Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 1, 2014

April Showers Fills With Creator Energy thru You.


Happy April everyone!!  I have never been so glad to put a whole quarter firmly in my rear-view mirror.  But March was not shy about releasing it’s own grand finale, starting with the sun pushing our an X flare that (according to created a rare “magnetic crochet.”  A magnetic crochet is a ripple in Earth’s magnetic field caused by electrical currents flowing in air 60 km to 100 km above our heads. Unlike geomagnetic disturbances that arrive with CMEs days after a flare, a magnetic crochet occurs while the flare is in progress. They tend to occur during fast impulsive flares like this one.  

There is no doubt in my heart, the solar flare and CME of the 29th opened the doorway to April’s already high energy and intoxicating field of energy.  As we moved into the new moon of the 30th, phew baby!!  The day of readings were all focused on using your emotional field, because ready or not, you are creating (or not creating) from this very alive state of Living.  With every connection, every view and detail of what April presents for you, my head started swimming.  I could feel the penetration of high intensity light enter my third eye and swirl around the center of my head.  There was no doubt, intoxication was happening.  Walking became more of a wobble, hell, sitting was a challenge because of feeling so wobbly and well, stoned really.  By the time I connected to my last reading of the day, I was barely 10 minutes into his reading and wham…. my emergency shut off valve activated closed everything up.

I made my way from my reading chair to my couch and hung on for dear life.  The spins inside my head were like nothing I have ever experienced before and I could see what was happening to boot.  The swirl of this violet and white energy spinning in my head.  All these emotions were separating and then coming together, creating new sensations of my whole body.  I am grateful my team did not leave me there wondering what was happening, they gave me a blow-by-blow of it all.

As we enter April and from there on out, there is a true triad of energy creating… the energy of the sun, the energy of the earth and the energy of the emotion(s) of the humans interacting.  With this understanding, I was watching some of the readings of the day, the energy, the visuals and most importantly, the emotion created from it all, this is truly our seed energy of all of creation, together.

As I was sitting there feeling and seeing how important we are to each other, how important the emotions we emote while together are… suddenly, my entire living room opened up with a violet-blue rain.  It was streaming down everywhere I looked.  I heard my team say that is the energy of the new moon fertilizing all that your heart desires, even what you do not (consciously) realize whats in your heart of desires.  …Yikes!!

As I was sitting there absorbing and processing all this energy, I could feel someone staring into my back window.  When I looked out, I about shit!!  There was this Being in my tree, squatting on the branches, dressed in a long white shirt and green pants, large, a bit larger than a human and differently wider than a human too.  The feeling I got from him was “observing.”  There was no communication between us and I was just too mesmerized by all that I was feeling and seeing to care.  But I did wonder where he came from and my team said, with all this energy my eyes are opening to seeing more of what is right here.

I am expanding in my abilities and energy frequency because of our connections.  That became so absolutely clear in that unveiling.  And vise versa.  And it is not just our connections together, it’s all connections that focus on the higher energy, the new Light that is permeating the whole of life.  When you take them out, talk about it, feel with it, see what is happening with anyone else, you are creating a new elixir that charges both (all) involved.

Now keeping in mind, the spring equinox bookends to the fall equinox (and vise versa for those across the pond) so this is a long stream of energy we will be walking into, enhancing, creating with.  We are also being asked (I would say demanded) to not just sashay from one day to the next on a cloud of joy, but use it, share it, create with it. Also tho, honor your body as all this energy revs up to go.  I have been sleeping so flipping much these last few days.  Heading to sleep by 9pm and not waking up until after 7am (every night tho, at midnight, i am awakened for an hour or two, dammit.)

At least this morning, someone was kind enough to wake me up earlier.  I could feel this arm gently rocking me and the words wake up so you can write your blog.  Probably that interesting Being from my tree, but no one or nothing was there when I opened my eyes.  Kind of exciting!!

I pretty much slept thru yesterday too.  The more I moved into my day, the more my whole body started falling apart and just became exhausted.  I had so much on my to-do list and got zip done.  Here’s to getting it done today!!

Enjoy the emotions of life moving into you, surrounding you, asking you to do something different today… anything at all.

I love ya’ll so much.  Thank you for rocking my world with your heart and soul.  May we, together, create the greatest story every told!!!

(((((((HUGZ)))))) of April showers creating….

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Doing something different, a new package for April that will be 5 sessions called: Connecting to Your Guides and ET Family.  We will hold our sessions on webex so that I can record and give you each session to continue practicing with in an MP4 format.  Go here to check it out:









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  2. Hi Lisa,
    I was just telling my husband when we got up this morning (11:30) that my head was really really swimming and I could barely wake up the way it was! And that was before I read your blog so it made me smile when I read about your experiences.

    I love reading your blog, there are so many synchronicities I would have posted comments many times before, but I’m usually doing good to get them read. I always use the batman cliches, but mostly to myself and the first time I read your blog and you used them, well, holy cow batman, I didn’t feel quite so weird.

    Could you tell me why, when I click on the link to do a phone reading, your schedule comes up blank? Last fall I scheduled a reading, but was one that had to reschedule and I could never find a time where my schedule matched up with your schedule. I had clicked on it in January and Feb. and I think it came up then, but only in the last few weeks or all of March? it has been blank. Maybe spirit is trying to tell me I don’t need to do a reading??? I thought it would be fun to visit with you as you seem so charming and sweet. Anyway, I was just curious.

    Thanks for all you do and many blessings to you,


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  4. Hi LI li! You are so good with letting that being observe you! Years ago I would have freaked out but now I live in a world where I know that every speck of quanta and every sparkle of light is sentient and they are all observing and rocking our world along with us! Even when alone I think about sharing my world, my field with literally trillions of points of sentient, loving creative energy!

    I also get your point about not just floating through on a cloud of joy–I think many of us are naturally joyful and years back didn’t experience these feelings all the time and now that we are, it is natural to want to stay here–but here is the thing–we might be at our past human limit for joy but with the new energy and support there is no limit! We must push forward in an ever expanding swirl of higher and higher joy and love! Whoot!

    Sleep and body has also been interesting–periods of wild energy, heaviness, can’t fall asleep, buzzing and then out for 10 hours straight with wild vivid dreams…Something is up LOL DUH! 🙂

    love you! Alex


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