Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 30, 2014

The E-Motional Playground of Creation!!


Finally!!  Finally!!!  Finally!!!!!  April has opened up with a really nice room with a view.  Ohhhhh and the energy!!  Wowza!!!  But before I get way ahead of the story, let me back up to the day before.

Friday must have been the strangest day of reading I have ever experienced to date.  There was noting but pure light in everyone’s “present moment.”  The imagery and energy that did show up was located between that tiny space of March and April.  The first lady had this huge and beautiful bonfire going on on her left side of the field.  When I asked what that fire was all about, her team said it is serving both to burn up the last of the debris in her life before she moves forward as well as stir the flames of passion so she can move forward.  But not another drop of imagery was had.

Let me just tell you, there are days I question my ability to see and hear what is in your field of Life, especially when it presents itself so… vaguely as it did Thursday.  Well, my precious lady squelched my own inner chatter when she told me she had just broken up with her long time boyfriend a few days prior and was getting rid of all his gifts, the reminders of him from her world.  Now she is a prime example of the saying “by hook or by crook” your team will get you pointed in your most best direction.  I have been reading for this precious soul for a while, each time we connected (just about) the message to her was, he is not the one.  But, being dressed in a human suit myself, I do understand the heart wants what it wants (which really is the head disguised as the heart, but something many of us can relate to anywayz.)  Well, right down to the 11th hour of change, of needed change, she found out a few days ago, he was seeing someone else for the last six months and the bonfire of life ignited.  But also, so did the energy of her future bliss!!  (She will feel the bliss later, she is still picking the pieces from her heart.  If y’all can just send some love her way, no doubt, she could use the uplift!)

As the day progressed, the single imagery was prevalent thru every persons connection.  Beautiful images, aurora’s coming down from the sky, one coming up from the earth, the energy was wonderful, the understanding was…. well…. hard to pick with some and none revealed April at all, dammit.  I rescheduled everybody.  Like I said, I am anal about what makes a reading complete!!

So I spent the evening having a stern talking to with the universe.  We still had 2 more days left in March, I have 11 more people to connect with thru March, I am already rescheduled out thru mid April, WE NEED AN OPENING!!  Dammit!!  Bless it!  Suddenly, I could see a spiral (very slinky looking) of violet energy tunneling from March to April, I felt maybe… just maybe… we will see into April tomorrow.

I was as excited as I was nervous when yesterday started.  After the strange stillness of the field the day prior, I was not even sure what we got ourselves into with my first man on the field for the day, a precious soul I have been connecting to now for several years.  Everything was in gray-scale and as if I was seeing thru the dusk of evening.  My beautiful man was sitting on the roof of his house with attitude!!  His arms crossed across his chest, his face transfixed forward and all I could say was…. what the hell??  I couldn’t get him to budge, and I sure as hell wasn’t sure how to interpret this whole thing either.  So I started looking around his entire field, searching for anything that will help us both understand what we are seeing.  Suddenly, wayyyyy off in the distance of the west field, where the celestial realm meets created life, a pin prick of light emerged.  The more we looked at it and talked about it, the more it grew from a pin prick to maybe like that of a flashlight and started moving across his field of life, as it got closer to his present moment, suddenly he jumped off the roof of the house and push his house into the background of his life and out of my field of view.  He stood in the center of his path, still stone faced and arms crossed and getting understanding felt like pulling teeth to me.  What the heck!!??

I started looking around again, something, anything to connect to to give us a clearer picture of what the hell is going on.  Out to the edge of where March meets April, in the right corner (emotional-spiritual side) of his life field, there was a little baby wrapped in a blanket just a laying on the ground.  New Life awaiting recognition.

But my beautiful man was standing steadfast, arms across his chest, stone faced thru it all.  So, I decided he needed to release his arms and allow the energy of all the new to flow into and out of him and so I took my own prying arms and did my best to release his arms, he fought me!!  Hey!!!!  Not nice!! lol  Then suddenly, that light from across his west field came closer to him, turned him sideways, and gave him a swift kick in the ass.  The only time I seen color on him, his ass turned opaque yellow… talk about your soul giving you a swift kick forward!!  But at least it got him to release his arms so he can now pick up the baby, the new life awaiting merger with him, hold him, cradle him and allow the entire energy system to merge into his heart, with joy, excitement, the colors of emotion that will set our new life ablaze!

We will see what comes of it all next time we connect.

My next appointment of the day was my architect and I already started seeing his energy before we connected.  Color!! Yay!  I can understand and give voice to color, I soon realized my hardest connections of (lack of) understanding is the gray-scale.  I really learned something about myself that morning.  I was so worried I broke something over night by getting demanding (but hey, the universe should be well aware of how I play by now!)

So the first thing I see is this vibrant yellow sliding board, a slide from the end of March over into and on the other side of April.  The feeling was simply sliding up and into the energy fields of April and as I looked at the side of the slide that was in April, there he was, decked out in a business suit sliding feet and arms up in the air into a vat of liquid energy, joyful splashing energy that was the first few days of April.  Talk about making a splash in your life!!

This first week of April felt so filled with energy, fun, emotions of hope and aliveness.  The next thing I know, there is a kids merry-go-round, the kind you find at amusement parks, that opened up from his splashpool.  Without missing a beat, he moved from his splashpool onto a light blue horse (soul expression) and the ride barely started to go around when suddenly, he pulled a brass ring from the left side (physical life.)  Because he was dressed in a business suit, well, at first he was…. I knew this brass ring had to do with business, gaining client(s).

As we talked about what all this means, that he must lean into life to grab the brass rings awaiting him, his dress suddenly changed.  He was now dressing in half in a business suit, half in Hawaiian garb… the point was balancing work and play in the same moments.  It is too easy to take ourselves so seriously, when we do, we change the emotional creation in front of us.  Keeping the element and joy of playfulness even as we work, allows so much more to manifest on all levels.

As he and I started talking, inside of myself, I suddenly asked a question to my own team… please let me know I am seeing and understanding him accurately.  This is the first time we are opening to April and the information is just flowing effortlessly and I do not want to just be wishing this for him.  Instantly, I could see an airplane taking off from the months of June-July.  I was shocked really and asked him if he was planning an airplane trip somewhere in June or July.  Sure enough, he is going to Italy mid-June and into July.  I cannot tell you the feeling I had, the validation his soul gave to us, to me, I so needed it to be sure that we now have movement into our greatest story every felt and experienced.  I carry that validation with me even thru this moment.  Thank you for that!!  Even beyond the validation… we are starting to see more than just a moment or a moment… we are gearing up for a huge, emotionally charged adventure!!!

There really is a million other exciting things to share, but my well rested, lazy but didn’t wake up until 7:30 this morning, I am knee-deep into my day and I want to keep something to share for tomorrow.

Have I said just how excited I am, how exciting this time is for all of us… allow yourself to be full of playful, soulful, vibrant emotional energy, like a kid in an amusement park and play like there is no tomorrow!!

I love you all so freakin much.  Thank you from the depths of my soul for allowing me the pure gift of Being a part of your world, your life, your heart energy!!

(((((((HUGZ))))))) of boundless joy to all!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Kim this fractal is for you!! ❤













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  2. Wow! Much thanks and love for your messages of EVERGREEN LOVE! Life is forever in love! Hail to all who create love for the King of Love! Bliss!


  3. Hey Li li! Don’t you love it when spirit gives you a kick in the ass? 🙂 Love the reminder to balance joy along with the focus on spiritual and emotional growth…I am so excited for this new astrological year and to see how much more we can play with the universe! Big love! alex


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