Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 2, 2013

The Final Touches As We Prepare to Enter 2014!


WOW!!  It is amazing how much energy and the directional flow of energy can change while we were out and about for a while.  The West field is where the game is being played now.  It seems the entirety of this year, 2013, had been spent in an energetic harvest.  When we complete any cycles, large or mini, an energy of completion is released and stored in the West (in my readings) which also houses the Store House or Silo.

October and November must have been a sort of… mixing time.  A time where all of your individuated stored energy starts to mix itself up within itself, governed by your (our) own actions, thoughts and deeds during these two very crucial months.  Now, we have a brand new energy that is each of us. Now, sprinkle into the mix of our own personal energy, the evolving collective… we have some serious changes underway, within us and around us.

The vibration, the frequency at the densest level of earth is now much higher than it has ever been before in this phase of earths history.  But let me get back to this in a moment.

My first reading yesterday… Holy flipping Heaven batman!!  To feel the energy, the change of the entire field of energy and the force in which it flowed… phew!!  My beautiful architect, innocently showing up as my first connection back into the field of light, literally just blew me away, while embedding some sort of speed in the energetic matrix of he and I.  It seems, for every image and bit of information in his field, I couldn’t talk fast enough to get it out to him.  Even my body felt speedy thru his entire reading.  I have a feeling too… this is going to be the way of his upcoming events… speedy!!

Physically, I have been down since about a week before I came back to New Mexico, head and chest congestion that seemed to unpack itself more fully once I got home and had nothing on my daily agenda.  My movements have been slow, my thought processes almost non-existent between the blowing and the hacking… until I put myself in the winds of this mans field.

He was in what I would call the middle of his west field, but there were no more edges of discernment for me.  No more boarders between the core energy, north or south, (and this was the way of it for everyone else too.)  However, there was a directional flow to the massively intense and very very different energy that was his “west field.”  It was blowing him into what I once called the center of his life.  Once I got myself adjusted to the new energy that is the West field I could make out his imagery more and more.  An image I had seen once before in a reading some months ago:

charlie chaplans bike

He was riding the most intense golden light radiating Charlie Chaplin style bike.  The golden energy, filled with so much light that it just oozed outward and kept catching my breath in visual and feel, represented his movement on earth.  As I struggled to remember what the hell this type of bike means to him, his sassy team said it doesn’t matter, it means something new now.  Alrighty then!!  God it is so good to be back in the world of spirit again.

The back wheel represented all that brought him to this moment in time, a past that is not controlling his present or future, but guiding it.  The massively large front wheel (in relationship to the back one) is his Presence in his Life.

Here is a something to think about (since spirit is inserting this thought here lol) when we get all caught up in our past (even our yesterday) it can only dilute our present energy potential as well as our movement forward.

What surprised me even more about this incredible architect in the field, he was peddling his way into the energy of December 14th thru the 21st.  As I think about it this morning, it reminds me of someone moving into the winners circle, crossing this tape that was strung across the field to show arrival.  Because as he moved into the center of what I would call the center of his life, this energetic tape or rope or something became very taught as he moved further into center and suddenly 3 people showed up at the left side of tape where it originated.  Two male and one female energies, all intersecting in his life during this week that was repeated to him at least 5-6 times during his reading.  We have not gotten any distinct time lines in a very long time, so I was jumping for joy knowing that we just may have a “timeline” of events once again.

Since this week was so important to his team to have repeated over and over again, I moved into that area to see what we could see with its potential and where it will take him.  A streak of energy released itself, hit a wall (what I would call the end of 2013) and ricocheted up to the vibration of 2014 (an ascent that is about 20-30 feet above this 2013 timeline.)

2014!  Just flipping WOW!!

Keep in mind, 2014 in my world, is a an energetic vibration that coincides with out calendar.  It is less about the year itself, and all about the energy that is available to us.  Same goes with individual months and weeks.

The platform I see as 2014 is made of the most intense radiation of gold and silver energy.  The highest energy of earth blended with the highest energy of spirit, there for us to use and walk upon.  You cannot just walk into it, even tho one’s personal calendar may say 2014, many will be going thru summer school and repeating the unfinished energy of 2013 (within their own lives.)

My second lady of the morning, it really took me til today to fully understand all the profound and what seemed to be, very etheric images.

She was in the middle of her West field and the first thing that showed up was her soul.  Her soul image was creating this like puff’s of energy that seemed to be the finishing touches of her, her life and her biology combined.  As I looked for her, her biological energy, suddenly i could see a large tree trunk.  Instantly I went back to the meditation of seeing the tree trunk always connected to source and the branches representing various lives.  But she wasn’t upside down, she was firmly planted in the earth here.  Nor could I see any branches, all (visual) energy was on the trunk itself.

I continued to watch as her soul created these beautiful puff’s of energy that I now understood/seen were creating what looked like large silver spiral that was soldered around the tree trunk (imagine an energetic tree trunk within this image):

silver spiral

The silver itself was real, tangible, I could feel it’s solidness in her reading, which created a very energetic feel of her tree trunk.  So much light infused in the trunk.  So as I was looking to see branches (trying to really understand what this means to her) instead, there was an image of a face crown in yellow/golden hair that seemed to change both the image of the face and the crowning was now of a light strawberry colored hair.  Repeated to her over and over again was “your identity is changing.”  Who she is and how she has been on this earth is changing.  Her role on earth is changing.

I now understand that her soul has taken in enough lessons from all that got her to here and is now changing its position on the field of life.

As I tried to see what more this could mean to her and what the rest of the month may hold for her, I was taken to a time-frame about Dec 21st where I very translucent rainbow infused, spiral staircase went upwards to 2014.  I could feel (but not see) her essence move upwards on that spiral staircase to the energy of January 2014.  Then it just got weird, a good weird, but weird none the less.  The first half of January showed a lot of silver chains hanging from a place that would be a ceiling, but there was no ceiling, so these thick silver chain links were suspended from air and she was moving like Tarzan in the jungle, swinging from vine to vine.  Choices.  Each one a very particular choice that moved her to the next choice and then to the next one.  Almost all of these chains were in the same area and didn’t really seem to go anywhere (as in forward) but were important in how she is going to get to where she is going.  Around the 3rd or 4th week of January, a man in a business suit enters her world and gives her the opportunity for complete change in her direction.

Both my man and this lady had two very strong warnings from their team , don’t think with your head in making choices, let your heart decide instantly.  This is a message for anyone who finds themselves in the influx of change and acceleration that will be 2014.

Of course, I am the living example of what not to do.  Twice yesterday the remembrance of my indecision of going to my fathers was brought up.  My heart knew it needed to go, my mind kept going over money (the perceived lack of) and within hours my ability to get to PA was removed (the airfare more than doubled itself.)  Altho, after a good cry and renewed determination within myself, I did get a second chance to get to him and I took it.  But that is not going to be the case as we move into the high vibration of 2014.

The energy of 2014 is calling itself “The Hosts of Heaven.”  The ground itself is the host of our energy field.  If we remember anything at all about Heaven or being back in spirit (whatever you want to call that place that is the other side of the veil) we manifest at the speed of thought.  So it will be in 2014.  BUT… be clear on what is really in your energy field.

So many times I have heard people say one thing and really their energy itself expresses a completely different thing.  The core is the only thing that creates, not what we hope or wish for, but what we feel in our deepest truths that often times, gets hidden from ourselves.  Kinda like, if I say it is true long enough (telling ourselves those comfortable lies) then it becomes true (it doesn’t.)

So here we are, in a  brand new elixir of energy that is both our biology and the ground in which we walk upon, adjusting.  The boundaries that once existed has set itself up as a unified whole, as we have as well.  Much will be demanded of us as we have spent lifetimes for this incredible moment in our evolution.

On that note… until tomorrow, my day of readings begins again (and I am just so flipping excited!!)

Thank you all for your patience, your love, your Being in this crazy, wild, wonderful world of Light with me.  You make my heart sing!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and bliss and acceleration to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Dearest sister Li li! I am here to just celebrate YOU! Your journey, your living example and your pure honesty! I am just thrilled that you are back in the saddle doing what you love and being in and with the world that you adore and that adores you! I had a number of experiences lately that really fits in with what you are saying. I felt the energy and intent of the atoms around me..the creative material of the field and they said to my heart–we love you we love you all we want to do is create with you! So definitely feel like the host of heaven is here and ready to create at the speed of love! big hugs–had a lovely salt/amethyst crystal bath last night and so enjoyed communing with my team! Thought of you and your clear hot water and all was well with the world! 🙂 Love you! alex


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