Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 11, 2016

The Full Moon on the 2-22 and the Full Sun on 3-3 – Siamese Twins!!!


Well here we are, not even in the full moon energy yet and another system is being presented.  A system the field, everyone’s teams yesterday is referring to as a Siamese twin.  The full moon on the 22nd and the “full sun” on 3-3.  Just to hear the words “full sun” sounds kinda odd, but hey, it was constant.  Equally odd is having them referred to as Siamese twins, conjoined in energy.  This dynamic duo showed in I think 3 or 4 of the readings yesterday, but not bumped next to each other, instead they were conjoined by the most intense “membrane” (spirits word) of light I ever seen.  As the day progressed this system was almost blinding to look at and oddly enough, it is between that space of energy everyone is now working or at least, showing up in relationship to.  A full spectrum of light like I have never experienced before, energetically or visually.  Equally released thru some of the readings yesterday, as I was at the edge of the full suns energy on the 3rd, was the fact that we are going to have many “power nodes” embedded in the energy of March.  The first series of three will happen March 3rd, 5th and 7th and with that I hear “that’s just the primer.”  Yikes!!  I am ducking already lol.  The equinox is always a powerful time, that’s on the 20th, then we have Easter early this year, when so many people are focused on the resurrection/ascension that falls on the 27th.

So we can look at this moment as being impregnated by the full moon energy and enlivened by the Siamese twins, all at the same time.  Ya feeling a little road weary?? lol

The reason we are seeing this now, before we even get beyond the full moon is because may be out there on our dateline, but it is already affecting us and we are using this amazing system now and I suppose, we have been.  I want to share the details of one of my connections yesterday to really underscore the enormity of all this.

I have been reading for this particular lady for years, so I know her back story and her present story.  She was born into a unique body where not all the parts are where they should be or work the way they should, so her nerve endings, her pain body has been active pretty much since birth.  Going thru these energy spikes, well, she is one of the strongest, determined people I know.  She has never let the pain she physically feels in her body stop her from her pursuit of increasing her energy field.  I thought about all this about 15 minutes before I connected with her on skype.  I know these energies are intense and now seeing the Siamese twin power duo…. shit!

As I thought about her, it was as if her body was suspended in my livingroom and the entire kingdom of heaven surrounded her, in my living room mind you!! lol  They were all on bended knee, honor her presence here on earth in the way she took up her task from birth.  The love, the reverence that poured thru, poured into her.

Once we got connected and I told her about this visual/experience, then I started the reading.  She was the only one I didn’t see the moon’s energy with and I think she was number 3 on my dance card, instead all I could see was the sun and her body standing directly in front of the sun.  Imagine my shock when she was sucked into the sun, ass first!!   What the hell??  Now the way I see the sun, in the center of it is what I call the central sun, which is the doorway to spirit aka heaven.  I seen her go thru the central sun.  Well just shit, that would only mean one thing.. I sure as hell ain’t going tell her that!!!  I waited to see what happened next… minutes felt like hours!!  Then it happened, the sun spit her back out, but instead of being in the body she was suck in with, she came out in what looked like light infused clear but with color, gemstones, tons and tons of them.  After she told me what happened, I realized what I was seeing was water droplets infused with the sun’s energy.

The release was stunning.  We still have this big clear globe as the center visual on the field, and so these light infused droplets spread out wider as they reached the glass globe, then they changed as soon as they connected with the glass and my vision got blurry to see what was actually happening.  I did understand that this is her new energy body and it resolidifying back into its new improved form.   This will be finished (well, as finished as we ever get lol) on the third of march.

I couldn’t understand any more, nor get any different information so she told me what has been happening to her since our last connection.  She had a heart attack, and while at the hospital, her blood pressure plummeted to 20/40 and she had to be brought back with the electric paddles.  Once she was brought back, they ran this fluid she called “heart water” thru her heart to clear it out. over a liters worth!  It is when she told me about the heart water that I realized what I thought I was seeing as gemstones was actually water droplets (hey, I am not infallible in my interpretations.  dammit lol.)  Water is the greatest carrier of electricity out there, in us.

So now I understood the enormity of spirit surrounding her, giving her such deep reverent love.  She could have stayed on the other side of the sun, but she choose an upgrade in body instead and came back, for which, I am so grateful too.  For her, this was the easiest, quickest way for her upgrades to come in.  Super charged!!  I cannot wait to see her after the 3rd!!

In a way as well, she helped to validate all this new energy information coming thru.  Sometimes when we have such an enormous shift in focus and visuals, inside I am praying I am seeing and getting this correct.  She helped me, all of us to know… indeed we are!!

So lets look at these two energy systems, bound together in light and their date lines 2-22 duality and the master builder energy.  3-3 action and communication and the christed energy.  When you add both of them up, they both equal a 6, soul partnership fused together in the field of light.  The living systems of light are equally fused together like siamese twins: body and soul, heaven and earth, masculine and feminine.  In a time where our words matter, create the matter of experience more now than ever before, can I suggest if you are referring to your soul energy as “higher self” please stop.  Because to refer to it/yourSelf as your higher self, means some part of you is lower.  In which case, you separate the twins.

I am also going to touch on my last reading of the day, I am still processing all the puzzle pieces of the other readings… but hers is hanging here in my face to share.

She, like just about everyone else, opened up in the light space between the moon and the sun, way in the upper atmosphere in the flood of light, the living membrane of the siamese twins lol.  The first thing I heard was a song clip that her team switched the lyrics of (which I made bold):

I feel the sky move under my feet
I feel the earth tumbling down
I feel my heart start to trembling

Her position was facing the “greater reality” and her back was towards me.  She was in a position like an orchestra conductor with the wandy thing in hand.  In this new, whole light spectrum there is a brand new harmonic being sung, new tones, new sound new everything.  Her position was multifaceted, harnessing the new song of the universe, the new harmonics and releasing them in full spectrum onto the new earth, thru that she had a filtering system built in which slowed the harmonics down as they went into soap-bubble land.  Nothing can be done on the new earth that isn’t fully affecting the old earth.  They have the umbilical chord and that is a filter system of sorts.  This light and thru each one’s work, is serving to dissolve the soap bubbles, the density and duality that is soap bubble land.

OMG, I just remembered another reading yesterday, I am going to sneak her in here, because of her placement and weirdness (smile.)  She showed up in dirt I had never seen before under this large unified clear glass globe.  She was mostly in the dirt, but from her boobs up, she was covered in dirt but I could see her beautiful self.  Her team explained that she is very much like an earth worm, aerating the soil, changing the energies of fertilization so that the people still living in duality, in soap-bubble land can assimilate the higher energies from the new earth.  Her team referred to this dirt as the placenta.  I suppose if you are going to have an umbilical cord, you gotta have a placenta that feeds and nourishes the All.

What I eventually realized too, with these reversed song lyrics, we are going to start the process of crumbling soap-bubble land.  The more higher light, the more earth events we MUST experience.  Again, earthquakes, volcanoes, storms and stuff.

Speaking of duality lol, a few days ago I received my Kryon Marshmallow message that is (as always) timely with what is being shared thru You:

Polarity in Human Nature
From Kryon Live Channel, “Un-defining the Spiritual Path”
September 2005 Pierce, FL; October 2005, Sedona, AZ 


As we have in the past, we will say again. The great winds that have torn your country apart for two seasons were predicted and should not be a surprise. We told you over sixteen years ago about the coming weather shifts of significance [Kryon Book One]. They echo a polarity in Human nature. As goes Humanity, so goes Gaia. As the polarity between the dark and the light increases, so will the polarity between heat and cold. There will be extra cold and extra hot, and where they meet together are the seemingly dangerous areas. Just as the polarity of spiritual rage has torn many off the fence of their normalcy, so it is that the planet also responds to this energy, exactly as we told you it would [Kryon Book Eight -2000].


Now lets look at the stunning polarity happening in the USA within our crazy primaries.  Two front-runners in this coming election Trump vs Sanders!!  Both of those guys won in a huge way the New Hampshire primary.  I gotta laugh at the symbolism, and I see many from my team: Hitler vs Jesus, separation vs unity, evil vs good.  I would so LOVE to see this horse race as the election choices.  Yes there are a lot of people saying ME ME ME in this country, but there are even more that really are saying US US US.  US WILL WIN!!  I cannot imagine we would choose anything less than US!!

This game is soooo freakin incredible!!  Until tomorrow… enjoy the Light Show hosted and brought to creation by YOU!!  Thank you for giving me a front row seat to your, to OUR amazing Awesomeness!!

I love you so much and really, so much more than that too!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of high energy, new harmonics and well, everything else wonder-full too!!

Lisa Gawlas

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