Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 16, 2013

A New Path Begins As The Energy Of Shambhala Releases It-Self!

I swear to god, on the other side of the veil a bunch of spirits are at a betting station, wagering on how far us humans will stretch before we break!!  Just because our spiritual energy is soooo pliable it can stretch into forever, this flipping human body… not even close!!  Or at least it feels not even close.

I woke up at 1 am on January 15th with the most horrific searing pain in my left eye.  My right eye finally was starting to feel normal after weeks of hurting and swelling… but this left eye pain, just brought me to my knees.  Water was streaming down my face, forget tears.  The pain was originating from the far corner of the left side of my left eye, nowhere near my contact, yet I knew, I had to get the one and only contact I had in my eye, out.  Holy shit what a battle that was.

I keep little night lights all over the house, so when I wake up in the middle of the night I don’t have to turn any lights on to see where I am going.  These little night lights were officially blinding me.  After an hour of trying to open my eye to get my contact out and just searing pain ravaging my eye, I just sat and cried.  I reached my breaking point.  Half because I hurt so much, half because I knew… I have 5 people I am going to be rescheduling…. again, in the morning.

I fiddled with my contact for another hour and finally, pacing around my kitchen wiping the waterfall flowing from my eye and blowing my constant runny nose I screamed “Would you please fuckin help me here!!”    (Not that I hadn’t asked over and over again, subtly, during those two hours.)  I stopped in mid pace, put my fingers in my eye and popped out my contact like it was easy!  I was not amused.  I went to sleep.

I woke up super late (just before 8 am) with still searing pain in my left eye, my right eye just sealed itself shut.  I was miserable.  I had already slept thru my first appointment, I woke up with only minutes to spare before my first scheduled appointment and I can’t bear to open my eyes to allow the light of day flow thru them… and the birds needed to be fed.

I don’t care how bad I feel, those birds are not going hungry, especially since we just had an over night snow storm.  I put my sunglasses and slippers on, squinted my eyes so I can at least see where I am walking without falling… and I thought, wow, this really looks weird.  We have freshly fallen snow and it looks all brown or something, must be my sun glasses.  As I make my way into the back yard, I am realizing there is something white under this strange brown…

I made my way back in the house, took off my sun glasses, shielded my eyes from the morning light and seen the back yard was sooo brown.  What the hell is that?

brown back yard

I look out the side window, my propane tank has a covering of brown.  I go to my front yard… thinking, this is crazy, what could have possibly gotten into the snow??


It was everywhere, no part of the landscape was missing this brown covered snow.  I officially felt like i was in the middle of a sci-fi movie.  My eye still in absolute pain and the freshly fallen snow, which should be all sparkly caught a flu as well.

My landlady, who lives next door, musta been feeling my confusion over here.  She called me shortly after I took the front yard picture and said we had a rare phenomenon happen over night.  The Mesa exploded.  A huge hunk of Mesa rock came off it’s base and created an avalanche and obviously one hellofa dust storm in it’s wake.  She said I could see where it released itself because it looks like a waterfall.

I don’t care how much this is gonna hurt my eyes, I am going down to the river to explore and take pictures!!


Wait…. lets get that just a bit closer….

mesa close up

Of course, I took these pictures and uploaded them all to my facebook page yesterday.  Someone asked a question that just sent shivers down my spine.  I will get to that in a minute.  I am going to back way up in this story.

Last November 2011, when I was living nowhere (in a hotel on Virginia beach) deciding where my life needed to go next… thru meditations and readings all of a sudden the focus became on a vivid energy visual called Shambhala.   When this energy came thru in a visual, it looked like the most blazing sunrise ever seen, except it wasn’t coming out of the sky, it was coming directly out of the earth.  That is where I wanted to live.

Can you imagine my surprise when I woke up one day, out of the clear blue, knowing I MUST move back to New Mexico.  What the hell!!  I just relocated back to Virginia in August.  It was so clear in my self, that is exactly what I did… within 2 weeks, I was (in the voice of Willie Nelson lol) On The Road Again.

January 3rd, 2012 I was given the keys to this place, what I have always refereed to as Heaven.  I moved in on January 6th.  I took the very first picture of the Mesa at exactly 7:30 am on January 7th… and broke down and cried.  I knew what my camera just captured, the very images I had seen in November thru meditations and readings.


The glowing top is where I first seen the Guardians… waiting for our arrival (notice I did NOT say MY arrival, but OURS.)  The images started to change and morph thru doing the readings, understandings filling in so many blank spaces.  But it has always been the energy of our connections, our readings.  You unfold in the back yard, the back yard unfolds into you and a whole new way of reading and seeing was birthed.

And then, thru some of my own meditatons, I had seen a doorway appear.  Solid gold and huge.  I did what I could to replicate what I had seen:


But if this story just doesn’t get more interesting.  As I was looking for this above golden door picture, I seen another picture I created on Nov. 28th, 2012… with this information in the blog I posted it in:

Speaking of marveling!!  The field was ablaze yesterday!  So much so I could not see a thing on the ground at all!!  When I do readings, I do not use my physical eyes at all.  I literally put my face parallel to my kitchen floor and with intent, crank out my antenna to the back yard and “see” with that.  I was shocked to see the Mesa cliff as aglow as in the photos I have taken over the last year, but with a twist!  There was an incredible sun rising up from behind the Mesa Cliff, as the day went on, the sun was merged in the top of the Mesa Cliff to the right… or better stated, fully aligned with December.  I have created the most humble picture to give you an idea of what I had seen:

Mesa Sun

Ok the picture is real, it’s the sun that is very primitive in my replication of it.  There was an intensity, a clarity to it that was… intense.  I could see the streams of light coming from it like diamonds filling the air.  Even the center of the sun was not its usual yellow… maybe more like the clearest yellow diamond energy you have ever seen.  The light was so intense, the ground was not visible to my eye at all.

Since the beginning of January, the “ground” has not been visible yet in any of the readings.  Beneath the ash of Shambhala is snow, which, when revealed sparkles like diamonds in the sun!!

Something extraordinary happened in the midnight hours of January 15th, 2013.  For me, I suddenly felt so aligned, so part of this landscape I was not going to throw any more of a hissy fit because of the stabbing pain in my eye.

Together, as a collective, we shifted something HUGE.  Our energy, our love unfolding day after day in the Field of Life.  Our connection are so much more than readings.  I have always known that, because this body feels you… and sometimes, collapses and goes thru an upgrade because of y/our Light, how could we not be fueling the very energy of the Mesa, of Shambhala?

I spent pretty much all day yesterday in my bath tub, the only place in my home that does not have any windows, a way to shield myself from the light of day.  I was not trying to do a meditation at all, just calming the pain that was in my eye.  Silly me decided to take a Percocet aka oxycodone, thinking, it helped with the pain of surgery, surly it will help ease the pain in my eye (NOT.)  All it did was scatter my brains.  How on earth does anyone go back for seconds, forget getting hooked on these.  Maybe I just love the clarity in my mind… I don’t know.

One thing was revealed to me as I lay in my bath.  One of those huge, holy freakin shit moments, that had me sit up and wonder how I never put this together before. Dah!!

When I first started to meditate and FINALLY was able to connect with my spiritual guides, there was always two.  Jill and Ramus.  Jill (the chick who also came thru the Ouija board and kick started this path for me) and I became like best girlfriends.  We would talk and share and just have fun… even when wading thru my own shit, she always reminded me to take it Lightly, don’t get caught up in anything.  The more I communed with her, the more I soooo wanted to be like her.  She was sooo wise and so friendly and never once judged my shit (and god knows, then, I was 150% shit!!)  She appeared to be in her young 20’s.

Always present in these conversations was Ramus.  The guide I came to understand was with me since (before) birth.  What many would call a master guide.  He too, appeared to be in his young 20’s.  He never spoke a single word… at least… not for 8 solid years, but was always there.  He radiated energy in away that was so beyond words and somehow, I got him.  When I would ask Jill why he never talked to me, her reply was “He came here to teach you that actions speak louder than words.”  I will ever forget that.

In 2008, long after my “spiritual team” went from individuals into one collective voice, there was Ramus.  I was stunned!!  And even more stunned when he talked to me!  He came to tell me that I have finally learned what he had been teaching me all along… I turn what I understand into action, not talk.

2008 is also the time I started getting downloads on Shambhala.  Understandings of my collective experiences (spiritually speaking) to date and what it means in the (emerging) understanding of a new word in my world… Shambhala.

I also understood thru the years, often times, what we consider guides are truly aspects of our own Self, individuating and helping us integrate into our life what they came to present.  With Jill, it was pure friendship based in love and excitement and no judgement.  Some years ago, I realized I had become THAT.   I had always assumed that the energy I had called Ramus, also integrated into myself as action (smile.)

Until yesterday…

The greatest facilitator of my own spiritual growth comes from a masculine energy, a person who doesn’t talk to me!  Just DAH!!

Ohhhhh, I forgot to add something really really important!!  The evening before everything exploded I took a picture of the snow fall.  I really just wanted to take a picture of the Mesa completely wiped out of view from the snow, and I did, but as soon as I took that picture I was prompted within to turn to my left and take another picture…. of course, I did.  It wasn’t until I posted it in facebook did I SEE what was in that image:


Just look at those streaks of light coming in slant ways… they are a yellowish-greenish color (there is nothing in the back yard that even closely resembles that.)  What makes this so significant to me is the conversation I had with a lady i was reading in the morning.  She reminded me of our last reading content… meeting someone on her journey to Hawaii who I seen as a yellow-green energy.  He was in human form, but not from earth, an ET in a human body.

There is no doubt in my heart, those streaks of yellow-green light energy came from those who have been loving us and guiding us thru this ascension/shambhala process and filled the Field with such high energy, the Mesa Broke free… and I have a feeling… so have we all!!

There is so much more to share, but my eyes are still recovering.  Thank you dear god, I am not in pain today… but they are still straining from the computer light.  So on that note, I am going to close and pray I can “see” the field today thru readings!

I love you all so incredibly much.  Thank you for Being!!


Lisa Gawlas



  1. WOW!!! The Mesa exploded!!!! What an adventure! And what incredible luck that you had taken the pictures before it did … 😉 Are the Guardians still there? The energy that was in the Mesa must be spread all over the landscape now, like some new energy fertilizer.

    About your eyes … maybe it would be a good idea to get a pair of glasses to move about the house instead of contacts. Nobody will see you wearing them, and your eyes will feel much better.

    (((((HUGS))))) and blessings



    • Hi Zarah (((HUGZ)))

      Great to see you here too (smile.) Thru the first and second quarter of 2012, the Guardians started to integrate with their humans. So now, no where near as many up there as their was when I moved here… kinda sad but so very exciting too. (That was the primary purpose of the hypnosis of the guardians, still available on my website.)

      Whats funny (well, not really) when I was at walmart before I went home for Christmas, I had this inner pull to go order some eye glasses. I had no desire to spend $60. I know better than to not listen… yet… to this very day… lol

      I will be getting my glasses ordered next trip!!

      ((((HUGZ)))) of exciting laughter to you!


  2. Hi Lisa – Coldplay has a great song called “Every Tear Is A Waterfall” seems appropriate since you also have a connection to their song “Yellow”…


  3. I stayed in the bath for hours two when eyes did that thing. I love you.


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  6. Ahhh…tremendous hugs to you Li li! This morning, I sat and cried with my shoulder. That has been the area of issue for me. You had the right eye pain and then the left. I had the right shoulder pain and now the left and what gets me is I KNOW how to heal this but NOT lol.

    the last two nights i have felt a tremendous amount of “work” being done during my sleep. As if we all went to sleep but it was like we were just getting up and going to work. that the mesa exploded does not surprise me! I remember watching this piece on rock climbing and they were talking about how many pounds of pressure are released when rock falls like that and the amount of energy and the change it can create are simply mind boggling.

    It will be interesting to see what lays in the next few days related to this!
    Excited for the soul gym tonight and I am sending your precious peepers some love! 🙂 Love alex


  7. Lisa, I don’t know if you’ve noticed…..but, in the picture you sent us months ago (the one where you “drew” in the sun) that sun you added in looks to be almost exactly in the same spot where the Mesa fell off the other day! Am I right? If so, don’t you find that interesting? I SURE do!
    Also, would you please take another picture of where the LIGHT rays are coming through, only take it at night in the dark? I have a theory about this that I will explain after you get the night shots.
    So much to integrate!
    Mucho LOVE to YOU!!


    • ((((HUGZ)))) Camille,

      That is exactly why I included that picture… I about shit when I seen it and realized we had already seen this in readings (but who knew then) at the end of the Nov… which is exactly when the field and us started shifting (I mean, rescheduling lol) like crazy. And there is sooooooo much more to this story, per meditation today.

      Have I mentioned, I am afraid to be outside in the very very dark landscape all by myself?? In the daylight, the river is very close…. at night… OMG it is soooo far away. I will take a picture if I can get my landlady to hold my hand and walk down there with me.

      I love ya girl!!


      • Well DUH!! Of COURSE that’s why you posted the picture again! I don’t know where mind mind was yesterday when I posted this….it was one of those (as I’ve begun to call them) ” Weird Energy days”. I couldn’t seem to focus on much of anything. I think I need to re-read your blog. Seems I missed the point completely! Sorry, Ma. I’ll try harder next time! 🙂


  8. Hi Lisa, Thank you for the wonderful pictures and info. I have really enjoyed having some of what I’m experiencing confirmed.(my left eyelid has been twitching and spasming for 2 days, and body aches especially on the right side of my body. I sure hope you are feeling better. I did order two 3/30min packages and paid through Pay Pal but did not get a chance to make any appointments for them. When you are feeling better could you schedule at least the first package for me? Either through my email or phone #. I would appreciate it a lot. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for the encouraging info. Feel better. Love Elaine Diakakis


  9. Hi Lisa, wonderful sharing and pictures! Don’t you think the part that’s broken off the mesa has created what looks like a doorway and a path leading up to it – the Path to Shambhala? Could it be that we’ve started creating the Path?
    I wonder whether it looks different now when the sun shines on it?
    Love and (((hugs))) and hope your eyes feel better soon!


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  11. Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for your most wonderful sharings. I feel so grateful for your existance! You makes me understand my process and as I read your sharings my energy shifts so strongly.
    I was thinking about your eyes…
    Maybe your team was silent, not helping, for your eyes need to be themselves, without contacts, silent, for healing or transformation.

    I left them out years ago, with all sorts of weird problems not making sense. I trusted that they would be perfect one day, I know they will.

    Love You!


    • Lisa, I believe Dorine has really hit on something here! I have been reading comments from people on your site and on others that their eyes have been doing weird things. I personally wrote about my experience with my eyes…..My left one cried all day a few days ago, I’ve been catching glimpses of what appear to be flashes of white light, out of my peripheral vision, and I’ve gone off and on with not having to wear my reading glasses. I’m thinking that Dorine is correct….that your eyes are actually fixing themselves so that you won’t need contacts anymore. Maybe you could try some reading glasses, without contacts and see (no pun intended) if that might work, lowering the strength of the glasses as “time” goes on.



  12. Hello Camille,

    I did just that what you said, I wore glasses less and less. My eyes water too and I saw pink/violet flames in my eyes. A few weeks strong energy was emited from my eyes constantly, about 1,5 years ago, I thought god came down from Heaven to look through me how earth was doing!
    I now know that god has split himself into all of us and is everything that exists. What it was I still do not know.
    I experience continual workings on all of my being and I work hard to cut all patternings that I can think of and transmute all possible pains that I can imagine might have happened. The body and Soul, Spirit respond to that immensely!

    My story is long…

    I also am thinking now that our eyes have their own story. We have since long been attuned to the dark, the seven hells do indeed exist. What appears on earth is a mirror of that inner Soul life, much attuned still to the dark, but starting to change now, I think this is the big shift from darkness to Light. After the hells you have the Shimmeringland. That is where most humans are attuned to now, or is changing now. Than the seven spheres of Light start, and much more after that. Will stay with my theory of the eyes for now. Why do eyes go bad?
    Maybe when you look at life dark, bad, because you think or have been told they have to, programmed believesystems, attuning for the dark after dying even maybe…
    Now the body dies and we, the Spirit and Soul, enter the spheres of Light. I think our eyes addjust accordingly, also again, believe it to be so, allow the body to heal itself. Find your own Fountain of revitalisation, call on the Light, the Angels for help. Kryon teaches to connect all of your dna to connect with another, I did that, and that is a major happening too!

    Again, this is my theory for now.

    Love and Light!


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