Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 11, 2014

The Party of 11.11 and Dream Weaving Too!!

11.11 weaving

Happy 11/11 everyone!!  I think I am going to start by sharing my last connection of yesterday first, to kind of start the theme of this moment, this day from the spirit side of the veil. As is becoming coming these days, I am getting pre-game from your team, seeing and hearing you before we even connect.  With this beautiful lady the first thing I heard was clapping, lots of clapping, celebration style.  How can ya not break out in a big smile when you are tuned into the massive applause of spirit.   Then my eyes drifted out to the field, and I could see her standing in her center upon the new earth and these golden rings above her head and around her feet with clapping hands, lots of them, just above her head.

Once we connected, the applaud become louder or clearer, or maybe a combination of both loudly clearer!!  As I told her about the spirit-abration happening for her, she told me of a major breakthrough she had that morning, an old habit that followed her to Here and like a soap-bubble that reached its max, understood it and popped it once and for all.  Obviously her team and even their teams were soooo happy for this breakthrough!!

As we talked and celebrated her major milestone, my eyes still very fixed on her field, suddenly I could see her heart leap out of her chest 10 feet and then snap back into her body.  With the visual came this massive expansion of love, of geez, excitement suddenly feels like such a small word.  Expanding her heart reach even further.  But even this visual, this feeling became even clearer to me in my own personal journey later that day… which I will get to in a moment, well, maybe several moments lol.  But even this visual she understood from her own personal experiences that morning.  For me, this moment with her felt like her team not only validating her achievements that morning but wanting her to know they are celebrating her and see what she is doing all the time.

As we talked and just relished the moment together, my watchful eye still waiting for something…. other than that, suddenly I could see her standing in this tube like thing, pushed out from her center by about a foot, which I know ment tomorrow (which is now today lol.)  In this tube thing surrounding her body… a vat a cream was released from the heavens and filled her tube thingie up.

Up until that moment, ever since spirit said the old energies are like gas bubbles in the air and that the cream of the earth is what is now directly on the earth, in every reading, that is how I see the new earth, with about a foot (high) of cream surrounding your image.  As far as I can understand right now this cream is the earths energy available and surrounding you and you can use it however your heart desires.  Somewhere within me, I know there is more to it than that, but pesky spirit is not letting that come to my surface.  So when I seen my lady being flooded with spirit cream, suddenly it made sense.  The pure energy of spirit released to us, for use in tandem with the earths energy.

This also gave me understanding to the feeling I had from the moment I finished my blog yesterday, that something is coming, exciting, huge, the feeling bigger than winning the lottery, way beyond a mundane monetary thing…

Now, to tie this in with my personal journey yesterday.  My car ride from home to see my oncologist is anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half (depending on traffic) and I pop in an audio book to cruise with.  Right now, I am listening to “The Map of Heaven” by Eben Alexander, author of “Proof of Heaven.”  I don’t even know the exact content of what he was sharing, I think it was maybe letters from readers of Proof of Heaven and their personal stories, how spirit made themselves visible to them (some with NDE’s, a lot not having to die for the experience.)  They talked about the love they felt, they experienced and I could feel my own heart leap out of my chest and my ass bouncing up and down behind the wheel as I drove. If my hands didn’t have to be on the steering wheel, I know they would have engaged too!!   The excitement, the knowing… the pure celebration for these blessed people… instantly I was back with the visual with the lady above.  This is how spirit feels too.  They are bouncing out of their light bodies for you, in honor of YOU!!  Let me tell you, I celebrate you as much.

I had a little love in my pocket heading towards my oncologist, a tiny rose quartz angel I had purchased a few months back for myself.  I had already decided to give him this little gift last week after my non-bone marrow extraction day, when I could see the light of his soul. the love in his heart for the people he treats.  When I got there and the nurse took my vitals as they always do, it was the same nurse, a man, that talked me down off the anxiety ledge from the week prior when I was getting prepped to have a needle stuck in my pelvic bone.  He asked me that really annoying question… “are you smoking currently or trying to quit.”  Geez, Louise!!  Yes I am smoking and hell no I am not quitting!!  He smiled at me, and said he totally understood and then the words… the words that just… haunted me.  He said “Sometimes you have to do something that makes you feel human.”  I literally stopped in my tracks with those words.  I heard them once before… funny how some groups of words you never ever forget.  When my mentor (who was never an “official” mentor, I just like to call him that) back in the day came to visit me in Virginia from Australia, I was shocked to see that he smoked too and I even said it out loud.  His reply was “sometimes you had to do something that makes you feel human.”  And now, this nurse is quoting, word for word a sentence from 12 years prior to this moment.  There is something much larger at foot here… but what the hell could it be??

When doctor Lee (my oncologist) came into the room, and I gave him the angel saying that I appreciate what good care he takes of me and that I wanted to give him an angel to take good care of him, in the two years I have been seeing this man, never did I see a smile light up the room like his did in that moment.  It was as if his soul beamed out thru his mouth and in that moment, his heart and my heart were connected, consciously for that brief and beautiful moment.  I had to crack up tho when he was holding his angel and looking at her he asked me if I carved her myself.  I giggle and said I am not that talented nor patient, nope I bought her.  The love I felt for this man, for his service to this precious world, overflowed my heart.  Maybe that is why all my labs, all my blood is now in the wonderful, pretty much normal range.  It took me seeing him for two years to really REALly SEE him.

Ya know, I think I get it now (word therapy helps me a lot lol.)  Marc, my mentor back in the day, I had him on such a huge spiritual pedestal that when I met him for those 5 glorious days, the pedestal crumbled and I seen the man, the human.  With my oncologist, I only ever seen the man and not the amazing spirit he is until these last few weeks.

On my drive home, all I could think about and feel was the writings of the last two days… the pebbles we cast out, the love we share with one another.

The 11 – 11 Gateway.  What we take in, it is our responsibility to put out.  Love in, love out!!

Now, let me just turn the conversation a bit to the metaphysical side of our Beings.

I am starting to really and fully realize that as unique as our personal creation abilities are, they are all exactly the same as well.  Maybe if we think of it like a painter, each has their unique style, but they all use a brush (ok, some a spray paint can, lol but lets just keep this simple lol) and a canvas and the movement of their arms and inner vision to create with.

With ours personal abilities, there are some common themes showing up time and time again.  Emotion, sound, frequency and direction and outcome.  Ohhh and the amazing quantum machine of spirit!

My first lady showed up with her full spectrum rainbow-colored heart shapes on the ground before her, sunk into the cream of the earth.  These three hearts represent our living trinity (creator, soul, physicality) and then I seen a parallel with a scene from the movie big:


Her foot upon the ground activated the energy of the heart(s) she was focused on.  The emotion coming thru her, her placement of her foot upon the ground and the tones being emitted into creation.  The more we talked about this, suddenly I could see these 3 hearts which were 2D laying on the ground, they started to move and merge and form themselves into quantum energy, which is where all of creation emerges from.

If we looked at her hearts like the strings of a guitar, the earth herself is the case of the guitar, creating the energy need to produce the harmonics of the strings.  Her feet do the plucking while her soul is the strings sound waves out into the heart of creation.

My lady after her, very similar even tho, completely different.  Before I connected to hear I started to hear a clip of the title song “dream weaver.”  Since she literally does loom weaving, I had to smile and knew we were getting ready to see something Big (smile and yes, pun intended!!)

With her imagery I was able to create a very humble replication of what I had seen (emphasis on humble lol.)

dream weaver

The smiley face star represents her, her physical body.  The two points on the right side of her star self represents the root chakra and the solar plexus.  The lines of the diamond itself, altho I only show one line, there was many.  I just can’t create it and show depth, it looked ridiculous so I used only one line.  But if you think of an actual weaving loom, there are many threads on the loom of creation.  The star on the right is the outcome and the wiggly stuff in the middle of the diamond is quantum energy.  The gold thingie at the top should actually be hands, because that is what I had seen, two golden hands helping her from the spirit side of creation, but MS Paint doesn’t hands so I used a talk bubble instead.

What I found amazing and so incredibly enlightening was the fact that the strings of her “loom” at her root chakra (earth energy desires) went upwards into spirit and her spiritual strings went downward into the earth.  It really takes the saying “as above, so below” into a much clearer, usable context.  What we desire on this earthly realm moves upwards into spirit for completion and what spirit desires from us moves downwards into creation for completion.  In the center is the quantum generator of all three forces creating… outcome.

But even her loom strings are created by emotion, by frequency of emotion.

So no matter how we get from desire to outcome, emotion is the key to it all.  Every emotion creates sound, a tone.  The stronger the emotion, the more rapid the sound.  Sound moves in waves too, the quicker the outcome happens.  The quantum generator moves or generates according to the emotional field activating it.  Now this is both for better or worse.  You have a strong negative emotion lingering, that generator of your heart is bringing you more of that to experience since that is the sound card you slipped into the slot.

I cannot take all this information in from you and sit back and practice it myself.  So, I can give you a true understanding of this from my own emotional chorus within.  The more pictures I see of my grandson, the stronger my whole heart wants to be in his world and hug him and kiss him and just play with him.  It hit a crescendo the last of October and every ounce of my focus went into being with my kids and grandson at Christmas time.  The end of any given month is a financial challenge for me, rent and car payment are both due and I cannot remember the last time I paid my car note on time because my landlady always comes first.  It was the last few days of October, a crazy time for me to even contemplate looking for airfare to Virginia, but I did anywayz just to get a target of how much I need to save up.  I was thrilled to see the fares had actually gone done by close to $80 from the last time I was looking… and then it happened, money (reading purchases) started pouring in… got my rent paid, got my car payment paid on time, even got most of my early november bills paid… it was like I was witnessing the universe refusing to not have me buy that ticket to Virginia The moment I paid a bill, another sale came in and so there I was, 3 days left of October and I still had just enough money to get that ticket which was staring me in the heart at the fee of $333.  I got it without hesitation and I am going to love on my babies for 2 weeks!!  Ohhh happy, full heart.

So I took out the next thing I have had my sights on for a while… a partner.  A Jorge like partner.  I suddenly realized I cannot get that emotion to the amped up degree I did with being with my kids.  I really don’t give a shit.  It would be nice, but emotionally, I really don’t care and I sure as hell can’t fake it.  It is either a true desire in your heart or a desire the head likes to entertain.  This was purely coming from my head of desires.  Maybe it is because I have found a new, alive love affair with this body of mine.  We have taken each other to new levels of communication and relationship and I am LOVING this experience, this heightened love fest within.  Doesn’t even matter, I really really REALLY get the understanding of emotional frequency with creation.  I hope this crazy example helps you to discern where your own desires are at and how to amp up whats in your heart as opposed to focus on whats in your head.

Here in the US it is Veterans Day, which I find interesting that it is also the 11.11 gateway too.  So to all you veterans of this spiritual path, the warriors of love, I celebrate you, I honor you, I love you so freakin much!!

Take this day and celebrate all you have become and all you are getting ready to do!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with creamy love (ohhh that sounds a bit kinky lol)

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  THANKS-GIVING Special:  Save $20 off of the 3-4-2 thirty minute reading package now thru Nov. 17th.  (Which is actually a savings of $79 off of three readings.)


















  1. Lisa, you are amazing. I find it so interesting that those that we walk our journeys with seem to have the same insights and stuff pop up. I wrote this morning on my own blog about a shift in perspective, and as soon as I wrote it I pulled my card for the day and it was Abundance: I am a limitless being, and I can manifest whatever I desire in this physical reality. Well you know what I desire – for Erin to be alive again. I have thought that this tenet, that we all learn or are told, is the one thing beyond my reach and here Spirit has given it to me FIRST to learn and shift my reality through my HEARTS DESIRE (emotion). I am not saying I will re-manifest her as alive, but in the reading you gave me you did say I would see her in some form and hell, who knows. I don’t know what to make of it but everything you said, supplemented my learning this morning and I thank you for it. Hugs and much love.


  2. Also, I forgot to mention that she used to pick up pebbles everywhere and keep them. I would find them in her drawers, her backpack, and guess what? I found one of her pebbles in my purse the day before you wrote the Pebbles article. Just wanted to share that.


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    I thought that this supplemented my own writing and thus learning this morning, that I had to share it with you too. Enjoy.


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  6. Big hugs Li li! So glad you are going to see your babies for the holidays! Whoot! I am so getting what you are saying because it seems the minute I put real heart felt emotion and desire behind anything, it seems to be working out, and sometimes in these really funny and twisty turny ways!

    Much love sweetie! Alex


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