Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 9, 2015

New Skin, New Clothes, Recalibration… Now What??

new again


I hope everyone enjoyed the blast of 888 energies yesterday (or the day before, depending where you live on this planet!)  What a weird day!!  Good, but weird.  I woke up late from a very long very deep sleep.  I slept a good 10 hours, but how I woke up that was strange, like I just pealed out of a banana peel and placed into a disoriented consciousness as my eyes opened.  It was only a minute, but still…. weird!!  At least until I started writing just now, ohh I love when we get nuggets without asking!!  Yay!!  lol

Have you ever gone to a motel room and when you woke up, you just couldn’t orient yourself to where you are for a minute after waking.  That’s because your full spectrum energy is not there to orient you to you.  You’re in bed with god knows how many energy signatures on it, in a room with a mix mash of energies around it, nothing stable that tells your mind “I am Here,” like your own home, thick energy field does.

The same can happen when we shift dimensions in our own homes, obviously.  And that coming out of a banana peel was coming thru the membrane of the dimensional field into a new hologram called my life.  Our Life.  Everything had to recalibrate to the new dimension, the new airspace we are in.  I guess we went thru the lions gate and came out the other side!!

So as I bent over to align myself with my first lady of the day, dammit if I kept seeing my floor.  Grrrr!!  Of course I had to ask, what the hell??  What is strange, more strange than usual, I got a faint vision that I knew was mine, not hers, of like new skin growing on the body.  Appointment after appointment, no reading, but great conversation!!!  I had a block of unusual time, an hour to myself with no readings, time to hop into the bath.  I knew I wasn’t disconnected or down, I just couldn’t see the field at all.  Some information was leaked thru our conversations that as we slept, we were given our new vibrational skin and this day we are filling it out.  As we fill it out, that means our entire energy field has to recalibrate.  No wonder why I couldn’t see.  I don’t like it, but I do understand it.  Thank god I have the most compassionate understanding souls showing up in my world!! This week has been heavy with rescheduling and changes!!

So I get into the bath and tell my I want to understand this new skin gig, nothing else, just whats up with that and what does it really mean.  Wow, compliant for change.  The miraculous lives!  However, some things do remain the same, cryptic!!

They showed me suspended in air just a little bit, facing what I would call my future, profile view, arms stretched out in front of me and the only thing I could really see is this long open in the front white robe that I was wearing.  My face and even hands were invisible to my eyes.  This long open robe had white fur at the wrists and down along the feet area.  Of course, I started my grumbling.  I cannot see my skin at all, and you’re showing me a plain white fur-trimmed robe, what the hell is up with that!!??  What does that even have to do with my skin??  And that sure as hell doesn’t look like I had to squeeze into it, it open and loose.  Help!!

They explained, at least enough for some understanding in prep for the readings to come, too.  Our vibrational skin is quantum and nothing would make sense if I had seen it in its natural state.  So instead, they will give us the clothing to reveal whatever it will reveal.  They chose white to represent a clear palate, very much like an artist’s canvas, but without anything ever needing to stick.  They also said that is why I am sensing the rest of my body but the energy in invisible.  I have gotten to the point that I don’t need an identity to say “this is me.” I also don’t need anything to reside on my clothes to create patterns of recognition, instead, it flows thru and does not stay, this allows the story to build rapidly without erasing anything that got us to here.   So, I had to ask about the fur, doncha know we are not kind to clothing made with fur!!  Was it synthetic fur??  My team explained that the placement of this white fur was on purpose, wrists and feet, to represent a lion’s mane.  Ohhh ok, I am a Leo that makes some sort of sense.  They explained that my two main focuses in my life are helping people with their reach for life (hence the wrists and the flexibility to attain that) as well as the feet (what good is a reach for life if you never step into it.)  Therefore, that is where my “lion’s mane” is seen by others.  Huh??  They told me to go look up why lions have manes, something i never cared to think about.

So I found a handy dandy website that states this:

30 years of lion observations and some elegant new experiments have now created a comprehensive picture of its function. As explained by Peyton West, whose research in East Africa finally solved the puzzle of the mane’s significance, lion manes are sexually selected traits that proclaim a male’s fighting ability and nutritional status. Both opponents and mates take advantage of this information to assess a lion’s overall fitness, but the long, black mane that females desire and males respect has a serious drawback in the form of heat stress.

Ohhh and they explained that this crazy robe is open in the front because I hide nothing from no one, ever. Yay??  Another weird thing, I felt all masculine like.  I am woman!!  Wanna hear me roar?  They explained that the skin and clothing is now masculine, “king of the jungle” (hear that as understanding earth in its pro’s and con’s.)  Thats nice.  Then they reminded me I was going to put a seminar together for September… ohhh shit, I was hoping y’all forgot.  Maybe that’s why I have been avoiding meditation.  I drained the tub!!

LOL, I get the funniest image of me sitting here typing shaking my fury white mane thru the words… you see me?? lol  Ohh love the humor!!

But, it also gave understanding to my last lady of the day on Friday, everyone else was pixellated and half there in my field of vision, she was this beautiful fairy angel girl with mesh like golden butterfly wings on her back and this long flowy gown.  Wings of spirit, flowing like the winds of earth, effortlessly!!

There is the down side to the up side and I am getting a heartbreaking view of the intense duality underway.  My daughter called me yesterday afternoon, upset.  There was a pregnant girl in the cell next to her that went into labor during the night.  The guards that she was faking it and didn’t help her until it was too late.  The baby got stuck coming out of the birth canal… both mother and child died.  My daughter said everyone in her area had been crying all morning.  No one cares about their well-being in there and living there is worse than any movie ever made.

Here we (you and I) are, new life coming into every crevice of our created world because we are here for each other, we love each other, help each other, do what we can to move each other forward.  And then there is the full-blown 3D world of density.  Where not only does new life die, so does that of the dreamer to.  Why??  It’s a convoluted system.  Not jail itself (tho it is!!) but the entanglement of well, lets just say fractured and frayed energy lines, the convicted and the caretakers not all that far removed from each others energy patterns.

In my meditation earlier that day, I did ask about my daughter, mostly, keeping a steady shield of protective energy around her and I asked about her bail hearing.  They started to put a golden shield of energy down her body starting at the crown, I was comforted.  With the question of her bail hearing, geez louise I really dislike cryptic sometimes.  The showed me what looked like a piece of wet, rotting driftwood, just a twig maybe 2 feet long and no rounder in circumference that a half-dollar, thrown up in the air and snapping in half.  Broken in half.  What the freakin hell does that even mean???  I asked all day long, and just seen that same visual over and over and over.  Freakin pesky spirit.  A yes or no would have been better!!

I sat on my cough eating an early dinner, thinking, well, might as well do some deep cleaning in my home, I have the energy.  Somewhere along each bite, I lost the motivation tho! lol  I did put my pandora radio on, preparing for the cleaning dance.  My Pandora mix is a broad range of music to appeal to every part of me.  The tweenager with donny osmond and the early jackson 5, the teenage and 20 something rock girl with AC/DC and Skynard, the 30 something shaggy hip hop fan, the 40 something country girl and the current me who loves it all.  Pandora got stuck on the country side.  Those songs are emotional, dammit!!  It was less the words and more the music filling me as I thought of my daughter and how much I loved her and my heart and eyes opened up like living gushers.  I remembered how strong her spirit was to get inside my body, her joy for being in life as she chased bugs and birds around the yard.  Now here she is, in a cage she put herself in, watching life die.  I loved her even more!!

What an amazing contrast is happening in Life right now.  May we always be strong enough to let our love flow, without judgement or condemnation and celebrate out own victories along the way.  Our work together, barely even started!!

On that note… have the most amazing, love filled Sun-Day (Moon day to some) ever experienced!!

I love you so much!!  (((HUGZ))) of boundless love to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas








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