Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 3, 2013

The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius – The New Landscape of Your Life!

age of aquarius

My goodness gracious I cannot believe it has been like 2 weeks since I wrote a thing, but not for the lack of trying.  The last 4-5 days my eyes became so sensitive to light that looking at the computer screen actually was terribly uncomfortable, compounded by brain fog and the most I would eek out in a whole hour would be a single word.  Today, the day I have the least amount of time (flying back to New Mexico today) of course, my eyes are happily soaking in the computer light and my brain has found it was back home!!

Happy New Year everyone!!

What I am going to share today seems like old news now, but I really feel it still warrants sharing, the year, the energy zone I call 2013 is still very new.

On December 28th I had a full day of readings and everyone started out the same.  There was this thick spread of black bulging energy that ran from the entire West field to the East field that was about 6-8 inches wide.  There was such an intense aliveness to this black energy, yet it did not move or bubble, but yet, it felt so active within itself.  This black was laid out in the center of everyone’s field and spirit kept saying it was the very center of the person’s life field.  Meaning, it encompassed direct center in all lives; physical, biological, emotional and so on.

Keep in mind, this is the first time I had read for anyone since the “field” sealed itself up in the deep blackness back on the 19th.  Of course, then, the black appeared to be above, or sky level, now it was becoming the new landscape of everyone’s life path.

Another aspect that was steady thru all the readings on the 28th was this massive vat of black energy housed deep in the West radiating just above the ground and every time I looked at it, I kept feeling a connection to the “water bearer” except, there was no bearer, just black liquid energy (the water I suppose.)  There has been much speculation and questioning about when the “Age of Aquarius” actually begins… I absolutely feel, we are in it now!

Before I explain what any of this means, I have to give you the next days readings that added to this understanding.  I was completely down on the 29th, exhausted really.  So no readings for that day, but on the 30th, I was back to seeing again, well at least for a day.

Again, every person had a very similar set up as the field unfolded.  Trillions of multicolored molecules of energy in the deep west field, spreading out from left to right as far as my eyes could see.  I could see the radiating energy in the nucleus of every molecule… it was beautiful and very much alive.

I do want to add, that people’s questions during these two days, took us into so many areas of understanding .. but I will share all that tomorrow.  (smile)

Now, in relationship to the consistency of the beginning of these two days of readings, spirit kept explaining it like this:

Everyone’s house (their body/Self) is completely in order, created with the energy and desires they put into motion thru the entirety of 2012 and now this is the finale as the landscape itself is laid to match the energy field of the person walking.  All the old grass and all the old top soil has been completely removed and the black from the 28th is the new top soil.  The multicolored molecules of energy on the 30th is like each blade of new grass that was still in the process of being laid down in people’s lives.

I was also shown how this works…. which is kind of exciting too.  The moment your foot hits the energy package I call a clump of grass, a feeling will move thru you that will serve to prompt you in new directions.  Hesitate and that energy fuel will go else where… move thru the heart promptings and your life is going to unfold at the speed of light thru the soul promptings of the heart.  Once this energy is released, it must be used… by you or by someone brave enough to follow it thru to fruition.  Life is now actively participating with You.  This is completely about soul desire and NOT ego desire.

And this only applies to those who have cleared their way into the energy I call 2013.  There are still billions on earth who have gone back to other timelines to recreate aspects of their lives they did not learn form the first time around.  I have seen this thru the people’s questions when they asked about significant others in their lives.  Again, tomorrows sharing.

I tried to do readings on the 31st… once again I was down.  So I rescheduled one guy to new years day after my son got back from his wonderful adventure into the new year (late afternoon.)  I still felt like a mac truck ran over me during the night and had a constant headache on the 31st into the 1st.  I could feel spirit rearranging my brain waves… which actually started on Christmas day… a whole other story I do not have time to share.  …maybe tomorrow (smile.)

When I connected with him on the phone, I forewarned him I felt like crap and probably won’t be able to see a thing, but hey, gotta try… right?  I am sooooo glad I did.  I was so shocked when I instantly seen him.  But let me set this up too…

In the last couple days of readings I could clearly see the energy vibration I call 2013 only two feet above the timeline of 2012.  This was sooo exciting because when it first appeared (May I believe) it was like 30 feet above the ground, as we moved into November it was 15 feet then 10 feet above the ground… representing that WE were raising the vibration of the earth and its inhabitants to meet this new energy field… but that does not mean a free pass for everyone (remember, the do-overs) so we had to leap into 2013 of our own accord.  I had even seen one lady who had a massive Light Being (angel?) on her new years eve (she was in New Zealand when I read for her on the 30th) pulling her up onto the field of 2013.  We have never been in this alone… nor are we now.

So when I read for my man on new years day, I was so excited to see his whole body standing in the beginning area of 2013… still above the “old earth” and he was standing on top of a large rock (about 2-3 feet high) pumping his arms in the air… so excited.  So filled with the new energy… except he was completely in silhouette form.  Even the area all around him was like i was looking thru the night sky…. but yet, everything felt so different…. energized, exciting, ready.  The rock itself represented grounding in the new energy, the new connection with the All of Life.  One must take a moment to breathe before we hit the ground running.

I started to understand that we were just hours into the start of a brand new adventure (2013) and he has not put his feet down on the new earth yet (none of us really did, yet.)  And this morning, every time I think about him, I have the 5th Dimension belting out “It’s The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.”  I suppose I seen him at pre-dawn…  (smile.)

And even tho his reading only presented that… it told a whole story in and of itself for all of us.

There is no more waiting, no more just hoping, if we want it, we must hit the ground and go get it.  Even if we don’t know the way, the ground is equally releasing the map of the how and where as you walk.

We Are the Light and Action of the New World!!  We have gotten to here by breathing in every ounce of Light energy that we could… and now… we must exhale our soul into Life!!

Speaking of which, I am going to delay the opening of The Soul Gym by a week.  I am sooo behind on readings that I need this first Sunday to catch up with mySelf.  So we will get actively started on January 12th… by that time, we will at least see the new landscape and how we are to work it all too.

I also want to to say thank you to everyone who has walked and grown with me thru 2012.  At the close of the year, WordPress gave me some heart staggering numbers… my blog on wordpress has been read by close to a quarter million people from 169 countries across the globe.  Ain’t no wonder I feel like I am living on love and am so deeply enriched… there are a lot of us together in the collective of Shambala!!  Thank you soooo very very much for all you do, share, love and Being such an amazing part of my worldscape!!  I love you!!!!

I have missed you all sooooo very much and sooooo look forward to an interactive year on every level of Being!!  I hope your Holy Days were filled with Bliss and your New Year started with a sense of Adventure!!  Cuz here we gooooooooooooooo!!!

((((((((HUGZ))))))) of new landscapes and energy packets to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. Thank you Lisa, for all that you did… 2012 was an exciting year. i wish you a Happy 2013.

    My account of 21-12-2012 and beyond:


    I am waking up, coming out of a very, very deep sleep. I had a dream that I barely remember. I was doing a dancing competition and there was also something about Ascension, but can’t remember what anymore. The day started with breakfast and after that, me and my mom went Christmas shopping for the kids. But I feel quite disconnected but yet also peaceful inside. I felt like I was an observer in my own body, doing things just on automatic pilot. During the day if felt the energies rising in me.


    I did a meditation but all I saw was Earth as a white energy ball. When I had gone to bed last night I also did Cobra’s meditation: I had dream after that of me being on a ship, I was a team leader and was wearing a black-red suit that resembles the suites in Star Trek Voyager.I was coordinating a mission. and for this mission we have to go to Egypt, Giza by plane. We board the plane…. and that was the end of the dream.


    During the night I had a strange experiences, as I woke up I noticed the moon was shining very bright through the curtains. So I opened the curtain and saw the moon shining bright at my right. So I went asleep again and when I woke up I saw that it moved to the left. A few minutes later I check again, and strangely it moved back to the right again, and that was impossible…or didn’t I looked right the first time? As the night went on I saw the moon moving more and more to the left and suddenly…the moon looked like it had the colors orange/red and was shining so bright and still had some haze around it. In this moment I also saw blue orbs … around 12…flying through my third eye. It felt like I was in another dimension, the night sky felt like bigger and had more depth (it is hard to describe what I felt and saw) But it was an amazing experience, and I experience the same during the whole night.

    I also had this dream: I was studying at a school and I had to take the train as I didn’t had a car to drive to school. But I was now on my way home, but I couldn’t take the train because every train was canceled due to cleaning operations on the tracks.(Cleaning of the timelines of negativity?) I am still standing in the transit and I am not feeling well. I suddenly find myself on the floor. When I wake up I am lying on a hospital bed and doctors are busy with me, everywhere I see tubes. I felt cooped up somehow and I stretch my hand but I encounter a glass dome above me. They contained me in a glass box because I had a deadly disease that would liquify my internal organs. As I look , I see a reflection of the my back head, and as hard as I try to see the reflection of my face, I can’t see it. I am getting clausterfobic, because my arms were in front of my chest, so I wanted to lie them next to my body. But it was so tight in there I couldn’t move them and then I woke up.

    Love and Light Lisa


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  3. Blessed new year Li li! I have to tell you, when I didn’t see you post for so long I simply assumed you had ascended into 5D and then I got to thinking that YOU certainly with all your wonderful gifts would want to continue here as a teacher. So happy to hear your words again and happy to continue on this path of opening and breathing SOUL into life–you made my heart sing saying those words! BIG HUGS and hope you feel less like crap with every day that goes by–been feeling that way too-the energy has been Mac Truckian! LOL Alex


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