Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 12, 2016

The Living Light of Life and the Party Zone!!

Pearly Gates by Laura Hol Art  Pearly Gates by NinjaCaptain on DeviantArt

Pearly Gates by Laura Hol Art
Pearly Gates by NinjaCaptain on DeviantArt

I think I am understanding a weeee bit about this Siamese twin moon and sun energy thingie thru the enormity called yesterday.  Every connection, every understanding left me breathless and excited and flowing in the richness of love.  But I will get to the wild rides of readings in a moment, I think I will just start with what I am understanding about this, hell I don’t know what to call it, twins sound rather silly.  Ha!!  My team is throwing me out some visuals… that double barrel shot-gun I had seen, or twin engines… all the same energy system and we can call it whatever we want so long as we are aware of the enormity of what it is and then some.

We have spent lifetimes stripping down the old worn out ways of experiencing the wonders of life, actually they had kept us from the wonders of life.  When we breached into 2013, we started building a new, still releasing some remnants of the old, but our energies were building the new home.  When we broke into 2016, we had moved in, but this is not a home like any other.  This home is not only filled with the Grace of God, but WE ARE the Grace of God made manifest and our job is simply to enjoy, expand and play.

So January we got our energetic feet steady in this new amazing home, February we impregnated everything… life itself.  Fused together ALL THAT IS together to play with, to play in, to Be the Experience of spirit in matter without the negative side of duality.  Daily and matter/biology is the fun part, the exciting part, the part that does not exist on the other side of the veil.  So we can look at this system as the Light of HomeComing, Move In day!!

I am going to save my first and last readings for last, I didn’t understand my first reading until I got to my last reading of the day.  The three in between really took a twist, and exciting twist, but now I see the bigger picture.

I actually rescheduled my first lady because for the life of me, I could not understand what I was seeing in her field, at all.  So when my second lady showed up, I was half worried this was going to be the way of the day… not even close!!!

This HUGE tree was suddenly in my view, in Living view on the other side of the full moon (lets just call that the 23rd of Feb.)  Instantly I knew what I was seeing, the new TREE OF LIFE.  It was filled with Light energy, luminescent in its matter.  My precious lady was a part of the trunk of this tree, pulling the pure energy from the heart of Gaia, nourishing all that is the tree, and all that is growing from this NEW tree of life.  The branches and the leaves upon the branches represent the entire Shambhala Collective.  Those living, breathing and playing on the new earth (that’s us!)  She, thru her rooted heart connection with the original earth, all that Gaia is, feeds us just by Being.  I could feel the sap blood of the tree, her blood within her body.  The incredible nutrients, energy, vitality thru it all.

And then it got a little kinky, shockingly kinky lol.  As her team was explaining how to send those living nutrients into her created world of reality, to grow anything she desires, and like so many of us, her desires is for a divine counterpart.  Her tree trunkness morphed to become her body inside and as part of the tree, and wham… there is the energy body of the one we know as Jesus Christ, of course, i think I summoned him by shouting: “Jesus Christ I don’t understand. lol  On occasion that provides the entrance of The Christed energy to show up in a (faceless) form I do know as The Christ.  He straddled her body like, well, like he was skipping foreplay and going straight to home run territory!!  Her reading should have come with a PG 13 rating!!

We can often times take our sexual energy, our sensual way of bringing into life, life itself, for granted.  There was no taking anything for granted or even misinterpreting the energy and visual!!  lol  Plants are not ever holding back their ability to seed more life.  They spew pollen without caring who sees.  We should too!!  Rev that fully functional kundalini to the max, enjoy, play, expand and have fun.  It is our everlasting season!!!

I put this super nuggets of wisdom on my facebook, but must include it here.  She innocently said, ok I am going to “wait for my counterpart.  Ohhh how her teams energy wrapped around my body, took hold of my lips and said NO WAITING!!  Our language needs to be really really monitored now more than ever.  Waiting can only beget waiting and it’s not just a matter of what you say, but how you feel.  If you feel like you waiting for that partner, that job, that new home, whatever, the universal energies of creation park right next to you and lovingly wait with you.  Like produces like.  What her team said was to change it to: “Knowing of something or someone’s imminent arrival”

My next lady, well, it just got more interesting.  This siamese twin time (Feb 22nd thru March 3rd) became like a massive room, so intense in its life I could not see thru it.  At the top, I guess what we can think of as a ceiling or roof (neither exist, but lets just call it that) there was a party crew hanging streamers at the entrance of this…. white hall of light??  Her team said they are preparing everything for the celebration of her (our) Grand Entrance!!  Ohhhhh am I finally going to be able to take out and keep on the party boots??  Here’s hoping!! lol  Well, did that little two-word sentence open up a flood gate from my team.  Lets expand on all this!!

We are going experience this enormity of Living Light like music, sometimes it will be so intense it will feel like a Polka, sometimes, a soothing love song and the dance get slow and sensual.  All of it filled with love, with life with joy and song and celebration.  Should anyone feel negative, you have got to find a way to once and for all pull yourself out of the density of duality and stay focused in the new world, the fullness that is Here Now.  When we hear of people saying so much negative emotions are stirring up, it’s simply because you just wont let them go.  We are magnetic creatures, change the magnetic settings and stay centered Here Now.

I think whole paragraph leans into the way I seen my lady as well.  She was standing about 10 feet from the party zone entrance of Living Light nekked as a jay bird.  Not a stitch of clothes on her, the radiance of her body was beautiful.  We have a tendency to look at our form and only see the mass we call the body, we really need to see and feel and focus on the luminosity that is the living biology.  If we did (I am being preached to here, I went back on my diet on the first of feb to lose the 10 pounds I gained over the winter… lol) we would not see the midlife spread that is a purposeful part of our Life, or the perceived imperfections that comes with having done so much work on this earth, but the rarefied beauty that is YOU and needs to further adjustments.  Ohhh shit… here is a profound thought… when you restrict your body from the way it needs to be to experience these higher energies, you also restrict what you are capable of.  Cupcakes for dinner for me tonight!! lol

So there my lady is in all her glory, right hand straight up in the air, her left hand reaching over in what looked like cleaning her armpit.  All I could think was she was taking a shower, tho, no water, no soap and no washcloths were visible.  Her team explained that her reach for life via her right hand (emotional/spiritual side) was reaching higher than she ever allowed herself before and her physical life hand was connecting to the area where shoulder meets chest, reach of life meets heart of desire.  She was actually accelerating herself to have it all as she prepares for the party zone.

I had a good thirty minutes between her and a new virgin man on my dance card.  I plopped my ass on my couch and pondered the enormity of what I have been seeing, feeling and mostly UNDERSTANDING!! I glanced at the clock and there were 10 minutes before my next appointment, that alone must have triggered the connection to my man.  Suddenly I had this life-size elephant in my living room and this stunning man riding upon her back.  This elephant was kind roaming around in circles, hey, my living room ain’t that big!!  Every now and again, she would raise her trunk up in the air (I just now realized the relationship with my lady’s right arm up in the air… there is more to this motion) and out of her elephant mouth came elephant sound.  I heard it clear as day, several times.  What the hell??  He too was pretty nakked, save an elephant skin loin cloth.  But his form, his body was not from this timeline.  I really understood that when I seen him out in the field.

His skin color was the most luminescent bronze I had ever seen.  Our original form.  The elephant was his power animal from the original earth and incarnation of that time.  She was the matriarch of her herd, he was the patriarch of his tribe.  We use these titles lightly here.  There was no hierarchy at all, none needed.  The way these titles are being used now is to represent those of tremendous wisdom and ability to help others.  Not to tell them what to do or how to do it or set down rules or laws… that was inconceivable back in the original earth and will one day become as inconceivable to us on this new earth when the last of the soap-bubble land dissolves.

The man and his elephant were facing this cathedral of light, the siamese twin energies and the elephant kept raising her trunk and sounding her sound outwards towards the flood of light I cannot see thru in this quadrant of energy.  Now tho, her sounds were filled with this golden energy and she said she was readying the experience for him.  There was so much more to her sound than I could understand and when i asked him if he had any questions, he asked me if I am familiar with the “hum.”  The what??  Obviously I never heard of it.  He explained it as a worldwide phenomenon and here is a link for more information that he provided:

Of course, anything we experience beyond normal we want to attribute it to something man-made.  I am not familiar with the hum, but I am familiar with the sound of Gaia.  Wink wink… and how important the sound of his elephant was for him to understand.

His elephant gave him a name and she showed me her name in cursive writing.  The only two letters I could see clearly was the e and the l, both in small letters.  She explained that to capitalize the name would be to show self importance and that does not exist.  Her name I heard clearly and song like elaweesa (spelled phonetically because all I could see was the small and larger loop of the e and l in connected energy of cursive.)  I knew the el, was important and all I could think of was in spanish it means “the.”  I was wrong.  I needed my next lady to fill in more information.

I was shocked to see the, absent all day long, clear globe energy that started her reading.  Her position was at the very top of it and all I could see was a super sized head with some serious lips all puckered up and blowing what looked like fog into this clear globe.  I watched it as it streamed from top and started to settle into the bottom of the globe.  I eventually realized what she was doing was akin to “the breath of god.”  Infusing life into the landscape.  Thru her lips and air harnessing the elements of Life, igniting them back into form, into Being.

Once I understood the fog machine of her mouth (smile) the next thing I seen was this muted down gold cross between gel and the material of a pot holder lol, and she was spreading it out around the surface of the globe.  It took me a while, but I eventually understood the texture was a cross between the living plasma of all life and the fabric of life itself.  What she was doing in what looked to me like smearing random globs of this substance on the globe… was actually laying down the original land and water mass of earth when she was all new and shiny, before we started to take parts of her energy to create soap-bubble land (hence the many earth changes.)  So here is my amazing lady restoring the blueprints that were long ago put away so we could have adventures in soap-bubble land and bringing them back as an overlay and inlay thru her work.

What I found stunning with the understanding of what she was doing is that the earth in all her bits and pieces, moving parts and stationary parts creates particular energy patterns, blueprints if you will.   So all this energy is changing her back to her original, garden of eden type blue print she was created to be.  Hence the weather patterns, the earthquakes and stuff.  This is all sacred and should not be feared in anyway… nor can anyone stop it.  If we knew exactly what was happening, we would all stand in awe and celebration… but that is hard to do if your body happens to be in the midst of o these events.  But even that is on purpose!!

So she was talking about doing a workshop later in March using the sound of the elements, and when she mentioned the sound of the earth as el EL, I instantly thought of the elephant name, it wasn’t “the” so much as it was “the earth” sound as part of her name.  Dah!!

Suddenly I understood my first lady of the day too.  Her presentation was strange and to my view, limiting.  There were sound waves coming from the right side of the moon (as the dateline went from the 22nd to the 23rd) these sound waves were vertical and multicolored and each moment produced a different sound which I could see move thru these energy bands.  The harmonics and the movement of the harmonics out into the landscape we call earth.  My lady told me she had just taken up dance and the experience sent her body into serious upper vibration mode and she is going to become a dance teacher herself.  YAY.

So let me wrap this all together, every person showed up in their position of energy alignment, what I have been calling your super power abilities thru each and every reading.  We are a collective of super powers, unique in our own way, crucial to each others expanded abilities.  Playing with yourself, enjoying what is moving thru you, not by someone else’s standards or understanding, but tapping into the soul of your Being and bringing the new to earth is the most important thing you can do right here, right now.  Song, dance, breath, more dancing to include the striptease, crucial.

Now to completely change the subject a bit, I have got to giggle at the way our team wants us to disengage with our concept of time.  2 days ago I woke up with an image of looking at my reading calendar, and being shocked I only had 3 appointments on my calendar.  I always have 5-6 every day.  So the first thing I did was look at my calendar and sure enough, I had 6 appointments.  I forewarned everyone about my dream, incase they were one of the 3 I was not going to read for.  Nope, I seen all 6 clearly.  What the hell??  I just now looked at today’s schedule, I am shocked to see I only have 3 people on my dance card.  I also woke up with a to-do list, get on my treadmill, get my mexico page done, blah blah blah.  Of course I am responding back with… who the hell has time or energy for all that??  Well, I do now!! lol

The number 3, action and communication is such an important part of our equation right now.  Without that energy, you are simply waiting.

On that note, I have a webpage to build!!  I do want to add in here, the main art I am using with this sharing, “the pearly gates” shows in such wonder that what you seek is right there wherever you are!!

I love you all so freakin much and thank you for the bliss and wonder and kinkiness you bring to the ever-expanding part of life!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with immaculate conceptions and party boots!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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I also woke up with this Yummy song in my head and it rocks on now… In-joy ❤  YOU are so Yummy to my soul, to my life!!!  (((HUGZ)))




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