Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 5, 2013

The New Sunrise On The New Earth Is Powering Up… EVERYTHING!! Part 1


There is no doubt we have arrived in brand new territory.  Things are still very much aligning to each other, the new sun, the new earth and the new us.  Life has always been a process unfolding, and so too is this elongated moment in our reality.  But before I get into all of that, let me back up a bit, quite a bit.

The day before I was leaving for Virginia, I gave my landlady two checks because I broke my rent in half and was not sure I could pay it all in full by the time it was due.  I had some money in savings and knew I would be able to pay for half the rent, but wasn’t sure about the whole thing,  I explained to her the hazard December had on my financial flow and she understood.  In the midst of talking to her, spirit hijacked my lips (they are so good at doing that to so many of us….smile.) and this really comforting message came out.  I will paraphrase the message:

When you allow your old energy (money) to run out at the end of the year (end of the energy field that brought us to here) it allows room for so much more as the New Energy starts to flow in.  If what you hold on to is due to the fact that you feel you won’t have enough later, be assured, that will be the outcome.  I reminded myself of that every time I took out my bank card to spend money that should have been for rent… and yet, in the very last hour… I had enough to pay the whole rent,  Phew!!  Now I have plenty of room for all that new energy (grin.)

While I was in Virginia, I had an experience that was soooo off the wall, so random (well, it really seemed random to me) that I still ponder the huge… and it felt really huge… significance of this event.

There has been a lot of hoopla about the song Gangnam Style by Psy.  I would look at the news headlines and there seemed to always be something mentioned about this “sensation” including the youtube video getting over a billion views.  So around New Years I was sitting in the smoking room of my son’s house and decided to listen to this video to see what all the excitement was about.  The song was fun, snappy, and interesting to watch.  The moment… the very moment the song ended I had an unexpected visitor standing next to my computer.  I mean… really really really unexpected.  My old mentor Marc.  He was just standing there almost peering at me or the computer or something… his energy was sooooo strong, so unmistakable and I was shocked, speechless even.  All I could utter was… what the hell?  I haven’t even so much thought about him this last year and yet, here is a song presenting his powerful Being into my space.  All I could feel inside of me was to go to his facebook page, even tho we are not friends on facebook.  I was even more shocked to find a video of his beautiful young daughter dancing to Gangnam Style on what is viewable on his facebook page without being friends.  I was so stunned I couldn’t even move and I still have to wonder… what the hell was that all about.  For me, it appears so random, yet I know nothing is ever random in the world of energy.

All I could feel from that experience is this is what the new energy is all about.  But what baffles me… he wasn’t even a thought within me…. not for a very very long time.  If any of you have a feeling about this… I am soooo open to hear your view!

Another experience that just made my heart soar was a conversation I had with my son.  It was New Years Day and he was telling me about his evening with his lovely woman and that she started to get sick to her stomach and in his alcohol induced state of Being, all he kept telling her all night is “You are in charge of your body, change how you feel.” I laughed so hard to hear him say that… of course, he suggested that I get her the DVD “The Secret” so they can watch it together, a DVD that changed his entire life (obviously.)  Several hours into New Years Day my eye was burning and watering so bad that I could not stand to be in the same room with him and my grandson, it hurt more in their presence than it did in the back room (smoking room) all by myself.

Hours into New Years day I was so frustrated by my inability to comfortably be in the presence of my boys that I took the energy that my son gave to his girlfriend the night before and said out loud as I came to sit and play with my boys “I am in charge of my eyes and they are going to be well.”  I said it more as a joke, and we laughed… but within an hour, I was better.  No more watering or burning and by the next morning, it was so completely healed that I could pop a new contact in easily.  I could only smile as I am reminded of our power from my own son!!

The next noticeable event was when I was on the plane flying back to New Mexico.  Southwest Airlines does not assign seat numbers so you just sit where you can.  I think for the first time in all my flying experience, I sat in the upper middle of the plane (I am usually in the back somewhere.)  As I was looking around I seen a an isle that only had two seats (as opposed to three) near the exit door.  Instantly, I said to myself, I would like to sit there next time.  Low and behold, the next flight from Vegas to New Mexico, that is exactly the first available seat on the plane and sat in the 2 seater isle.  I didn’t even realize it until I was pondering and spirit said… see where you are sitting.  You asked and received.  My only response was… Holy Shit!!  This is kewl!

I was chomping at the bit to start reading again yesterday.  And, altho I could see and hear, there didn’t seem like there was much to see and hear.  The constant on the field both yesterday and now today… this super amazing sunrise, pure white light energy.  It is so pure that, for this moment, I cannot see thru it…. but, as the day unfolded and my pondering hit various chords, I so get this now.  I so wanted to share what I was understanding yesterday, but, I had several things to really understand today first.  This understanding came thru sharings on my facebook page… like sky rockets of information just cracking open and this crazy human saying…. ohhhhhhhh…. I get this now!!

So, what I am going to do is just share what I understand now, and just let the incredible information flow!

There is an element that remains constant in this process of the new world/new energy/new earth… 3 full earth days to settle and take form.  So when I did my mini-reading with that beautiful man on New Years Day, we were in the element of the initial sunrise on the new earth (for lack of a better description of where we are at… energetically .. right now.)  My next reading schedule was on the 4th, the first day after the 3 days of pre-dawn.

Well, what we are in now is the new sunrise just over what could be called the horizon located in these readings in the deep west area.  And even just typing that, there had been so much speculation on the earth changes, the sun rising in the west (illuminating the abundant harvest of our efforts) after three days of darkness (pre-dawn) caused by the pole shifts (we shifted from the old earth to the brand spanking new one.)   I am really feeling this was never ever literal, but symbolic and very present in the energy of the Field.

So we should have 3 days of such blinding sunrise in the field of readings (and indeed, it is happening in the readings today as well.)  With the first reading of yesterday I realized something amazing truly has shifted.  I could feel it, even tho all I could see is a massive Light, as if I was staring straight into the sun.  I could not find any biology to connect to thru any of the readings and I finally realized last evening as I was pondering, it is because we are now the same frequency of the blazing Light.  We are no longer separate from the Light (well, we never really were, but we had to get to that point in our game of really KNOWING that and reflecting it back outwards on the playing field we call Life.)   But in this sunrise, there is a lot taking place and I pray I can find the adequate words to share what I so deeply understand within.

I do want to mention tho, with my first bright, sun lit lady on this new field, new earth, I tried to back track into December to get something to read, and instantly I seen a book that was closed shut and the knowing that “that story” is done and has no relevance to this new earth, energetically speaking.

We are in the midst of harmonizing the frequency.  We are absorbing the new sun energy, the sun energy is equally absorbing us, and as I paused to reflect on this understanding yesterday, I caught a glimpse of our feet on the new earth, like little rockets spewing out the new combined sun and biology energy into the new earth, charging her up to reflect our frequency.  Each person has their own “landscape” so to speak, and now that landscape is in the midst of being super charged by the atmosphere of new particle energy being released.

As I rescheduled my first reading of yesterday, I knew there was something so huge in what I could see and feel thru the connection, even without the first detail being shown, I decided I am taking a bath.  This is the first time I actually took a bath since I had my surgery on November 29th… the longest time I have ever gone in 13 years without doing a meditation.  I was over due!!

When my meditation opened my first thought was, my goodness I have spent way too much time playing racetrack with my grandson…. because I appeared to be on a very unique track that I will share via my very limited talent of using microsoft paint:

coming full circle

What I did start to understand with this straight part of the track was it represented the Energy starting January 1st, there was nothing connected to it before that point.  Talk about everything being NEW!  The straight aspect represents the three days of pre-dawn, what else can you do but just walk into each day… and then the circle which had no beginning or no end, which when typed out, suddenly says a mouth full!!  I kept looking for the exit of this circle but it did not exist.  So I just focused on what did exist… and the view of watching myself walk slightly around the track, head down, I actually felt so neither here nor there…. no longer in the old energy, not quite feeling the new… until I walked just a bit further and suddenly I watched my face lift up and these lights burst out of my eyes like intense flashes.  Talk about soul energy!!  Instantly there were multi-colored lines on the round track before me, I had no clue what they represented except for choices.  Every choice was all happening at once and will open various doors and opportunities for me…. but yet, I had no idea what the choices were.

So I got off the racetrack and asked my body a question… am I done with Cancer.  Altho I didn’t get an audible yes or no, I did get a light explosion from the inside out, like a star burst exploding and radiating from its center outwards… whatever that means, I know it is good.  But what came just after that really made me understand something even deeper.  I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything that may be inside of me… lingering.  I heard my team sat that sometimes the body must do what needs to be done to get others out of complacency.  With two out of three of my children, this jaunt with cancer did exactly that.  The feelings coming from them when I went home for christmas was different from anything I have ever felt before… I think the only way to describe it, is we are all now in the present and grateful for it and for each other.

So then my attention went to those colored energy lines… what do I really want to energize first… hmmmmm….  the next thing I turned my attention to was my finances and the room for more agenda.  Instantly I seen a huge cloud of energy with a belt tied tightly around it, and I knew it was showing me that even tho my 2012 was great, there was a lot being held back… then suddenly that belt ripped open and all this energy just started flowing in… I don’t need the details, I felt it so strong and so deep that that is good enough for me… at least for now.

The next thing I know… Suddenly there was a massive sun in front of me and I could feel my whole body respond to the energy within it… in the deepest brightest light was my divine counterpart.  I could not see him at all, just the feeling, holy freakin cow batman!!  And then… a penis emerged, don’t know where the rest of his body was, but man oh man did his penis tell an amazing story (smile.)  It took “energy penetration” to a whole new understanding!!

My view was on the eye of the penis and this streaming white light energy… phew baby!!  It went straight thru the core and did things I cannot even understand… yet.  When all was said and done, or maybe, that is distributed (cheesy grin) he was still very much inside this ball of sun energy except for his arms and legs.  If I didn’t understand the significance of what I was seeing, it would have looked ridiculous   We are now literally pulling what we desire from the fields of Light and since we are now the fields of Light, we are pulling and interacting with outSelf’s on a real and tangible level.  Manifesting with heart desire and interaction in the fields of Light.  How this all plays out is going to be interesting to experience!!  But man oh man, what a start to an amazing journey!!

Let me tell you, I came out of that meditation loopy!!  I still had readings to do, well, other sun energies to see…  everyone housing the same energy, new horizon, absorbing  exchanging… powering up the new earth beneath our feet with the energy we are focusing on now…. but not a detail to be seen beyond that.

By 4pm I was exhausted.  I laid down to take a nap and ya know that place where you are just falling asleep but not quite asleep yet… that’s where this happened.  I could see my team about 10 feet above me pulling open my heart energy and tossing in what looked like puff balls of pastel energy.  There were soft blues, yellows, pinks  everything and it was filling up the entire energy of my heart area.  As I rolled over to try to actually sleep, suddenly I seen so many different pairs of shoes on my feet… all sneakers (tennis type shoes) with various designs of the energy spectrum just tossed into my heart.  I realized each shoe represented a different energy package (lines above in the drawing) that is going to be needed to produce the desired result.

I fell asleep for a whopping 5 minutes and woke up so incredibly refreshed.

And on that note, I am going to split this sharing in two.  It is already after noon in my world and I do have things to do.  I will get up in the morning and finish the profound and exciting understandings yet to be talked about.  But, before I close, I do want to mention one last thing that I now so fully understand (and spirit wants to include in this sharing… Do-Overs!!

As I started to realize there are going to be many people going into various directions at the end of 2012, some to what I call the new earth of 2013, and many others to “Do-Overs” the term do-over felt so daunting and a place I really didn’t want to explore (I don’t think any of us really want to do any part of our journey over) until today, in that OMG ah-ha moment, I didn’t realize just how important and profound the do-over energy really is.  But it is.

Do-Overs is in no way a punishment or even a cycle of “negative karma” it is just something that was missed getting to here… a gift that is so important to fully realize and that is needed in the spectrum I am still going to call 2013, that you must go back, get it, then leap onto the new energy field.  I have seen several people this last month leaving their new life for their old one and at first, well until today, it boggled my mind as to… why?  Because they overlooked a tremendous gift that was there the first time around, so now they can go back, eyes wide open, and extract it and house it in their energy field.

Another thing I realized today (again, thanx to sharings on my facebook) was the reason this sun is sooooo bright… I am no longer looking thru a veil.  The veil dampened the light as it was needed to do.  Now, we are in full glory and even that takes some adjusting to on our part as well as re-membering how to work with the full spectrum of Light that is now available to us on ALL levels.  Like a baby learning to walk…

There is a song I want to end this sharing with, because there was a lady i read for today who was walking on the sun… tomorrows sharing.  But lets kick it off with some Smashmouth and Walking on the Sun!!

To be continued….

Lisa Gawlas



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  2. I am not sure if your old mentor is here or passed over, I am thinking that here is still here with us, but that (one thing I know), is that we are traveling now…here on Earth, out of this Earth. I had my Reiki Master and good friend visit me at least 3 times in dreams, which I know where actually higher-self meetings. I had to tell her as she has no recollection of it. I know I do something in my sleep….I’m doing something with my hands…some kind of work, but I don’t know what. Also, if this had happened to me, I would see this as a sign that I should contact this person, most definitely. I am just getting into after-life experience, but since you did not meet in the sleep plane…and you and he did not talk, this may be an indication that he may be leaving, if he has not already left.
    Laura Coy


    • Hey Laura ((((HUGZ))))

      Well, my old mentor is only “old” in my timeline (2001 to early part of 2002,) he is actually somewhere around his young 40’s and he felt wayyy to strong to be ready to pass, or anywhere near the passing over stage. It has been so many years since we talked… to many to remember, we are no longer “friends” which is really why I was super shocked by his unmistakable presence and it was more than energy, but imagery/presence too… Crazy…


      • He is traveling and somehiw was drawn to you. What I am saying is that even though he may not be aware that he was traveling there is no longer any coincdence, so why did he cime to you? I tell people all the time that in our new vibrational state the opportunity to heak on a higher level is there. The “past” becomes “present” again for this reason. We do not judge each other any longer, so whatever you wish, but I see this as a possible invitation to heal that relationship? What do you think? Laura


      • First Laura, never apologize for typos… in life, typos happen and I read them well (since I do them so well too ❤ )

        I absolutely agree with you… there has to be a reason and there is no such animal as a coincidence. Many times thru the years, this last decade, I tried to reach out and heal the lingering hurt and maybe even get my friend back, but it never went anywhere. If that is part of a do-over, I am not doing it!! (smile) By that I mean, I am not initiating anything!! Just to be clear here ❤


      • Sorry for all the typos! goodnight!


  3. Li li! I love that song walking on the sun! Very cool sharing and I too have felt the book of the past closed and everything finished up but I think for some a few pages are folded back and need returning to and reviewing so I feel good if something “keeps coming up” for resolution its cause there is a gift hidden there–that feels very good.

    Big love and thanks for all your wonderous understanding–especially the bit about the metaphorical shift and also the brightness of the SUN YES i have been seeing that as well and felt, well its all just clearer isnt it? hugs! Alex


  4. Lisa, thank you for posting the song…I noticed it is 3:33 minutes…:) …all week numbers have been 222, 333, 444, 777…and what a great reading…. I am walking on the Sun!!!!


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