Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 1, 2013

The Rain of Light Around the World Bridging Us to…. ?


Man oh man is my sleep cycle off, or might I really say… none existent!!  For me, this exhausting intensity started on Saturday, June 29th.  I woke up at 4 am from a good nights sleep, grabbed my coffee and started my sharing.  It took me until just after 6 to get my sharing published, then had my first reading of the day at 7 am.  I had an amazing connection to a male and female counterpart until 7:45 am, then moved into my first day of class at 8 am… which ran until 10:30 am.  By 11 am I was in my next reading until 11:45 am, having only 15 minutes to breathe before my next reading, I wasn’t surprised to feel myself crashing and crashing hard before my last reading of the day.  By the time she rolled around (within 15 minutes) I was completely down, energy wise.  We rescheduled to the very next day and I laid down and fell into a super deep sleep for 2 hours.  When I woke up (at 3 pm), I felt more refreshed and energized than even a full nights sleep usually provides.

I remained wide awake until 3 am.  About midnight I could feel my energy start to dip into low gear, but not low enough to allow for sleep.  Instead, I was getting a constant visual every time I attempted to close my eyes to fall asleep: An intense raining of Light energy, Light seeds all around the globe.  I wasn’t looking for more information in the visuals, I was looking for sleep, so I didn’t expand it more than seeing the Light Storm.

It must have been just after 3 am when I finally fell into a sleep and awoke with a flood of sunshine in my home.  I had already fell asleep worried I may sleep in past my first or second appointment, so when I seen the intense daylight, I sprung out of bed and dashed to the kitchen to start the flow of coffee, only to find out it was barely 6 am.  Well just shit!!  y physical body requires no less than 6 hours of sleep in order to do what it does every day.  I don’t even have 3 going on.  I opened wordpress to start a sharing about the profound readings from the day prior… My brain was not fully engaged at all.  I couldn’t find a beginning word, forget a whole opening sentence to kick-start a sharing.  The more my physical body woke up, the more I realized my brains waves were completely dampened down, no real energy flowing thru.  The one thing I was sure of, this was gonna hinder my ability to do readings.  So, I gave up on trying to share and laid on the couch hoping to catch a nap… but nooooooo.

When my first reading of the day (8 am) rolled around and I attempted the connection, there was nothing.  I mean, nothing.  Not even a connection to my “antenna.”   I decided, if I rescheduled all my morning readings into the afternoon and caught a nap, I would be fresh as a daisy and can still do my days appointments.  So now my day of connections was scheduled to start at noon instead of 8.  I hit the couch.

As I laid down to invoke sleep, I became very aware of my brainwaves, or really, lack there of.  Instead of the brain waves flowing outward, they were laying loose and limp like flat hair against my body.  My vital energy supply has been completely depleted.  I knew the only that would save my very full day, was sleep.

As I closed my eyes and find that place where the edge of sleep exists, instead of falling into sleep, I fell into visions and understandings.  Once again I was seeing the Light rain all around the world.  Sometimes, I wish I wasn’t so curious and interested in what is happening, because then I could ignore what I was seeing and just fall to sleep.  But… noooooo!  I really do need to know.  Besides the need to know, I could feel sleep being held back from me.  If I wasn’t so energetically drained, I would have been pissed, but being pissed takes more energy than I had available.

It would have been nice too, if spirit would have just given me a steady flow of understanding then let my body drop into a much-needed sleep, but again…nope, that was just not happening.  I could feel a presence making sure I rested, but not slept.  Every time I re-positioned myself on the couch to find a way into sleep, the understanding widened.  I could see two circles about an inch apart from one another.  I knew one represented June, the other July.  The gap in between represents that “null” place I talked about in my last sharing.  In bits and fits, I also understood this Light rain is drenching our new energy system within and with out.  For those who allow it, this rain of Light will create a bridge from June to July.

I know I have explained this before, but I feel the need to explain it again.  I see energy housed in months, so I call them June’s energy, July’s energy and so on.  But, it is simply to create an ongoing story in a much-needed linear fashion.  Just because I call July’s energy, well, July’s energy doesn’t mean that on July 1st everyone is going to feel or be immersed within that new package energy.  Some are already into it, some are still moving to it… by weeks or months.  It’s a frequency change that is available.  There is no behind or ahead, there is simply the movement of your own evolutionary energy.  Period.  It is only the ego that says “I am ahead of the game” or “I am behind the game.”  Neither is true… nothing is a straight line, instead, its circular.  When you have completed the energy cycle of one circle, you move to the next circle and then the next.  Sometimes, when personal choices happen, you move to a previous energy circle to glean any energy you may have missed (putting new choices into action.)   Even this is neither good, nor bad.

My entire adventure since May took me all the way back to my beginning circle of energy… to Pennsylvania (and then Virginia.)  I went there with new eyes and a higher understanding and learned and realized more than I could have ever had hoped to and was rewarded by being able to spend time with my family.

Spirit has said so many times, in so many ways over the years: “sometimes, we need to back up in order to fly forward.”  Think of a sling shot… you pull the rubber band backwards in order to create an accelerated energy movement forward.  This pulling back of energy allows you to move rapidly forward, if you allow yourself to let go and fly with the accelerated energy.

After 3 hours of doing everything I could do to fall asleep, sleep just wasn’t happening.  I ended up rescheduling my whole day.  Holding my own in a conversation was becoming tough.  Back to the couch I migrated… praying… begging even, for sleep that never came.

Once I finally got done fighting to go to sleep (insisting my desires happened instead of what was/is needed to happen and let go and gave into a conscious coma day… my team let me know what was happening.

They purposely pulled my energy plug.  When I returned home to the Mesa, I took one day to allow my own energy to expand and release any and all protective barriers that were needed in my travels/experience, then started reading the field of Light again, taking in a higher, richer, new combined energy thru the connections.  What my team said, was these three days of readings served to form kind of like an egg shell of Light.  These Light rains are creating the new inner energy field.  This is why one some people, I could only see the energy around them (within their immediate life) and not the biology aspect.

The more dull my brain waves became as the day turned into late afternoon and the insight was coming in fits and bursts, happening only on the verge of sleep, my team told me it was vitally important for me to integrate this new Light (wisdom) energy in this way.  It is very much like being on the operating table and the Doc wakes you up from anesthesia, but you still cannot move, your just aware of whats happening.

By about 4 pm, still incredibly tired and glued to my couch, something happened.  I became so hyper aware of…. well…. everything.  My first awareness went to my kitchen window where  about 7 – 10 humming birds were feeding among three feeders.  The energy these tiny little birds were releasing from their wings… I could feel what they felt, the joy, the “knowing” these little creatures posses.  I could see the energy lines from the intense movement of their wings into the surrounding field of life, including my home.  I instantly became aware of the other critters feeding out on the constant supply of birdseed I place on the ground for them… and the energy, the feelings they were releasing.  The patterns of energy they were creating.

I became aware of the air around me.  The air within me.  The in-breathe of all these new energy molecules, the exhale of even newer molecules… the atoms, the quarks, the change down to the minutest particle of life.

There was so much happening all at once and what my team explained to me was that I had to be slowed down, energetically, to receive the fullness of what was happening.  If I stayed in peak energy form, the intake of all that I was experiencing would have been way to much, way to fast and not assimilated because my brain would have been way too engaged.

I also became very very hyper aware of… well… the energies coming thru emails and on facebook.  Not the words, but the core energy coming from the authors, or even, the auto-bots of junk mail.

The most debilitating thing to feel was the vibration of fear.  Holy shit batman, people do not really realize how fearful their good intentions really are filled with.  Until yesterday, I never realized it either.  Not to this degree.

As I watched my clock tick from 8 pm to 9 pm then to 10 pm… I knew another night of sleeplessness was going to happen.  I took myself into the bedroom and tossed and turned and begged for sleep.  I don’t know what time I finally was released from (semi) consciousness, but I was awakened at 2:30 am.  I do not have the energy to be “wide awake” but I knew I was awake for the day, but that didn’t stop me from attempting to go back to sleep… by 3 am, I knew the only thing I can do is just give in and get up.

So here I am, sharing…. Lightly.

By contrast, I know there are those sleeping like they never slept before.  This light energy is going deep into their unconsciousness.  Integrating from the soul level to the inner core of their being.  One is not better than the other… everything that is happening is happening according to our up coming roles in this massive change happening.

I had even tried bargaining with my team yesterday, saying I would go into meditation to receive this understanding if I could just get some sleep.  Their reply was no, it takes to much energy to go into meditation and the assimilation is very different from the way that is being done right now.   Yippie???  I may not like it, and god knows, some on my daily schedule do not either, but the one thing I do know, whatever is happening is important.

So on that note, I am going to crawl back onto the couch until my first reading of the day (8 am) and pray I get a recharge of energy…

I love you all SOUL MUCH!!  There is so much more to share, but that takes my higher brain functioning and at this moment, that is still in the ethers somewhere!!

((((HUGZ)))) of Light Rain giving Life to our Field of Life!!

Lisa Gawlas















  1. Lisa – AWESOME! Beautiful!! TYSM for sharing this! Love it! Love YOU! Namaste. ❤


  2. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Thank you, Lisa!


  3. SOUL Much … Wonderful.
    On the 29th, I woke up to find out I’d slept for 8 straight hours 🙂 Hasn’t happened in months. I’m happy when I get 6.
    Felt like a cycle had just finished integrating. A biggie one.
    Then in the evening it started raining…and raining, on thru the whole day yesterday (sunday). Hard, persistent cleansing rain. (unusual here this time of year).
    A NULL day. Couldn’t do much. Didn’t do much 🙂
    And my couch became my best buddy for day naps, when the more connected dreams happen (that I can remember anyhow).

    Thank you for sharing, even when it obviously took a big effort. I love reading your shares.
    Pamper yourself ! Big hugs and lots of Bubbles of Joy to you 🙂


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  5. Sleep has been one of those things that I learned to let go 😉 and am always amazed at how beautifully I take care of my SELF! This final integration phase ( divine/human, masculine/feminine) wholeness and balance… completes itself by July 29th, which just happens to be my birthday 🙂 On that day there is a rare astrological event, a grand soul alignment and it is being heralded as the feminine Star of David; the star of Isis. So sleep well princess and if three wise men come a knockin’….well, guess you’ll just have to invite them in for tea or something 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • Good to know !
      Thank you for the info, it’s always great to have some “signposts”, even if individually it can be a couple of days around these dates 🙂
      Do you happen to have a link for this grand soul alignment (avid reader here 🙂 )
      Sounds like you will be in for a grand B-day this year 😀


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  7. Too tired to meditate…that has been me, instead in the in between, almost asleep but not, drifting as all flows in like showers of golden liiquidlovelight. Abundant truth, love how you take care of you! I am loving how perfectly the I AM of me takes care of me! Letting go of any idea of how it should be and being fully present for what is. We are so loved!! love to you Lisa and thank you once again for the sharing.


  8. Love you too, dear Lisa!! 🙂 🙂 ❤ ❤


  9. Oh Li li I am giggling so hard! Today, this morning we had a deluge of rain and christina and I went out and danced in the rain and we were laughing and twirling and feeling this cleansing of this earth plane so strongly! We just had another bout of this hard rain and now the sun is starting to spark through and everything is twinkling with new green light!

    Been very much aware of my body’s signals to take care of myself and sleep when needed and not get frustrated with the new patterns. Last night I fell asleep at after 3am and didn’t even stir until almost noon–good thing christina is on summer vacation!

    Loving your sharing about the circles of energy and being profoundly grateful for whatever stage I am in–simply because the awareness of it is a truly profound gift…thanks for your process and your true soul love! Alex


    • Hi Alex, lovely one 🙂
      Seems deluge like rain was the thing for passing from june to july !


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