Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 7, 2015

Movement into the Highest Realm of Probability for Your Outcome to be Manifest, Underway!


I don’t even know where to start with today’s sharing.  So many wonderful nuggets of wisdom came thru all day long yesterday.   I think I am going to start with my last lady first.  This huge thunk on the head came as I got a preview of her about 5 minutes before our session started.  The only thing I could see were her feet and upon them, Cinderella’s glass slippers.  It really was a culmination of the information, the energy of excitement that came from everyone before her on the field yesterday.  It was really Cinderella’s back story that became the important thing to look at.

Cinderella had a stepmother and some sisters that were not nice at all, enslaved her, demeaned her, gave her no sense of her own value.  Sounds very much like our own ego’s that have run amuck in a world that seems to be limited, enslaving, harsh.  Until that fairy godmother shows up on the scene and helps cinderella release herself from the bondage of her life.  Now it was Cinderella’s job to trust that fairy godmother and the animals that showed up to radiate the beauty and wonder that she is, back to her and her job was to feel it, live it, break from the limitations of her life.

My lady, in her own way, did exactly that.  Over the last couple years, I have had the pure pleasure, pure privilege of witnessing her change her life on so many levels.  Including the place she lived in, which was damp and musty and bad for her lungs and eventually start telling herself a new story other than she cannot afford to live anywhere else, her income is limited, no one would approve her for something better.  It took a while, but she started to trust in herself, that maybe, just maybe, she deserved something better, healthier.  That her lot in life was not trying to make nice nice with a damp moldy place.  Insert here… you are not always where you should be, you are where you keep yourself at!!!  She even convinced herself that she was not going to be able to move until she found a way to love where she is at.  Bullshit!!!  Can you imagine your soul saying, lets see how sick and miserable you can be and still find a way to say thank you, can I have more please!

Last year, she did it.  She got up, started applying for other housing, even with that ting of feeling no one will accept her because according to her income, she didn’t qualify.  And then she got approved for a new apartment, no mold and mildew… hurray for her.  For her to keep this apartment, she had to get a job and one was presented to her that keeps the roof over her head.  And then, her amazing ability to knit beautiful attire and create patterns from the visions she sees within herself, was picked up and she is now going to have her designs featured in Vogue magazine in the fall.

And now, she has truly moved into her happily ever after.  We are all still in an acceleration alignment with the energies, with the new contacts setting up, with the new experiences we have harvested for ourselves this last year or 3… which, according to everyone’s team on the field yesterday should finish up in brand new puzzle to see the depth of by the time we wake up monday morning.

Her team didn’t give us a preview beyond that, except to show me from her ankles down wearing crystal slippers (they were clear to say not glass, crystal).  When I asked what this means to her, this new place I see her moving towards and that we are solidifying into monday morning the reply was exciting: “Movement into the highest realm of probability for your outcome to be manifest.”

Which brings me to one of my lady’s yesterday morning and her team standing in front of her, throwing candy at her.  All of the candy wrapped up in shiny wrappers:

shiney candy

They said it was representing all the sweetness she has put out, felt within herself, coming back to her in the shiny reflection of life.

Her team also said there is currently a change out of her spiritual team happening.  The ones that she has helped (interesting way to present this and how often do we really think like this) to understand and grow in wisdom as she took action to bring herself to this new amazing light field called earth, this is how they will celebrate and give thanx to her.

A happily ever after filled with candy and shiny things…. my kinda life!!! lol

My first reading, a beautiful man, gave me a multiple understandings.  AT first, I was ready to have a melt down, I bent over, aligned to the field and nuttin… rinse, repeat, more nuttin… easily 5-6 times in a row.  HEY!!!  What the hell, I feel connected, I’m perky and centered and over not seeing again!!  Nothing happened until I said “at least show us why I am not seeing.”  Like magic, there he was, in the center of his life and his team took a big old deep, deep black violet shade and pulled it down in front of his face.  All I could think of was being at the theater when they pull the curtains for that act and the actors go get changed and the stage gets set up for the next act.  This is exactly where we is.  I understood the coloring of this shade, black for the deep unknowable at this time, the deep violet for the ascended master in body, living the christed energy as life.  Thats my man!!

I no sooner got that understanding out, my cell phone rings, its my daughter.  I normally never put you on hold to answer my phone, but my daughter is not free to call anytime she wants and he was ok with me answering the call, to at least tell her give me an hour and I will have some free time.  The moment I said hello, she blurts out that there was a girl in her mod or whatever that hung herself this morning.  I about burst into tears, what if my daughter tries that??  I asked if the girl died, no, fortunately there was enough people around to get her out of the noose she made for herself.  She tied sheets together and flung herself over the second floor railing.  My daughter assured me, she will never get to that point, she will do her time.

But the timing of this, the deeper meaning in it all was not fully realized until later yesterday afternoon when I was prompted to pull of my sharing and reread what I wrote.  I about choked when I read:  Christ, probably more than anyplace, needs to hang in jail. 

It couldn’t get any more literal than that!!!  (Note to self, watch how you string words together!!) But again, I have got to give amazing thanx to my daughter for helping us all to understand more richly the place I call the filtered earth and how WE, at the accelerated space can and ARE affecting life in the filtered zone.

I finally heard back from the attorney assigned to this charge yesterday morning.  I fell in love with this man, his honesty, the time he took to help me understand everything and possibilities down the road for her and he listened to me, really, really listened to me.  He had set a bond hearing for my daughter on August 11th, the more we talked about her history, the more he felt she is becoming one of those people the courts look at as unbondable.  I agree.  I explained to him my thoughts on why she compelled to steal over and over… the clinical term of kleptomania.  He then explained, that if she gets convicted of this or even the pending charge of shopping lifting, there are a lot of resources he has available to him, including a psychological work up and ongoing therapy as part of her penalty.  THAT’S WHAT SHE NEEDS!!!  Exactly what she needs and the only way she will follow it thru, is being forced to while in jail.  He also explained that it is more important for me to be there in the courthouse for the penalty phase (if it comes to that) than during her two dates she has set right now of being convicted or not and he explained why.  The time this man took with me filled my heart with such hope and gratitude.

My daughter called me back and I really paid attention to her field, her energy, her mood.  Even tho, in the 24 hours she had been placed in the general population of this maximum facility jail, there had been two stabbings, one of which, she was too close to and received a cut that needed butterfly stitches, a hanging and a fight while I was on the phone with her that ended in girls head being slammed into a table and blood gushing… she is holding it together emotionally, focusing on what could be positive right now.  Truly shocking to me.  I know my daughter, that’s not how she rolls, usually.  But I stepped back and felt your love, your prayers and good feelings surrounding her, supporting her emotionally as she moves thru this transition.  I am not sure you truly know the depth of your love and support.  Thank you so much for not judging the actions of my child and nurturing her with loving kindness.

As I plopped on the couch to process the enormity of the day’s wisdom, I thought about my daughter and that repetitive phrase that can actually piss me off.  “I am exactly where I need to be.”  OK Val’s team… is she??  Well hell no.  They have explained they put many earth angels in her path to change her direction, but she was hell-bent on this one and there she is.  So in her curtain call, everything had to be intensely rearranged.  I am holding tight until her bail hearing on the 11th… should she be denied bail, which I will be shocked if she gets it, I have a plan up my sleeve!!  TBA

So with my daughter out-of-the-way (understanding wise) I focused in on myself.  There is nothing more stressful in my life than the days I wake up ready to read and wham, nuttin.  I was watching a recorded episode of the show “Proof” and the heart doctor (doncha love they made her a heart doc) was talking to a well-known medium and in their conversation he had said something that just not only hit home, that feeling of… it’s not just me, just flooded me.  Granted, this is only a show, but in what he said, there was so much truth that I felt.  He was saying that he cannot always perform and with the demands of his publisher and clients and TV shows, when he cannot perform/tap into spirit, he fakes it and tells people what they expect to hear, to the point he no longer knows what he is making up and what is spirit.  Strangely enough, I thought of Sylvia Brown.  I have watched her on various shows doing Q & A’s and I can tap in as easily as she could, and I would.  What I got and what she told folks, not even close to the same.  I’ve always said I think at one time, she loved what she did and was good at it… then she burned out.  I would rather reschedule you til the cows come home, or refund you, than ever ever tell you I am seeing anything I am not.  Let me tell ya, the stress I didn’t even know I carried to this moment, released like a much-needed flood.  So thank you the writers of “Proof,”  I needed that more than I knew.

But the universe wasn’t done with its bounty for the day.  I suppose, in my own way, my shiny candies too.  One of the beautiful souls from the superpowers group shared a sign in that area of facebook and I snagged immediately.  It is exactly what I have been sharing for a long while, but sums it up in very short, in your face sentences:

So true!

There are so many times during a day, I face my team and just say thank you and my team over and over and over again says, we had nothing to do with any of it, its all you.  So I said, ok can I just say thank us, of course we can, but it still inaccurate.  Whatever your life is… IS because of YOU!!

So on that note, In-Joy yourself no matter where you find yourself.  There is all-ways something to be grateful for.  I am deeply grateful for You!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) and butterfly kisses to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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