Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 4, 2015

The Melding and Use of Pure Source Energy.


Ohhh and the story gets bigger and dare I even say, a little bit clearer.  For the life of me, I couldn’t quite understand how our “Now” moment consists of yesterday, today and tomorrow.  That is, until I did a reading with a wonderful man in Australia, it was 8am in my world for me, for him, 1am tomorrow.  So for him,  I was sitting in yesterday talking to him in my tomorrow.  This almost sounds like a riddle, but I finally get their meaning with it.  Time really is such an amazing illusion designed to give us orientation to ourselves and the ongoing story.  It is what also gives us the view of limitation as well.  I am sure, this is just the tip of spirits iceberg with our perception of time, but it sure gave me that… ohhhhhhhhh…. feeling inside.

Now how about this as an exciting tool we can and at times, are using.  Spaceweather has been going on for days about this geometric storm that is supposed to happen.  Anticipating solar winds as strong as G3, it showed up later than they expected and stranger than they expected, not to mention, slower than they expected.  Let me give you today’s tidbit on it from spaceweather:  AURORAS OVER THE USA: A unusual stream of solar wind is buffeting Earth’s magnetic field, causing G1-class geomagnetic storms around the poles. The stream is unusual not only because it is very fast (700+ km/s), but also because it has a series of shock waves or “transients” embedded in it–at least 3 so far.

Since November 1st, I knew this was already underway, I could feel it and see it in the readings.  It wasn’t until yesterday, thru the readings did I understand the fullness of this event.

The way I had seen it yesterday, this energy is coming directly from spirits side of the veil.  A massive release of pure Source energy that has melded with and electrified the current blended energies we have been seeing and using.  For example, the earth’s atmosphere, the multidimensional zone, the stem cells, everything is now imbued with pure Source energy.  This means more to us than I have the words to express.  But know that the energy is higher, faster, more pure than ever before and released for us to use!!

Now it is only this morning that more information is shared with the sun storm only being a G1 instead of a G3, for the last 3 days, you and I have been looking into this release, using it, creating a divine interference pattern within it.  Think about a fan spinning around and around and suddenly you throw something into the fan, it slows its rotation down, something interfered with what it was doing.  For fans, this is not a good thing lol, however, for the energy system whirling around and beyond the earth, that’s what it is here for.  To use, to recognize its high energy value and use it!

My two readings yesterday (a semi day off for me lol) were all about this new radiant energy being released directly from spirits side of the veil into our living, changing energy system.  I was watching this release of this energy coming down and melding with the lining I see as the domed biosphere and (for lack of better words) melding into and connecting all sources of energy inside and outside the biosphere, with it, no more perception of containment, everything is now fully available for those aligned to this pure creator source energy.

With this, it’s also giving us new understandings about what we will experience as various storms, earthquakes, volcanoes and such.  The things that seem to scare people, so many people want to stop it, degrade its intensity, redirect it, but let me assure you, it all is intelligent, conscious, knowing and has its own life enhancing agenda (even if it may appear to be the opposite.)  However, if we recognize the power within any of this events, we can use that energy for whatever it is we are doing that may need that extra boost.  That is what changes speed and velocity, by using its source energy and not trying to stop it or redirect it, because you can’t.  As I said, it is intelligent and has its own agenda that we cannot interfere with.  We don’t have to understand it or even like it, but we must honor its life force.

My second lady yesterday was very interesting because I attempted to read for her the day prior and got just a little glimpse of what was happening but I couldn’t understand it and didn’t much more than a glimpse, so we rescheduled to yesterday.

Her first reading consisted of this energy coming directly from spirits side of the veil and started swirling down as this beautiful light blue Source energy looking like soft serve ice cream.  It was just connecting with the top of her biosphere and I could not see or understand anything else.  Yesterday, still in a similar pattern, only now this soft serve ice cream was wrapping around her biosphere, from the top down.

soft serve


Her team said this would be an event that lasted the next 5 days, moving down slowly, changing the energy with every decent into the full spectrum of matter and actually wrapping under the earth’s crust about 3 feet, where the accelerated earth connects to the filtered earth.  Everything we do Here affects the filtered earth.  Taking the “as above, so below” into our living spectrum of real-ness.

Her team did let us job forward a little bit as she comes out of this ice cream-ness of her field (smile) and there she was, with this cinderella glass slippers that were actually stilettos (for aeration down into the filtered earth) and there is something that her team kept saying “If the shoe fits, wear it.”  My view was of the handsome prince putting the slipper on Cinderella, igniting the “happily ever after.”



Handsome prince and servant girl, god and goddess, dreamer and creator… if the shoe fits… wear it!!

I do need to touch on the imagery of my first lady too.  I could see a pole, the system spirit is calling the galactic core that runs from spirits side of the veil down thru the galactic core of the milky way onto and then thru the other side of earth.  She works with the milky way energy and it took me a long minute to realize what I was seeing, even tho i kept telling her this energy was like a milky white (I can be so slow on the uptake lol) the pure energy of the milky way is part of her super powers.  I could see the constant flow in this tube like thing that ran from above to below and it was in constant movement.

This is all part of our new, enhanced energy system of creation and destruction (destruction is as important as creation, always remember that.)

There has been an ongoing event in my personal world that we can actually see how all of this works in our reality.  My beautiful baby girl, Valorie.

On Saturday, October 31st, she was handed a legal paper from the folks at the jail that stated she will be doing the full 30 days and her pending release date is November 21st.  They also informed her she will do the entire time in solitary.  She called me crying, so trying to hold herself together but crushed thinking she will spend weeks in solitary.  I instantly put a post on facebook asking for love and light and cards and letters to help hold her up.  Instantly, you came to the fore and sent so much energy, so much love and light that by the very next morning, everything started changing for her.

She asked to use the phone, immediately she was taken out of her cell to call me.  She had been in solitary for 7 or 8 days and getting to use the phone took hours of begging.  She asked if she could take a shower, they said yes instantly.  Until this moment, she could do one or the other, use the phone or take a shower and she always opted to call me.  She hadn’t taken a shower in 10 days since being put into jail.  She got her shower when she hung up with me and for a miraculous change, the guard asked her if there was anything else she wanted.  She called me again.  I could feel the glow of her energy back within her core.  There was joy in her voice, gratitude for these things all at once without having to beg.  Her power system was back on because YOU changed the energy field around her to change the way she has been treated.

If you can imagine this analogy and the way our living system of energy works now…

All these particles of Light (you) was affecting the energy around her, affecting the energy of the guards themselves to connect with the flow of radiance being sent in, allowing the target herself to relight her flame within her core.  Now she is standing strong (as opposed to dampened down with sadness) and that alone charged all the energy around her (your love) to radiate outwards even more to continue to change things in a heart desired flow.

More than anything, my baby girl wanted out of solitary.  The very next morning, one of the guards came and told her she was being released from solitary and within 30 minutes, she was transferred to an area in the jail where it si dorm-like.  Not a cell at all, hell even the toilets have doors.  This alone was a miracle and when she called me, she was ecstatic.  That joy and power energy radiated so strongly that her release date was changed.  9pm that same night she went out into the loosey goosey section of jail, a guard handed her a new paper, this time someone crossed out the November 21st release date and hand wrote November 6th on it.  Holy freakin miracles batman!!

The way spirit is showing me how this system worked, how we work now… you are the electrical current (your prayers) that start to change the energy flow around the target source (for this real example, that would be my daughter,) turning the lights on around her (the guards hearts and minds) allowed her life force to reconnect with her vital energy and beam bright against, beaming her energy outwards to get out of solitary and even, get out of jail on the date she had hoped to be released on.

Important thing to note here, had she not reconnected to her inner vital energy and remained depressed, this story would have a very different outcome.  You shed the light, the surrounding energy, she created the power of desire and outcome.

To everyone one of you, thank you so much.  You truly are working miracles, changing lives simply because you Love and you love freely with targeted direction.  ❤

I love you and cherish you so damn much!!  Have an amazing, love filled day!!

(((HUGZ))) of Source imbued energy to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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