Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 5, 2016

Restoring the Christed Energy thru the Lands and Waters.

bridging love

Now I am kinda really hoping this whole aware of the lessons being shared during dream time is part of my new antenna set. It is becoming an every night event, last night again we were given very particular messages.  And once again I was up half the night because my head is sooooo freakin congested, primarily, the entire right side of my head, the left side, barely.  So again, I wake up to blow and sneeze and start bitching a bit last night.  The congestion in my right nostril is so thick I cannot blow it out, it feels impacted in there and pressing against my ear, ouchies.  So as I wake up, blow, bitch, go back to sleep, I get the strangest image to start with.  I see my head separate from my field of vision and this charcoaled looking O and X but only half of each (like someone erased half of the O and X.)  One was floating over my head, the other over my field of vision.  XOXOX hugs and kisses, our symbol for love in action.  As I look at these symbols wondering, why the hell are you charcoaled and only half present, I realized I am not honoring the processes happening in my head.  Sleep is my focus and not the energy expansion taking place.   As I got over being angry, the O and X became full letters and one turned red and one turned green.  Christmas colors… Christ colors.

Again, I wake up to blow and sneeze and be ok with this disrupted sleep, and go back to sleep.  Now there is an image of a map showing the USA and Cuba.  Again, a half-formed O over one country and a half-formed X over the other, charcoal black.  50 years of hate and separation.  50 years of that energy spreading thru the waters that separate our land mass.  WE MUST heal this individually, which will heal it collectively and restore the love of our neighbors to the christed energy of love.

We have done the same with another neighbor, Mexico.  Instead of feeling the plight of the Mexican people, we build walls to say nope can’t have none of ours.  The Syrian people are going thru similar things as well.  Refugees being ousted so they don’t bring harm or take away from current residents of other nations.

Do we ever sit back and wonder why things remain the same, the wars, the poverty, the drug lords that rule… because WE have not learned from it yet.  WE have not taken personal responsibility YET.

WE are waiting for others to change things, for governments to change things and yet… NOW WE are the catalyst to create change.  To demand it in all our actions, our thoughts and deeds.

To sustain and spread the true christed energy, WE must BE that inside and out, 24/7.  We must come from a place of unconditional love, not the facade of love.  No burnt hugs and kisses that are meaningless, first and foremost, unto ourselves, then outward.

As we restore true love, release the energy of separation and not enough, the waters of earth flow with that loving energy again, the lands of the earth grow from that energy system, restored back to its original blueprint of the unified all.

Today is the second of three power node days (the last one in this phase is on the 7th) and there is no doubt in my heart, thanx to my dreamscape, the focus within every heart must turn to the Unified field and love and love for all and thru all.

I am remembering back in I think 2002-ish, when a very special trigonic quartz crystal took me to the dead sea caves to read, have engraved in my heart, the teachings and understandings of Jesus, I would hear a song clip over and over again for days before that several week adventure began and I am going to leave the entire song at the end of this sharing, for all of us to embody once again.

We are now Here to restore the garden of eden, the fullness of Shambhala by our Life and actions, out loud in the world we are changing.

Ohhh, there is something I wanted to mention but kept forgetting.  Light bulb went on right now lol.  In the ancient prophecies about our world being restored to that which we know (barely know lol) as the garden of eden, it says the lions will lay down with the lambs.  Thru the years and the series of uploaded videos now available, we are really starting to see how so many species of life, one predators to each other, are now playing and loving each other.  This is happening BECAUSE WE changed inside.  The more we are in alignment with the fullness of love, the more and more the predator energy will cease to exist.

On that note, I am going to go make some tea and see if it will restore my lost/congested voice before my day starts.

I love you all so much.

(((((HUGZ))))) and {{{{KISSES}}}} filled with the love of the unified Christ thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas




  1. Hi Lisa,
    Great blog as always!!!! So grateful for your insights….I agree about the animals already showing peace among species that are normally predator/meal relationally. Great message today. Thank you dear lady!

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Love your work Lisa. I am sorry you’re suffering with the sinus stuff. I wanted to show you a video my daughter and I made in case it helps ❤️


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