Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 28, 2012

The Mayans, Some Foosball and Dancing in the New Light of Day!!

Ok, I cannot go running off to have a PET scan without putting out a sharing…. not with so much good information held in the entirety of yesterday to share!!!  I swear to god everything hit a brand new octave yesterday, including my ability to see/read.  I really think the fun has officially started, I am hoping anywayz!!

Before I get into sharing the field and the readings from yesterday, which I find to be filled with jump up and down excitement, I have been chomping at the bit to share the contents of my meditation yesterday!!

My whole meditation seemed to be focused on our star family or ET’s.  The moment I hit the water I was reminded of the meditation several months back about the overlay of ET DNA during the conception process and the Hybrid human.  I had forgotten about all that when I shared yesterday.  It is amazing what I am capable of forgetting (I am officially requesting a larger hard drive please!!)

Once I laid back and really got into meditation, what opened up next was just so exciting!!  At least for me.  I was shown the original Mayans, which were a large group of entities from the stars (which stars I have no idea.)  They came here to become a part of earth and it’s growing population.  From what I was shown in my viewing area, they looked very human, I have a feeling tho, their own DNA was so advanced that they can put on any sort of “skin” to fit in.  Not just a shape shifter or chameleon, but as a permanent change in their biological structure.

In the place they came from, time did not exist like it does here on earth, at all.  So as a way for them to understand the movement of time as we know it, they studied the one thing they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, the map of the sky.  Because they already knew, quite well, the effects of the stars movements on spiritual growth they started to map out our skies and how the stars rotated in our solar system.

Again, because their own DNA was so advanced, they not only understood the movements of the sky, but the relationship to spiritual growth held within the movements for this place called earth.  Their own psychic abilities were simply part of who they were and used them in all that they did.  They understood the power and relationship to moon phases, eclipse cycles, and obviously, architecture was very much a part of their culture.  The ability to harness energy from the sky for their people.  There is so much more to the ancient structures, that we will one day understand and be able to utilize as they were created to be utilized.

Think of it this way, if you suddenly seen a high voltage wire strung out above you going from pole to pole, but you had no concept of what electricity was, it would just become a marvel until you learned how to tap into the power within the wire.  Same for the many structures left here by the ancients.

And the Mayans, were just one cluster of Star people.

Of course, in meditation, I got to witness how they did this, how important this was to who they were, and why even today, to some people, understanding this is so important to who they are.  For they are the ancestors remembering.  Using and accessing more of their own natural psychic abilities will one day completely reveal the importance and power of the structures we all marvel at today!!

Speaking of marveling!!  The field was ablaze yesterday!  So much so I could not see a thing on the ground at all!!  When I do readings, I do not use my physical eyes at all.  I literally put my face parallel to my kitchen floor and with intent, crank out my antenna to the back yard and “see” with that.  I was shocked to see the Mesa cliff as aglow as in the photos I have taken over the last year, but with a twist!  There was an incredible sun rising up from behind the Mesa Cliff, as the day went on, the sun was merged in the top of the Mesa Cliff to the right… or better stated, fully aligned with December.  I have created the most humble picture to give you an idea of what I had seen:

Ok the picture is real, it’s the sun that is very primitive in my replication of it.  There was an intensity, a clarity to it that was… intense.  I could see the streams of light coming from it like diamonds filling the air.  Even the center of the sun was not its usual yellow… maybe more like the clearest yellow diamond energy you have ever seen.  The light was so intense, the ground was not visible to my eye at all.  Which I only understand today it is because my vision is still adjusting to the new frequency of light!

What was repeated over and over again was “A new day has dawned.”   But what really hit home in my ah-ha moment was a little thing I put on my face book in regards to the days energy “The Sun has Risen.”   The moment I typed that out, the catholic in me that has heard that phrase more times than I want to remember… remembered.  When we hear the stories of Jesus and his ascension after death, it is said that the son has risen.  It has always meant the new light of day is now upon earth.

The readings tho… man oh man oh man.  My antenna may still be upgrading to the new light on earth, but somewhere in the night, it has become enhanced in a brand new way.  And my second client of the day, as synchronicity of the last 24 hours would have it… gave me (us) more than an eye full of understanding!!

Yesterday, I was straddling doing readings as well as writing my blog for the day, something I almost never do.  But yet, it was so perfect in this context.  I had just concluded my paragraphs about “seeing” cancer in its natural state of expression… breathing cells of Light.  When you remove the darkness of fear from anything, you can really see what is happening.  My lady on the phone was about to take that understanding and make it more real, more exciting than anything I could have hoped to understand!!  And I must give a shout out to her mother for Being the most wonderful messenger of such profound information and understanding.

When I asked my lovely lady how she was doing, she told me her mother was just diagnosed with cancer and was in the hospital.  Let me tell you, I did not expect the joy and celebration that came thru her reading!!  Wow weezers!!

When she told me where the cancer was found in her mom, I miss heard half of what she said.  I thought she said in her spine and bowels.  My vision went straight to her spine, names the lumbar to lower thoracic area of her spine.  The color spectrum was holy cow amazing!  A variation of multi-colored pulsing energy.  To say I was stupefied would be a huge huge understatement.  Since when is cancer so beautiful, so radiant and dare I say, so purposeful!!  I even told her, if you just asked me to scan your mom, I would have never seen this as cancer…. ever.  Back in my massage day the energy of illness always had a variation of blackness to it.  The more present the illness was in the body, the more solid the black was.  In any illness or diseases beginning stages, it appeared smokey white.  To me, this always meant, if you don’t change your emotional ways, it will deepen in blackness.

So why am I seeing something that only a month ago I personally seen as devastating and black… now… so beautiful and alive.  Instantly, my memory was taken to the blog I was still typing out… ohhhh sheez, well this can be confusing.  With the absence of fear in my view, it is actually quite beautiful and purposeful!!

I switched my vision over to her bowels, wanting to see if that was radiating this amazing energy too.  Nope, looked just like bowels.  When I told her that, she said she said brain not bowels.  Oops.  But her mom’s spine wanted all the attention.  It gave me understanding as to why it was in the color spectrum it was in (multi-colored, unlike seeing my own cells which were pure white only.)  Our spine and cranial areas encompassing all of the bodies vibrations, it literally houses and runs all the combined energy from the chakras thru out the body, hence being full spectrum color.

My lady said that the Docs gave her mom about 3 months to live.  This is indeed her mom’s scheduled exit point in this lifetime.  But…. with ohhhh so much purpose in doing so.

I swear to god, doing this lady’s reading felt like I was living an oxymoron!!  She has just gotten devastating news, yet, there was a party in the fields of energy on every level! Her moms soul was excited, the spiritual field was excited… her moms hospital room was busy with spiritual energy.

I was completely in her moms hospital room.  I could see her moms spiritual team aligned completely around her bed.  Four angelic looking beings on her right side, her left side and two at the foot of her bed.  The strongest vision was held with the four at the right side.  They were there radiating energy to her.  Altho i was aware of the ones on the left side of the bed… what became important to see was the sheer amount of activity happening with her moms crossed over loved ones.  They were quite alive and active in her hospital room.  Prepping her, reminding her of the joy she had in life.

The understanding came that this was moms greatest gift to my lady on the phone.  The very energetic thing needed to pull the dormant spiritual attributes out of her daughter for use!

Beyond all that, (and let me tell you, all that was so exciting, so rich in every possible way) I could see her moms energy field… a pure mix of her spiritual energy with her biological field of energy.  She was no longer separate from herself.  She was aware of the happiness in the room on a spiritual plane.  My lady said that she has been talking to her crossed over loved ones… but of course, she is now more present with them than those in biology in the room.  Mostly cuz she was now tuned to joy… the sorrow from the humans… hurt.  Literally.

But something even more was revealed.  My lady had asked about her dad and her sister.  Instantly they were both present in the room, neither one tho aligned to this precious souls heart.  Instead, husband (my lady’s dad) was at the foot of the bed, on the right side, becoming invisible.  He was loosing his identity as he watched his wife lay there so sick.  The sadness and fear of loss within him was dense and void of light.  Her sister  well, lets just say she is not a very nice person due to her own inner hurts.  To have these two people in the room was very much like being in the midst of a full on solar eclipse… it darkened the Light in the room.

I pray, that one day, we will celebrate someones end stage of life with joy and celebration because they have been in our lives instead of mourning our own personal loss.  It does matter so much.  Love, joy, laughter will act more profoundly as a morphine drip than morphine itself.  It is the greatest healer ever known.  The body doesn’t have to be in pain, it simply is because of the weight of fear.  The sadness, the darkness of….. (fill in the blank.)

This precious soul changed my view on everything in a moment.  I am so utterly grateful for those who grace my world, even if they are thru other people.

My next lady in the field of reading… man oh man.  Because of the intensity of sunlight, I could not read for her in my usual way on the field, so just coming from the above reading… I asked her to ask some questions maybe we can see that way.  Her question was about the feeling of moving, relocating.  I think spirit must have just been waiting for a question because instantly the information flowed effortlessly.

I do want to mention, neither readings unfolded outside, but all of it inside my kitchen,  a place my vision is always set to, my home.

Instantly I heard she will be moving to New Zealand, I could see the people she will be very connected to when she gets there… people strongly aligned to the Maori tribe, but also her ancient ancestors from Lemuria   They will serve to open packets of information thru each other… spiritual abilities and deeper wisdom.  We even got a time frame of mid-summer 2013.

My lady wanted to know how she will move there (she lives in S. Cali) what surprised me more than anything was her teams constant reply of  “how does not matter, the way is already set, what matters is when.”   They told her several people are involved in her move and her team is more focused on the when… sooner would be better (according to them) and that is what their energy is focused on.  What they showed me was amazing… I mean… really really amazing!!

Her team showed me what they were doing with the people involved to make this all happen in a “timely” manner.  I swear to god it was like viewing a spiritual foosball game. For those not familiar with foosball here is a picture of it:


Now imagine those bars going across were energy lines.  Our spiritual teams on working the bars of energy to get the players on the field (us) to move in this direction or that direction at a particular time.  They work their spiritual butts off getting everything aligned as needed… at the right time!!

Sometimes they make the goal when needed, sometimes… they gotta start all over again.  Ohhh us humans and our free will and stubbornness!!

Well, my day beacons.

Happy New Dawn, New Day, New Life to All!!

Foosball anyone??


Lisa Gawlas











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  3. Lovely Li li! We have foozeball as we call it in our basement and try as I might my husband always beats my ass! I was thinking of being a pinball of light in reference to your lighthouse from yesterday’s piece and now we are playing foosball too? What fun!

    Having been around my gran when she passed over (though not in the room–though my little one who was 2 at the time told her the angels were here for her and then 10 minutes after we left for ballet class she passed with a suprised look on her face!~)…i completely believe it is simply a shift…and that our loved ones are ever present for us!

    Here’s sending love and light to you for all your medical machinations in the next two days…That you are open to learning and exploring the situation is wonderful! HUGS! Alex


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  5. […] But if this story just doesn’t get more interesting.  As I was looking for this above golden door picture, I seen another picture I created on Nov. 28th, 2012… with this information in the blog I posted it in: […]


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