Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 2, 2013

The Increase of Frequency and Adventures At Hand!


I will never under appreciate a full nights sleep again and this morning, I am giving such HUGE thanks for the 7 hours of sleep last night.  But I also have to say, I am grateful for this experience too.  There is something of value that happens when you are not running on an energy pack that you are used to, at least, there’s value when I am not complaining about feeling so tired and messing with our reading schedules!!

Even the well tamed mind runs amok all day long when it has a full battery source, missing things, but also being over loaded with things too.  I fully realize, what I experienced in the last two days with groggy mind, I (we) need to find a way to experience 24/7 without being sleep deprived, it becomes another tool of mastery.  We have learned to see beyond the illusion, many have learned to focus their mental energy to become very proficient within meditation allowing that state of eternal connection to be present 24/7, whether in meditation or not.  I realized thru these last two days, at least for me, I have learned to hear beyond the constant noise of any given day.  However, it is still not a passive mental environment.

Example:  I was so overly tired yesterday, my physical body did not have enough energy to become hungry.  About 2 pm, I attempted to eat because my “memory” told me I should eat at least something… not happening.  My body was not interested in chewing and swallowing and especially, digesting!

This morning, I realize there is a profound connection to an occasional pattern I have had since really connecting in meditation and thru doing readings.  When meditations, or some connections take me to a place that I will simply call the deep connection to the source, to god when i am finished, I come out of that connection ravishingly hungry like I haven’t eating in weeks, and the need for nicotine is the same, like I haven’t had a smoke for weeks.  Which is kind funny when it happens via the readings because I smoke like a chimney all the way thru the connections… my “holy smoke” (smile.)  I never really thought about what happens during this time in a pure state of energy, but this morning, I know there is an absolute connection between my inability to eat yesterday and what I call my “god” connections.  (Which are really just very high, pure vibrational spaces.)

The point here is to take our high vibrational energy and brain waves and control them 24/7 so they are at a place of rest all the time.  This place allows for a fuller experience within the place of matter to be seen and heard naturally, without effort.  It is also the place where we can use our stored energy for creation.  I will explain more about this in the coming days.

Yesterday morning, for the first time since I came back from road trip, I took a walk down to the river, to the Mesa.  I really just wanted to draw in that energy to help me be able to do at least one reading for the day (didn’t happen.)  The moment I got to the patch of dirt that fully exposes the Mesa, I was hit with the strongest of energies I have ever… EVER felt billowing from the Mesa itself.  It was so intense I almost turned around to go back to my house, eyes filled with some sort of odd tears.  The tears weren’t happy nor sad, just… full!

As I moved my eyes from the ground upwards to see the Mesa, OMG it was sooooo different.  Soooooo different.  If I didn’t know better, and I am not sure I do, the Mesa itself moved 25 feet closer to the river.  (It is about 50 feet behind the river.)  The dirt and rocks seem sooooo different.  Sooooo close in my view.  Between being overwhelmed with this highly charged billowing energy engulfing me and the boggle that the Mesa looks and feels so utterly different and without the brain activity to go into overdrive of questions… I just stood there, wobbly.

Talk about “moving mountains!”

As my eyes looked up at the top of the mesa, I realized it too has changed.  It released itself, opened more of its concentrated energy from a million years ago.  I took a picture to try to compare it with other photos I have:

new mesa

Without the fully capacity of my functioning brain, all I could do was be there, be Present and witness what I know deep in my heart is real.  I know every energetic line of this place, of this treasure chest of energy and it never felt like this before.  I couldn’t even sit to have a connection, it was too much all at once.  I went home just in time to reschedule my next appointment then hopped into my first bath meditation since leaving Pennsylvania.

As I laid in my bath waters and closed my eyes, something really strange and utterly familiar happened.  a sword or really large silver knife came down from directly above me and sliced me open.  My mind instantly flashed back to one of the most profound experiences I have had on this journey, an experience with the energy known as the blessed mother.  (I found a place on the internet where I documented/shared this experience, click here if you would like to read it.  Beware of the massive amount of ads that are thrust on your browser before you get to read.)

This time tho, not black, disgusting energy was billowing out of me, instead, there was this dull gray silver energy that seemed to be connected with the sword.  Can you imagine, I was too tired to even say “what the hell is that.”  I just laid in the experience.

When I opened my eyes after the slicing, I could see a huge cloud of pure black energy moving down into my waters, into me.  I opened and closed my eyes at least 5-6 times, each time there was this black energy, different shape each time, but each time moving in.

The one thing I knew, whatever the billowing energy that surrounded me at the Mesa was now moving deep inside.  Even tho I didn’t have the energy or the need to question what was happening, my team put my memory to the place within Michael Newtons’s client (from the book Destiny of Souls) who talked about the dimensions and the deep black dimension before the formless.  I really feel the formless dimension is the place the Planeatians live.

I am not even sure how this next understanding came about, but I was shown the circles of energy I talked about the other day.  Instead of being laid out one in front of the other, they were laid out one above the other, each one larger than the one below it, very much forming what looked like a funnel shape.  The “circles” were suspended above each other, nothing that I could see that “connected” them, except the pull of frequency energy, very much like gravity.  I also realized we start out at the top most circle, the largest or widest one.  Giving us much room to stumble and grow and orient ourselves to the more concentrated energies that will come available to us as we are pulled into the next dimension.  By virtue of changing our lives, our mental patterns, our focus within, our energy fields intensify with manifesting potential ability and are brought into the realm of created matter… earth.

There was something that really puzzled me for the last several months, that now is crystal clear in my understanding.  When I first (re) met my dad after a 36 year absence and I started to share the memories I had from that time, his experiences and memories and even the mundane details weren’t even close to each other.  It was as if he was remembering a different time all together than I was.  On my road trip home, spirit had said that is true.  My memories are not so much wrong, but come from a different version/reality than the one he is remembering.  Both versions happened, it is the energy trail we have chosen to take that makes the mind itself remember time in our perceived “past.”  Our memories are there to facilitate growth and give us choice points of action from our past.  As we are jumping realities all the time, the reality that is most in alignment to our path forward is what our “consciousness” remembers.  Crazy… huh?

So, even these “circles” are filled with parallel realities intermixed at this profound time on earth.  An “opening” for one does not mean someone else is going to have a connection to that “opening,” but it equally does not mean that that opening is not valid for others.

Another surprising twist that came thru my incredibly passive meditation yesterday was the energetic release of my lermurian crystal when I was at my father’s house.  I almost forgot about that (and so many other things that happened on my road trip back home) and my team was quick to show me the huge significance of the release of the energy in the Mesa and the releasing of my crystal.  The highest vibration (the vortex on the Mesa) had to release itself to the lowest vibration (where I was hanging out) and vise versa, to allow a full and constant flow of new energy to rebuild the base energy of all earths.  My team said the minor explosion on the Mesa happened at the same time my crystal exploded.  No wonder why the Mesa feels and looks so different from the day I left… because it is and so are we!!

I was also reminded of a visual that started my morning adventures at the crystal mines in Arkansas.  Before my first dig I was getting instruction on what to do with some of the crystals I was about to dig over the next 3 days.  Setting some up on the mesa, in my back and front yards and eventually sending some outwards to You.  The first day of my dig I was shown an aspect of myself, leaning against the area that will be where I place some of the clearest crystals that I harvested.  There was a flow of energy coming out of my heart space like I have never seen or felt before.  The next day, after my dig, I seen that image of myself again, only this time, it was mixed with intense crystalline energy flooding outward.  I am sharing a picture with an arrow that shows the place:

mesa top

In my meditation yesterday, I was shown that very spot to be…. hmmm… a central energy point for our friends from the stars.  I could feel a Pleiadian stream, a Sirius Stream, and streams from others I never heard of.  It felt like a base of central communication harnessed by the crystals themselves.  Like a GPS homing device to our star friends back to us.  And more than that even.

The one thing I am sure of, we are in a time, and energy field of creation, like never ever before.  This also demands we allow ourselves to be in an energy stream within ourselves, within our brain patterns like never ever before.  Getting to Here was only the beginning….

On that note, I am going to close and go polish my antenna for use in todays field of adventures!!

((((HUGZ)))) of crystalline transmissions to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.S.   We are having a celebration on the Mesa July 19th, 20th and 21st with drumming and singing and filling the landscape with new energy, of Shambhala thu the human voice and heart on Saturday the 20th.  I have an old webpage that I am going to share here (I have updated it slightly) that lists campgrounds (no campgrounds in the Jemez are currently open) and B&B’s for those who wish to celebrate and sing with us.  Please sign the guest book if you are sure you are going to attend, space is limited and I need to keep a heart count.  I Am so excited!!


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  2. Wow, wow WOW
    How can I put it into words… what you say (write) has become in the past days (especially post Solstice) a twin of my day’s “discoveries” and thoughts.

    Contemplating sleep patterns, feeling ravenous (oh boy, YES) after deep connections or meditations. The “holy smoke” too 😀
    I actually leaped up in joy when I read you had arrived back home, near the Mesa.
    I had MISSED it. Wow. And I live (almost) across the planet from you.

    Yesterday, in one of my “crazy moments” (seeing stuff from a nutty angle) I poindered on how much we are connected now, almost 24/7. And in a bellow of laughter it came to me : if we moved around in old christian days, they would call us ” Saint Antennas” 😀 😀 😀

    So, a BIG Hug from my Heart to yours, dear Sister St. Antenna 😀
    With lotsa Bubbles of Joy 🙂

    (sorry for being all over comments, can’t help it, I’m so happy that things are moving past pace)


  3. LOL Brianna, St. Antenna! I love it! 🙂

    Li li my love, is it just me or in the picture of the mesa with the arrow in it do you see the two outcroppings of rock>? They remind me of the faces on Easter Island!!!! Two outfacing, one above the other and as I write this I have huge chills all over my body! That this would be a central focus point for Lemurian energy along with galactic seems quite possible!

    I have come to a peaceful place of waking each morning and having no expectations because I feel that even “trying” to get 3d stuff done in the face of these massive energy waves and upgrades and being “present to source 24/7” which I do strongly feel, only makes the matter and flow more difficult. This is our work now–to transform and be led by our heart source to do what comes almost naturally to us!

    I was also struck by your discussions with your dad because I have felt that same thing with my mother and simply disengaged from her version of the past and healed what I needed to heal…I also feel sometimes in discussions with my daughters that i have amnesia over events but I do take the time to tell them, what is important of course is that you remember and it is part of your path and I honor it–it is such truth that every being remembers or resonates with a different reality! I even had something come through yesterday related to setting out ant traps by my toaster–I felt bad for a brief second and then my team chimed in–no worries they are simply going to another timeline! LOL my heart lightened immensely as I realized it was so true!

    Big hugs girlfriend! 🙂 Keep rockin the mesa! Alex


    • Biiig Hugs St Antenna Alex 😀
      Love ya sister mine.
      Gosh yes, keeping abreast with “daily stuff” is near impossible. So, just flowing, and giving a big cheer to all St Antennas around the world.


  4. I want to thank you Lisa for your wonderful blogs and insights and humor. I was led to your site from a link left by Alex. Thanks so much Alex!!!

    When I read the first blog on the crystal digging in Arkansas, I so wanted to be there too. In fact, I have wanted to go for years and years and have known groups that went and I was going to try to go with a group last fall at the equinox but my husband has had health issues (mercury poisoning with lots of detox and rehab along with ascension symptoms too) and he was not ready to go yet and I feel like I need to be with him to help him through this process.

    Anyway, my son recently moved to northeast OK and we need to take some of his things from here (western KS) to him and I told my husband that it isn’t too far from Arkansas and maybe we could go crystal digging now.

    Did you go digging by Hot Springs or in the Mt. Ida area or do you just let spirit guide you where to go? Was it hot when you were there? Any tips you might have I would be grateful to know. I get excited every time I think about going there (and to soak in the hot srprings as well) and it generally takes a lot to get me excited about anything!!

    Thanks and I love you all too!!



    • Hi Brenda ((((HUGZ)))) of joyful welcome to you!! Equally wrapped in an apology for taking so dammm long to reply to you. My brains really have been… tied up lol.

      I would highly suggest going crystal mining, but without groups. Personally, I don’t even want to be parked next to another human while digging. Just me and the crystals and the dirt and the oneness.

      I personally dig in Mt. Ida, there are so many mines conveniently located there. If I can also give a shout out to Royal Oak Motel in Mt. Ida… cheap and wonderful!!

      It was holy freakin HOT there. Wear few clothes!! Sneakers a must, but shorts and a tank top, a must too!! Unless you go in the fall, which I have never done (silly me.) Especially if you want to soak in the hot springs. If their hot springs are out doors, 90 degree outside weather and 103 springs surrounding you, make for a very exhausting experience. I learned that from going to ojo Caliente in July as opposed to December!! Huge enjoyable difference.

      I look forward to hearing about your digging experience… and everything else that is inbetween!!

      (((HUGZ)))) of loving welcome my friend,


  5. When I look at the top picture of the Mesa….I see the letters SAN…recently, I have been seeing words, letters and symbols in pictures and art…this is what I found when googling SAN:

    Historically, data centers first created “islands” of SCSI disk arrays as direct-attached storage (DAS), each dedicated to an application, and visible as a number of “virtual hard drives” (i.e. LUNs). Essentially, a SAN consolidates such storage islands together using a high-speed network.
    Operating systems maintain their own file systems on their own dedicated, non-shared LUNs, as though they were local to themselves. If multiple systems were simply to attempt to share a LUN, these would interfere with each other and quickly corrupt the data. Any planned sharing of data on different computers within a LUN requires advanced solutions, such as SAN file systems or clustered computing.
    Despite such issues, SANs help to increase storage capacity utilization, since multiple servers consolidate their private storage space onto the disk arrays.
    Common uses of a SAN include provision of transactionally accessed data that require high-speed block-level access to the hard drives such as email servers, databases, and high usage file servers.

    I really don’t know what to think of it except that “virtual hard drives” stands out for me as well as that SANs basically allow the access to the data that is in the hard drives. It’s out there…but a lot of my information comes via symbolic reference. Could we be the “Virtual hard drives” and the Mesa the SAN? Fun thought either way!!


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