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The 3 Phases of March and Your Electrical Output.

Self Powered

There is a ton to share from yesterday right down thru my repetitive dreamscape.  I am going to start with the dream so I do not forget any important parts of it.  It was so big and so important, every time I woke up to blow my nose (and that was a lot) or engage in sneezing fits, as soon as I went back to sleep, the dream continued, right thru to my waking moment.

The dream opened up in a field somewhere, there was a young girl, maybe 10-ish who had been kidnapped and broke away from her kidnapper and was hiding beneath this blanket of light.  Her kidnapper could not see the blanket of light, nor her, since I was simply viewing this entire dream, I could see it clearly.  A random car pulled up (that was not the kidnappers) and this little girl started yelling, as she was yelling for her (fear set in) she was no longer covered in the blanket of light.  She ran to the random car, the next thing I know zaps of light started to come from this blanket of light, one by one, a bunch of kids was under this blanket, but the fear and anxiety of them being rescued revealed them, released the light shielding them.

Now that I am awake, this part of the dream so reminds me of the ending of The Celestine Prophecy where the folks formed a circle, raised their collective vibration and created a light field that the army looking for them could not see and walked right past them.  Until one of them got scared…

Then my dream followed this little girl, I really feel to show me exactly how this energy field is working and how we stop if from working.  I will encapsulate what I had seen (and it is these parts I would return to once I went back to sleep.)

We are constantly releasing energy from our bodies.  It never stops producing energy releases.  Very much like the out breath of the lungs, to stop it would to be dead.  The quality of energy is really what we want to perfect going thru our day-to-day moments in our life.

I would watch this little girl first walk around, and from the heals of her feet (didn’t matter if she had shoes on or not) sparks of energy were emitted, very much like static electricity, magnetizing the field of quantum energy to surround her.  Pulling into her reality what she was focused on in her heart and mind.

Then the scene shifted and she was standing on a huge rock or something with her left hand straight up in the air, index finger pointing up, the rest of the fingers folded into her palm, and she invoked the field of energy from her entire core thru her index finger and just like a bolt of lightning, the energy came out of her finger and snapped to the left and connected to something that at first looked like a big wall, but I started to realize that it is her magnetosphere around her personal creation.  Once again tho, the moment she wavered within herself, had doubt, fear, whatever, the energy stopped immediately and she would have to start all over again… and again… and again.

Our jobs now, is to hold this energy field 24/7 without wavering.

The one thing we must look beyond with our own energy fields, it does not work like regular physics in our world does.  It truly goes into the meta-physics.  The static discharge of her heals was so important to see and understand that ever step we take in life, we are creating and uncreating depending on the current running thru us.

I went to handy-dandy google to get a definition of understand of static electricity and I am only sharing the part that applies to us, per this dream: Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects caused by contact…

However, our static electrical output has a very intense magnetic field to it, it will connect to the field of quantum energy consistently around you to produce the pure energy charge you emit.

Once upon a time, prior to this year, we had super buffers in place, not any longer.  We, those who have cleared their field enough to live and love on the new earth and not in soap-bubble land, if you feel connected to negativity in anyway… well, you better start over holding the heart of love and desire more firmly, because what was coming to you, just dissolved back into the ethers.  If the energy charge of the negative is strong enough, guess what the quantum field is delivering faster than ever??

Your conscious awareness and participation is more crucial now than every before in this crazy game of life.  Not just occasionally, but consistently.

There are two sides of our creation energy, just like there are two sides of a battery, the positive and negative poles (negative not being stated negatively lol.)  The two connected parts of everyone’s creation is heart and mind.  What you think and say with emotional charge, are the sparks of creation you set in motion.

Now let’s go to the enormous information that came thru the readings yesterday.  Not only are there three power nodes in this first week of March, there are equally three phases to this highly energetic month as well.  The first week is engraving new information, stored away long ago, into the upper quadrants of our emerging magnetosphere.

Again, since my team is anal about NOT calling this thing our personal bubble of creation and demands my mouth call it a magnetosphere (smile) lets once again be clear on what that means to each of us: A magnetosphere is the region of space surrounding an astronomical object in which charged particles are controlled by that object’s magnetic field.

YOU are the astronomical object, your whole body and energy within and just around the body is the object.  The sparks of energy you put out, connect to areas on your personal magnetosphere that create your personal, ongoing reality construct.  YOU allow in, or keep out, according to your emotional field.

This week, the sun is charging particular codes and information, abilities and geographic placements within your upper field, connecting of course to your upper consciousness.  Hence so many people having congestion, headaches, dizzy spins, loopy minds and exhausted bodies.  It’s high vibrating and intense.

Untangling completely from all the old stories that got us to here, that were relevant to getting us to here, more crucial than you may realize.  Keeping in mind, a glass that is already full has no room for more.  A glass that is half full dilutes whatever pours into it.  In this case, nulls the energy field potential, the pure information that could be available to you.

The second phase of this enormous system starts just after the eclipse of March 8-9th.  The middle section of this magnetosphere will be coming on-line.  So be prepared for the torso of the body to be affected during this period.  This will be giving way to what we will just call our initial marching orders.  It will be the living part of this system coming online thru many aspects of the biology and outward.

Then we step into the grand finale, the finishing of our full magnetosphere as we move into the eclipse, again a 7 day event and now I understand why.  The full brunt of earths magnetic field will be running up thru every person, enlivening all that the person and people have allowed themselves to connect to.

If you just sit around waiting for inspiration, then what have you connected to??  Waiting.  You will get plenty of that.  However, if you are working your spiritual skills and connections every day, downloading, journaling, experiencing, practicing, your world is about to get a whole lot larger and intensely more exciting.

Keeping in mind as well, if you are entertaining any sort of negativity, well, you just may have some lessons to clear that up once and for all.

Again, I can use my amazing daughter for this example.  She came out of jail last year with such amazing energy, the conviction in her heart to get her life straight and positive, and for the longest while, it was working so well.  Until her past actions started to catch up with her.  She lost a job she loved and just got hired for because of her background check, she went back into the old familiar song in her head.  Life hates her, has it out for her, started to use (a different kind than before) mood altering drugs, repeatedly.  And then, the car accident happened just days before her hearing on all of her charges (3 felonies, 3 misdemeanors.)  But then again, she loves her care more than she loves herself.  Let’s take that away and focus on the Self.  The judge at her hearing told her she will do every day of the 1 year 7 month sentence she is looking at on May 20th (her sentencing hearing) while reminding her that according to Virginia law, he could sentence her to 62 years on her charges.  Due to the “overwhelming” evidence of guilt, her attorney advised her to plead guilty, which she did to 3 felonies and 2 misdemeanors and one was dropped.

After court yesterday she called me and the first thing she said that she will come out of jail a bad person.  Immediately I stopped her in her tracks and said ohhhh hell no.  That is a choice you would have to consciously make and you have a mother who will not even go there.  We are going to make the very most of this time and use it for your good and for a better future.

This too, is part of our responsibility as conscious beings of light on this amazing planet.  We can no longer sit back and wish/pray something into the positive side of life, we must be the catalysts, out loud, in person, in love.  ACT-ion.  Audible action.

On that note, I am going to release some of this massive sinus pressure and get ready for my dance card today.

Have an electric, magnetic day of love and wonder!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of wild dreams come true for ALL!!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas















  1. I had my own dreams of the light and fear interfering with it. I had had similar dreams for many years and finally got it just a few weeks ago. I saw first hand what the fear does to the vibration and the “atmosphere” around us. It was a wow moment!

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  2. […] do all that I can to hold the love vibration and not be in fear. On that note, I highly recommend Lisa Gawlas’ blog today as she described what fear does to us perfectly via a dream she had last night. I don’t know […]


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  4. Yupeee hugs ❤🌻💛💚💜💙💗🌈😻


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