Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 13, 2014

The Three Day, Three Year Event of the 11:11


Wow, what an event!! This was an 11:11 like i have never experienced before, not to mention it was three days wide!!  It really took me all three days to fully get the significance of it all, not to mention a lot of non-readings yesterday.  I will explain that in a moment.  I am just going to start with the 10th and fill it all in.

The fullness of the 11:11 really started on the 10th, when the pure cream energy from spirit.  I have got to stop and wonder, why, of all the symbolism spirit and earth can use, why use cream?  Nothing is ever without a higher purpose in their choices.

So lets just look at how we get cream.  When we milk a cow, the life source for their creation (baby cows) and it sits in a container, the butterfat part of the milk starts to rise to the top, it is actually less dense than the milk itself.  If, instead of letting that cream rise to the top, you take that container and shake the hell out of it, it creates what we know as butter.  The ability to form solid from liquid.  Equally tho, if you took a whip to the cream and allowed all this air into it, it actually expands it mass into what we know as that delightful thing called whipped cream.  So why use it in relationship to both the cream of the earth and the cream of spirit and in every reading?  For right now, we can look at it as a very special ingredient from both spirit and earth to accelerate our creation abilities as we move forward, we can either turn things into butter (solids) or aerate the love and expand its ability to be felt and tasted by created whipped cream energy.

WE are the instrument that choose in every given moment, what the cream will turn into.

So on the 10th, we were surrounded, individually, with the cream of spirit.  I say individually because I could see a tube like container around the people I was reading for, so it was not as spread out as the cream I seen on the earth.  We can look at this as highly concentrated cream/energy mass.

So if the visuals weren’t already crazy looking in readings, the 11:11 itself got a little crazier, or maybe, a little yummier.  Because I had a dentist appointment on the 11th, I only had three readings this day, the first two were here on this content and the last one down under in Australia, which meant we got a sneak peek into the 12ths timeline.

My first two readings looked very similar, in this tube like thing, standing in and covered with cream and these beautiful pastel colored sprinkles were coming down from above.  All I could think was spirit was making ice cream sundays out of us!!  I did understand the sprinkles tho, pastel is still representing new energy, never before on this side.  It was coming thru in sprinkles to slowly and completely integrate into us.

I was so surprised by what I had seen with my Australian lady and with all my heart, I so wish I could create a literal picture of the stunning image I gazed upon.  She was jogged out from center, and I knew spirit was showing us the day we call the 12th, my future, her present.  She looked nothing like my ice cream sunday lady’s, instead she had these rings around her from feet to head, all not all the size, even at her legs area, some were just a bit larger than some of the others.  These rings were thin and there had to be hundreds of them that encased her body, which I could not see at all.  But the most amazing thing, these rings emitted a multi-colored metallic (but primarily violet, blue ad read) color spectrum.  Metallic in my readings shows energy that is highly charged and usable.  So in that 24 hour period, we went from pastel sprinkles to metallic rings of light.  I have to mention too, these rings were in constant motion, her team said, creation is in constant motion, it never ceases its movement.

There was an important message that was given to her, that is super important for the rest of us to really really feel with.  They took my vision and wiggled it into the heart area of this ladys rings.  Again, I never seen her body, but I do know where the heart is located in the body, plus, it has an energy system all its own and I recognized that (and it is only this morning I am realizing that lol.  I am so slow on the uptake lol.)  Her team talked about her hesitation to bring her desires to life, equally, they talked about her feelings of unworthiness to have what she desires in life.  Then they showed me as we are leaning into our desires, creating the energy field needed to bring that (whatever that is) to us and then we hesitate or completely let go, that energy system, once created, must find a source to expand with.  I watched it go from her to someone else and added to their creation of desire.

Think about that, there you are fueling up the creation of your desires, then you just stop and that energy moves to someone else.   Never stop, never give up, no matter how long the perception of time is!!!

Ohhh, I do want to mention about one of my sunday lady’s, there was a unique slant to her view and was actually something I woke up with this morning understanding even more of.  She was in her tube thing, with her cream and sprinkles coming in but at the ground level, I could see where she moved from the 10th into the 11th, she left a trail of blue and violet swirly energy on the ground behind her.  A trail of light that will be felt and tapped into by all that come behind her.  One can say we all leave this trail and that would be true, but there are some here on earth whose energy will stay forever as an energy system embedded in the earth herself.  This is not true for everyone (good thing, huh?)  It happens only when we enrich the heart of our lives with the heart of our soul completely and unwaveringly.  This is the fertilizer we leave behind.

So then came the weirdness of yesterday.  I was not able to see a thing for anyone, yet, in between some of the readings, as my own frustration grew, I got to see and understand why I was not able to see directly into anyone soul light.  The transfiguration underway would blow me up biologically speaking.  However, I do know everyone on my agenda yesterday was in the metallic rings of light but also, an energy came in that was made of golden-yellow electrical bolts that surrounded this rings and was creating the fuel to ignite them into… whatever lol.  Then, later, I seen a downpouring of fire straight into the crown area, fueling the passion of the soul into biological form.

Then, even later (this was all given in between the readings, so it came from you, just slant ways lol)  I understand that this 11:11 moment was the completion of the cycle of energy that started on the 11:11:11, 3 years prior.  I was amazed to hear that and with a little giggle in spirits voice, they reminded me we are always in a cycle, within a cycle, within a cycle.

As my day concluded with rescheduling, I was going to put a blog out with all this information, but then I got gripped with this amazing energy, OMG amazing.  I could feel it snake up and down my spine, spread out then return to my spine, there was a circular energy around me and I couldn’t move, nor did i want to, it was actually kinda nice.  Because of all the added details from the day, I knew exactly what was happening, energy wise to I just sat back and enjoyed it… for hours!!!  Every now and again an electrical shock like feeling came out from inside my left temple, but it was so fleeting I didn’t care.  Fire the grid, I Am ready!!

One of the things I did get to understand from my precious lady in Australia, this metallic energy I seen within her rings of creation, is what we emit outwards to each other.  The stronger the feeling, the further out it goes.  The more it connects and expands with other things within this world of creation.  No doubt, she connected directly to my heart center.  I had a dentist appointment the moment we were done, on my hour-long drive to get drilled and filled, I swear I felt like I was falling madly and deeply in love.  The expansion, the feeling was almost nauseating, but good.

I find it absolutely amazing that no matter how much you love, how deeply you feel that love, there is more to it.  It expands and releases itself in such amazing ways.  When we are not trying to assign this love to someone or something, that’s when it can really let loose and invade life change and nourish life as we drive long the road.

We are spirit made manifest!!

Thank you for loving me into my next phase of evolution, you are the greatest fertilizer earth every knew!!

((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))) of unlimited dreams made manifest to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. Hi Li li, you know, the lady with the metallic rings in motion reminds me of a circus performer I once saw who had like 30 hoala hoops around her body and as she wiggled, they all moved in a different way, but it ended up being a wave up and down her body-so cool!

    Never give up. Never surrender…always move forward with love–full on, open hearted love! Wheeee!!!! 🙂 Alex


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