Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 28, 2015

A Strange Night… An Expanded Morning.


I just want to share my very bizarre nighttime experience.  I woke up at 1am, coughing.  My first impulse of course was to stop the coughing, nothing reeks more havoc on a tender larynx than coughing does.  Altho this didn’t really feel like an asthma attack, I was not about to take a chance, I grabbed my albuterol inhaler and puffed.  Didn’t do much… I popped a Hall mentholyptus in my mouth… other than wetting my whistle I was still coughing.  Dammit.  I decided to see if I cannot put this body back to sleep, maybe that will stop the coughing.

The moment I laid back down… I heard (what the rational mind thought was) a helicopter or plane descending.  The noise got closer and closer to the house.  What the hell is that??  I kept listening to hear if it was going to land, but really there is so much growth in the yard, it has no cleared place to land except maybe on top of the mesa and this noise was overhead and getting closer.  I finally turned around (was laying on my stomach) to look out the window to see if I could this craft and where it was… strange…. for just a moment I could see a white silver beam of light coming into my one window above that aligns with my bed.  No other windows.  My bedroom has a unique layout to it:


The very top left window aligns with my bed and was the ONLY window with this light coming thru it.  My coughing increased.  I sat back up.  I decided shit, I will breathe the peace pipe (my nebulizer) I cannot endure coughing I surely will have even less voice in the morning and I am chomping at the bit to get back to work/play/understandings.. Connecting with YOU!!!!!

I put my TV on, more to steady my nerves than anything as I smoked the peace pipe and again.. that crazy beam of light would shine thru that one window and I would only be able to catch it out of my periphery vision, when I turned my head to look directly at the window, it would be gone.

After my peace pipe was done, I treated myself to some much needed Fiber One chocolate brownie cake and fell asleep.

Waking up in the morning (later than usual of course) was just really bizarre.  My body felt incredibly weird.  It was all I could do (concentrate on) to get my legs to move from my bedroom to my bathroom, they felt like jelly.  As I moved from one place to the other, the spatial alignment that happens within the brain (giving you the sense of your body’s outline and spacial relationship to that which surrounds you) was really off.  My physical body felt 4 inches wider than it really was… like there was an added energy around my entire body and it was really throwing off my alignment with everything.

As I sat on my holy throne, feeling absolutely disoriented with myself and the space around me, not to mention the intense bloating and gas moving around my entire abdomen, I was leaning forward and I could see this pool of light directly in front of my feet on the floor.  It was about the size of a basketball hoop and would whip up a few inches and go back into itself.  It last for a few moments then just faded away.  There are no windows in my bathroom and I didn’t have the light on…

My brain once again feels like it has way to much space in it.  I just sat here staring at my computer, trying to orient myself back into myself.  My hands had the shakes so strongly I couldn’t even think of typing, of course, my mind could not have comprehended typing.

It’s kinda funny how our minds work, no matter what it knows, how much it knows the truth of experience, it still has this rational way of explaining the odd to itself.  I listened for a moment… rationalizing I overdosed on Ancient Aliens yesterday.  Another marathon was on the history channel and I partook of it all, mostly because all the episodes they were airing, was subject matter near and dear to my heart.  Somethings I already knew and was so flipping excited to see others knew/felt/realized it all too, other things created that ah-ha moment, that’s how that happened!!  Of course, we are talking about the hybrid known as Jesus, which I already knew cuz his soul, Sananda, told me/showed me.  What I never thought to understand (simply cuz I didn’t care) was the story known as the immaculate conception of his mama… well, when the storyline in ancient aliens started talking about artificial insemination with the aliens back in the day and the many (I didn’t know there was more than one) experiences of people claiming to have gotten pregnant without sex.   The light bulb went on so fast… ahhhhhhh-hhhhhhaaaaaaa!!  Of course!!!

But lets back wayyy up to the start of my day yesterday.  OMG the vital energy that was flowing thru my whole body, it felt so wonderful to feel peppy and alive again.  The mind felt crystal clear.  The voice raspy, croaky but at least audible to a degree.

I cleaned, I wiggled and danced and cleaned and danced and did a lot of lip syncing… there was magic flowing thru me, from me, into me… even if I had to be quiet one more day, it’s just great to feel this alive again.  I had to take my trash to the dump, so I gathered my trash and my rescyclables and jumped into my car to drive to the dump.

On memorial day (this past monday) I went to the local Powwow here in the Jemez and bought their Powwow music CD to have.  I had started listening to the CD on my very short drive home from the Powwow and left it in the CD player for the next time I go somewhere.  As soon as I turned the car on yesterday, the drums were blaring out of my speakers (I never listen to any music quietly) and I could feel the spin of my solar plexus amp up, to the degree it almost felt like it was twisting in knots… intensely.  My hands, instinctively pushing upwards towards the sky (one at a time of course 😉 ) And the FEELING flooding me… OMG.  I was shocked and simply stated “what is happening to me.”  The return reply was “your awakening to your entire ancestry. ”  I am pretty sure I missed the emphasis on the word “entire.”

I thought back to the day of the Powwow.  This was the third event I have attended since moving here to the Pueblo.  The first two were the year I moved here (2012) and there was such a disconnect, no feeling of anything at either one of the feasts I attended (Here in the Jemez with the Walatowa Nation and then again at the Zia Pueblo.)  I became very disinterested in their events.  Of course, these two feasts that I attended were catholic celebrations of some saints.

I had only learned of the Powwow event the evening before by the gal house sitting for my landlady.  We agreed to go together.  We got there just in time to hear some singing and drumming and my whole flipping body reacted, tears streaming down my face.

I am very familiar with the way my body works energetically, when there is a Presence permeating the air, my hands do this weird thing, like pulling the energy into my right palm with my fingers.  My hand was on overdrive.

As the main event started to happen, all these Indian Nations dressed in their amazing colorful garbs started to flood the field and dance and the drumming was echoing thru the core of my soul… I started to see the ancestors show up in droves, aligning all the mesa’s, filling the energy of the clouds… I even seen myself, a female incarnated in this land a long, long time ago, dancing in front of me all the while this particular ceremony was happening.  Whats funny, I could only see that part of myself from the legs down… dancing.  Super brown skin, bare foot with callused soles.

I have shared this on my facebook page so let me share it here too, just to stir your heart, your memories….

I also watched as storm clouds gathered directly above the dancers… it felt so purposeful, celebratory on all levels. I left after this dance and good thing too, the thunder beings arrived in droves about 30 minutes later.

I sat and pondered my experiences at this Powwow… the remembering that was still taking place as I sat there.  A friend came to visit me for a moment, since I couldn’t talk she didn’t stay long… but she stayed long enough for this amazing rainbow to form in the sky.  When I walked her to my door, we were both taken aback by the stunning brilliance permeating our sky:

The view from my front door.

The view from my front door.

I had to take pictures, the colors were soooooo brilliant.  I walked up to the main road where the trees would not obstruct its fullness, it was so large I had to use the panoramic element on my camera to show the whole energy system:

view from the main road

view from the main road

The rainbow tribe has returned… and it is US!!  The expanding consciousness, the accelerating Light frequency in body and mind.  WE ARE HERE!!!

The last time a rainbow was gifted to me was about 2 years ago.  My team, months before spring arrived, asked me to go out and down by the river when the first rains of spring come.  I wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but, I will do anything my team asks… all-ways.

The first rains came, it was rather cold, but hey, a promise is a promise, I went down to the Mesa, sat and exchanged with the guardians as the rains soaked me.  Fortunately they only last about 15 minutes… as I finished, on my way back to my house a huge rainbow stretched out to the north, bending from where I was sitting towards the path leading to my house.  This one above was in the east, in what I call ET-ville as well.

The (2nd) Galactic Kinship Era is closer than we may realize.  OMG, the 2nd coming….

Ponder that will ya!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and well, today, a lot of wonder!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. The 1st powwow I ever went to was during early spring and so was inside a stadium. As I walked thru a tunnel that led inside, I could suddenly hear the drumming and singing and much to my shock, immediately started crying. I sent a startled glance to my husband, who has been and participated in many powwows. He was crying too and told me it was The Call to the Ancestors….such an old memory but I think that’s what he called it. I started crying yesterday too when I saw your footage of the Grand Entry!


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