Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 3, 2013

You Are Either Making Life Happen, or Letting Life Happen.

brain treadmill

I have got to laugh at the back-flow of my own karmic energy.  All of a sudden, I am on the receiving end of the reschedule zone with something I want very much… my new teeth!!  I was supposed to go for my first fitting last Wednesday, then the office manager calls me that very morning (her name just happens to be Lisa as well) to say my teeth didn’t come in so don’t make the hours drive.  We rescheduled for 3:30 pm yesterday.  I get a message when I woke up yesterday that all the dentists have a conference call to attend at the time of my appointment can I come in earlier.  We get it set for 2:30, I completely rearrange my own appointment schedule, well at least the second half of the day, only to be called yet again to say, only half my teeth came in (lower partials arrived, top didn’t) so we have once again rescheduled til next Tuesday.  I could feel the angst in Lisa’s voice as she told me about the most recent rescheduling news. What could I do but laugh, I took her call as I was rescheduling a wonderful and understanding lady as we spoke.  In the strangest of ways, it all felt weirdly good.  I knew I was standing in my own back flow of karma, but I was also standing in the very energy flow of life itself.

Yesterday was a strange day anywayz.  I was thrilled to finally wake up before 5 am again!!  I got to really put some meat (potato’s for the vegetarians  into my sharing for the day, I even had time to reply to several emails, and even time for a bath before my first scheduled appointment.  The bath I knew my dentist would appreciate very much.  I attempted a meditation while I was in the bath… nuttin!!  It was like connecting to the snow channel.  I brushed it off as too concerned about time and missing my first appointment.  Until I called my first appointment… nuttin!!  What the hell?  I feel fantastic!!!  My energy is high, my mind is clear, I consumed the better half of a pot of coffee already… there is no “physical feeling” reason to be completely disconnected, but I was.   I tried again with my second appointment… not a flipping thing.  Geez Louise!!

Of course, someone on my facebook said there was another solar flare that happened during the night, if that is indeed the case, then it surely has got to be about that.  Altho has not mentioned this M1 earth facing flare at all, but someone had a recording of it and said it happened.  I want to share the video with you because there is an interesting element that happens just before the sun spot erupts:

Look at 25 seconds into the video, on the right side of the flare you an see a super white heart.  I mention this because this would be the 2nd flare that spirit was all in a tither about several days ago.  The first one that happened (dark side of the sun) flipped the energy switch within the field of life itself, activating the Divine Masculine energy.  This one here, flipping the switch on the right… the emotional spiritual side of our lives and activating the Divine Feminine.  Obviously raising the vibration of love with it all!!

However, spirit said consistently that day and even the day after when the readings got even stranger, life itself has no idea what we are going to choose to do with these new activation’s.  Whatever these two solar flares really represent in our fields of life can be life changing/life enhancing if we allow them to be.  Then we must choose to use the new enhanced field of Being.  My ongoing questions is… what the hell is it, what does it mean to us really?  Not a single reply at all.  Dammit!!

When I did my day of readings after the flare on the dark side of the sun, equally after ET class too, boy everyone was just really strange and the field itself, even stranger.  There was energy in motion for everyone, but nothing I could wrap my consciousness around and say it is this or that.  I felt like I walked into the middle of everyone’s movie in progress.  Nor would the field let me back up time either.  I figured if I could understand what they looked like the day prior (think, battery cell lady or pogo-stick man) I could get a clearer idea of what is really happening to them so they could no.  Hell no!!  The field was adamant about the forward flow and no backwards looking.  That alone is very odd!!  I tried to go into a near future stream… nope.  Once again, everyone’s team had the same reply as the day before, they do not know what we will choose to do with these new additions to our energy field   I rescheduled everyone that day.

This morning I am realizing that our friends from the stars that connected to my beautiful ladies in class on Wednesday really gave us a bigger idea of what is happening.  Recalibrating our brainwaves into wholeness.  It is truly our brainwaves that create any given avenue of life’s experience for us enhanced by the magnetic field of our hearts.  No wonder the sun threw us some extra heart energy yesterday.

I must say, it is about time it felt good!!  Normally when I am disconnected, I can feel it in my body.  I can feel the absence of my beautiful spiritual sweater that is a part of my skin.  Not yesterday, so my own surprise and baffledness was huge.  I had way to much energy in my body to not do something with the day.  Suddenly I remembered… ohhh yeah, I need a full day to get my car road ready!!  I took a wonderful trip into Albuquerque, had my car detailed inside and out, got an oil change, rotated my tires, had some lunch and bought a new air filter for my upcoming road trip to Virginia and Pennsylvania.  Thru the many hours I sat in my car yesterday, I had zero contact with my team.  It was actually strange to be on an hour and a half road trip and not hear them yapping in my ears.  But there was no sound, no pinging to my body.  Not even those emotional responses to certain songs.  Weird!!

Even when I arrived home and just sat, for the first time in what feels like forever, I actually felt like a human being again.  Just a human being.  Like my rescheduling of my dentist appointment, it actually felt…. interesting.  Like suddenly you realize you are a part of something so few people allow themselves to be a part of.  A knowing of Life.  A connection that changes everything.

I realized as well, mostly this morning than last evening, it is our very consciousness that gives true life to the air around us.  If you are not plugged in to the electricity of life, well, life really is very ordinary.  Hard to explain, but the feeling and the understanding of just sitting on my couch last evening and feeling nothing special just ordinary and in a great mood.  Who on earth would ever look beyond that moment and wonder if there was anything more… because in that moment, even nothing felt good.

Before I close for today, I want to bring up sine waves again, mostly because it is sitting here in the forefront of my mind, coupled with the image I used yesterday in my sharing.  When I was looking around for more information this morning on our brains and sine waves, I actually stumbled across this interesting video:

Three different frequencies, so similar yet so vastly different in effect.  24hz, 25hz and then the interesting 23hz.  If we can look at this stream of water as our emotional stream, the music that makes the difference, our brain waves (thoughts) we are expanding and attracting all the time.  Think of this as your creative abilities.  You hit the right frequency within, it streams beautifully, you get a little edgy, you get distortion.  You slow down just a bit, you are pulling towards you.  You do nothing… and the water just flows (you can look at this as my time on my couch last evening… just there.)

There are times, we “think” we are doing something, but really not doing anything.  Very much like life on a treadmill.  Constant thought going nowhere fast.  Thought without application is like walking 5 miles on a treadmill.

Life is always in constant motion.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of heartfelt action and LOVE!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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  2. Hi Li li! The heart was so cool!!!! I didn’t see it on the first time through but then I hadn’t read your prompt–its very obvious! I love the connection of science and spirit, as you well know and the water frequency experiment is something I have played around with! they have a display at the Boston Aquarium, but it works with strobe lights and not sound but it is still cool to see how the water responds to the light or sound waves…expand it from that into water in your body and you can see how it responds to the energy of our thought! So cool–so many threads tying together!!!! Its like watching the worlds biggest soap opera! 😉

    Glad you got your car done….gotta mention, you really WANT your are WAITING for your chompers…LOL how bout you play with them already being here and how they feel in your mouth? Hugs! Alex


  3. i am totally going nowhere … fast . ugh. I’m in a huge limbo called NOW.


  4. Jemma, it seems to me that you are feeling what so many of us are right now……the EBB that comes before and after the FLOW.
    For me, anyway, I make all of these plans for what I will do the next day, and then I wake up feeling like I can’t DO ANYTHING! I never know how I will be feeling day to day, or even minute to minute. With the huge power/energy surges that I’m experiencing, one would think that I would be getting all kinds of things done……not the case.
    It’s just the opposite! These surges hit me and I feel as if my body has had a short-circuit. Sometimes it’s like my Mind tells me to Do something but my body has no knowledge of HOW to do it any longer.
    Although I FEEL like I am just wasting time, I know that something IS happening deep inside me…..something that is moving me forward, even though it seems like I’m just spinning my wheels. This is the EBB, and I know that once I am finished “downloading” whatever it is that needs to be completed, I will once again begin the FLOW. The FLOW feels really good!

    The hard part is to keep reminding myself that there is a FORCE in charge that knows the BIGGER picture that I am unable to know just yet.
    It really helps to know that I am not going thru this alone….that I can jump onto Lisa’s blog and read the words from others who are feeling the same way I am!

    Hang in there, Baby! We KNOW this ride is worth it!

    In LIGHT,


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