Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 8, 2015

Source, Soul, Physicality and Internal Engine of Creation!!!

passion and grace

Five readings yesterday, and every single one, in their own way, evoked tears from my eyes.  The first four because of the feeling, the loving reverence that I experienced during the understandings, the last one, because I was laughing so damn hard!!  Who would ever think in a million years, that the universe itself would use Ron Jeremy and his special ability (wink, wink) as a living example of… things.

With loosing an hour in my morning, I pray I do not miss sharing a single detail from yesterday.

My first lady appeared just on this side of the oval of Shambhala.  She was in that now familiar luminescent yellow so I knew it was her soul energy I was seeing.  The way I was seeing her reminded me of a roll of wrapping paper:

wrapping paper

The roll side towards the oval and it kept moving up and down, rolling up, rolling down.  Maybe that is why I kept saying rolling paper (smile.)  Her soul gave us a clear understanding of why.

What is happening right now, is unlike anything that has ever happened before.  The soul itself, merging with the Christed energy of the Shambhala must wrap itself in the sacred (and let me tell you, HUGE emphasis on sacred) biology of You.  The soul, merged as one Living System with the Christed energy of the ground (what I call Shambhala, what someones team in yesterdays readings called the ground level Christed energy, since it is more understandable that way, I am going to use it) has got to make sure it merges into and around the body in a very specific way for full use of the three as One.  Her soul explained how sacred the biology is, how important and how much it is honored to be apart of this lady’s living field of biology.  So it gave me the feeling of wrapping a christmas present, perfectly, precisely for full one embodiment.

There is this feeling this morning, taking the memory of my Life Between Life session of when the soul itself merges with the growing baby inside the mother.  It is crucial for the soul itself to learn the nervous system, the brain activity, to form a relationship with the biology and ego of the baby as it grows and gets ready for living birth.  Same now, only on a much more open and receptive level of consciousness.

As my next man on the field was going to show in an additional detail.  Can I tell you what a gift yesterday was thru each and every one who showed up!!  A more perfect alignment of puzzle pieces, I cannot remember having in one day.

His energy showed up in a large tube form, moving in and out of the ground just outside of the oval of christed energy.  He looked similar to a dolphin moving up and out of the ocean waters.  Then there was this energy coming down from above, just at the top of his energy/soul system.  It was like chunks of red and blue stuff was falling towards him in a 3 foot diameter, circular opening.  Except, there was a gap energy of about 2 feet of where that energy falling down, met his soul was aligning with the new magnetics of the Shambhala oval.

As I tried to understand what this energy was, I was shown him inside this oval (imagine that!!) his biological body looked more like I was looking at some high-tech x-ray.  I could see his nerve endings as well as his veins and these energy thingies were setting themselves at very particular points in these two areas of his body. Power enhancers in their own way.  I had to wonder about that gap of energy that I could not see.  What we learned from him, my goodness gracious…

He had asked me when he was going to be taken out of this 6 year limbo he was in.  We reversed the question, what is it you desire from here on own.  He mouthed some words that were like being around similar people/like-minded people, financial security… not one thing he said had an emotional charge to it.  He could have just as easily been reading some lines from a book out loud.  This lack of charge was the first thing I noticed and the amazing story that unfolded from there.

You/We are the magnetic center of all creation.  What we feel inside activates the grid of life to bring all that your emotional field desires into creation.  If there is no real, viable emotional charge to what you are saying or wanting, well, nothing gets activated.

That was the gap energy from the power dots (don’t know what else to call those red and blue thingies) to fully using them.  Emotional alignment within yourself.

Lets take this to another level, an amazing conversation had with my first lady of the day, Christmas present lady.  She was talking about binary code, 0’s and 1’s.  Potential into creation.  The amazing visual came thru this conversation, as I was seeing a 0 and 1 floating in my field of vision, I suddenly seen a hypodermic needle filled with yellow energy in it and purposely pushing the yellow into the 0, the potential.  Of course, yellow right now is all about the soul energy and even with that came the saying we have heard so many times but really took it to a whole other level for me “Putting your whole heart and soul into it.”  It also takes “going thru the eye of the needle” to a very very different level!!!

He also asked a really wonderful question in regards to all this.  He said, I thought I had to put action into play first.  The example that came back to him, I loved cuz it was so clear.  The action comes when the arrival of the thing desired arrives.  Think of it like your front door, you can get up, open the door, look around and yet, no one or nothing is there.  The action becomes required when someone or something knocks on your door.  If your emotions never meet the vibration of pulling your desires to you, you’re gonna spend a lot of time opening an empty door.

He also gave me such a tremendous gift as well.  I wanted to give him an example of what all this means and so, I used myself, which I kind of find funny since my team has been asking me what I want for so long and my mind goes thru mundane stuff and I come down to… I don’t know.  Well, I now know with unmistakable emotional quality!!  I want to live, play, breathe in Shambhala.  I have no freakin clue what that looks like, feels like will be experienced as… but with every ounce of my Being, THAT is ALL I want!!  It’s why I get up every morning and do what I do.

Another phrase that was repeated yesterday was “unconceptual vision.”  Where we are at, what is truly at hand, we cannot conceive or understand visually.  It has NEVER EVER been done before.

Now let’s get to my third lady, holy heaven, did I say just how amazing this day was!!  There she was standing or floating on the edging of this oval.  Two large, expansive lighting bolts came down at her head, left side, right side, but unlike any electrical charges I had ever seen in a reading.  I could see the core energy of the lightning, but there was this outward flow of softer energy from its charge.  It was connecting directly to two funny looking things at the top of her head, those ganglia’s.  Talk about looking a bit mickey mouse like!!  But the enormity of what we understand now… holy heavens batman!!

If you can imagine a Y being placed over your body.  The single stream of energy starts at the base of the skull going down, the right and left side of the top of the Y represents the two hemispheres of the brain.  Ok, back to my super humble diagram.  Keeping in mind, the silver energy represents the lightning bolts, the maroon circles at the top of the head, the nerve cluster connected directly to Source or the God Mind.

energy activation

So the lightning was bringing fully online the ganglia, the Source energy down into both hemispheres of the brain (where the 12 strand DNA lives and allows for full enlightenment.) merging it all into a singular stream of powerful energy that runs from the base of the skull down into the core of the body.  With this intense stream of complete energy (Source, Soul and Physicality) was the spreading outwards from the core to the cells of the whole body, but equally a gathering of energy around the physical body.  What really stunned me was her team kept referring to this energy around the body as ectoplasm.  All I could think of was ghostbusters!!!  But obviously, something to that as well.  Of course, I googled it:

  1. 1.
    the more viscous, clear outer layer of the cytoplasm in amoeboid cells.
  2. 2.
    a supernatural viscous substance that is supposed to exude from the body of a medium during a spiritualistic trance and form the material for the manifestation of spirits.

As within, so without!!

I am being so prompted to put this in here too… there is not another soul on the face of this earth, or off earth, that can do this (these) activation(s) for you.  It is an inner alignment with the Source of All life as a living body (YOU) and only when that alignment is True, it happens naturally.  Those who have created the living Christ energy at the ground level (yeah, us!!) it is already underway….

Man, this is one day I really need that extra hour we lost.  I am going to skip right to my last lady of the day, as I am running out of blog time before the readings start.

My last lady of the day threw me for a loop as everyone else was in soul energy body and stuff, here she comes looking like a mighty anaconda!!  HUGE flipping snake slithering about just above the border of the oval energy of Shambhala.  Keeping in mind, that border represents all the humans who are holding the Christed energy at the ground level because they did the inner work to allow for it to flow thru them into creation, well the creation within this oval.

I finally understood they were using an image I was familiar with… kundalini energy.  But of course, given the enormity of the days understandings, and the Source energy being activated, then the next level of Kundalini, lol I so forgot I used to call this Shambha-lini, is equally being activated.  How the hell did I forget about Shambha-lini until this morning??  Its been a long windy road!! lol

I watched her massive snake body elongate to encompass the entirety of the oval border, activating the higher realms of Kundalini, Shambha-lini.  Then i watched as this crazy HUGE snake (excuse me, serpent) connected to itself… something right out of a story I am unfamiliar with where the snake eats its own tail.  Well, this whole thing went to a level I could never have seen coming and the information… holy flipping shit batman.

As I was trying to understand the snake merging back into itself where it started, to the left outside of the oval, a blast from my porno viewing past!!  Good old Ron Jeremy in his famous position (being able to give himself oral sex.)  WHAT THE HELL!!!??? For my viewing, absolutely shocked eyes, he was sitting on a small wooden chair doing himself.  Yikes!!  Who would have thunk for a million years, Porno and heaven have something in common!! lol

The next thing I see is her snake body completely now in oval form turn into amazing silver energy moving rapidly around and around the oval.  Next thing I know, Ron Jeremy’s position is taking on the same view… circulating his core energy around and around thru himself.  I was laughing so hard I was crying!!

But it got really really interesting and informative too.  I am going to have to encapsulate it all, which sux cuz how it all unfolded is a story in and of itself!!

Circulating the energy itself thru the body, in from the groin (not the ground, from the nether-lands below) up the core, out thru the mouth, back into the groin and circulate in a circular motion/momentum.  We do have power systems in our nether-lands region, using them is advisable.  It allows you to learn how to control your input and output.  What her team said several times “as within, so without.”

So of course, this talk led to divine counterpart talk.  Well, thru her rapidly vibrating circulating energy within her body (not that I was seeing how she created that energy… somethings are so not for my eyes!!) I got a vision of throwing paint on a fan, and how that energy spreads outwards to that (for this example) counterpart energy and activates him, his magnetic field to draw each other to each other.  He does not have to be creating his own circular energy, what you do for yourself, you do for others!!

Then, we got an amazing view of the infinity symbol.  Since she is an earth worker (Light) he would have to be a sun worker (Love, electricity) and I seen them conjoined at the crown area.  All I could think of, given this position, this is gonna make sex a bit difficult!!!  Hell, John Holmes could not reach the game field in this position!!  Then… holy heaven I was enjoying this so much…

I could see the infinity symbol flop over like a pancake.  We seen that before, I had no idea what you do with that or why.  Well, imagine you are circulating your circular energy and he (or she) is circulating his (or hers, sorry, biased here lol) this is where the gyroscope of unified energy comes into play!!!  This image is for the two inner circles only, the moving energy generators.




The story is finally getting interesting and fun and employable!!  Creators… rev your engines!!  I have to end on that note, as my day is about to begin in reading land.  I am so buckled in for more!!!!!

I love you and thank you for being the never-ending Presence under my Tree of wisdom.  I love you more than my words will ever be able to express.  Feel me!!  ((((((HUGZ)))))

Lisa Gawlas














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