Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 17, 2016

The Rise in Energies, the Stillness in Life!!



There is some major energy being released as we trek thru the rest of this month.  As my first connection of the day showed, sheez it’s rising up from the ground and flowing down from the sky.  What I found interesting with my virgin man upon my morning (and for those who don’t know what I mean by that, it was a man I never read for before, but I was also virgin, he never had a reading before, what way to break a cherry, with me! lol)  Anyway this intense energy rising up from the ground was everywhere I could see, no spot within his life left untouched.  I gushed upwards about 4 feet, then fell back the ground he walked on or, would eventually walk on.  The energy coming out of the ground was much more intense than the energy falling downward from the sky, but it too, was encompassing, save a tiny little pipeline between the two.  This bronzy, gold pipeline wasn’t much more than 2 inches (again, going to scale of my vision) big and as I looked for my man, there he was, in this pipeline on his hands and knees crawling forward thru April.  His team explained this was a good thing and not anything but a good thing.  This allows his full spine to be exposed to the incoming energies and be absorbed into his core, changing and rearranging his DNA, his entire energy construct to align with what I am calling the higher frequencies of May.  The rest of this month may seem slow and steady in his day-to-day life, but there is a tremendous amount of (energetic) activity taking place.

Altho he was about the only one I seen the actual energy coming from the ground or sky with, there was a theme of what one could call stillness in their life.  Their bodies were not (appearing) to move forward, but instead the focus was on gathering the upper energies coming thru and padding their field of life with it.  What spirit is calling a purposeful stillness.

I can even relate to this “stillness,” and expand on what is happening thru my own personal experiences.  I now wake up daily to the feeling of, I don’t like to say the word empty, but it really is a fitting word.  Like thru the night, all that came thru the day prior was cleaned out, usually I wake up bloated from the day priors intake of energy information which has me zooming to the computer to release.

Equally, the moment and I do mean the moment the last reading is done, my whole body closes up, like someone pulled the plug on the bath water and it is just empty, at least my vital energy feels like that.  Half way thru my reading day yesterday, it started.  I still had three readings left and I had to get up, walk around, give myself a pep talk to get the energy flowing… it flowed for every remaining reading, but little in between and then… I was just drained and curled up on my couch after the last connection.  But at least I still had some remnants of mind energy to process with.

This incoming energy is bringing with it, many aspects of the “great give back.”  (Sounds like a TV game show, doesn’t it lol.)  This give back that is happening right now, I know is setting up a larger picture that we just cannot see yet, but many feel.  In this past week alone, I had the inner urge to redo the math on my car loan, only to realize it was paid in full last year, something I have been wanting to be done with for a lonnnggggg while now is already here.  Now just to get the bank to see it that way.  I took a look at my credit score, for no other reason than curiosity and again, felt the inner urge to look at it.  I went to credit karma which shows the transunion and equifax reports and I was sort of boggled.  My payment history was “excellent” yet, my credit score was in the crapper.  I read up a little bit on credit karma’s explanation and when you do not possess any credit cards it lowers your score.  Go figure.  I decided, ok I need a little credit card to up my score (its 600 right now) doncha know for the first time in geez forever, I got a pre approved, no payment, no fee credit card application yesterday.  Of course, outrageous interest rates, but if you pay your bill in full, zero interest happens.  I was actually just stunned.  I applied, got approved and sat on my couch and I could feel the energy just pouring down all around me and the feeling, the very deep inner feeling that something is being set up down the road that I cannot foresee today.  But then again, I wake up feeling like something changed or is changing, getting ready to move in a sudden and unexpected direction and I have no freakin clue what it is.

Then again, I must also look at the fact within days of changing my plenty of fish profile (which I have not even looked at in many many months) a meditating fishy swam my way.  Mother nature is making sure there is no meet and great right off the bat (pesky lady that she is lol) but it is still sudden and unexpected fulfillment of action put into play.

Let me bring this all back to my first man of the day.  For the first time in I cannot remember when, we actually got a 5 year look (well, sorta) at his field.  His pipeline is taking him right into the higher octaves of may, he comes out full size again and I was only able to see about three feet into this energy.  His image was very transparent (still in the midst of solidifying) but there were these massive flowers everywhere I looked.  When I say massive think, sunflower only there were all kinds of flower heads, none of which I recognized, but they are part of spirits great give back, shambhala being given back to choose from.  All of which will take him to his central mission in this lifetime, everything between now and then, is setting him up, getting the grander stage ready… 5 years up the road (and I mean up like above even Mays high elevation) I could see his platform as a recognized player on the field of life (he is currently an actor now) and what his team said… which I equally felt into all afternoon in their little sneak peek of what’s to come, in that timeline (5 years) he will be a such a position to be a catalyst to solidify the many changes on the planetary stage of life that are starting to be created now.

I don’t know which excited me more, the fact that I am going to be able to sit back and say “I read for him in his early years” or the fact that we actually got to see there is a 5 year plan in play with his path.

So I had to wonder, why do we get a sudden uptick in the years with him and rarely anyone else?  The reply this morning is, most people are more focused on their inner life and discounting how incredibly important their outer life is and what they do and how they get to the grander stage of their life’s agenda is.  We do not always realize just how impactful, spiritually and physically the grocery store clerk can be, how impactful the technicians who come to our homes and hook up our cable, internet and stuff, can be.  One person spiritually placed at my car loan company can save me months of fighting.  There is no such animal as a “mundane” job, it’s all spiritual.  And truly, it’s the outer jobs that enhance our inner abilities.  Most people ignore the outside calling because it doesn’t fit their version of “spiritual” or using their gifts in a way that fits with their idea of what that could look like.

Let me give you an idea of how tricky the universe is in getting you where you have no desire to look.  When I went to visit my son for a few months (getting out of the (non) spiritual community) I realized I needed a little job to make my time there more fun.  I arrived on friday and started looking thru the help wanted ads on Monday.  I circled a few I was interested in then came across an ad for an “accredited massage school.”  It wasn’t a job at all, but a massage school that was able to take financial aid like the pell grant.  The Lisa personality, had zero interest in doing massage, at all.  Yet there I was on the phone with the school, who invited me over for a tour of the place.  My son gave me a ride there, 2.5 hours later, for shits and giggles I did the financial aid paperwork just to see…  I started class that very night, August 15th, 2005, my 43rd birthday.  It wasn’t a thought or desire to do that, at all, ever.  Yet, there I was, asking my son if I could stay 9 months instead of one or two (the length of my school) and it changed everything I was capable of doing (spiritually) from that moment on.

I didn’t have to do it, I could have gotten a little job and just do what I thought I was doing, taking a break from the craziness of that community, but instead, my life took a massive, sudden unexpected turn into a greater direction.

We always have free will.  All-Ways.  If you have a sudden opportunity show up, and you ignore it, you will never ever know what could have been, until you physically die and see why that opportunity was presented in the first place.  Chances are, you will reincarnate and give yourself another chance at taking that route.

But why wait…

Enjoy the build-up into May, it is changing EVERYTHING, if you let it.  There is a 7 foot wall (and growing, the octaves of Light are expanding BECAUSE of what you are bringing in/doing) at the end of this month.  Someone placed on my facebook wall (thank you so much for keeping me up with planet earth) the series of earthquakes happening in Japan and what is is doing to the landscape there, opening it wider and raising it higher.  Here look you at the video:

Earth is shifting right along with us.  We are either going to move with the energies, or hit a wall because of our stubborn views on our own lives.

Go up my friends, go up!!!

I love you all so much, so very very very much and thank you for gracing my heart, my life with Yours.

((((HUGZ)))) of love raising up to be seen, felt and experienced by ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  My team is tapping me on the shoulder to put out a very particular special, it kind of has me excited.  The special is called 20/20.  Save 20.20% off all single readings today and tomorrow (April 17th and 18th.)  You can book the readings anytime, the savings is only available today and tomorrow.  Use coupon code: 2020    See you in the Field!!  ❤








  1. I include smudging in between clients to help with energy maintenance. I’ve experienced the absolute drain after long days of back to back energy work. White sage, Palo and cedar are what I burn a bit of in between and with intention I make a barrier between the client and myself so I am the conduit and not the battery. I love you.


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