Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 10, 2013

The Vast Nework of Extraterrestrials, Us and Our Responsibility Within Creation


For the last several weeks my meditation space has been pretty much off-line.  I knew something big must be underway but there was no way of foreseeing what I experienced last night and then today in my meditation.  As I was running my bath to take my meditation, I was sitting with my eyes closed (a massive headache was well underway) and with my eyes closed I could see a massive star system.  I knew this star system was not ours, not the ones we see when we look up into the night sky… and I had to wonder exactly what I was going to experience when I got into my bath.

In the last week or so in attempting to go into meditation, I would see 5 images of faces looking back at me from the wall that my shower head is on.  My first thought was my Pleiadian friends, but it was not their energy signature that I was feeling.  I could not hold my meditation beyond a moment or two and then they would fade and that would end my attempt.  At least, until today.

When I found my inner space in a tub filled with dead sea salts, those five heads merged into one.  They spoke with one collective voice.  The first thing they let me know is that they were all present in my living room last evening working on me.  They are biologically formless, unless they desire to clothe themselves in biology and then they have the will to create a biological form if and when needed.

I asked them where they were from and they gave me less a place name (until I insisted) and actually showed me.  I have done my very very best to so humbly, show you what I had seen thru their revelations:



In this overly simple and very very humble example, the circle (and they represent planets and solar systems) the circle at the top of the nebula is where they are from.  The planet at the bottom (with the white center) is earth.  They did superimpose everything in front of nebula, which is why I used one here.  There were tremendous other planets and systems in what they showed me, the rich, vast network of life beyond earth.  From my understanding, they were higher in the multitude of dimensions upwards in what we conceive as the sky.  Earth would be on the bottom rung of the dimensional fields of life.

They showed us a nebula to show several things, first, that there is a network of connection within this experience (lets just call it earths ascension) that actually is so small in  relationship to the sheer vastness of ALL of creation itself.  However, all that is connected within this nebula space has a very very vested interest in earths evolution.  A true and genuine interconnection of energy.

There are so many interconnected “nebula’s” thru out all of creation, much to high a number to count.  All having their own experiences in their own evolutionary ways.

So I asked, are they Sirius?  Pleiadian? Arcturian?  (Thats about the extent of my ET awareness)  That is when they showed me the above image and said no, but very very much connected to all within the space of the Nebula and it is much vaster than my mind could comprehend, even when shown.  What they also showed me, as represented by the yellow lines, was the electrical connection between ALL in this nebula.  An energy system intimately connected with each other and supporting and enhancing the evolution of ALL.

This collective voice finally appeased me and gave me a name of their planet or system (we never did get clear on that.) Planeathious (spelled phonetically… pronounced: plan-eeth-ious.  I told them it sounds like “plan this with us.”    I have a feeling, I was not to far off.

They had explained to me, there are many worlds, many ways to incarnate thru out the nebula system in which they revealed to me.  Many souls choose a biological expression of their energy.  They made sure to tell me, not all biology looks or works the same (referring to the human biology.)  They also explained there are many of us seeded on every system in this nebula, meaning we have a soul aspect in a lot of different places beyond earth purposely for this incredible time on earth.

They have also explained they have been at the forefront of the evolution of this nebula system, seeding the energies of all within this fantastic system and continue to do so. They showed me how it all works, very much like an interconnected relay system.  And now, it is time for earth to come online conscious in this relay of Life!

The next thing they showed me, surprised me.  They showed me the portal of Light that I talked about in my previous blog today and just what was opened here on earth and what it means to us at this moment.

I could see the portal as if it created a huge dark cave in the Mesa itself and many of us were thrown (by the explosion) into this vast, dark cave.  We could feel each others presence, see flickers of light from each other, but other than that, it was pretty much pitch black.  From what I am understanding, this cave extends to the eclipse energy in our October.  The frequency in this cave is like no other ever before opened here on earth.  We opened it and therefore, we are responsible for maintaining it and growing it so it can reach the fullness of all of earths life.

But man oh man, there is some serious reprogramming that MUST be done and done now.

We have truly broken ground to the vast frequency I have been calling Shambhala… Heaven on earth.  But to live in that energy is to really really reflect that energy in genuineness of heart.

We have set up so much of the way we see heaven, very much like we see ourselves, in a hierarchy of Beings.  There are none in heaven.  hierarchy exists only thru the ego mind.  Example, we have a vast network we call angels, higher ones, lower ones and everything in between.  We created angels in our image and in our organizational scheme.  This hierarchy does not exist except to those still bound by ego illusion.  We have needed that illusion to get to here.  But now, if we want to stay Here, in the energies of heaven opened up to earth, we must put the hierarchy system away.

The angels that we talk about, often pray too, are group soul consciousnesses and will respond to us no matter how we perceive them.  They will continue to do so for as long as we are on earth.

Let me tell you, they used less words and incredible visuals and deep feeling sensations of communication that was so complete in understanding as I witnessed this.  For me to bring this amazing experience into the realm of words, so much is being left out in the urgency of the revelations.

If you want to stay and grow in this vast cavern of New Life, you MUST stop being against anything!!  I never realized that in taking a stance against anything (think, against walmart, against that seed company, I forget the name, against over sea’s labor… you name it… you are reducing your own energy and giving it to the very thing you are against.  They showed me a picture of a car with a deep metal rod connected to the core of the old earth and people all around it, pushing against it.  It really just gave the car more energy and exhausted the people pushing against it.

Heaven has no need to push against anything.  It is a space of pure allowance, acceptance, of love.

Even now, they show me an image of a seed, a seed we call GMO.  Creators creating and we are having a melt down because we are doing what we are designed to do.  Create and recreate.  The more we push against that, the more energy the GMO receives, the wider it gets.  Imagine if you gave 100% of yourself to the love of the creators creating.  You don’t have to buy their seeds or even like them.  But you do have to love the ingenious aspect of creators figuring out themselves thru trial and error.  Well, what we perceive as an error.

We also must realize we are pure energy too.  Meaning, we give form to our energy by how we feel with it.  If I feel something is bad for me, instantly, it is.  But that too, has a karmic repercussion that comes zooming back to you and enhances the karmic field of others who feel the same way.  Can you imagine that enormous pool of negative energy that is constantly being fed by the feelings of one?

To stay and grown and enhance this portal of energy, of pure energy permeated by the appearance of a dark hole we have now enveloped ourselves in, we must become LOVE, every moment of every day without ceasing.

We are the torchbearers, the fruit bearers, the architects and landscape designers.  We are the sun, the stars, the pure radiance of heaven, living out loud, in form, on earth.  Our responsibility is huge, the payback beyond current comprehension.

Whatever it takes to stay constantly and radiantly in the form of love, do that from this day forward.  When this newly opened cavern of Life holds pure light, we will revel ourselves to you on every level and play in your garden of life.

With celebration and honor,

Lisa and the Planeathians

P.S. There is so much more, but I am adjusting to their frequency and communication… I need a nap now! (smile)













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  3. Lisa, my Lovely,
    Some I of information doesn’t sit well with me. I must be totally honest with you.
    Our civilization has been hijacked for thousands of years! And right now, at this most momentous time, people are waking up. We are coming to learn that we have been lied to, used, enslaved and led by the nose, by those who are in “power”. This is my concern: If we continue as we have been, living in the dark concerning what is REALLY happening to us, as a collective, and no one stands up to those who are doing despicable things to us to keep us in line…..then WHEN and HOW will it ever stop? We are being poisoned by our food and air….dumbed down by the Flouride in our water systems, kept down by the Bankers and Politicians, etc. !!
    These are the reasons WHY we are so far behind in our level of Awareness. We are so busy trying to just stay alive, that we have lost our true reason for BEing here!
    (to be continued. My IPad is messed up and only let’s me write so much before kicking me off. Sorry.)


    • Hey my beautiful, lovely Camille! GET OUT OF VICTIM MODE!! Nothing was hijacked, we gave our selfs away and blame it on someone taking it from us!! IN that place, we continue to give our power away. This actually, is the very energy that is keeping the true and real energies of heaven portal that we have worked with out love and desire and determination to open, to sit in the cave of darkness as we light it up with love…. pure, radiant love and joy. That is the only sustainable and real energy of heaven.

      We are not far behind at all, we are a relatively new planet of consciousness, a brand spanking new biological system, a unique creation in all the multiverses in and of ourselves. We are actually ahead of schedule!! There was a point not to long ago, we truly were looking at an end time do over… but we got it together in lightning speed. Celebrate that… often!!

      As I will continue to share tomorrow, the best way to snuff out the darkness… put it on a starvation diet!!

      Imagine the person set on earth, who’s role it is to love those deemed unlovable. Love does not mean you condone an action, but that you see the spark of god in all things. Our power is to sing songs of love instead of disdain. Love transmutes all energy. Love will clear the waters, nurture the dirt, refresh the air… unless we keep singing songs of how bad it was/is… nothing gets clear. With our best intentions, we keep polluting by our anger.

      I love ya Camille… so much!!


  4. (Continued)
    I totally understand that we should be sending LOVE and Forgiveness to everyone! I understand that we should not keep our attention on things that we feel are of a negative nature……BUT! I feel that this is THE time to inform everyone about the cloak of ignorance we have been living under, and even more…..a time when we need to bring to LIGHT what is going on and spread the word in order to wake people up!
    I don’t believe we need to bring in any sort of violence……quite the opposite. But, to say that we should basically ignore the many types of violence that are being assailed upon us from the “Powers That Be (Were)”, makes me feel that we are being told by your “Contacts”, that we should hold our voices…..rendering us powerless to oppose these acts that are being done against us by those who are trying to keep us from BEing the incredibly (words leave me here) SPECIAL BEINGS that we are.
    (Cont, again, sorry)


  5. I am not meaning to sound like I’m upset here, because I’m not. I’m just so passionate about what I’m saying.
    I’m confused by your blog because I feel like you are being told to “stand down” and to not do ANYthing other than LOVE. And of course we should do EVERYTHING with LOVE. But, should we not also stand (with LOVE) up for what is being done against us?
    I’ve known you for quite some time now, and I LOVE you and trust you implicitly. I will never be anything but completely honest with you about how I feel. And right now, I’m very unsure about what is being told to you.
    I hope that you can maybe explain it to me in a way that I “Get”, because I don’t want to be in confusion about this. And I most certainly hope you feel no offense in this letter, because none is intended!

    With all the LOVE I AM!


  6. Lisa,

    I have to agree with Camille. Before anything of illumination can happen for humanity, the dark forces have to be expelled.

    Are they still here? Yes, they are and they do not want to relinquish control of humanity. They still claim ownership of humans and planet Earth.

    I know this because I’m a Pleiadian starseed and seeing the dark forces leave Earth is part of my mission. I’ve been working on this for two years now. My group and I have been attacked by them many times. They’ve tried to kill me on numerous occasions.

    There are those here on Earth who think this place is a school and there are those here on Earth who think this place is a prison.

    Both of these “versions” have the backing of a great deal of information but ultimately, one of them will be truthful and the other one will not.

    The bottom line is that humanity will be better off when we get to the other side and that’s my job: to bring our brothers and sisters home.



    • Hi MikeOv (((HUGZ)))

      Let me be really clear about what I am talking about… my only focus in ALL that I write is bringing, holding and enlarging the energies we call “heaven” here on earth. I am sure there are those who are set up to scrub the toilet bowl of life, in which case, you have agreed to go down the flusher with the old world and for that, we all thank you for such sacrifice. But we also know, we incarnate again and again and again, so to the human it appears a sacrifice, to the soul, it is a labor of love.

      I too, have Pleiadian blood me, and they teach and help me even to this day. But not once in relationship to anything dark, but in growing love. The only loss of control my “team” has ever schooled me on was the control I had always given away because I felt helpless or inferior.

      I view earth as a flourishing garden of vast diversity, it always has been. As we reclaim more and more of our own power back, the dark side is gonna get lonely and will only have each other to pester. The rest of us will be dancing in the fields of Shambhala.

      For those of you, Mike, that have come here to be the “scrubbing bubbles” of the earth… I thank you!! I don’t do toilets 🙂

      (((HUGZ))) filled with smiles and gratitude,


      • ‘As we reclaim more and more of our own power back, the dark side is gonna get lonely and will only have each other to pester. The rest of us will be dancing in the fields of Shambhala.’ EX-AC-KA-TA-LLEE, LISA! Love it! As you and your new friends expressed here, the most powerful and effective ‘action’ we can take to gain back ‘control’ of our world and move it into Heaven-On-Gaia is to simply BE LOVE. Or, as Buckminster Fuller said, just create a new paradigm, and new lifestyle, and live THERE (instead of fighting ‘against’ the old one, which only strengthens it anyway). Those who don’t want to join the Cosmic Joy Party can just go somewhere else to continue their chosen lower-D games — which is their right and privelege, of course. It’s all a Soul’s personal choice. Free will and all that, right? In any case, Party On . . . . .!!!


  7. Hi, Lisa! I just HAD to comment on this one. I’ve been getting info ‘shown’/explained to me like this, too, for a couple of years. I totally understand/percieve how it happens, and how it feels — which is amazing, and fantastic, ad infinitum. I don’t call it forth, either, it just ‘comes’ to me (along with the Messenger/s of course), usually in the early mornings. Many of my blog posts have come from this ‘material’ or ‘downloads’ or ‘telepathic packages’. Yeah, trying to write it all down, ‘translate’ the images and feelings, is QUITE a challenge! I’ve rarely been able to even come close — and I’m a published writer! Poetry has worked a little better than prose. But regardless of form, human language is soooooo limited, isn’t it. . .?
    Anyway, THANK YOU for sharing this with all of us. VERY inspiring! And VERY encouraging and uplifting to know that this is happening to lots of us now, more every day. Onwards and upwards . . . . collectively, too!


  8. Li li my love. I am 100% with you….remember the book 2150? The book YOU suggested we read? This is EXACTLY what your new friends are speaking about–until we accept the unacceptable we cannot expand to macro…I am humming with this–I am joyful with this–and you know my heart my dear pajama buddy–this is so right on! TREMENDOUS hugs to you and to our new off world friends–I cannot wait to hear more from them! With all my love, Alex


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  11. The more people who have knowledge of the Dark, the more who will learn about their own LIGHT, their own Power and how to LOVE ourselves to a world without a Veil of Illusion.
    Unless they have knowledge of the Veil, they won’t know to help bring it down…..with LOVE.
    Ignorance stays steady. Knowledge can bring about Change. If people don’t realize that they CAN make a difference….that they NEED to make a difference, then Change will be a LONG TIME coming.
    I don’t have to be in “Victim Mode” to know that we have been victimized. I can make change with/by/thru LOVE…….but not without the knowledge to know I CAN and NEED to.

    I write this with HUGE LOVE!


  12. Hi Lisa,

    I’ve only relatively recently started following this blog (I think it was Alex who mentioned it elsewhere, thanks Alex 🙂 ), but I would like to say a huge thank you for all you do and for making the effort to share with us.

    I look forward to every sharing and though I occasionally have to read them a few times to even start to follow what is happening, I can feel it.




  13. Quote:
    “We also must realize we are pure energy too. Meaning, we give form to our energy by how we feel with it. If I feel something is bad for me, instantly, it is. But that too, has a karmic repercussion that comes zooming back to you and enhances the karmic field of others who feel the same way. Can you imagine that enormous pool of negative energy that is constantly being fed by the feelings of one?”

    Dear Lisa,

    This is HUGE. Please, please, repeat it in your next article. People need to get this, totally.
    Thank you. Thank you for all you are doing for us all. Namaste.


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