Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 11, 2015

The Merger Within the Body Underway!


The inner merger is absolutely underway.  This became beyond a shadow of a doubt on the 8th, three of the readings were being sewed into their new creative notch on the border of what I call Shambhala.  My physical body felt every ounce of it, burping like crazy as the souls of our connections become closer than every before.  My head throbbing from all the electricity that is underway.  By the 5th connection of the day, I was completely down, offline and billowing with massive energies, especially in my head region.  There is no doubt the communication centers of my brain were becoming highly affected by my own personal merging energy, I could barely speak a coherent sentence.  As the day wound down into evening, I could feel the energy in my core expanding outwards, I wish I could say it was a pleasant experience, but I would be telling a fib.  It was… uncomfortable, but not painful.

I woke up yesterday and my sinuses were running, my eyes leaking and I might add, the pain in my left eye, more than unpleasant.  I tried like hell to read thru it, nuttin at all.  I retreated to the couch, and I could feel the bottoms of my feet vibrating as if I was just standing on a vibrating floor.  The vibration eventually went up my calves to my thighs and at the same time, there was such a storm in my head, putting my glasses on (had to take my contacts out) actually hurt my face.  The bones in my cranium vibrating beyond comfortable.  Then these little fevers, coupled with intense heat radiating from my entire head.  I let it all play out, I may not like the feeling, but oh my god do I honor what is happening.

I slept in late this morning, which I was thankful for.  Let this energy happen while I am out cold!!  I woke up to this massive spring or slinky like energy landing on the roof of my bedroom.  With its arrival and resting on my roof, I also understood it was all the energy put into someone during the month of February that just did not take.  So it came back home to its source.  That alone was surprising, because the one thing I have always known, once you create energy, it can never be uncreated, but what happens to it if the energy was removed or given away?  Well, now I know… sorta.  It’s coiled up on the top of my roof at the front peak of my bedroom… waiting.  For what or whom, we will see I suppose.

As I got excited to see my first man on the field today, my beautiful architect, my excitement turned to bummer-ness.  All I could see is my damn floor.  What the hell??  I feel good, nothing is running out of my orifices today, I got plenty of sleep, my head is clear, what gives???

And a little story unfolds, which is why I decided to write a blog today, what I am understanding is too important to wait another day to share.

If you have noticed, the sun started releasing its bountiful CME’s several days ago.  Let me just share the headline from this morning:  THE ERUPTIONS CONTINUE: For the 4th day in a row, sunspot AR2297 is crackling with solar flares. The latest, an M5-class eruption on March 9th at 23:53 UT, produced a low-frequency radio blackout over the South Pacific. (Also one happened at:  M5 0324 UT Mar10)

Now lets couple that with the image they have shown on the sun:


They say it looks like a sea turtle, I say it looks like an open heart but also, a dripping down of the infinity symbol too.  What I am hearing with all this at the moment, there is as much energy moving beneath the earth as well.  All to merge us into our new fields of Life, Oneness with each other.  Movement!!!

I received an email from someone I recently read for, and I would like to answer his question publicly.  I actually was able to see the reply from his team, and it really does apply to every one of us too.

Any suggestions on how I might create this viable emotional charge within me?  I seem to be lacking enthusiasm and passion all around and would really like to generate that for myself.  Your input would be greatly appreciated.

If you cannot get emotionally connected/excited about what you “think” you want, you are searching in the wrong place.  The mind itself is truly unable to “feel” so if you are thinking you want something, and yet, there isn’t a party inside your cells with that thought… change your mind about what you think you want.  Let the heart bring it up to you.

I go back to my own meditations when my team so consistently over the last year or so asked me what I want.  I dunno.  I never got excited about anything… until I was talking to him on the phone about Shambhala.  I really have no idea what that looks like, feels like, will be like but my whole body became engaged in saying that’s what I want.  The joy, the anticipation.

The mind itself, can only go to what it knows from past experience and decide based on that knowing.  Even if it is perceptions of being taken care of, what does that really mean in the grander spiritual level of life?  The mind has no real clue, but the heart.. without a single detail of preconception… it knows and knows with joy.  So if you thinking or talking about something you think you want, but can’t feel the emotional connection with it, change your mind, let something else float in and it may just happen in conversation as opposed to simply thinking about it.  But once you feel it, start moving towards it too.  How??  Thats going to be as unique as you are.

I can give you an example of how the twists and turns in this brand new adventure can happen.  One of my readings yesterday is a gal who lives in Santa Fe, as soon as I seen her name on my schedule, I thought about the gal coming in from the Caribbean who just surrendered her life there and will stay with me until she feels her next life emerge.  I did this precious lady’s reading, which at first confused me (a natural state of mine these days lol.)  She was half-light body half biology just on this side of the oval I call Shambhala, facing her past.  She had told me that she quit her job (well gave 4 weeks notice,) broke up with her boyfriend and is in the midst of changing her whole life and decided to go to where her sister is, Ashville, NC.  Thats the biology part I was feeling with her and her looking towards her past.  And before I even got it out of my mouth, my lady said she was interested in the gal coming from the Caribbean,  well, my whole body exploded with excitement… and it wasn’t hard to talk her into coming to stay with us during the equinox.  I feel a divine conspiracy happening, but dammit not a detail was shed.  Somethings, you really do have to live!!!

There is a tremendous amount of change in the air, movement of all kinds.  That was evident from yesterdays many connections.  If you really think about the information that has been coming out this last week or two…. the humans incarnate holding the energy of Shambhala, the Christed energy together at the ground level and then suddenly those that border that is moving… that is becoming more literal than figurative.  Whether your moving towards meeting new people, a new job, a new home…. there is a lot in play right now, alignment to an amazing scale of creative beings consciously alive in body.

For me personally, my whole body lights up like a christmas tree thinking about the folks coming for the equinox.  And just a reminder, I will be off playing from the 19th thru the 23rd and the feeling is like being set free in a candy store!!

On that note, my day is about to begin.  Daylight savings time is kicking me in the morning, I am barely waking up before my first appointment, this little sharing took me two days to write.  Gotta love the adjustments!!!

Have fun, lean into your joy, walk away (or release it from the mind) from anything that does not produce that feeling.  I love you!!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of renewed energy and pure excitement to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. Amazing post, wonderfully said, Useful tool, great insight, Blessings


  2. Hi…. thanks Lisa, brilliant as always 🙂 may I make a suggestion for that young man who’s lacking enthusiasm…..

    this maybe the hardest thing you ever do… or not 🙂

    Write down on a piece of paper what your interests are…..

    Your life WILL change from that moment.


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