Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 15, 2015

Earth Changes, Body Changes, New Power Zones and More!

new human

It is hard believe that 2015 is already half over.  I think someone has turned up the speed of time a notch or 10!!  But man, what an enormous year this has been already, at least, energetically speaking!  If we cannot recognize the energetics in our own life, all we have to do is look at mama, she has the quivers of ecstasy displayed for all to see and feel.  Sweating and panting, of course we experience that as serious rain storms and flooding.  The earth moving in places it hasn’t moved in a long long time and some usual places shaking and blowing its top.  Several people yesterday made sure I seen an article entitled (click title to read the whole article) Whole North American Craton moves in 24 hours time + New Madrid earthquake swarm.

Many people can “blame” things like HAARP, hell even ET’s get blamed, or chem trails or a host of other things we see as adverse.  But its all us!!  Our desires for change, our focus on changing in this world.  Our desire to move away from fossil fuels for cleaner ways of being in Life.  We have raised our own inner light field, which has raised the light field of every vibrational earth in existence, not to mention thru it all, we have created new, higher vibrational earths.  If we look at all these versions once again like the soap-bubble analogy:


Now what we cannot see with all these soap bubbles, all these frequencies of earth, is that in the core of it all, is the heart of Gaia.  When she quivers, all the soap bubbles quiver too.  Some burst and all that energy is transmuted into the higher frequencies and new soap bubbles form to sustain life in that vibration.

Destruction and creation, one and the same!!

All these other “outside” forces are simply serving to be the midwives of this change. Think about all the antagonists that have shown up in your life that was there to be the energy system to push you into change.  Then there were those that comforted you thru those intense times.  Same thing is happening now with earth.  Push, hug, push hug…  But in order to do this masterfully, as our earth does, you must know yourself and how to use various systems for yourself.  Again, I know many humans think they are smarter or stronger than our mama, but hell no… she is the master of earth and energy!!

Our jobs now, is to know ourselves like that as well.

I have got to share a funny visual from a reading the other day.  I started to hear the snap, crackle and pop of new energy coming out of the upper atmosphere before I connected to my lady.  I could see the emergence of this stunning blue-violet energy coming out of the upper atmosphere within the snap, crackle, popping noises.  When I connected to her and got the longer view, I had to giggle at the way they showed her.  She was bound from mid-calf to just below the shoulders in a this thick rope that wrapped all the way around her body.  From my point of (human) view, it seemed to be in complete contrast to what I was (expecting) experiencing from the upper atmosphere.  The new air, the pure energy of lets just call it ascended masters air was being released from the sky to fill the entire air around my lady for use and yet, there she is, bound in place.  What the hell???

Well, her team explained this is a purposeful binding so she does not move until all the changing air is set.  This takes spiritual bondage to a whole new level!!  They also explained that as she (and I have a feeling, this is true for the majority of us) that once she passes the solstice energy, she will be freer than she ever has been before and the rope will just dissolve thru the solstice.

Yesterday morning I had a free morning, nothing on my agenda at all.  Since I have not done enough readings to understand the larger view of our changing life, I decided to go take a swim in the deep end of my bathtub. Especially since I have a new weirdness that is happening to my body.  My xiphoid process has been tender to the touch.  My team simply explained there is work being done there.  Really??  What kind of work… silence!!

Then about 2 days ago I felt another tender place located at my sacral plexus area (between the belly button and the rib cage.)  It was as tender to the touch as my xiphoid process, but there is nothing there and the tenderness is superficial not deep. (Heres a picture, the smaller image is the xiphoid process, the star that I added is my sacral plexus.)


So I lifted up my shirt and was stunned to see at least 5-6 tiny red dots scattered on my abdomen. My first question to my body is…. what are those red dots.  My body responded with one word: petechiae.   I had to look that word up, it was vaguely familiar but couldn’t remember what it meant.  Then I got that… ohhhh yeah, when I gave birth to my last child, my whole face and eyeballs were covered in this tiny bursting blood vessels from pushing so hard.  But what the hell is it doing on my belly, god knows I ain’t doing nuttin but sitting, that’s not strenuous at all!!

So I figured, I need time to take a bath and really understand whats happening there… new piping????

I was shocked by what I had seen first, me in the bathtub engulfed in fire.  Well, I couldn’t see me, just billowing fire where I know my body was.  What the hell is that??  Of course, I got a correlation with the Phoenix… again??????  Really??

Well, I realized we are coming online in sections lol.  May it was my lungs, head/brain and voice comply syncing up as one energy system.  Now it is the base of the heart down to the “community” center, the sacral plexus.  Which made sense of my bloating and constipation the last few days.  But there is that all important question I had to ask… what does it mean to me??  The reply was completely unexpected, not because of what it means, but because of how it has been triggered into full activation.

I was shown last year and my body’s sudden and surprising declaration to start loosing weight… NOW.  I am all about the most direct (quickest) way to get to an end result.  I started (seeking outside of myself) googling various diets and came upon Atkins as doable.  That morning I drove into the world and spent a shit ton of money on lots of salad foods.  I never once thought to ask my body how it wants to loose weight, like so many of us, we get an idea and then see how it worked for others.  I ate so many freakin salads in one month, more than I had in my entire lifetime, by day 30, even tho I had dropped 14 pounds, I put a fork of salad in my mouth and couldn’t even chew it.  My body rejected one more ounce of salad stuff!!


For the next four months, me and my body were content we at least dropped 14 pounds and even tho I went back to eating as usual, I never regained those 14 pounds.  Then, once again, the morning of Sept 6th, my body said its time to lose some more.  I went on a hunt for other fast diets and when I came to a website that simply stated “in order to lose weight you simply need to take in fewer calories a day than you are using.” DAH!!!!  That hit home so deep.  I don’t have to become a rabbit!!!  So my goal had become eat between 500-700 fewer calories a day and deprive myself of nothing.  I moved from salads (which my body was still rejecting) to fruit, my picky food!!!

So when my body desired chocolate, I ate a piece (instead of the whole bag lol,) when it wanted chocolate cake, fiber one brownies did the trick.  I always had a bag of grapes that I grazed on all day long… and the pounds fell off every week.  I finally had to ask my body, how low do we want to go.  It replied quite specifically, 180 pounds.  Considering I started out at 238, not skinny, but a hellofa lot thinner than I was… I was ok with that… for about week, then I went in, since this was sooo easy to do, and asked my body if we can come down to 160 instead.  My body replied that we need a healthy layer of fat beneath the skin to keep doing what we are doing and all we are about to do… later.  Considering I spent most of my life between 122 and 130, I will still have plenty of fat there!!  My body agreed.

I went off my diet March when I hit the 180 mark, but I still watch (not log) the calorie intake in my days.  By May first, I finally hit 169!!  WOOOOO HOOOOOO, I am in target zone finally.  And stayed there!!  A slight miss communication happened, I was thinking 1-6-0… my body heard, 160’s.  I was lovingly bitching to someone about how my body interpreted the 160 for 160’s and is staying at 169 as its part of the agreement.  Thru this conversation, I didn’t even realize how much I invoked my voice of authority (which too, is my creation center) and demanded to go down below 169.

So, in my bath, as my body is explaining how my various new systems and piping work… it reflected our weight loss relationship to me.  When I first started to loose weight, I did ask to go easy on the boob loss.  Loose the girth, not the mass lol.  Sure enough, I only lost one cup size but 4 strap sizes.  I wanted most of the loss to be from my butt, sure enough that is where most of the fat left the body from.  I also honored my body with any request it had for food.  We (my body and myself) agreed not to count my mourning cups of coffee at all.  I use sugar and cream in my coffee and drink a pot every morning.

So as my body is giving me this review that was actually kinda kewl, it explained this new piping from the base of my heart to my community center is coming online because of the communion i have within myself.  To be in full partnership within what your own biology desires, needs, asks of you without judgement, saying but this is bad or this is better… is where true community harmony exists.  When we can stop looking at others ideas of good, bad, better and trust our own inner biology… that is where true community resides and emerges.

So as I am getting all this interesting and quite unexpected information from my body, mother earth comes in with a request.  This Thursday is the only day I have completely booked off before I head to Boston and PA at the end of the month, simply due to doing a radio show again with the funny Kelli in the Raw as well as a cardiologist appt that my oncologist set up to explore my sinus arrhythmia further.  So our mama asks me, are you really worried about your heart??  Hell no, not at all.  So she asked me to change my plans and go to the Jemez Waterfall instead of the cardiologist.  OK!!  I can do that, and I know… we will gather much more information about the landmass changes already underway.

So as I was getting out of the bath, my body said… go ahead, step on that scale.  Ok… who am I to argue!!  168!!!!!  Cooperation at the utmost!!  I love our bodies… and this is the exact relationship we MUST have with earth and with each other.

Just for good measure, I had to take a photo yesterday when I put on one of my shorts from last summer, that was butt crack tight on me:


Effortless!!  6 months, 70 pounds of renewable energy leaving a healthy layer of fat on my bones!!  It is going to be interesting to see what this new heart based community centered new pipe is all about beyond myself!!!  Ohhh, getting to the really long way I have of making a point.  We cannot force our new energy body in any way.  Blind action, trusting fully the process and cooperation being asked of you… leads to an unforeseeable outcome!!  Harmonious community MUST start within, with YOU and you, first and foremost in all-ways!!

Always keep room in your days, in your life for the blossoming of your physical spirit alive on this intensely beautiful and changing new earth.  I say that because I am really starting to see where spirit is leaning towards in our next evolution of ourselves… group energy.  That is trickier than we may have realized.  For what seems like eons we have gotten to here Soul-O, and now… its time to really merge our spiritual strengths and skills, blend, weave, become stronger than ever… with others.

When two or more are gathered….

I can go on and on today…. but… the next phase of my day is about to start and I have several readings on my agenda, yay!!!

I love you all so much, our emerging, harmonious community of super powered humans taking life to the Heavens, together!!!

Group ((((HUGZ)))) of and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. I’m inspired to lose weight. Totally! about the petechia, I recall Judy Satori mentioning, in a recent ‘Beyond Healing’ show, about a rash on her neck, I think it was, that disappeared when she cleared and balanced her throat chakra. But then, last episode, she also mentioned about a friend diagnosed in the US with a dire disease, who pursued pure food diet instead of the traditional treatment, and the ‘dire disease’ disappeared within a week. I’m beginning to wonder about all this…. for Judy, in case you’re not familiar, she’s at …you could then search ‘Beyond Healing’….


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  5. You got that right about time. I was thinking the exact same thing today when I realized how fast it went. There is a time shift and there is a time adjustment blending in with higher dimensions. I believe that as we near our transition, time will just collapse., Imagine the thousands of years that we have been trapped in this illusion of time.


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