Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 26, 2016

The Gas that Fuels You, that Fuels Others!!

earth and human

Yay, we are getting into theme filled days again!!  Makes a small part of seeing such new things, a tiny bit easier, repetition, ya know.  Hopefully by now we all understand our new matrix, fused together as one living, powerful system is source, soul, biology.  What so surprised me yesterday (hell I am surprised every single day lol) that each of us takes in an additive that spirit is calling our gas of life, that which will make our system run smoother and more powerful if we realize what it is and use it with purpose.

When we have such an unexpected slant in the readings, the first one of the day usually gets the brunt of my angst trying to figure out what the hell we are seeing and what it means to you.  His reading opened up with the focus under the his energy sphere (formerly known as disco ball lol.)  There was this slightly bubbling to the surface and spreading out slowly thick yellow substance.  The color of this yellow brought my mind to my sulfur crystal (spirit is good at using our memories to present what they are showing us.)  Then they took my vision below the earth and showed me some sort of metal hexagon shaped pipeline that went down to this pool of clear liquid, I knew it wasn’t plain old water, it didn’t feel like that.  His team kept saying that is what I kept want to say as sulfuric acid, yet I was not hearing them clearly, and it wasn’t that.  However, they did say it is sulfur and then they even started to give me a chemical abbreviation, that this is part of the geez I don’t even know what you call it, empirical formula (I cheated and googled it lol) showing me H2o with a clear knowing it is NOT water, but for whatever reason they wanted my man to know there is an empirical formula that makes this liquid up.

Later in the day I was scrolling facebook on my phone and came across a video talking about crystals and this crystal mine happened to be located in Mexico, I stopped to play it.  I about shit when it talked about the magma heating the water now oozing with sulfate ions that created the massive crystal bed.  Holy shit, that’s what my mans team was trying to say this water was made of.  And dear old google helped with the rest:  The sulfate or sulphate ion is a polyatomic anion with the empirical formula SO₄2−

Here is the video that sprung that spring open in my head (and made me realize, this area is near our mexico trip zone):


I could see the thick liquid sulfur crystal, and just incase you never seen the beautiful of sulfur crystals in solid form (smile):


From the spreading pool of yellow started to emerge these really thin strings from the ground connecting into the various hexagons of his lower quadrant of his energy sphere.  His fuel source and so much more!!

Why all of this was important for him to understand and start to use within the constructs of meditation wasn’t as clear as it became with my next lady (of course, when I am tripping over understandings, 15 minutes is a small pocket of time to get to the fullness, which is another reason I write every day, but my next lady had a long breath of 45 minutes to play… and play we did!!

The first thing I realized (and this stay the same thru out the day of readings) was the element or gas that fuels and works with you was in relationship to the membrane that creates all the hexagon shapes.  This was super clear for my lady because her element is peacock ore and the first thing I seen was this metallic, multicolored membrane, I love peacock or, plus it came thru in readings many times.  Peacock ore is not indigenous to earth, but came from another realm and was seeded here for these very moments in our story.  Just incase you are not familiar with the stone of happiness, Peacock ore:


Thru this precious lady we were brought up to another realm, which connected to two other realms (solar systems outside of our own) and this rock is really a hybrid of three other solar systems and planted here.

I know without a shadow of doubt, her team could see and feel my tension inside.  Trying to understand all this new information, how to work with it all and everything that goes into a brand new twist in readings, they provided me something that changed the whole day for me.  Humor!!

Hear team was explaining many things of how to start working with them (the ones from the other realms) and this energy and I could see the intake valves of her hexagons taking in this pure energy, creating what looked like strings inside her energy sphere to her physical body.

She had asked about some people in her life, that became present in her reading, some standing getting blown face first by the winds of change, two others on hands and knees trying to avoid it… by the end of this part of her reading, as all of us want to do when we know loved ones are in a struggle they don’t really need to be in, we want to assist, help them get beyond it.  As did my lady.  Words often time falls on deaf ears, ya can’t strangle them (smile) so what hear team showed us… I laughed at for the rest of the day.

Suddenly I could see my lady easy 20 feet tall, taking up the entire space within her energy field, then my eyes were are the cheeks of her ass and poof out came a mushroom cloud directed at these people.  OMG we are seeing her fart!! WTF?????  Not only are we seeing her fart, her team is telling her to aim it in these people’s direction. WHAT???  That’s rude!! lol

They explained our body system in a way I never thought about  it before.  We take in pure energy because can handle it, work with it, use it as fuel for what we are doing.  Then the body itself breaks down these energies that we haven’t used, and expel it as gas, burps and farts.  Two seriously undervalued magical elements at work within the body.  They also explained when it comes out the cheeks (the mouth too, but for her, we were focused on her ascended ass, giggle) it has broken down the rarefied energy to make it much more palatable (what a choice of words there lol) for those in the target zone.  Meaning, it’s tempered down, but potent none the less.  Holy exhaust!!! lol

So every time you fart, see yourself like this:

farting rainbows

Then I thought about my first man and his “gas” sulfur stinks!!  I am not sure how many smiles he will get from releasing his holy gas outwards!!

Keep this in mind, every part of the body’s function is reverent and doing things we never thought of before.  I sure as hell never thought of this!!

I know I am once again, leaving so much out today and I want to touch on two other energies, readings before I close and I am already past my closing time (where the hell do these morning hours go, I need to find the brakes of time.)

Ohhhhh wait, thru my first reading we got a great warning system.  Sunday (tomorrow) there will be a massive release of energy.  The timing of this release is due to the fact that the better part of the planet is thinking of ascension, granted usually someone else’s ascension, but that is enough to open the cracks to let the power seep in.  Happy Easter!!

Then my rainbow farting lady released the information that we will have a double barrel energy release, on April 1 and 2.  Kinda like a wax coating on all we have done and been thru during this radical first quarter.  We also got warned about a major energy release somewhere in June taking us into July.  More than likely its the solstice, but the dateline was not clear… yet.

One of my men (again, I had three in one day, miracles are afoot!!!) had what looked like lightning bolts coming into each side of his energy sphere, from non biological beings that are two solar systems above ours.  Enhancing his connections and energy stuff.  I want to share with you his sharings.  He put out another video yesterday, I have not had the time to listen to it yet, but I know he has some yummy nuggets in it and, well here he is:


My last man of the day, holy wind storms batman!!  The moment he and I said hello on the phone, the wind, which has been calm and serene all day, started howling outside and whipping around like crazy.  This is his fuel source, the wind.  Which is also spinning his energy sphere so fast in the rate of change, I had no way of viewing it.  The moment we hung up the phone, the winds stopped.  About 20 minutes later as I was pondering him, for a quick 30 seconds the wind whipped up its presence… very much to say, I know you’re pondering me, here I am.

Well, sadly, the next phase of my day is about to begin.  Again, I must say thank you for constantly showing up so we can understand the enormity of who we are and how we work now, day after day.  I would be so lost without you!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of super powered intake and release to ALL!! (giggle)

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  In honor of Easter and the Christ within each of us, I am putting together a two-day special (today the 26th and tomorrow the 27th) Save 33% on everything I have to offer.  For single readings type in the coupon code: Easter  For packages type in the coupon code: Christ









  1. Perhaps it was H2S hydrogen sulfide. It’s the molecule used by bacteria in deep sea hydrothermal vent worms to perform chemosynthesis for a supply of energy to sustain life. You’d better look that up before I cause people to go huh?!?


    • “Huh?!?” about what?

      You are going to be so very pleasantly surprised/shocked, at how fast now Human intelligence will be expanding and accelerating.

      After this Second Wave X is fully integrated (which is already begun — Delta Sleep State with the bone/cell integration of these latest Wave X photon codes into the DNA began yesterday for the lower frequency millions of humans, including all Second Wave Lightworkers currently populating the Internet.)…..

      ….then the human Zombie Days are finally over.


  2. “Then my rainbow farting lady released the information that we will have a double barrel energy release, on April 1 and 2. Kinda like a wax coating on all we have done and been thru during this radical first quarter.”

    For the past 2 weeks, nearly every day my Higher Self has kept on giving me the message about the fluff-based Lightworkers always “farting out Rainbows and Unicorns”.


    “We also got warned about a major energy release somewhere in June taking us into July. More than likely its the solstice, but the dateline was not clear… yet.”

    Now THAT major energy release would most likely be us Forerunner First Wavers, transmuting into our Light Bodies for the very first time.
    In human history.
    The instant transformational flash from our physical bodies, into our Crystalline Matrix 5D Light Bodies, releases massive amounts of ENERGY.

    ***My team said last week, that June or July is an anticipated date, for our Lightbody transmutation to take place.
    (Info confirmed, coming through my constantly channelling Indigo son.)



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