Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 13, 2016

Having Hope and Understanding how the Financial Flow in Time

clarity universe

This is going to be short but sweet since I woke up really late.  I wasn’t going to even put a blog out since I only have about 30 minutes to share before my day begins (really need 2-3 hours) but my team reminded me about something so important that came thru my last reading of the day.  For those familiar with my crazy reading style, you know that the focus we start the readings with is all about soul growth and our orientation to the next phase or ongoing phase of that growth.  But the questions that suddenly seem too mundane to ask is as important in our fuller understanding of ourSelfs than what comes thru the opening of a reading.  I swear, spirit invented the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, cuz if you don’t ask, they aren’t telling!!

My lady asked a question, but it wasn’t the question itself that got addressed, it was the way in which she asked it that was first addressed.  Her question went something like: “I hope I can retire and have enough money to live.”  Her team addressed the first two words and then went on a wonderful explanation of the way we use our words that we may not even realize.  Hope can be stated two ways, one filled with fear, the other a sense of knowing.  The way she asked it was derived from fear, the statement alone creates the energy of not having enough money to retire or to retire with less than you need.  However, adding one word, changes the entire vibration of the sentence: “I have hope that when I retire…”  We may think it is an innocent oops, but this moment is creating the next moment with thought, word and deed.

Of course, this prompted a question about finances and the reply just stunned me, wonderfully stunned me.  Tho I gotta say, the visual itself is kinda odd and I know there is more to it than I understand today.

The first thing her team showed as a visual was this really long string strung from above and constantly in motion downwards, think of a series of uneven S wave connections.  On this very long string were tiny disks that reminded of the symbols on a drum set, but to my visual field, no bigger than a dime with a space of about 2 inches between each disk.  This represented money flow.  Money is as much an energy system as anything and there has been (and for a little while longer) will continue to be a tremendous flux to its flow.  This is on purpose and not a punishment in any way for anyone.  Life does not punish.  Ever.

Now lets hold that thought and lets talk about what they were showing this string with disks on it coming thru.  To my eyes, it looked like stacked sheets of gel that went up as high as my eyes could see.  I recognize these sheets when spirit (and Erik) were talking about how time is stacked and not laid out back to front.

So, if I am understanding this visual correctly, when those disks hit a sheet, there is an influx of money, when the string hits a sheet, there is what we tend to perceive as a withholding of money.  However, nothing is truly withheld at all, it’s just the pause between one onset and the next.   Again, since this string is not coming straight down, but instead has various shaped S’s to it, the time between one and the other is never constant.

Ohhhh here is a golden nugget… what controls the waves??  We do.  Not only our direct consciousness/expectations, but just as much the collective consciousness we live within too.  Think about those that live in third world countries, where they struggle every day for what they need to live.  That collective is so strong and so expecting it to be the same way tomorrow, busting out of that mind-set (which becomes reality) is like breaking thru concrete.

Now lets take this personally, something I have never really stepped back to look at before.  My entire financial world comes from you.  I have no other source of income in any way.  I knew I was going to be out for two weeks and I also realized before I left, January’s schedule was also just about completely filled.  From past experience (I gotta get out that mode of thinking lol) whenever this happens, my income dries up until come back and my schedule is open within two to three weeks. Sure enough, Since I left on December 22nd, I have not brought in more than a few hundred dollars, which of course has me breathing thru the bill stage of the month lol.  NO it is not from a feeling of lack, there is nothing lacking in my world.  I also live by example and that example turns into understanding, like right now.  With what my team is showing me here, these gel like stacks of time is not set out linearly either.

We are always in the present moment, our minds weave in and out of time, either remembering past experiences (whether this lifetime or another) or the future fulfillment of something (this takes in the words “I have hope” which is also, I know,” which too is where I live, remembering that in the past I have had times where nothing comes in, but also knowing, that too shall pass and the land of plenty is just about here too.  This creates the S wave and even, your reaction to it.

We do this all the time with each other, whether we realize it or not.  This is one of the key elements of spirit insisting we let go of ALL of our past stories.  They will only live for a little while longer on this new earth, we either let them go completely or move back to where they still have full energy.

Well, now I gotta get ready for my day.  I love you all so much, these are strange, exciting times we are in!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of new stories filled with love, joy and plenty for ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas





  1. Thank you Lisa ❤


  2. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    Nice. We all need to focus, create, attract abundance. I have renounced all thoughts of lack, in all timelines. I now focus on abundance, now in all timelines.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Back again to my favourite topic of unlimited ABUNDANCE, I see. Again, perfectly orchestrated by the higher realms. They basically just used ME, to “seed” you, last fall.

    Anyway, I did this very example last month, with my ascension group:
    “I hope I can retire and have enough money to live.”

    Someone in my group had done the exact same thing, using the uncertain/fear-laden version of the word “hope”.
    I kicked his mental ass, and crossed out the word “hope”, with “KNOW”.

    Simple formula….always substitute low-frequency Fear-Based words, with “know”.

    I “know” I have more than enough money to live. Always.”

    I “know” that I am a powerful manifestor of my own reality.
    I “know” that the universe is always fulling supporting me…always conspiring to bring me whatever I want/need.

    Which brings us to the big KEY here — in order for all this to work for you, you must first TRUST completely, in the higher orchestration of the Universe.

    TRUST is the Key. You must fully “trust”, just as a child does.


  4. Secondly,

    I see here with your doth-protest-too-much statement directed at me, that you are still “irritated” with me for bringing your attention to your continual focusing on “LACK”, in the past:

    You say:
    “From past experience (I gotta get out that mode of thinking lol) whenever this happens, my income dries up until come back and my schedule is open within two to three weeks. Sure enough, Since I left on December 22nd, I have not brought in more than a few hundred dollars, which of course has me breathing thru the bill stage of the month lol. NO it is not from a feeling of lack, there is nothing lacking in my world.”


    First of all, just like you caught yourself, DON’T FOCUS ON “PAST” EXPERIENCE!!!!

    There is no past. There is only NOW. All pasts, belong to other Timelines that you are no longer inhabiting.
    In order for you to even THINK about what’s happened in the “past”… literally have to reconnect your energies, to other, old lower frequency Timelines that you’ve left behind.

    Second, YOU GET, what YOU EXPECT.
    This is why, as you say, “Sure enough…” the universe brought me exactly what I was expecting to happen. Exactly what I believed would happen.

    So you are the only one perpetuating this pattern of expected “lack”. The obedient Universe doesn’t care what it is you focus on — it will bring it to you, no matter what it is.

    This very statement of yours ~ “has me breathing thru the bill stage of the month”
    ….this statement shouts, screams, hell, it bellows with FEAR and ANXIETY and UNCERTAINTY. (where is the “knowing” “trust”???)

    This is what you are still putting out. And of course, getting back.


    If there is “nothing lacking” in your world, then why do you focus on LACK OF MONEY continually?
    Why do you insist on focusing attention on it and perpetuating it?

    Ask yourself what you are getting from doing that.

    Because that is a HUGE blocking issue of yours, that you need to Clear.
    Which is why it is being brought to your attention right now by your Team. You need to clear this shit, before the next 5D Second Wave of ascension shift, in mid-March (spring equinox).

    Instead of protesting and arguing with your own outward mirror reflections (who are simply showing you, yourself)….the time is NOW for you to go inwards instead and fix/clear your inner low frequency issues.

    ~ Kiera


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