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Thoughts, Creation, Clarity and Getting Out of Park!!


Wow, what a brighter, more colorful place the field is since the 11:11.  I would have never thought that we could actually bring in more light, but we did, purer light maybe.  The radiation is different than it ever has been before and much more alive… feel-able??  I am really running out of words to share the genuine depth of who you are, how you are, outwards.  The color spectrums that showed up in every reading yesterday, beyond any color spectrum I have ever experienced.  Even the colors are more alive, filled with the indescribable light I just mentioned.

I got a precursor of what spirit is going to present like with my Australian lady on our 11:11, her 11:12 and didn’t even realize it, but it sure helped to understand the opening of every reading yesterday.  A simple yellow house with a white pitched roof.  Kinda like this only more… alive in feeling:

yellow house


The roof completely white and the front door facing north (present to future.)  I understood it immediately, our soul and body in the same house, placed in physical life for full on adventures and expressions.  Nothing about the houses were solid, more like a thick marshmallow feel and they all breathed, in and out, slowly, to show life.

My first lady that showed up brought us all a very important message thru her reading, one we all need to take to heart and be very mindful of.  Out of the top of her root, where the two sides meet, were these arcs of energy, pure amazing energy with threads of color within them, moving outwards to the left, created life.  It took me a minute then I realized, these are the energy of her thoughts.  Everything she was feeling and thinking  was creating energy and finding its place in her created life.  Then came the warning, again, one we all need to heed.

We got to this moment with a lot of buffers on us, especially within our thought energy.  Because of the binding of spirit and body, those buffers are no longer in place, meaning, we better be super mindful of how we feel when we are “thinking” because that is the energy that is fueling your day to day life.

Last evening as I was contemplating the enormity of understanding thru the day, I could see a very real example…

Lets say you are on facebook, and lets say you have tremendous judgement against (I am simply picking a subject I see so often there) a politician and you place a sign on your facebook wall creating hate or separation or anything other than love for someone… you are creating major tears in your energy field like never before.  With those tears, you are leaking your strength, your personal power, out of your space.  If you cannot find the love, or hell, the neutral place within you about anything… just keep it to yourself, you become Self destructive otherwise.  Knowing the true difference between observing and judging is more crucial now than ever.

Another common theme for yesterdays adventures, YOU are the creator creating, YOU.  It is now your responsibility to know your heart, know the desires and know the energy field around you.  Spirit said to several people yesterday, you now have brand new eyes and its up to you to use them.  See the energy in front of you that will take you to your desires, the created outcome of your desires.  Stop asking your guides to do it for you, their role is very different now than it ever has been.  They (our guides) are more like the banks of a river, holding the energy in place for you to recognize, use, swim in… but they can no longer do it for you as they had before.  If you think about it this way, YOU have become the spiritual guides to an evolving humanity, very present on earth.  Maybe look at it like this, you graduated university, received your masters degree, you cannot keep going back to your teachers and asking them to do things for you.

Now, I want to interject something I heard in my audio book that i was listening to yesterday while heading to the docs.  Channeling Erik: My Son and the Afterlife  By Elisa Medhus I read this book while my father was transitioning but man I missed some serious nuggets in there.  I am just going to quote the entire section that is soooo relevant to all we have been experiencing and understanding.  I was shocked to hear this thru him and excited too.  In her book she uses “me” when she is talking, “Erik” when erik is talking.

Me:  What will we be like thousands of years from now…

Erik: They’re evolving emotionally and energetically first and that’s what will cause the physical to change.  What will go first are organ systems like the digestive system.  We will still be lung breathers / air breathers, we will still have hearts, eyes and senses, but we will have extrasensory perceptions and we will have all of our digits, we will have more telepathic skills.

Me: Wow

Erik:  We will eat less because we will consume energy instead of food.  

(Leaving out the convo about chocolate cake and eating food lol)

Erik:  DNA will also be different, it’ll be more light based.  That’s all I know right now.

The first thing I noticed in this little conversation was mama asked about humans in the future, Erik’s reply was much more present.  He didn’t say they will be, he said they’re… they are!!!

This is always what we have been experiencing for a while, the intense energies coming in and changing our bodies.  And we know spirit has been so focused on our emotions, being highly aware of our emotional field and using it to the highest degree we are willing to.

Several chapters before this heart popping conversation in the audio book, his mama asked about dark matter.  Erik said we can look at the humans like living in the opening of a dark hole, and everything before them, the light before them is the “event horizon.”  Potentials unfolding for them.   Hearing this, which was a much longer conversation than I am sharing, simply because I didn’t look at chapter or time and I am not going back to look for it and I don’t want to be totally inaccurate in remembering the conversation.  But, when I read this, this energy wrapped around me and I suddenly knew without a shadow of a doubt, this is what i see in your readings, your “event horizon.”  It’s your greatest potential expressing itself in unmistakable ways (assuming I get the translation correct) what you do with it, or don’t do with it… is up to you.

I also want to talk about clarity.  Concise and clear communication from your heart of desires to the end point… creation.  This is more important today than ever before.

To use a great example, my beautiful australian lady from the other day.  She said she wanted love in her life.  Spirit hijacked my lips and excitedly said “Here I AM!!”  Done, you have love in your life right now.  She got the message and changed it to, I want Soul Love in my life again…. “Here I Am, You have that too.”

I know I am love, I know I am a soul and I know I love you madly… but is it really me you want to manifest in your relationship desires??  I think not!!

I had one lady yesterday showing up in her yellow house and these rings of metallic energy linking together and moving outwards to the left at about a 90 degree angle. I knew this was her creation energy, I knew she was desiring something in her, but damn if I could not tap into the what… what spirit had said to her, in my own frustration of not being able to see or feel what she is trying to create… it is like she has her foot on the gas pedal of her car and she never took the car out of park, so the engine is revving (hence what I could see) but there was no assigned destination to move to.

So I had to ask her, what do you desire, you’re putting energy out, but not readable to me.  Bless her heart, her head, she has been suffering with intense headaches for a very long time and she wants it done and over with already.  I looked at her head, thru the inside of her house… and those rings of metallic energy were orbiting everywhere I could see.  I knew her part in this amazing evolution was targeting the brain waves, the brain patterns themselves, bringing in higher frequencies and adjusting to them.  Hence the headaches.  No unlike my lungs and heart area.  Same thing, only different local.

Her team said, she is done and no longer needs to have those headaches, but she has got to know it, demand it and set it all into freed energy.  They gave her an exercise of giving it to our amazing trees.  Sitting next to a tree and releasing the excess energy into the tree and allowing the tree to transmute the energy for her, for us.  But she has to know in her heart, in the core of her Being, she is done.  Any doubt, any lingering fears that maybe not… keeps the energy potential in park.

On that note, my day is about to begin and I am going to close here.

I love you all so deeply and madly and well, much more than that too, damn words are too limiting!!  Creators, start your engines and make sure you get out of park!!

Ohhhh, before I forget… energy in thru the backdoor, out into creation thru your front door.  (A little note on working your new house lol. So sorry I ran out of time today.)

((((HUGZ)))) of clarity of desire to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. OMG! Thanks Lisa! So many of your points “binging” with me this morning.
    Xoxo Esther

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  2. thanks Lisa

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  4. Thank you, thank you, LIsa! Following you each day but, of course, sometimes your message goes straight to the heart……… this to Rick, also, and altho we each have this information already it is a reminder and exclamation point from spirit to use it in each moment, without fail. Hugs and much love right back at ya!

    Judi D. Havens

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