, they burst.  Same analogy, the stronger we get in the field of light, the weaker the dense duality becomes.  Earth must shift her entire being in order to release the soap bubbles (fear consciousness) and make room for the higher fields of living light.  Just like our body has been doing for the last few years (ummm decades lol.)

I listened to the little preview video on Steve’s site (link above) and him saying earth is making room for new Beings and higher light to be here with all this shifting she is doing, just like we are in this ongoing moment!!

We look at the ground below us, the magnetic field above us and the air/weather between the two.  It’s ALL changing, we are changing, if we allow ourselves that beautiful, if not uncomfortable privilege.

Ohhh I do want to add a little weirdness before I go.  When I woke up this morning, it was the strangest feeling.  I slept like a rock all night, but when I woke up, I am not sure I can explain it really, the feeling was maybe more like in the movie Avatar when the humans go to sleep in that tank and become the Avatar.  The feeling was this is just another move in the game, it’s not real, but it is participatory and changeable at any moment.  My first (human) thought to that feeling was damn then how come this game piece called my body is aging… dammit.  Gotta love the signs of wear and tear on the game piece (NOT!!)

On that note, go play, experiment in areas you couldn’t seem to access before.  The game has stepped up a few notches and your job is to seek out your new skills!!  Gotta love a good game of hide and seek!!

I love you all so very very much.  Thank you for enduring my crazy dance of life!!

((((((HUGZ))))) of out of this world magic and connections to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    Great reading, sharing. When you mentioned the energies of the different objects I had the thought that this is how one shape shifts, one changes the energies of ones self to the object that one wants to become, and then changes back to the energies of ones self. Heard some Native Americans doing this, turning into rocks and the army walked by them. I think we could have learned a lot from the Native Americans if we, Europeans, had the courage to listen and believe what they said. We would have ascended by now. They know of many things that we are just accepting and learning of. We need to do all this in love, finding out what it is like to be something, not fear, hiding to take advantage of another, or such 3d things. Thanks for sharing. I will try moving my chair with my thoughts. And other things.


  2. First of all, I’m close to your age, and I now look around 14 years old thanks to my practising of Age Regression belief, AND my refusal to BUY INTO THE PROGRAM OF AGING that you and the Human Collective won’t let go of.

    Plus the fact that I’m running and downloading constantly around 50 Higher Dimensional Photon Energies through my physical body and my Energy Field…..which also de-Ages you.

    Whenever I look at you, it is so odd to me… freaking bizarre, that we are so close in physical age, but I look like a child and you look to me to be around 80 years old.

    It is the craziest feeling. To see all your peers just continue to let themselves age….



  3. Second of all, your Steve Rother’s group, of “They”, neglected to mention to everyone that we are each ONE of us in a totally separate BUBBLE REALITY, and we are each one of us choosing different Timelines during this interminable Ascension process.

    This means that someone like me will never experience earthquakes, because I don’t require that experience in my reality bubble, nor even in the Collective’s reality bubble.

    Whereas someone like you, who focuses a LOT on GeoPhysical shake-ups of the Earth, will attract that into your reality and somehow experience it.
    Which you’ve already done in the past.
    Obviously it’s in your soul contract to want to experience these things.

    I was also very deliberately “planted” here in Vancouver, British Columbia (along with many other lightworkers) — specifically to use my huge Energy Field and the multitude of energies I’m bringing in, to STABILIZE the San Andreas fault line at this end of it, which is enormous around Vancouver Island.

    So yeah……sorry, but no earthquakes wherever I sit myself.


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