Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 12, 2013

The Self Illuminated Society called Earth. A Partnership With ALL Life Forms.

Self Illuminated Society

Before I continue my sharing from our friends revelations from Planeathious, I want to be perfectly clear on my own focus, my only true focus here on earth and in my energy system.  Shambhala.  Everything I write about, everything I look at in life and beyond life is souly about bringing the pure and true frequencies and abilities of what we would call heaven here to earth.  I am not looking to overthrow anything, I have already done that in my own life.  And honestly, I think that is the only place we can strip down and rebuild from, our individual lives and then we reach out collectively to connect to others and build bigger and wider, together.

I have long stopped playing by societies rules, by familial rules, or even peer expectations.  I can never make you do such a thing, to even try would be exhausting.  However, to share my journey, the insights I have gleaned and applied to my own life with both positive and not so positive results, that’s what I do.   Perhaps we can even look at my current role in the building of Shambhala, heaven on earth, as figuring out the blueprints.  Any great structure here on earth always comes with blueprints for construction, and there are many of us getting this amazing blueprint to share outwards with the architects, the landscapers, the builders…

Together, as a dedicated and focused collective of love, we have done the first, most important thing to create this.  We opened the portal of real energy to house our new world.  With it, we have tremendous responsibility   We are not creating this alone, there is an entire multiverse assisting,  for they have a very heart vested interest in the creation of Shambhala too.  We cannot cut corners in this creation.  We cannot use cheap material either.

In so many of the bible stories and recollections of heaven, “the streets were paved with gold.”  Spiritually speaking, gold is the highest vibration of spiritual energy there is, silver is the highest vibration of pure earth energy.  Pure love made manifest in the radiance of earth.

I also want to be very very clear on something that may have gotten misunderstood in my last sharing.  Choosing not to fight against anything does not mean sitting on one’s ass and letting the old continue to be a dictate on what you do… not even!!

After my bath time adventures into the most amazing interconnected, interdependent system of life thru our multiverse, our new friends did not leave.  Every question that continued to unfold, they were there with clarity until my mind tapped out and fell asleep.  One of the things I thought, given the enormity of what they had revealed, was a friend of mine.  A friend I read for and follow the energy of his unfoldment thru each reading.  He is doing things I personally don’t fully understand and yet, I can see the Light of the new world surrounding what he is doing, supporting and celebrating his audacity in life.  He has a website called Divine Province and one of the things he teaches within his system is “adverse possession.”  Legally occupying and eventually owning abandoned homes and a little known law that allows for it.    Indeed, he fights an old system, but to break ground for the greater good.  The higher good.  His energy is FOR something.  Stripping the old down with their own laws and empowering those who want to know, those who need to know.

Each and every one of us has a task to do to build anew, and it all starts with letting the old system of your life… go.  Not an ounce of the old has a sustainable energy in the new.  What we can look at this as, putting the dark on a starvation diet.  When there is no longer any energy feeding the old, it falls away.  This diet always starts with the Self.

I also pondered quite deeply the black hole energy that the portal turned into.  I think the only way I have to truly explain the vast significance of this cavern is by using two examples.  First, when a star goes supernova, it creates a black hole whose gravity field is so intense all that goes near it gets sucked in to it.  Science believes what exists on the other side is a new universe, tho, they do not have the equipment to know that yet.  Lets just say, for us and our black hole cavern, this is a very true statement.  Keep in mind, our new friends equally shared this cavern stretches to the eclipse in October.  At least we have some time to get oriented here!!

Coupling this with Eben Alexander’s “Proof of Heaven” NDE sharing… in the three stages of the “other side” he had experienced in his week-long coma, he talks about going to the “core,” where he met and talked with God, Creator, OM (pick a name.)  This space, unlike the other two levels he experienced, was a deep inky black with sparks of light scattered about.  So is our cavern and WE are the sparks of Light scattered about.

Even in his NDE state, he needed an interpreter to relay the energy of the pureness of the creator, what he refers to as an orb of light.

Imagine we are the orbs of Light creating from the pureness of God/Creator/Om.  We too, would have to hold and BE a very pure vibration.  To be able to look at our “old” system with such love and gratitude for its very existence, for it all pushed us forward to Here.  The old system has allowed up, demanded us even, to find our inner strength, our soul convictions and live them in spite of their demands.  That’s soul growth!!

How do you snuff out the old?  By Being the new.  By Being a pure expression of love, empowered and unfearful.  Enlarging your territory of Light in all you do, think and say.

And of course, I had a really big question hovering around my pondering.  This was in relationship to the multidimensional, multiplanetary relay system I was shown.  They shared the fact that every life form is in a constant state of evolution.  Soul evolution.  There are many different biological forms out there, each designed for their soul experience within the system of life they have chosen.

So many people think the word ‘ascension” is the end of a process, it truly is the next beginning and the evolution within the ascended Being is forever ongoing.  Even tho the Planeathians are one of the highest evolved forms in this particular relay system, they are learning and evolving thru us as well.  We are a unique species by design.  The density of the ego system in which we see the world thru is unlike any other in all of creation.  Imagine that!!  We have purposely chosen to come here to this earth plane under the cloak of absolute separation, illusion and forgetfulness and find our way back to the Light of One within us.  But before we got to the full on game we seeded many pockets of light and wisdom within this realm.  We call those we do remember “Lermuria” and “Atlantis.”  Most recently, ancient Egypt  the Maya’s and so many others.  Sparks of Light have always been Here to help seed the way back to Self.  Ancient writings and images of visitors from the skies, now mostly known as Gods and are prayed to and/or worshiped.

You may be surprised to know, all those prayers you hold for yourself and call on others to assist with is deflected back to the wholeness of your soul, often times, for those who can see, with the guise they need to see to make it feel real.

It is only once you fully embrace the wholeness of yourself, empower your life with the Light of yourSelf, we can make contact and fully reveal ourselves to you.  Your power must always remain yours.  We do not come to rescue anyone, but to assist in the evolution and creation of a Self Illuminated Society called Earth.

Over these next 5 months you are going to see and experience a surge in your own electrical field of life.  A dissolution of the old energy system and a building of the new is already underway and will accelerate as we all move forward.  For those whose truest desire is to build this new Self Illuminated Society, much will be asked of you.  We, in the entire relay system, will provide all you need as your efforts move forward.  Be not afraid, you will never be alone.  We have always been here helping you.


It’s kinda funny… in my bath the other day, the Planeathians had asked me to channel messages for them, I suppose this is how it shall be done, a little bit me and a little bit them all mixed in together.

Before I close this sharing today, I want to let you know that I had a sudden change of plans yesterday.  At 7 am yesterday morning I got a call from my fathers wife.  When I heard her voice coming out of the phone, my heart dropped.  I had just talked to my dad the day before, I told him what dates in June I would be arriving and leaving .. she had said he knew he talked to me, but couldn’t remember what about.  This time, my stomach dropped.  She went on to tell me he was in and out of coherency for the day, to the point she left her job to make sure he was ok.  This is a new development.

In my 50 years I have spent 4 months, a couple of days and a handful of phone calls with my dad.  Granted from birth to 13 I had zero contact with him, from 14 to 49 I also had zero contact with him.  In all fairness, this lack of contact is on me.  He sought me out when he had his first heart attack when I was about 27-28 years old.  I shut the door on his request to reunite with me.  I was busy being mad, blaming him for my crazy childhood and playing the victim card with high honors.  I had two little kids at the time, who I am sure would have loved to know their grandpa… and truly, deep in my heart, I so wanted to say yes.  But I was busy blaming… and asked the lady who found me to tell my dad I want nothing to do with him.

Ohhhh how we can bite off our nose to spite our face and justify it with all our mind!!

My dad now has end stage emphysema and inoperable lung cancer and I will be damned if I allow 2500 miles of road come between us, between really getting to know each other while he is still coherent.  So after pacing and feeling with this new news I decided screw my new teeth, I will just have to deal with a hilly billy smile and go hug my dad, love my dad, get to know my dad NOW.

So I am hitting the road on Monday the 13th.  I am driving, so I will be on the road until about Thursday when I arrive in Virginia, give a quick hug to my kids and spend another day driving to PA.  I have cleared my calendar for a week Monday the 13th thru Monday the 20th) to allow the travel time and two days to just sit and talk with my dad and then resume doing what I love… reading for you and sharing it out loud!!!

I am going to adjust my online calendar to reflect EDT as soon as I figure out how.  (I sent an email to their support department and awaiting a reply to adjust my calendar.)  We may have to tweak some times already scheduled.  The new class coming up is already reflecting the EDT times.

I love you all so much, you really are the strength and light in my heart when my heart sinks a little bit.  I do not think you will ever fully realize how much you add to my life, to my energy system, to my Being… by Being You!!  Thank you so much and more than that!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Reading the Field of Life and Light.  A 6 Week Intensive course that will change the way you see and connect to the world!  Now Forming.  Online class will be held twice a week from June 22nd thru July 31st 10 am thru noon EDT.  Click here for more information:  



  1. Thank you ever so much for posting this 🙂
    So looking forward to your channeled and SO NEEDED at this time messages from Planethians and your shared wisdoms 🙂
    Looking forward to your next message 🙂


  2. Dear Lisa thank you for sharing your story. Have a save trip and best of luck.


  3. Lisa, best wishes your your journey. May your visit with your dad be everything you hope for…


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  6. Lisa,
    You have made a wise decision about leaving your teeth behind (for now) and going to spend time with your father. I don’t believe that it will matter one little bit to your loved ones, that your missing a few teeth, as long as they get to see your awesome smile and be with what comes with it!

    You always tell us how much we mean to you…….I feel that I can speak for everyone here by saying that life would be so much less BRIGHT, without YOU in ours!

    You are deeply LOVED and appreciated for all you do in helping us on our journey to the new Heaven on Earth (Shambhala)!!

    May your trip be Blessed and full of JOY!

    LOVE Ya, Chickadee!!!


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  8. save AND adventurous travels my friend! glad you are going!


  9. ha, SAFE… typo….




  11. Li li, Sending you tons of love and energy for your heart Journey. I said to someone today that in these times, the voice of the heart is THE only voice to listen to. I am so glad you are listening to yours. Sending love and light to your dad and his guardians for him to walk his path with strength. Much love to you! Alex


  12. Lisa, I wish youa good journey as you travel to be with your father-and to let you know how much i loved this sharing. I completely get it!!! I’m with you all the way 😉


  13. Love and freedom to all beings in the universe, Divine Province teaches freedom on the spiritual side of god, source energy from all that is.

    adverse possession is a law that is man made and in every state for those who want to learn the law. We all need to learn the law for self preservation.

    the law of life is!!! thou shalt not harm life or land. Freedom, love and peace are all we have to continue in and on this world. Wake up and see the truth. We all have to live with each other.

    Love Love to all!!!



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