Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 6, 2015

The Merger, the Melding of Above and Below Within US!!


Boy oh boy are things getting interesting and dare I even say, more surreal than ever.  When I cranked out my crazy antennas on the 4th to see what was happening now, all I could see was this long reflective/silvery shard of light coming from as far above as my vision has ever gone before.  It was a constant thru every connection and that is ALL I could see. The surrounding area pitch black, nothing even viewable at the earth level and I think it must have come down to the border of the upper atmosphere and earths atmosphere.  I started to get the information that it was coming directly from the other side of the veil, thru a now constant opening somewhere up in the deepest of space.  It kinda looked like this (except all around it was black not white:)

Upside down view of the London Shard

As the story/realization grew through each connection, I understood that what we were seeing and experiencing was the stream of energy directly from spirits side of the veil itself, luminous and reflective and changing everything within our reality.  I guess akin to providing the supersonic fuel to run our pimped out space ships.

Thru the conversations and visuals provided thru the conversations, so much understanding was presented.  Thru one lady I could see what looked like little silver  BB’s shard of enormous light hitting each BB and the BB would open up and unfold flower petals.  It was really beautiful but given what was seen and experienced thru yesterdays readings, that was phase one to a much larger, ongoing event.  Let me see if I could harness some words to explain it.

First, these BB’s would be equal to DNA codes ready to open, to flower if you will.  Taking the common term “flower of life,” I was literally seeing a tiny flower bloom so I could understand what was happening.  New patterns of higher thought coming online.  Equally, it kind of resembled a sperm entering an ova.  Yesterday, the entire area that I would call just beneath the veil of spirit all the way down to the earths atmosphere emerged a new pattern, a new flower of life.  From the earths atmosphere to as far below as I could see, another pattern, representing a different flower of life energy, to the left (past) and to the right (future) yet another pattern, each one in its own radiant light spectrum, and then I could see all four area’s connected to each other with a big gaping void in the center of it all.  This void is where we live.  The most simplest way I could show you is kinda like this (emphasis on kinda)

pattern with a void


The multicolored patterns of light had spaces between it, and I could see where the above, below, left and right came together to form an arching at the top, bottom and sides of the void.  It was stunning really, this is as good as google gets in replication.  It was stated the void is where we live and create from.  What I have got to smile about this morning, as I googled flower of life (I know the term and even the application sort of, but that’s as far I as go, it’s not a part of my need to understand lol.)  Here is what I found this morning: The “Flower of Life” can be found in all major religions of the world. It contains the patterns of creation as they emerged from the “Great Void”. Everything is made from the Creator’s thought.  (My underlining.)  This was really spirits way of saying we are now the shards of light, of Creator light, creating from the void into creation.

“To be Here, is to have completely released any form of negativity from your mind and heart and deep inner knowing.  For those still embedded in fear and separation, may the coming storms serve you well.  Those preaching fear and separation, may the fires of purification allow you to see beyond your current, limited view.” (think phoenix.)  ~spirit.

These will be an exhilarating next few years and for many, a stripping down like never before.  (Change is like that.)

Yesterday tho, everyone’s position was outside of their biosphere in the thick blackness of whatever surrounds us.  Spirit said what we are seeing now is how we have our biological footprint on the other side of the veil and our spiritual footprint on this side of the veil.  Straddling both worlds at once as we bring them into unified harmony as a living energy system.

I could see everyone’s amazing, mosaic of light, biosphere.  One man’s biosphere was made of protruding clear crystal quartz, similar to this (minus the thingie at the top)

light dome

Everyone else’s was illuminating all kinds of light in a mosaic pattern.  For those working directly with the crystalline grid, I realized there is sooo much more to that story and god knows, it’s getting complicated in my mind.  I could see him as a long shard of light inside his biosphere dome thingie and each emotion targeted a particular section of the crystalline dome, released particular energy upwards to I suppose where the milky way area is and then from there, directly to the opening within the view of spirit, this created a diamond shape relay system.  Once the combined energies energy the other side of the view, very much like a computer program, spirit gathered all that was needed from their side, and transported that energy down thru the diamond energy transmitter back to him and all around beyond him.  (So much easier to see and understand than try to put into words.)

Each of our biospheres are doing similar things, each unique to our position in the emerging reality we are creating.

Each person I read for yesterday (and I must interject here, since I am hearing it again, spirit is not liking my word “reading” for what we are doing, because what we are doing is real and happening and bringing it all into conscious awareness together,) all were outside their biosphere doing work, in each in their own unique way, of bringing this reflective, shard of pure spirit light into their biosphere of consciousness.  I will share my first beautiful lady’s presentation from yesterday.  Please forgive my beyond super humble example here of how I seen her:


The semicircle is her biosphere, that thingie outside, the fractal itself is where she was located down at the far left part of it.  I could see her body diving down into the open space between the slats and her team equalled that to taking a deep dive into the ocean, then coming back up, standing on the slat in front of her, processing and integrating what she just harnessed from the ocean of spirit within herself.  This was all creating a new fractal, area of massive growth, within her, within her field of life and beyond.

Another lady had a pair of scissors and was cutting open the top of her biosphere from west to east, harnessing new quantum energy with every cut and melding it to her current biosphere of consciousness (and beyond!!)

Let me tell you, there is only so much I can even try to understand thru the readings these days.  The HUGE emphasis from spirit, get into meditation because you will never get this from the outside in.  These are your power tools and you need the inner, not linear, instructional!!

Two things because repetitive in the readings as well, which really excited me.  I have been seeing our dateline of the 11th (11-11) as a massive influx of pure, thick white light energy, spirit called it an “avalanche” all day yesterday.  I suppose we can look at it as the sealant of all that we are doing and bringing in since this month started.  Like the coating on electrical wires, ready to be used.  On the other side of the 11th, everyone has some new teachers to help you understand how to work your new wiring within the void of creation.  And then… we have another target date of the 28th of November as we, I really don’t understand fully, but lets just say… go live.  It’s obviously more than that, but that’s all I get for now.

Spirit is saying, there is going to be tremendous shifts on both sides of the 11th as we acclimate and integrate and most importantly APPLY!!  Knowing something is not the same as USING something.

I am so grateful meditation class starts tomorrow, I know I am going to be learning a lot of new tricks of the trade thru it all.  Life has changed way to much to not have new skills and applications added.  Phew baby, I’m kinda excited.

On that note, have an amazing day, living large and in love.  I LOVE YOU soooo freakin much!!!!

((((((HUGZ))))) of unabated opportunities for ALL!!!

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  3. Hi Lisa wanted to thank you so much for all the sharing you do. I’m ready your blog every time I find it in the inbox. I just want to send you a name, a scientist , an eye opener, Nassim Haramin. Lots of talks and lectures on Utube. Ps. Very glad your girl is free again, all the best, Renate.

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  4. Hi Lisa – Had brain surgery last month and when I woke up I was given the same image in your Biosphere – only in my version it represents our Book of Life – the geometrical association of the antenna to sphere is key which angle we access our truth – all this is married by a sine wave – your candy cane.

    My antenna was the same angle color and luminescence as yours – it also represented same as yours the multi-dimensional access. The extra stuff I got included how people get messed up to properly accessing their truth because they go in and out of phase which makes the antenna signal fritzy like a bad am signal – COOL STUFF!

    I’m writing my second book – if you want to compare notes let me know


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