Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 30, 2015

The Enormity!!!! Phew baby even!!




There are so many fragments of information/understanding floating about my crazy consciousness and I am sitting here trying to capture them to put them into a coherent story, not so easy.  So if today’s sharing seems erratic, well…

I think the easiest way to start is to share my experience at the ENTs (ears, nose, throat specialist) yesterday.  I had the pure privilege (NOT) of getting a camera stuck up my nose and snaked down my throat to see what is happening with my larynx.  Of course, I did volunteer for this crazy, very unpleasant experience.  I wanted to rule out anything other than energy reconstruction happening in the voice box.  But spirit used the opportunity to give me/us a much larger understanding of this incredible, dynamic month of energy we call May.

Before my doc pulled that camera out of my throat, she had me count backwards from 69 and stopped me at 49.  The she had me say “eeeeeee” in the bass tones, then again in the treble tones, several times each.  Ya ever try and talk with something shoved down your throat, yeah the gag reflex works well… and it took every ounce of energy focus within myself to have it stop.  Holy sheez even!!!

The moment she started telling me what she had seen in my attempts to sound “eeeee” in either frequency, spirit gave me a package of information like I have never experienced before.  That was kinda kewl really.  My doc explained when I was sounding “eeeeee” in the lower register, my vocal chords came together perfectly which is why it was so much easier to actually sound the bass “eeeeee” but when it came to the higher registry, I was challenged to the depths of my lungs.  She explained that the vocal chords are flapping, but not coming together to create the treble sounds in my voice.  No wonder that on the days I do have some voice, I sound like Linda Blair in the Exorcist lol!!

As she was explaining all this, directly in front of my face, my team placed what looked like a wispy white cloud of energy packed with understanding and a song of course!!  Instantly I heard the wonderful Meghan Trainor singing the lyrics “It’s all about that bass, about that bass, about that bass… no treble.”  With the song clip came the memory and emerging information/understanding from my time with Kelly in the Raw (video show, which I will be doing again on June 18th.)

For a brief moment, on that show, we were talking about the various dimensions and what spirit calls the “bass” dimensions and the “treble” dimensions.  We (most especially… ME) have such a limited understanding of what dimensions really are, what is held in each of them and what for.  In a super teeny tiny understand came the info that in what spirit (lovingly) calls the bass (has nothing to do with what we think of as lower) is where the energy of “matter” resides.  Not as something tangible, but as something possible.

If we can think of it this way… Light cells start in the highest of frequencies and start to make their descent into the world of matter.  Each frequency it goes thru creates a density, if you will, usable energy, that creates potential into form.  As it lands in the bass frequencies, that is where we pull from to create… whatever.  Before any of these “Light cells” can come into creation as matter, they must be pulled in thru the human.

Lets put that on pause a moment and back up to March.  March is when a super large influx of these light cells started to be released en masse.  We all experienced March as a super electrical/energy month.  Every human on every version of earth was opening a brand new vat of energy to create with as we moved forward.  April started the choice points of how you/we would create our personal universe moving forward.  Meaning, the higher light cells started to take on energy in the denser quotients of light for use.  Which really gives me understanding as to why, for some people in reading land, we could actually see details of what was coming up for them, many others, were still transforming and deciding/planning at the deepest level of their Being.  All perfect for the unfolding….

Then we hit the crazy month of May.  Thru the first half of May, while I still had voice to use (smirk) thru several readings we started to see the energy potential of June, which really left me very confused.  Many multiple earths for some, one large pristine earth for others.  All stunning and radiant and without a single detail.  Instead, I seen these earths as if looking from above, most a beautiful blue and white, a few others blue white and green.  And most others no earths that I could see.  I had no freakin clue what it all meant.  Not like I do today!!!  With that said, or should I say, about to be said (smile) there is no such animal as better or not better, for the most part.

Moving into May, there was already a tremendous amount of “usable” energy to build and create with.  That is the area I had seen for years called the “West field”  Harvested energy of mastery, ready for use and creating with.  This is what was/has been/still being used to create those beautiful versions of earths I had glimpsed thru readings earlier this month.  Even the higher fields of light are forming in multidimensional landscapes… on purpose.  Now to try and make sense of what I am even talking about here (god if language doesn’t really suck) imagine you had a higher vision for your life forward… a job more in alignment with who you are now, a place to live, relationships… all that goes with the higher energies/desires of the mundane world (which is needed, just to make that very clear) is already forming with sudden twists and turns about to be played out as we move forward.  God forbid something should be just straight forward!!!

And then there are groups such as the one that formed around my world (and I knew we are not the only ones) that are busy poking holes in dimensions never accessed before, bringing thru light cells of potential that is going to take the human race and bring it all thru the roof of experience.  We have all imagined whether thru movies or our own inner spiritual amphitheater (mediation and/or dreams) what it would be like if we could just… (fill in the blank)

For me personally,  I wanted to be able to see the interdimensions that spirit keeps saying we exist within. I also want to know how to go into those dimensions and pull out a man and I just kept feeling like Bullwinkle:


I really did need a new hat lol.  The right hat.  But in order to have the right hat, I also needed a new energy system to pull from… inside and out.

And so the “Super Powers” group started to pull from their own dimensions, bringing incredible nuggets of experience, understanding, application and heaps upon heaps of quantum energy pouring into me with each Sundays, with each individual session being shared and gone over.  To the vast degree that on May 19th, my third session for the day was a super powers homework session… my ability to speak in any way was gone.  Completely gone.  The fact that I was able to talk for two sessions before and then suddenly… nothing, made me think… well shit, I have had 11 days now to think!! lol  and fully understand the enormity of it all.  Witnessing it all from my own Self, from the inside out.

Geez, did that above information create an avalanche within me.  There has been 4 hours since I typed out the last sentence above to this moment.  And I think I am just going to share my story as it unfolded with the revelations that has come with it all…

Before I even sat down to share this morning, I spent a good hour saying “hello” to myself, testing my voice to see if I could possibly keep any part of today’s agenda.  Not even a little bit.  So I broke down and sent a reschedule notice to everyone on my dance card today.  Not even 30 minutes after that, still testing my “hellos” I could hear myself again… OMG.  A lot of bass, breaks in the voice at the higher tones… but holy shit, I am becoming audible!!  YAY!  No doubt about it, today being day 11 in the quiet zone is also the grand finale and reboot of my whole system.

So, typing out the above sentence unleashed a lot of understanding and I just had to get up from the computer to process.  I do a lot of pacing when things are unfolding inside of me… and I paced right on over to the place where the humming-bird like bird appeared yesterday or was it the day before.  I also gotta mention (now remember lol) that is also the place I used to do my massage and the place I had seen the beautiful living Archangel Michael back in February (thru meditation mind you.)

So as I paced on over to their, suddenly I seen something come out of myself… a strange experience in itself, the form was that of a strange-looking lion.  Not the big maned type we are familiar with, instead it was a much shorter haired mane and was distinctly female and it was as if she merged out of me and took residence at my right side.

What the hell is that???????

Suddenly, I was reminded of the constellation Leo, which is my birth sign.  With that reminder came a full blown understanding of how all the constellations we are familiar with, that make up the zodiac, really got their origins.  I have always wondered cuz I have no clue how anyone can look at a set of stars and see something such as a lion from it.  I mean really… look at its layout:



There ain’t no freakin lion in there!!  However!!!!!  What was just revealed to me in this crazy ass long moment today is there really is what we would consider a stargate in that constellation, thru that stargate (and all 11 others) came Beings that formed its name and association that reigns in astrology.  With Leo itself, each ET had… geez, not a pet, but truly a power animal, but not really that either…. shit, the closest word we have that would truly resemble the energy of this animal would be Doppelganger, but in animal form.  Those that hailed from this stargate back in the day all had a creature with them that resembled our Lions… and a similar story rests with each one of the zodiac energies and how they became important as we evolved forward.

There is so much more to that, but I have no way to bring it all into understandable language… yet.  So I hear the call of the Mesa, and went down to the river.  I have my beach chair there and laid down on it with the back shifted up.  Suddenly my eyes were drawn to the right of me and in a fire pit pile there is the doll:


doll close up

How freakin strange… and why were my eyes pulled to it???

The next thing I know I hear the guardians say, come sit at the river and have a smoke with us.  Ok… I go over to my tree stump, light up a cigarette and have a smoke.  I suddenly started to feel a needle like something in my lower right bicep.  Hey!!  That hurts, I started looking for what could be poking me… nothing but soft brush.  Strange.  Then it happened again and then on my right back… hey!!!!  I came to have a smoke, not to get poked!!!  What the hell ya doing to me.

Then, what seems like out of no where and for no reason, the guardians started telling me about voodoo and its origins and that acupuncture actually evolved from the origins of voodoo.  Really??  Thats freakin weird!!  I need to know this…. why????

In our own interesting way, we are doing a voodoo acupuncture with what we call “the veil.”  We are opening energy systems for our own personal evolution and creation.  The needle is our heart.

Now, let me back up a crazy minute to a bath meditation I took the other day.  Keeping in mind, I have been wanting to see and experience the multidimensions in my home and understand how to access them at will.

So I am in my bath getting information when suddenly something touched the bottom of my right foot in the bathtub. I sat up like an arrow. I take my baths in the dark save a little night light. My wash cloth was on my tub side, my crystals, way to heavy to float, were still positioned between my legs… I decided I must have imagined it… and laid back down.

Not 5 minutes later, it happened again, only stronger this time. There is a distinct difference to feeling the brush of energy and the poke of matter. This was matter poking my damn foot. I leaped up out of my bathtub… sure it must have been a really big bug in there… flipped on the light… nothing!!

I semi-giggled at myself, turned out the light and got back in the bath. I heard instantly, you must get over this fear. (Not today I am not. Lol)

I did not close my eyes once I got back in the tub, yeah, I was a bit freaked out. Suddenly, much like my morning bathroom glowing white hoop of energy on the floor, suddenly thru my shower curtain (which, strangely, I always keep closed/pulled along the tube) when I meditate, I could see the illumination of white energy near the wall. Then, moments later, it was right next to me at the soap holder place.. more solid than glowing.

Thats enough of that… I got out of my tub. For the next 4-5 hours, holy heaven did my core release a lot of shit!! Literally!! I was tethered to that damn bathroom!!!

Scared the shit right out of me.  Nope, not ready for this, even in the daylight hours.

So as I am sitting at the river understanding more about zodiac stargates, voodoo and acupuncture (all interrelated too) and I finished my smoke I told the guardians, I am done and done getting poked, I’m going back to my beach chair.  I about shit when I seen this:


I looked at that cigarette, which I did not smoke, the one I smoked was still in my hand… I started scrambling back to the last time I was down at the river, did I leave a cigarette on the ground??  I have a butt bottle on the other side of the chair… I know I wouldn’t do that.  Then my eyes were drawn to fresh ash from the cigarette butt.  If this was from the other day, the ash would have long blown away with the rains and winds we have been having:


As I looked in absolute astonishment, the guardians said, we are going to help you ease into our arrival into your world, in ways that will not scare you.  YAY????

There is so much more but man oh man my mind is abuzz.

I love you all so much.  Thank you for enduring my deep and personal inner and outer transformation these last 11 days.  We are gonna rock the fields of June together… out loud and in Joy!!!

((((((HUGZ))))))) of massive gratitude and in-possibilities flooding forward (thanx Deneen 😉 )

Lisa Gawlas























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