Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 12, 2016

It is High Noon in the The Age of Aquarius.


I officially have so many more questions today than I do understandings.  So I am using today’s sharing to process and hoping putting the puzzle pieces I am seeing will give me, give us the understandings that were so elusive and confusing yesterday.

The first image I had seen in the field the day before yesterday started my confusion (my natural state of being any more lol.)  My lady’s images showed up on the edge of the west field, a new (or at least, new to me) deep, thick golden-yellow membrane thing starting to rise up from the edge of the horizon (which is no just across my backyard as opposed to on the other side of the mesa.)  This membrane was about three feet tall and connected to the top of it was the sun itself, the sun scaled down to size, to fit (as opposed to overtake) the imagery in the reading.  I could not find her in relationship to this imagery and the only thing that her team really helped me understand about what I was seeing, was the fact that this membrane that was in the center of the backyard, has now become widened, to the degree they used the phrase “our territory was enlarged.”  Hell I haven’t even oriented to the smaller landscape yet!!

I realized that the important part of our time together was really helping her to understand the significance of what is happening in her “superpowers” experiences (from the hypnosis set.)  I am realizing this morning, it all has actually set up what I am now starting to understand about the bizarre visuals of yesterday (which I will get to, promise lol.)

In her hypnosis sessions, she first met her previous self in one of the temples of Atlantis, then, as she called it, started getting hijacked by the ET’s we know as the ancient egyptian gods (the ones that have bird and dog heads and stuff) and taken to the ancient temples of egypt.  She was getting a bit peeved with this and would not engage (I so love that about her, I swear she could be my meditation sister) not realizing this was an important segue to what she “remembering” in relationship to both.

This membrane I am seeing thru some of the readings, is not only our unified field of creational energy, it is also serving as a deep filter so that the tainted stories of our past history do not interfere, get into the truth that will be revealed to particular people who have a hand in restoring the pureness of what is about to come (and trust me, I use the words “about to” via spirit’s energy, but that really means to us…. over the years!!!

So a few hours later that same day, I had my fourth or fifth reading and for the second time, that membrane was relevant to the lady I was reading for, now tho, it was easy 10 feet tall instead of three.  Her position cracked me up, she was on the outside of it, dressed like wonder woman, right down to the bangles on her arms and using her fists to punch the exterior of the membrane itself.  Each fist had a different energetic out come to what I seen take place inside the emerging membrane.  But let me use this image as a visual, keeping in mind her colors were red white and blue, not yellow.



Her body was floating parallel to where the ground is, and she was fist punching that damn membrane.  When she punched it with her left hand, those starburst you see in the image, appeared inside the (eventual) dome of membraneness (smile) as a huge white starburst.  All I kept thinking of was the old batman robin cartoons with the “pow” and “wham” imagery in their punching.  What her team said she was doing with her left fist was something like punching holes in reality.  Meaning, with the force I had seen, releasing all the old inaccurate stories so that the pure truth of what we need to know, need to remember from our “original past” will be there to those with the vibrational field to access them.  With her right hand, this even stranger, it was like each punch changed the entire membrane into deep multicolored energy and these worm like things started to grow from the membrane itself, outwards or maybe better said, inwards, eventually towards center. Thru her reading these things I am calling worm looking were the beginning of an evolved network of energy, interconnecting…. stuff.  (I don’t really know yet.)

What I did find extraordinary was the fact that she is going to be doing acupuncture as her new work, and what we had seen in her reading is exactly (well, kinda sorta) how she will be working on raising people’s vibration and assisting to connect their energy field, penetration by penetration, to this full new world we are working from.  She will bring a new form of acupuncture to the fore that has never been before.

So now yesterday, I only did two connections, I dare not even call them readings, because I could see clearly but had no freakin clue what I was seeing.

This membrane is now full formed and in the top center, I suppose what would be due south only about 20 feet above where the ground should be (I could not see thru this energy to the ground, but I know where my back yard is lol) was the sun!!  This membrane is now a part of the sun energy or vise versa it connects into the center of the sun.  The sun a fiery ball of yellow gold energy, this membrane now easily 3 or 4 inches thick with hmmmmm, not sure how to describe it, ok, I found a picture that is close (but not exactly) with the impressions in the membrane looks like:


Keeping in mind, it is intensely yellow-gold.  Both my lady’s positions yesterday were on top of the sun itself.  Like I said, I could not see thru it and had no freakin clue what any of it means, cannot say 100% today that I know for sure, but doing this review really is filling in a lot of the blanks I had yesterday.  My first lady actually opened up with a song clip, the only sound I would hear for the rest of the day “Its the dawning of the age of Aquarius” only her team changed the orientation to we are now in the full day, the dawn gave way to high noon I guess lol.  She was on the sun, part human part sun, flames and all, dancing.

My second lady, similar opening, only instead of being human looking, she was long plumey feathers opened like fan from north to south across the top of the sun.  The feathers were equally emitting the fire energy of the sun, but not being burned up by it at all.  They were waving back and forth, east to west.  Kinda looking like this, what I didn’t think to do yesterday because I was too busy having a melt down of not understanding what I am seeing (damn human that I am lol) was there were 6 feathers.  She being the center one, her children (5 of them) made up the other feathers.  I have to come back to my man with the roses from yesterday’s sharing, he had  roses encircling one raised above.  Her feathers, similar, only spread out in a line across the surface of the sun.

feather fan

My biggest problem, besides not hearing anything but that song clip, was where the hell is the magnetosphere in relationship to what I am seeing, because now I am confused.  Nor could I see where the earth was in relationship to this membrane/sun thing either.

I had zero connection for the rest of the day, by noon in my world, my mind was so exhausted, I started to get this intense needle like pain in my left eye early yesterday morning that sharpened as the morning went on, so I closed my eyes for a minute before I talked to my last lady of the day… 2 hours later, I woke up.  Completely leaving her high and dry until I called 2 hours late!

Speaking of my sharing yesterday, I do want to make very very clear here… being aware of the fullness of the ALL that is ALWAYS available to us is no way near the same to being vibrationally aligned to the fullness of the ALL.  Just because we think we know something doesn’t mean it is there in front of us as a vibrational alignment and we know what to do with it.  This is as true on the other side of the veil as it is on this side.  Our whole life is a vibrational story of moving not only more fully into the light, but participating with it as a unified whole, which has not been set to the ready until we graduated from 2015.  And we have!!

As an added note, spirit is saying with any endings or beginnings (with this, it is particularly the age of Pisces and the age of Aquarius) there is always an overlap of orientation.  The age of Aquarius started to overlap as we exited 2012, which gave us all the opportunity to align and energize what I calling this new earth, the fully ascended energy system we now live within, or not.  2013 could very well be thought of as the dawn of Aquarius and we have now arrived in the full day… the age of Aquarius, at least, for those who have done the inner and outer work to Be Here.

What it all means to us, besides exhausted from the transition lol, we shall see!!  Speaking of…. my day is about to begin, please let the understandings flow… please!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of fiery passion to ALL.

Lisa Gawlas



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  2. Thank you for your post and sharing… As I read I was reading with a humourous disbelief as I just read something along these same lines… from and was about to say – read about the light changing to yellow around the earth… but I didn’t read it. Where did it come from?? Haha. Anyway, the part about the sage in India saying that he percieved this coating around the earth that prevents us from knowing our past… is changing… is what I felt the correlation with your past was. There’s an upgrade taking place… In the Earth and definitely in me – I’ve never slept more in my entire life! Love and hugs right back to you <3!!


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