Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 5, 2013

Prime REAL Estate and the New Roots of Life

roots of life

Ya know we are coming to a huge climax in our final exams when, for me personally, it takes 2 days of readings and one day off to really tie everything together into a story that is so important, I pray I get this out in a clear and understandable way.

I had tried to write the last two mornings and I couldn’t even form a word, not a single word and yet the readings, the information and understanding coming thru, felt so important, so big to share, what I didn’t have quite yet, was a way to tie them all together and really give them a complete picture that would serve the greater all.  I do now!!

One of the ladies I had read for, her reading not only puzzled me, but brought me right back into that familiar frustration with spirit, giving her a glimpse of what, energetically is happening, the probable time frame it should complete itself, but not the first iota of what it means to her, the outcome… nuttin!  She was on the left side of her mid-west field walking across her path (as opposed to moving into her center path like so many others I had seen so far) to a Christmas tree, an evergreen with small pretty ornaments upon it (no lights, no garland, just ornaments.)  The path she was walking, tho to her human form, seemed slow without a whole lot really going on, yet on the ground, she was emitting a spiral of whitish energy that moved out ahead of her with ever footstep until it connected with the time-frame of about Christmas.  Her team told her several times that even tho it seems like her life itself is not moving much, much is happening.  But her pesky team would not allow us to see the culmination of her movement towards Christmas.  Her team repeated to her that knowing is not always the thing to see, because if we knew from a timeline prior, we would change it because we don’t see the bigger gift in what we are laying down for ourselves.  Of course, to her (and many others I am sure) she feels like she is or may be screwing up her life/path… when in fact, it’s the perceived blindness that tells you something huge is on the horizon.

As spirit said before, we are ALL in final exam mode and in that exam, if not today, then soon.  Remember, time really is not linear at all.  Using a mathematical equation, we are the train, the speed, the direction and the outcome of it all.  By living the question, the answer becomes a living part of your spiritual blueprint!

BUT, there must come a time of pre-preparation.  We can call it cramming for the finals.  Often times, (but please know, not always) we are removed from something to study.  I was removed from my home and spent two months away.  I would have never looked at it as prepping for finals, but I do now.  One precious lady that I read for this week, she is FINALLY moving out of her life, out of her country (USA) to Panama and what I had seen for her was the month of January being an enclosed temple.  (She arrives in Panama the first week of January.)  They would not let us look inside the energetic templar (<— spirits word for her time) walls to see what is cooking inside, now I really understand why.

Now, if I can tie in these two important aspects with my own path to today.  I personally spent most of my time in Pennsylvania sick.  Deep chest congestion, sinus congestion, this congestion freed itself up long enough for my dad to get really sick and allowed me to be clear and present for a while.  About a week or so before he passed, the congestion came back, stronger than before.  By the time I arrived back in New Mexico, with nothing on my agenda for 5 days, my whole body blew up.  each day my physical body got sicker, weaker.  I was sure this freight train of congestion would run its course by the time I was scheduled back to do readings, but not even a little bit.  For four hours before my first appointment on Dec. 1st, I said my prayers like a crazy woman, pleading with my higher Self to please let me see and see clearly.  I was really prepared to reschedule, and shocked and grateful that we didn’t have too.  I could see and feel and understand so clearly.

I also started to realize, while I was in readings, in the amazing field of soul light, my physical body and my spiritual body separated just long enough for me to do some readings.  Emotionally, I felt strong and filled with joy… until I hung up the phone and the two bodies went back together… blucky.  I didn’t realize how much of my own energy I was using up in order to do these readings (and trust me, I would do it exactly the same way had I known) but it seemed, my ability to separate with such strength and clarity was on a timer, none of the noon or later readings ever happened.  I didn’t have enough strength in me to separate (which I really didn’t understand until last evening.)

I do want to say this too, with each reading, if you ever played a video game like, let’s say Mario (from Nintendo) and he powers up and you can see a light field around him and he has super powers for a while… that is EXACTLY how I felt (and seen myself on reflection) during each reading since being back.  I felt so good by Monday afternoon, I thought we, together, kicked the sludge in my body out for good.  That is, until the sun went down.  The nights really played hell on my physical body, to the point I almost cry myself to sleep.

I knew in October, when the first bought of the creeping crud set into my lungs, I was transmuting energy, very particularly what I thought was my father’s energy I now know is really the cancer energy.  But, again, I didn’t realize this until yesterday evening.  But let me get back to this….

There are some moments in time, in our beautiful connections together, comes the feeling of hitting the information jackpot.  Something so invaluable it stays in the forefront of your mind.  On Tuesday I was in my first reading of the day with an incredible soul talking about a house she own in Texas (but she lives in California) that doesn’t seem to hold tenants for very long and that she purchased blindly online (people really do that??  smile, wink) and that she bought for the feeling of “security” in her life.  Thank god I recorded our session, because I don’t want to get a single detail wrong in this sharing, it is way too important.  As she said, she is 52, gone thru a few divorces and felt she had nothing to show for her life, so she bought a house.  (We can be so human!! lol)  And now, she wants to feel “established” in life.  I am going to share, word for word what her team said to her:

“The only thing we need to concern ourselves about in establishing is our spiritual strength in this plane.”  (a little more conversation then she says..) I cannot believe I am 52 and no not have any roots laid down on this planet!  Her teams reply “but you DO, they are just not on this planet.”

What is wonderful and so funny, in her most recent meditation her team (that she insists she cannot hear) told her straight up “Your not human.”  So as they replied to her above (frustration) they reminded her that her conflict (as is most of ours) is she is relating herself to the human, and your NOT!   And this next insight hit me square in the heart center:  “The mundane world in which she/we grew up is going to become less reliable, SO YOUR GOING TO NEED ALL YOUR “REAL ESTATE” IN YOUR SPIRITUAL SELF!”

Now, if I can just to a prior reading, geez this whole conversation gives so much more understanding to a lady I had seen.  At that time, the whole visual was strange… its not now!  This wonderful lady showed up with her plumbing all exposed to me (smile) looking very much like the underside of a kitchen sink, only her pipes are in solid gold!!

There is a saying, home is where the heart is.  The heart is actually in the center of our chest, so Home must be in our body’s and nothing made of wood and nails.  Our true real estate!!

But I really feel we get very conflicted with the only true “real estate” that matters in this world of matter.  Our bodies.  The true temple of every aspect of our creation.  We sure do have a lot of preconceived notions about the physical body.  But man oh man, there are more judgement, conditions, rules set out by so many humans in how we should inhabit (funny, I kept typing out inhibit, which for so many is more true than inhabit) this body called our home.

If our bodies were made of wood, plumbing, electric lines, etc and something broke, we would call in a professional to fix it.  We don’t have a lot of conditions around who, just that they are good and efficient.  But our physical bodies… holy shit!

My greatest lesson in my own real estate came this past week.  Normally when my body goes thru energetic transmutations (feels really sick) I let the process run its course, which rarely runs longer than a week.  I had been in a steady decline for well over 2 weeks and by late Tuesday afternoon, I didn’t even have the breath to walk 10 feet without gasping for air.  My entire system seemed to be collapsing faster than I could hold it up.  My diaphragm was in so much pain from frequent coughing, taking a told on my ribs and spine.  Suddenly, my mind kept showing me parallels to my fathers decline.  Holy shit!!  I have not gone back for any cancer check up since my first 3 month all clear one back in March, what if I waited to long?  Well, holy shit.  Everything my father was experiencing, was now happening to me.  Screw waiting it out, I am going to the clinic, of course, they were closed.  We can only get sick on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays here in the Jemez!  (smile)  But even that.. was timely I suppose.

By the time I woke up Wednesday, my mind was beating me down with worry and really wanted me to go to a facility that could check my lungs.  I chose to not do readings and went to a brand new UNM (University of New Mexico) hospital less than an hour away.  I knew they could x-ray my lungs and tell me if something looks scary in there.  After all, in the 2 months I had been in Pennsylvania, my father and my maternal sister were diagnosed with lung cancer in the same week and right before I left, my step moms son was diagnosed with lung cancer and I had been breathing the old energy air of PA for 2 months.  But more than all that worry, I just wanted to feel good again. My body was too weak to repair itself.  I am a really good (energetic) handyman, but sometimes, that’s not what is really needed.

I got to witness again, the incredible power of your love.  I posted on my facebook I was heading to the ER and so much love was sent my way that I actually felt better before I got to the ER.  I barely coughed on my drive there, my sinuses weren’t leaking… shit, nothing like walking into an ER telling them how horrible one feels and your body is rocking to the light of perfection!

When I got my vitals taken, my blood pressure was thru the roof.  I figured the severe coughing must have taken one hellofa toll on my blood pressure, cuz it is almost never high.

I was the only one in the ER so i was seen instantly, I explained to them my concerns (cancer) and how lousy I have been feeling and for how long (2 months.)  When my very young and handsom doc came in to check my lungs, he said all my wheezing was in my right lung… well shit, that is the very same lung my fathers cancer was in.

Of course, my own Self had assured me all the while I was transmuting energy, but I realized my own mind was reacting like an over protective mother with the whole… “lets make sure” attitude.  He gave me a wonderfully high dose of prednisone, an albuterol inhaler to use now and take home for further use and then sent me to xray to see if I had pneumonia in my lungs…. or cancer.  They also took blood to see what may be unseen on an xray.

While waiting for all the results, they came to take my blood pressure again… still thru the roof.  But yet, being there in the ER, I felt so calm, actually giddy happy that I am already starting to feel better.

When my younger than my son doc came back into the room to share the results of my xray and blood, there was this…. energy about him.  What was pouring out of his pores reminded me of honey.  He sat down next to me and the first words, that were so gentle, so… filled with that honey energy was “I don’t know why you have been feeling so lousy for so long, but everything came back clear.”  In that honey energy of his, I could hear what was not being said… your transmuting energy.  Like he knew, but didn’t dare say.

I had no bronchitis, no pneumonia or anything that would indicate cancer set up home inside of me again.  Between his presence and the news, the hallelujah chorus was singing in that ER room.

10 minutes later, the nurse came back to take my vitals… perfect.

My mind and my soul had a long conversation with me for the rest of the day… a day that was cough free until about 7 pm.

We have a tendency to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  We discount modern medicine more than we should, without realizing it was put onto this plane of existence to help our assimilation processes on occasion.  My own mind made sure it kicked in enough worry that I would actually go get myself some needed assistance to finish this process and restore my body back to health and affirm once and for all, that what I had thought I was doing, I was… but even more than I realized.

I am going to share this, so maybe, you might see your own final exams and what is happening within your world… more clearly.

The first month with my father, all of October, was a crazy, chaotic energy month.  The entire month, the entire process of my father felt like a huge clusterfuck.  But November 1st, was like walking into the clearest, bright days and all of the energy just opened up.

What I didn’t realize until yesterday afternoon, October 2012 I started my own cancer journey.   I had a 2 year growth removed from my back October 25th, 2012.  November 1st, my doc called me personally to tell me it was the worst cancer diagnoses anyone could receive: a level 4 malignant melanoma.  November 14th I met with my oncology team for the first time, one year later, my father would start his own transmutation process of cancer on this very day too.  Altho my father became cancer free on the 15th, when he passed thru the veil into the beauty of his true, divine Self, I became cancer free November 29th 2012 thanks to surgery!!

During the month of November last year, as I was trying to fully understand and accept my role with cancer and was told over and over again, it would be to transmute it for the greater all, I never felt like I really accomplished that at all.  Once I was declared cancer free, I left it in my wake.

My father and I did something together that I never ever would have foreseen or even thought about.  In order to transmute the deeper cancers of this world (which is an energetic system) He had to endure the full metastatic condition of his lung cancer (the breath of life eating at you) and I had to have the energy once present in my body to fully relate emotionally to all he was enduring… emotionally.

Thru him, I seen the incredible value of modern medicine.  Drugs that allowed him to feel better when he felt so horribly bad.

What we have available to us was sent directly from spirit, guised as humans discovering its creation in material form.  Yes, we abuse our own creations, but that does not make them unhealthy, unless we make them unhealthy for us.

We have prime real estate that has an emotional relationship to our feelings.  If we designate anything as bad… then of course, it is.  But when you can allow all things to be at zero… neither bad nor good, but just there for you to utilize when needed… it makes a world of difference to the cellular structure that is changing at the speed of light and may just need some assistance that is quick and long-lasting, no matter the guise.

Had my over concerned mother (my mind) not ramped up its own energetics disguised as worried about cancer, my body would have taken a turn for the worse that was unneeded.  But it (my mind) also allowed me to witness its incredible power with my blood pressure.  The ego is designed to protect the body and it will do all it is capable of doing in order to protect itself from destruction.  It will also show you, in unmistakable ways, that it is releasing its hold on you because you finally did what was needed (my blood pressure instantly returning to normal.)

There is obviously so much more to this ongoing, exciting story of our complete and absolute evolution of cellular light… but that’s got to wait til tomorrow.

God it feels great to feel great again.  Thank you for loving me and expanding not only me in awareness and understanding… but equally the amazing new collective of US!!

With so much love, honor and happy dancing with each of you wrapped in a group (((((HUG)))))

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I am offering my pre-recorded 25+ hour class on learning how to read.  For a $25 donation, I will send you the link to download all 10 files of the class.  I also uploaded to that area on my dropbox account the two course materials needed: The layout of the feet as well as the complete interpretation of the physical body.   All the information and to make a donation is on my main page at










  1. Lisa while reading this about real estate I saw images of American Indians moving across the lands in harmony with natures seasons never staying for longer than they needed which allowed the earth to renew in the areas that they had lived for a time. No rubbish left behind for they used what was needed while giving thanks back to the Earth. They did not put down roots for their roots were within the entire universe which is linked to the great mother who provides our body’s needs which is home to our soul. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful reading. ❤ 🙂


  2. Dear Li li, so absoulutely freaking glad you followed up on this and are feeling better…you clearly illustrate how genetic stuff DNA and then being absorbed in family energies can create specific Disharmony in our bodies! I was drawn to clear all DNA over the past few months and thinking on repetitive body issues in the generations of my family and what they were clearing–seems yours was clearing the deservedness and worthiness of life–of being worthy to breathe freely the loving energy of life–mine was all about the spine–supporting and for my previous generations about giving and the martyr complex…picking that out of the bonds and bones and sinue that is my own being has been a challenge but so worth it!

    As for the roots and real estate I completely get that–whoot whoot! Loving you so much! Alex


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