Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 7, 2012

A Triad of Consciousness Blending As One: Sirian – Pleiadian – Human!

If I hadn’t already been on a mind bender these last several days, yesterday took my mind and just blew it open!  I don’t much think about our friends and family in the skies, hell I am racing to keep up with what us humans are doing.  However, in the story unfolding, it seems the field of Light (you) don’t want to miss a single ingredient for what we are really cooking up as a multi-dimension sphere of created Life.

I think the easiest way to make all that came thru yesterday via the readings, as well as things I had already felt and experienced within myself over the last 12 years… is to put it in story form, or close to it.

One of the last images given to us yesterday is one that will be with me for the rest of my days.  It was in the image of an upside down triangle with a unique energy flow representing each side of the triangle.  Since my early days on this path, I was given a word that held great importance for all of us.  Altho then, it really just related to me and two friends discovering at lightening speed… the word never left, the meaning and importance has always been present.  When that happens, I know I was only shown the tip of the iceberg and when I am ready, the depth of the iceberg will be revealed.

The word is Triada group of three, especially of three closely related persons or things. (definition taken from

In this triangle of flowing and blending energy, the Triad represents: The Pleiadians – The Sirians – Us Earthlings

I want to say, straight from the start here, I have no understanding or alliance (that I am consciously aware of) with anything having to do with Sirius.  The Pleiadians on the other hand, held my hand tight during my first 2-3 years on this path, helping me to temper my emotional field and re-member.

I have always known when I see the (generic… meaning no details added) energy field of the human it has always been white. the Pleiadian energy field has always been blue, what I never realized…. ever, was that yellow has been (and still is) representing Sirius energy.

Holy shit batman… think about the color blending… when you take blue and yellow you get green, the very vibrancy of our heart chakra.  When I see a fully activated heart chakra, it is light green energy… now I so understand that to mean we have taken our human Light and are using the full energy of hearts potential, even if we feel like we are only in the beginning stages of that potential (smile.)

I do believe I just opened Pandora’s box in my own mind.  From what I am hearing/understanding now, that our color system of energy represents many star systems from many galaxies, some areas blended with others, some radiantly from their Home Planet of origin.  So that means our solar plexus is powered by our Sirian energy, our throat chakra by our Pleiadian energy.  Two of the most commonly blocked areas in the human (which ultimately blocks the heart since they flow and feed each other.

Even this new red energy I have been seeing is representing another plane of existence…. more to come on this at another time.  I have not had enough coffee in me yet to even take my mind further than it is right now lol.

If you can imagine, before there was the human experiment there was the Pleiadian – Sirius experiment, which obviously went very well (eventually.)  And truly what we are in now is full on galactic experiment held in play by our family from both Sirius and the Pleiades (as it relates to the humans.)

From what I am understanding now… this acceleration point that is obviously so important to our field of Light, so secret (afterwards) to our field of Light is really so much more than I could have ever imagined it is.

Sometimes I see y/our core energy, your spine area like a christmas tree with various colored trinkets hanging off it.  I know these are deep spiritual abilities, understandings and such ready to be rediscovered and used… never did I look at the multi-dimensional DNA that represent.

My last reading of the day yesterday, a whopping 15 minute reading… really hung with me all day long.  Her imagery so vividly clear in detail… I needed a good nights sleep to really understand the fullness of it all.  Once again, I put into etch-a-sketch form what I had seen:

What really cracked me up with this above visual (sorry I have not progressed my talent beyond stick figures) was she showed up looking something like depicted librarians in movies   Glasses, clothes that just hung off her body, and all I heard was frumpy as the explanation of what I was seeing.  But isn’t that really how so many of us see ourselves… plain janes/joes in the whole scheme of what is happening.  Nothing special if we look at what others may do or look like.

The stars themselves represented her Sirian helpers.  What tripped me up a bit is when I started to hear the information that the two stars shown below the energy arc of acceleration are actually two Sirian people that is a part of her created reality.  Now that I look at it, I am not 100% sure she has met them in the physical yet (since the stars are not on the ground) but they are very much in her created reality (think internet connections… so many of you are a living part of my created reality, but I would know your human form if I tripped over you… and let me tell you, I am officially using the term “human form” loosely.)  The star depicted above the arc is a sirian still in the upper atmosphere (of my now dissolving construct) of reality.

That energy arc… many of us are going thru that right this minute now.  Remember yesterdays sharing of the lady with the ET in the sky and then her energy blurring (in my view) as another energy was accelerating forward… same thing here.

Our celestial DNA is being accelerated by our friends from that sphere of life.  Our job has been to expand our consciousness and enlighten our own DNA strands to open to the full on ability of our combined energy of Celestial origins… so that those DNA strands can come online too… together.

I have really been feeling something with Kryon’s description of the DNA groups.  The final three strands that become activated he calls “The God Group.”   And even that conjures up several triads of connection:  father, son, holy ghost – mind, body spirit, well now lets throw into this pot:  Sirian – Pleiadian – Human

Strands 10-11-12 finding full activation on our dateline of 10/11/12 coincidence??  I think not!!  You can read the breakdown Kryon on gives on my webpage here, but ohhh my god I am so seeing the rest of the story of what it means and what is really happening within us.  Just bear with me as I find the language to put it all into words (in time, not today!!)

What I can put into words, is this time period we have oozed into is more than I could have ever realized.  I had seen my client on the top of the acceleration point depicted as wonder woman.  But not the red white and blue one we are familiar with… instead she was a mesh of gold/yellow and bronze biology but I clearly heard wonder woman in seeing her.

Today I see the coils of DNA strands linking up to so many portals of other planetary consciousnesses… and I hear: like never before.

There are abilities housed in the human that are not readily available to our friends on Sirius or the Pleiades, and of course it goes to say the same applies with the human DNA with the other two energies too.  Bring them together as one fully function set of DNA energy… Holy Freakin shit batman and wonder woman!!

I am officially on processing overload here… this will no doubt be continued tomorrow.

I pray what I have shared today, is clear and not confusing.  If I leave you confused, I so apologize.  This is all new to me and will be tweaked into coherency and use in the coming days.

Big big (((HUGZ))) of wide eyed wonder and new suits to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. I don’t know why, but I think I need to mention a cool Sirius event I experienced on the Big Island of Hawaii with a bunch of other metaphysical people in 2002. We were staying in Kealekekua Bay (spelling?) for a week due to the alignment with Sirius with Earth or something. Details have faded. We specifically wanted to do a ritual on the exact day with dolphins. Well, the locals told us that for some reason, the wild dolphins hadn’t been around for weeks. We all put our wetsuits on and headed out into the bay early in the morning of the special Sirius alignment day with crystals in our hands. We did a powerful ritual out in the water, and when we were done, we each planted our crystals in the ocean floor. Well, all of a sudden, this good sized pod of dolphins showed up! They swam to the spot where we had planted our crystals and started celebratingly jumping out of the water and zoomed around. I will never forget it. They swirled around me and others. I desperately tried to keep up with them with my snorkle gear, but couldn’t. I wished I had scuba gear! I am not good at holding my breath long. When they used their sonar or whatever, I could feel tingling going through my body. When I say to you that for once in my life I was 100% happy and that I never wanted to go back to land, I am not exaggerating. I have never felt such pure joy, peace, and RIGHTNESS…


    • This brought tears to my eyes… Again… These things have such an effect on me these days!
      Kel xx


      • It was magickal….wish I could be in that moment again.


      • and I wish I could be there with you…


    • OMG, I *soooo* want to experience that with dolphins and Hawaii too, Atheria!


      • A few days later when out on a boat, this dolphin popped its head out of the water and STARED at me….I mean….like he was looking into my soul. As we stood there eye to eye, I felt this tingling as an image of a triangle within a triangle with an oval within an oval (on its side) on top of the triangles appeared in my head with the telepathic words, “This will heal you.” For 10+ years now I’ve been trying to figure out how to use the symbol to heal my chronic pain!


      • ((((HUGZ)))) Atheria. So, I gotta ask, what has your meditations revealed to you with these symbols? The oval sounds very much like new life (think egg) but, also, an energy field unqiue to you for the acceleration of healing. Also, have you brought the dolphins into your meditations to get the rest of the instruction set to use???

        I love ya girl!!


      • For 10 years I have not known what to do with the symbol. I’ve tried focusing on it in my mind’s eye, etc. I have not tried to bring dolphins in though.


      • I would suggest taking the symbols into meditation to release the energies held within them. If you can look at them as keys, until you put it into the engine.. they remain keys. Your deep inner field is the engine the key fits into… the dolphins will be so glad to join you and help you to remember how to use the key set!! Please let me know how it goes!!


      • I’ll see what I can do. Here is the geometric symbol:


  2. I have for a long time felt that although the success of this experiment was important – and more than enough to deal with by itself – that there is more to the story. Like the healing/melding/whatever potential will heal/mend/rectify/whatever something really larger. I have only given it passing thought because wired into me is this clear focus and single minded pressing forward. I think for the equivalent of many tens of thousands of years. Some part of my being has amazing determination and focus! (not always this 3-d one)

    Anyway, I don’t find your information surprising. In a way it doesn’t change anything because I still feel like I am pressing toward the goal. It is close, and that part of me won’t let up until the – like the wake of a boat – is wide enough and blending with other people’s wakes so that there are no gaps and everything is included. I think that means going past the goal for a bit. I think. That means this part of me doesn’t really know. What I do know is that it is important to maintain the heart centered focus.

    Love back to you, Lisa. Big juicy gobs of it!


  3. Aw mate! This doesnt confuse me it just validates like always *sighs* i just wish i could share everything that is in my head and my expanded consciousness like u can… I read and im like ‘yessss!’

    I’m gna share a lil story here about the sirian/plieadian energy colours. We are aware of our P and S star family and they have been around obv as lights in the sky… The p’s were a bluish white light and the S’s were an orangey/yellow colour.

    We were havin a joke and Bri said ‘Right P’s and S’s… The last one to show themselves as lights in the sky has to make the cups of tea!’ instantly there was a yellow/orange light move across the sky… Looks like the P’s had to make the tea! It was silly fun but they got right on it!! Thats all for now… Lol.

    Love love love,
    Kel xx


  4. Well Lisa your sharing today really fills in the gap, of the “V” you have been seeing lately… and with much wonderful information.


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  8. Lisa, this wasn’t confusing at all. I can tell something is amping up by my body symptoms this weekend, and stuff is all of a sudden *happening*. What you said about the triangle and colors blending into green at the heart is interesting, because if you see some rituals with the Blue Rays or other lightworkers, one hand position is that they put their fingers together like a triangle in front of their heart, and I have found that this is becoming a natural position for me, as well.


  9. […] night, I read a post by Lisa Gawlas that rang a bell deep inside of me. You can read her post here. (highly recommended!) She spoke about the Triad – a group of three. It made me think of a […]


    • Hi Lisa, I think you may be interested in my last post – it’s about some spiritual work I did in a triad/triangle and how immensely powerful it is to work in threes.
      Love and big (((hugs)))


  10. Hi Lisa — Found this fascinating and quite complementary to the messages from Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians about we humans downloading our multi-dimensional operating systems into our 3D brains — right NOW! The upcoming 10-11-12 date and relating that to the God Triad is a beautiful assist. Most of these ideas were planted as seeds in my consciousness 20 years ago by the Pleiadians through Barbara Marciniack. Now the words are “becoming flesh” in our bodies (whatever their human-stellar composition.) Good seeing my Dear and very accurate reporting, even for one undercaffinated. May I suggest you start an IV?


  11. Lisa… When you mentioned the 10-11-12 thing, what jumped out at me was the recent Hathor communication through Tom Kenyon – The Aethos – they mentioned the states of non-duality in the 10th, 11th and 12th Dimensions:



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