Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 16, 2015

New Rules, New Potentials and Actionable Outcomes… or Not!


Before I share the wonders and weirdness of yesterday, I have to share the extreme weirdness of just waking up this morning and I am not even sure how to do that, but it is so relevant I have to figure a coherent way to say it.  As I was waking up this morning my soul must have made absolutely sure I had the consciousness that something was seriously different now.  Like my entire reality was no longer where I was… not that I couldn’t orient myself to where I was… ya know like when you wake up in a hotel or someone else’s home and your brain takes a moment to connect with where you are at since you are not in your usual place and for a second you cannot figure out where you are at.  Well this morning, for that brief moment, it was the knowing I am no longer in the same reality I was in yesterday… same environment, different reality which came with a tinge of excitement.  As I opened my eyes, that feeling faded as fast as it came and yet, I could feel some part of me trying to hold onto it, remember it and be sure to share it.  So, I have shared what I was able to hold and I think I am still pretty excited!! lol

But now, lets back up to yesterday amazing weirdness!!  First, I was so excited that I had 5 readings scheduled in this day… Until I placed the majority of my focus in May and June to the super powers classes and homework reviews, I never took a moment to realize the enormity of how important doing at least 4-5 readings a day is to the bigger, quickly changing/evolving picture we are living is for understanding.  But then again, these two months of super powers focus and watching…. witnessing the amazing evolution of the people working this program diligently within their days.. lives are changing and because of that… life has changed!!  Obviously, we took a reality jump into a newer version of earth overnight.

Before I get into the amazingness of the readings, let me start with the weirdness first.  Of the 5 readings on my dance card, my 2nd as well as my 3rd reading was MIA.  I called them both twice, emailed them and nuttin.  One MIA on occasion happens, two in a row had me checking my own calendar reality.  Am I on the right day and date, did my calendar take another quantum leap elsewhere…  I could feel my inner panic like maybe I was lost in time…  However, as my second appt didn’t show up, my windshield guy did.  Yay, no rain in the sky means I can finally get that now 20 inch crack across the driver’s side of my windshield, replaced.  With his arrival there was something ominous in the air… I really couldn’t quite put my finger on it except to think well now, I will have a brand new window to see thru.  Truly, the readings are genuinely starting to reflect that.  I will get to that…

Four and a half hours later, my new shiny, clear windshield installed, again I felt this weird excitement, like life is reflecting something amazing.  It was 2:15 when I gave him his check for his hard work and I was getting ready to do one of the three homework sessions I had scheduled for the rest of the afternoon when suddenly the internet and phones went down.  What the hell??  There is no storm happening… maybe there is a storm in Jemez Springs heading our way… I paced, knowing I have a 2:30 and now no way of connecting with her or telling her why I am not there.  I cannot even drive my car to the Pueblo to get a cell signal, the glue is drying and I am grounded until morning.

Two hours of zero internet or phone and I decided to check with my landlady, is she having the same problem?  As I was heading next door, another lady from next door to my landlady was heading to the same place for the same reason… it seems the Jemez lost its internet and phone connections and no one knows why.  Dammit.

I became MIA for all three remaining appointments on my schedule.  This is just flipping weird!!  Four and a half hours later… phone and internet came back on for about 5 minutes, long enough for me to send out emails and post on facebook… and it then went down again for another 50 minutes.

I have to pay attention to all the details, all the reflections that happened yesterday… now lets incorporate the messages of the readings thru it all.

My first lady of the day, how stunning, how confusing!!  We are finally all on flat land again, no more clouds, no more uphill reading and a living potential that just makes my heart skip a beat!!  Directly in front of my beautiful lady were there series of strings, perfectly spaced above each other about 3 inches apart that went up easily 10-15 feet from the ground (again, going to scale of my vision.)  Each string that stretched in-front of her from west to east (she was facing north/future) were made multicolored energy that was in constant movement.  Its only this morning that I realized that the movement of the colors is life’s energy’s way of showing, it is alive too.

As I was trying to understand what these strings mean to her, I got a connection with a grand piano and the way the strings from the keys are strung perfectly.  But instead of making music, they were there waiting for her to weave her desires into them, like weaving a basket I suppose.  But she wasn’t weaving anything and I watched as her strings went from stretched out west to east, to creating a backwards C shape surrounding her, then back to straight across her field and then back to C again… as if her life’s magic was saying…  come on… use me!!

Then she asked a question about her adult child (she’s 23) and the most interesting information came thru… There my lady is, in the new amazing fully energized world of creation/Shambhala/heaven on earth (pick a description) and behind her about 10 feet, with backs turned toward each other, is her daughter.  Her daughters energy field is just tense, fists clinched, lower lip stuck out and pouty, and arms tight across her chest.  I have read for her daughter last year, so I am understanding this position.  But what came thru this visual of information was stunning…

It was explained the only reason I am seeing her daughter in this new earth is because of her mothers placement within it.  Even tho they do not live together, when her daughter connects to her mom it has to be in this new world, of which, the daughters energy field (still going thru lessons and growth) is not aligned to it or able to sustain itself here at this moment.  Mom is at a massive choice point (change that to evolutionary leap) with her life and of course, daughter being the catalyst.  One of the choices was to allow daughter to come back home… and again, what I could see was stunning and relevant to anyone in a similar position with those you love and care for (doesn’t have to be a child, but in this instance, it is.)

My lady has created a field of life in her home that is completely resonant with the new earth, an energy system of purity, of love, of genuine christed energy.  This space cannot and will not hold the still in density energy system of her daughter, it would literally push her out.  Equally, her daughter couldn’t handle the energy either and would be in total melt down over and over again.

So my lady, have several choices all heaped up at once with her daughter, was struggle with best option.  Her team said this is for her to choose and they cannot help her choose in this moment.  Huge choice points are like that.  However, it was highly suggested she stop thinking about all the choices and where they could lead and what to do and how it may affect her daughter.  Her team said, you MUST focus on your own creation, your own building of the new life in the new world and go into meditation, connect with yourself, give yourself permission to make a choice regardless of what the daughters possible emotional position and eventual outcome is… and the moment you come out of meditation, the right choice will be there, don’t analyze it, just put it into motion.  The moment that information was released and my lovely lady took the information in as a real potential… instantly I could see her weaving a thread of creation into her strings in front of her.

This is a huge insight really.  Those that may be living in a chaotic environment (home, relationship, whatever) until you clean house and allow the fullness of this world to Be a part of you… well, lets just say you will find yourself at a never-ending choice point… unable to go back and still unable to move forward.

My fourth turned second lady on the field was such an amazing compliment to my first one.  There she was, four lines of movement forward, all different experiences, all happening under her feet.  I could feel the flow of energy moving forward thru each line laid on the ground before her.  One strange thing started happening tho, the line connecting to her outer most left side (physical life) had this bizarre energy that kept attempting to push her back from her forward movement.  I was a little confused because this energy was violet and blue… what I see as the christed energy… and then it kept shift to the image of a wall then a human… a human wall??  Someone pushing back on her desires, her pathway already put into motion… sure enough, she knew instantly what that was representing… her husband.  And yet, she is doing things anwayz represented by the other three lines of energy sprawled out into her right field (emotional/spiritual side.)  To get to the point, she is facing every fear and pushing thru it all, going on a 3 month spiritual journey in Brazil, meeting with john of god and doing ceremonies…. Life changing, in-powering on all levels.  Opening flood waters of high intensity, seriously magnetic evolution to encompass every part of her Being… regardless of who approves or doesn’t!!  Its already underway, we got time lines, information that she confirmed.  I felt like a psychic again!! lol  Not that I don’t, but it is so nice when we get dates and information and stuff.  But I so realized too… now that we are fully creator Beings… once we put energy into motion, I can swim fluidly in the sea/see of visuals and outcomes… but if you are standing still… so is the reflection of life itself.

Now let me jump to my last lady of the day.  She was flipping bizarre too.  I swear she had a punching bag that I couldn’t see, in front of her and her arms were punching the air like crazy.  This amazing white/silver energy just releasing and releasing with each fast punch outwards into the air.  I couldn’t get a straight handle on what I was seeing… her team used both analogies that I assumed was an “either/or” scenario, not a both at the same time scenario.  I kept hear, on top of each other: “fighting for something” and “fighting against something.”  Which one is it… she was lost and had no idea.  Dammit!!  We eventually got clear tho… phew!!  This too is soooo important for everyone aligned to this new, amazing earth!!  So i will just summarize her information for everyone to apply, if they so desire.

There is a whole new energy system (from her soul level) fighting to come out, get some legs in this new world.  She is fighting to do what she has always done in the same way.  Even tho her clientele started to retreat (her souls doing)…  she explained that she does facials and raindrop therapy and did some sort of pleiadian workshop recently.  With that suddenly her dude from the Pleiades aligned himself in my field of vision in what I now understand represented “the background.”  He was in the back field of her field of life.  He explained that energy that I am seeing her “fight” is the new energy already releasing itself thru her… but not in a new way.  Our job is to understand these new super powers and how to use them in our therapies and life expressions.  What I found incredibly interesting, in reference to her use of the raindrop therapy… that therapy does not match her vibration any longer.  She needs to really understand the new use of oils and rename what will come thru her and her Pleiadian dude and maybe even rename it to pleiadian therapy lol.

Now to bring this all back to my odd morning waking today… Spirit had said earlier this month the solstice energy will start to assimilate within our entire construct 5 days before and 5 days after… That starts today… an 11 day enormous process of fullness and christed energy alive in us, thru us and the field of life we live upon… as long as we are not overlapping with chaos restrictions in our environment and LIVING the new in all ways.

On that note, I am going am going to close, I have a ton of emails to try and get to before my 1st reading in an hour.

Thank you soooooo very much for the gift of your faith, your trust, your wisdom not only upon my heart, but the hearts of all who will read your wisdom and experience You in the world!!  I love you!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of abundant joy that takes no shit!!  (smile, wink)

Lisa Gawlas

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  3. Dammit, girl.

    The higher self message for you is even coming in NOW through Suzanne Lie:

    Same thing I said about your Asthma/Respiratory problems.

    ***Which is also tied to your Heart Palpitation issues. Once the Heart Chakra is “clear” and non-constricted and EXPANDED (and easily continuing to expand)….then you no longer experience Heart issues. Especially palpitations. That all disappears.

    Keep on clearing whatever shit is still bunging up your Heart chakra with Negative Resistance/Energy Blockages. We need clear “conduits”.
    We need to be able to connect to other cleared energy conduits, so we can finally work together, unified.

    Us long-suffering Groundcrew members, the incoming Photon Light Energy planet “grounders”….have waited too many years long enough. We’ve been patient long enough.
    Waited along with Gaia for everyone else to clear themselves sufficiently. This has gone on too long already.
    Even Gaia is ready to gently kick your ass to “Wake Up” and send you to ionized waterfalls instead of back to the ludicrous Illuminati-stupified, Genocide-Based Medical System.

    Let’s finally move it along here, and get this unbelievably-stalled Ascension underway — and perhaps keep up with “GaiaPortal” and its latest message.

    Suzanne Lie ~ June 14, 2015:

    CLEAR: When our Heart Chakra is clear and balanced we can experience love, compassion, acceptance and fulfillment.

    *Our heart and respiratory system are strong and healthy…

    We are able to balance our masculine and feminine aspects as well as our human and our divine aspects. Our relationship with our SELF and with others is happy, and we have found our service to our family, our community, our nation and our planet.

    UNCLEAR: When our Heart Chakra is unclear, we have an immune deficiency, lack of joy, heart problems, and bitterness in life. We are insensitive, emotionally closed, passive and sad.

    *We have cardio-vascular or respiratory problems. We may suffer from hypertension, a stroke, a heart attack or asthma.

    Our lives often feel unfulfilled and we have not found our position in our family and in our community.

    EARTH CHAKRA: Earth’s Heart Chakra is Haleakala, Maui. One visit to the verdant growth and aromatic breeze of Maui is enough to understand why it is Mother Earth’s heart.


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