Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 25, 2016

The Magnetic Field of Enhancing Change is On!!!!

This is a self portrait of myself after the day's readings were done!

This is a self portrait of myself after the day’s readings were done!

Holy fried brains batman!!  I fully realized yesterday, its one thing to look at your biology or your disco ball energy field (smile) one at a time, but when the two are outputting together, holy moly!!  It was amazing just to experience you in my physical body.  Between every appointment and after my last one, my body was fine.  Thru each reading, holy cow the coughing, the sneezing and snotting, the pull on various parts of my own body/muscle structure was intense, beautifully reactive!!  A very real way of confirming, yeah.,.. the juices are flowing between us!!  With each connection, I felt like I was mountain climbing, going higher into thinner air that made my brain buzz.  Can I just say, YOU are freakin awesome and pure atomic energy with legs!!

I am not even sure if I have words to fully describe the enormity of what has and continues to take place thru you.  Even thru the readings, I find myself saying more often than not, the words I am going to use are not accurate, but as close as I can get to describing what is happening.  Of course, no two people were anywhere near alike, stretching my brains and understanding to max capacity!!  With one exception, two ladies had a similar view inside their disco ball looking energy field.  All I could think of was crane operators:

operating your system


The levers and gears tho, were part of the body itself.  One movement this way changed the energy of the various hexagon groups that activated and output streams of energy, a little shift the other way, changed the activation and output.  These levers are truly the core emotions running thru you, thru each of us.

I started to remember a few months I think either last year or the year prior (spirit has been setting us up for a long time to be efficient at our arrival here) two things were coming thru (well, a lot more than two, but I am only remembering these two at the moment lol.)  That each person will be running at least 5 core emotions thru their energy system.  These emotions are derivatives of love, things like grace, gratitude, humility, compassion and so on.  Please also let me be clear, that does not mean you do not embody the others, but if we looked at ourselves as electrical wires, we all have at least 5 main, constantly running emotional wires running.  Equally, let me be clear when I say “we all” I speak souly about the collective that lives and breathes and loves on the new earth, the earth fully sharing the energy of Shambhala.  Those still clearing their minds and stuff in soap-bubble land, and still figuring themselves out and their wires are still covered in muck, as all of us had to do getting to here, so this does not apply to those still in dense duality.  No doubt, there will be those trying to kick their muck in your face. Take nothing personally, ever!!  😉  No one ever has to believe what you know to be true within yourself, otherwise, you have handed your power over to another.  Sharing comes from the heart, preaching comes from the ego and knowing when to engage and when to walk away, is the lesson and skill of the master in body.

Getting back to the levers in the crane analogy.  Just before my first reading and then all thru the day, just above my right scapula I could feel this odd energy.  It didn’t hurt so much as it was uncomfortable and the energy moved from my back all the way thru the front of my body.  I suppose it must be what a piece of cloth feels like when you put a sewing needle thru it.  Like there was thread (magnetic energy) being pulled thru.  The more I understand you, the more I realized what was happening to me in that area, a new area of magnetic energy coming online, igniting the field thru my heart and reach for understanding.  When my day was completely done with readings and I was too stoned out to move, I could feel what I can only describe as bulging energy in my spine at the C7, T1 and T2 vertebra.  For a fleeting moment I even thought about going to get a massage and instantly I heard my team say, no this is not the time to change the energies as they fire up within.  I could not fully understand what was happening in that area, my brain was cooked.  lol

So lets suffice this to say, there is a lot of interesting energies emerging thru everyone.  The only thing I could say for sure, as far as what it is doing, is firing up groups of the hexagons within your disco ball energy field, I could see the groupings and even the vibration of their firing and with one or two people, streams of colored energy, liquid crystalline energy being output.  What it was connecting to or creating, was not in my field of viewability.  I know yesterday it was explained why… dammit if I cannot recall the reason today.

For some, there were what I will just call outside influences coming in to enhance various hexagon groups.  One lady had what looked like multicolored stars coming in from the night sky, in the area I call the future and hitting various places on the outside of her disco ball (and I know, its not a disco ball, I hear spirit saying that over and over again lol, but hey… I gotta use a word that can be familiar in conversation lol.) this atomic energy was super charging the hexagon groupings.  I think the closest image I can give you of the groupings that I am talking about being activated, kinda looked a little like this (ignore the colorings in the pictures, but use the colors as energy vibrations in these patterns:)

hexagon groupings

What I was able to understand thru her was these incoming energies were rearranging the dreadlocks of her brains (smile) creating new cross sections that sparked higher energy colors and what we are just going to call the emergence of higher frequency antennas.

It’s amazing how fast the hours go by when I sit down to share.  There are a few super powers emerging I do want talk about as well as a beautiful Pleiadian hybrid man who was my grand finale yesterday.  Forgive me for zooming thru this information, but I only have about 20 minutes left before I have to wrap this up.

One of my ladys (the day before yesterday) the energy coming thru her palm chakras was amazing and what her team explained, as she perfected the use of this energy, I could see her hand over a cup of water and instantly the water started to boil.  That would make making tea soooo easy anywhere! lol

Also, in one of my ladys yesterday, unlike all the various hexagon firings, she had this green energy that started at the west field area on her disco ball (what appeared to be exterior, but now that I think about it, I think it was interior and exterior at the same time) that went completely around the center hemisphere of her energy ball.  As the green went upwards it had a flair like energy to it that extended about 2 feet outwards.  Her team explained that this is the gas pedal of her creation.  I could even see a gas pedal insider her heart area.  The green flairs were showing the speeding up of her creation, but also, the places that seemed void of any green were the places she released what no longer served her.  This is her emerging (enhanced) superpower and when she learns to perfect it within her own world, she will use it to assist others too.  Obviously there is more to it than just time acceleration and deceleration, but what a beginning!!

Ohh, lol there is much… just quickly, in front of us, in what we think of as airspace, are interdimensional frequencies and opportunities.  Thru some of the readings yesterday, they started to present themselves like a white frosted bulb, hexagon shape.  Our magnetic engines will open and close these energies.

Last but ohhh so far from least today, my Pleiadian hybrid (I get kinda possessive with you, don’t I?? lol)  He had 5 ships flying around his energy even before we connected.  Tiny little one hitters (smile) and as his team said they used the small single occupant ships for my understandings to relate back to him, it was still funny to see.  They were zooming in and out of his inner (body) energy and out thru his exterior energy (around his body) creating very particular energy patterns that ignited the “holy union” within him.  His teams words in quotes.  My first thought went to divine counter-part energy, since he is married, I knew he already has a partner in his life.  Nope, not even close.  I was able to see this amazing thing in the area of his sternum, just above his solar plexus to just under the center of his heart, an upside down, teardrop shape of clear liquid crystal energy.  Around this teardrop was a blue hue radiating around it.  His human and Pleiadian DNA, now fully fired up for use!!  All that is going to have to be for another day (he got homework to do anywayz lol) my day is getting close to starting its next phase…. reading.

I have got to say, again, each one of you are my greatest teachers in all this creation.  I would be so lost if you did not show up, day after day, radiating the wonders of who and what we are now.  I thank you from the depths of my Being, for Being so amazingly YOU!!!

((((HUGZ))))) filled with enormous gratitude and love and magic to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

I seen this art on facebook yesterday and downloaded it to share today.  I even love the color coding, the violet is our mastery, the sea of light blue what we are moving into, for as long as we don’t think we know shit (smile)  and are open to receive that!!  Even the shit we know we don’t know will change the moment we know it.

what ya know







  1. Do these images help at all?




    • I suppose it depends on how you look at them 😉


  2. Lisa, I receive so much insight from you and your Team’s and they seem to connect beautifully with my Reiki sessions the colors blue green ring a bell Beautiful swirls pulsating in perfect sink…..LOL WOW how Beautifully Magnificent are TEAMS are!!! I’m so humbled to be a small piece within the Universe who’s Bright light to offer ❤
    A Sister of Light ❤


  3. “No one ever has to believe what you know to be true within yourself, otherwise, you have handed your power over to another.
    Sharing comes from the heart, preaching comes from the ego and knowing when to engage and when to walk away, is the lesson and skill of the master in body.”

    YES. Now you’re getting it.
    (even if you are still “engaging” in an indirect way and therefore not *really* “walking away” 😉

    Preaching arises from a limited Egocentric belief system that is unwilling to expand and explore and admit to, what it does not yet KNOW.

    And making others constantly aware, that what is TRUE for YOU, is most likely not true for them at all — *frees* them, and frees their minds to explore their own truths within ~ their own ascension paths. Which can be nearly unimaginably different from your path.

    It is your way of handing the Power that they just gave away to you, back over to them again….because in this brainwashed matrix, humans were programmed to automatically give their Power away to others.

    And we as Lightworkers, must always be imaginatively alert to this, and always counteracting and cancelling out, this remaining old brainwashing.



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