Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 18, 2016

The Energy Distribution From Emotional to Physical Builds Higher Grounds…

energy releasing

Do you feel the energy building… higher, and higher, and higher!  Well, hell even the sun is so full of this energy its heart-shaped, love opening (smile) couldn’t hold back any longer either (from BIG SUNSPOT ERUPTS: Surprise! Quiet sunspot AR2529 isn’t so quiet, after all. The heart-shaped active region erupted on April 18th (00:39 UT), producing a strong M6.7-class solar flare.

I didn’t see the sun thing until later in the day when I got the email alert, but it made sense of what I thought was a strange common theme in the readings yesterday.  My first guy showed up with two things taking place at the same time.  This light infused, crystal rain was coming down all over his landscape, at the same time, thru this beautiful rain, I could see his spiritual team having what very much looked like a snowball fight.  If I am remembering correctly, I think there were 6 of his guides on the right side of his field, stretched from the present moment to the end of this month, and 6 on the left side (spiritual life and physical life) throwing snowballs up and over to the other side.  Everyone one of them arching over his center path.  They eventually explained that they are gathering up like energy, creating what looked to me like snowballs from his right side (emotional spiritual side) and tossing them over to his field of life.  The guides on his field of life are taking the energy from his life field and tossing it over to his emotional side.  Creating a cross-section of energy, communication and magnetic enhancement (and so much more than that too.)

His was not going to be the only visual exchange from his right to his left, one lady showed up with 4 construction workers all wearing yellow hard hats, standing, vibrating on jack hammers hammering into the ground itself.  The jack hammers obviously creating dirt debris coming out of the openings they were steadily working on… that dirt debris was fling itself over into my lady’s field of life that lined everywhere i could see with, I don’t know, piano strings, guitar strings, some sort of clear strings.  A fleck of dirt or rock hit one string, creating a harmonic tone that vibrated out and started to change the energy matrix of my ladys center path.  Her team kept saying, and insisting I use the word venue… a new venue is being put together for her next phase.  They were so insistent that I use the word venue instead of path of life, I actually to look up the meaning of venue to be sure of what the hell we were talking about.   From google: the place where something happens, especially an organized event such as a concert, conference, or sports event.

I’ll get back to the rest of that story in a moment.  Another lady, it was halloween in her world and her team was happily toilet papering the trees of her life (in the rear of her path forward.)  All of her team was on the right side, tossing rolls of toilet paper out across her center path and as the toilet paper unraveled itself in mid-air, started to land on tree branches I couldn’t see but knew were there.  Toilet paper?  Really??  Her team said, well we have to clean up some old shit (hey, don’t think for a moment spirit doesn’t get colorful in their language lol) while unrolling the emotional field that had been put away to ignite the field of energy for the next phase.  It’s really is amazing what our trees can and are doing for us.  Helping to clean up, transmute the harsher energies that got us to here while enhancing the field moving forward.

But I do want to come back to my venue string lady for a minute.  As I watched the harmonic energy start to build (and thru everyone’s readings, the energy releasing right now, if they are being used and accepted are building the higher ground/energy into May) new higher ground with each release, the ground was more like a clear gel with a slight golden tint to it with lots of black spots, about the size of a dime thru out its guts.  Her team explained, because of the “change of venue” a lot is happening in the background, new people, places, experiences are being activated too.  In this realm there is this pesky thing called free will.  Just because someone gets activated to cross another’s path doesn’t mean they will.  So until the resonance of connection is complete, the energy must remain black (the unknown) because not even spirit knows who, what, where, when yet either.

Lets turn the table in that big thought. What if YOU were the one activated to cross this lady (or someone’s path.)  A sudden thought to go to the store, put an ad on the internet, make a call… whatever and you just ignore it, well, you not only affected your own life but someone else’s too.  This creates what we know as karma, what you put out is what you get back.  So there may be a moment you need the connection of someone else for whatever reason, and it hits a dead spot because you created that dead spot in your own non action previously.

Let me make this statement even more personal from my own life and witnessing the very desire made manifest.  My son has not seen his father in so long I forget the years that has passed by, long before his own son was born (6 years ago.)  His father lives in California, my son near Cape Cod (MA) and my paternal brother has this kick ass fourth of july party every year.  My son has been wanting his father to attend it with him, but never one reached out to invite him.  So I tend to hound my son about things, finally he made the phone the other day, invited his father and sure enough, his father is coming in for a week to meet his grandson and get to know his son at one of the greatest weekend fourth of july parties I have ever attended.

My daughters sentencing date is coming up May 20th, she kept wishing that her father would be there too to support her.  Like her brother, she just assumed he wouldn’t make the effort to do what she wanted him to do and I kept telling her, ask him, give him the opportunity to say yes or now.  Finally she asked him and sure enough, her father is going to he at court next month too.  Now she is even more excited since it has been over a decade since me and her father shared the same space with her.  What a send off!!

Lets talk about this being the year of the man, spirit goes off on people when all they talk about is women’s groups (where is the men is asked a lot.)  We really have got to give men much more credit and opportunity than we do, than we have been.  Reach out and hug a man today, give him the opportunity to play in life, invite him in in new ways!!  Just sayin!!! 😉

However, there is one man I do want to kick to the freakin curb, at least for the next 6 months.  Here’s my landscape today:



However, with him and my sudden urge to take these pictures, he also brought something special:



One point in this image is perfectly clear, the energy around it, circling vortex style.  May this be his last gift until the fall!!

Have an amazing day my beautiful souls, thank you for gracing my world with your light of wisdom so I can continue to be a better, more efficient me!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of heart energy made manifest to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  My team tapped me on the shoulder yesterdayto put out a very particular special, it kind of has me excited.  The special is called 20/20.  Save 20.20% off all single readings Special ends tonight (April 18th.)  You can book the readings anytime, the savings is only available today and tomorrow.  Use coupon code: 2020   See you in the Field!!  ❤


P.S.S.  I wanted to share with everyone the “marshmallow message” I received in my in box this morning from Kryon, goes inline with what we shared yesterday:

Be the Lighthouse
From Kryon Book 9: The New Beginning
Pages 303-304


Many ask, “When am I going to find out what I am here for?” Here is the answer: You’re here for now…not something coming up. What have you got going on in your life that you don’t like? What’s happening right now that you wish would move out of your life? What is it that you don’t understand? Perhaps you ask yourself each day, “Will it be better tomorrow?” Dear ones, Makethis the day that’s the summit. Take the situation of today and mold it into something that’s beautiful for you now. In dire, difficult circumstances, anchor and celebrate all that’s around you. Claim the love of God, and let the compassion of Spirit fill you. Then keep on going…even in doubt. Instead of striving for something at the top of the ladder, strive for understanding the circle of energy that makes up your new “now” reality. When you see the circle “I am that I am,” do you understand that it’s a statement of nonlinearity? Do you understand that it’s a statement of you and the family? Be the angel, the lighthouse, each moment of your life.




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