Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 6, 2012

The Hybrids: Human – Celestial DNA is Undergoing Quantum Magnetic Activation’s!!

I think I have come to a huge realization this morning as I put all three pieces of yesterdays puzzle (readings) together.  This acceleration point that I have been seeing consistently in all readings since September 29th is charging up our new magnetic field of energy and attraction as well as momentum forward/upward.   What we are really witnessing and understanding within ourselves and others, is a massive change out of quantum energy within our biology as well as our individual playing fields we call life.

If you can imagine, the path you are walking from beginning to end is 10 feet long, it just appears like years because of the lack of magnetic pull from one experience to another.    Let me try and make this very important fact as clear as possible.

I do not mean to discount the entirety of my life in this sharing, but in truth, the only thing that matters to me now, is the life I have lived since the day I had my Ouija Baord experience on November 11th, 2000.  We can look at this moment in my life (I was 38 years old) as a massive quantum magnetic flow of change brought to my kitchen table and every aspect of my own inner DNA flooded with change from that 8 hour experience in my life.

Because my own biology was so dense (tremendous fear echoed in my whole world) it took a long time for me to clear the way for the next most significant quantum magnetic field to be overlayed upon my DNA and life field.  That happened May 17th, 2002 when I moved my daughter and myself to the mountain side in Vermont.  So many of my spiritual abilities just burst into creation day after day.

Granted, I had a ton of amazing experiences in between those two datelines, but from what I am understanding (and truthfully, I don’t understand it) these quantum magnetic events change the entire course of your life.  Both did exactly that.  Everything in between those two datelines we activating the series of magnets laid out in my path from the first experiences on November 11th.  Of course, I had the choice to ignore what was happening or explore them fully.  I found this world too enthralling not to explore every thing in front of me.  It was very much like discovering what I was capable of beyond my own 3D construct and playing with all that every day.  When I moved to Vermont, it was watching life itself become so very alive and interactive with me on every level of existence.

Once I left that mountainside (Jan, 2003) my quantum overlays happened much more rapidly.  From 2003 thru 2005 it was more like the quantum energy was strengths everything I was capable of doing and even desiring.  I sure didn’t see it like this at the time, but I was bringing myself (and my daughter) to every thing my heart was desiring, even if it was across the country in experience.  I moved a lot during that time!!

In 2005, without even thinking I wanted to go to massage school (I was looking for a job) I entered massage school and it happened so fast (from look to enrolled happened in 2 hours) and that changed my life… again.  Another huge quantum overlay of magnetic energy designed to pull exactly the right people, the right places to my life field…

Inside the body, what we consider the biology speeds up too.  The ability to process and assimilate and reach for more hits a whole new speed of adventure.

Now imagine, this is now happening on a global level.  No soul left behind in this massive quantum overlay.  From the desist 3D energy to the buoyant and free 7th dimensional energy (and everything in-between, below and above it all frequencies of ALL creation.  Not only on this planet… but ALL Life everywhere.  Thats freakin BIG!!

The point of this whole game has always been to land, completely energetically aligned to what I call the new world/new energy (the blue-violet energy field instead of the old dirty yellow area.)  And I can see this even clearer today in story form.  Imagine this time I am going to call October 13th thru the end of December (have not got a feeling in anyway of an actual dateline in December) as a tube of potential that as an in and and out side to it… On the left side (Representing now) I can see every conceivable collective consciousness streaming into this tube of energy.  We can look at it as an interesting dressing room.  In this visual, the details inside are hidden from my view and then like a major force has built up within and the entire contents of this tube explodes out the other end we are just going to call the end of December.  Lines of consciousnesses going every which way.  The one thing I am sure of… every aspect of life will emerge on the other end of this tube changed.

There really is only one group I am personally interested in… our group.  The group that has done all that was needed to bring this reality into reality.  The forerunners of divine consciousness made manifest. So it is souly for this group that I am “seeing” and now talking about.

My first lady of the day yesterday asked a question about a potential move and of course that seemingly consistent question of a divine counterpart potential.  The later question came first…. of course!  Altho, with her divine counterpart question, I knew she had one “out there” somewhere, I just couldn’t feel the where (time wise.)  Keeping in mind, I am still looking thru the rest of this year only… pretty much.

Then she asked about the potential of moving, altho she loved where she lives she has been feeling like maybe a move is in store with her future.  Let me tell you, this is where you questions become so important in what I am able to see.  It seems to activate places in your world I just don’t even think to look or that spirit doesn’t hold as important to show (remember, its always now to them, so those future things become visible the closer we get to them… unless you activate the energy of its potential by your question(s) and I can see it then…. well, most of the time anywayz. (smile)

It was really her second question (about moving) that fueled the energy of what I was able to see next.  I could see her magnetic field of life in this last quarter of this year and an intense magnetic pull upwards to what I call the timeline (which really is highly charged magnetic field of new life) 2013.  What was interesting in this view was I was watching her walk forward towards the end of the year (so the movement in my reading space would be to the right) the start of 2013 is parallel to 2012 only way above this current timeline.  So the magnetic pull of her life was actually happening with a leftward and upward pull of energy.  This is so perfect and how we really want to walk into our lives… but I have feeling it may also feel like we are now walking against the flow of the river instead of with it.  Trust me, this is not only a good thing, it is a super divine thing (yeah, easy for spirit to say with excitement lol.)

I had said this some blogs ago, we are being completely embedded within our DNA the magnetic codes we need to fully sync up with the higher octaves I call 2013.  So we should feel the pull of it too as we adjust to our higher abilities, our higher mind and our divine space on earth (and for some… ohhh this is interesting…off earth.)

OMG!  Man you talk about two little words triggering a bigger understanding!!

I had mentioned (also some blogs ago) that there are some of us who are what I am going to call hybreds.  We have both our human DNA and celestial DNA encoded in this biology we are encased in.  The harmonic conversion started to activate the dormant celestial DNA within us… this quantum shift that is happening (the 10th thru the 12th) will have it all set to the ready.

The remaining two readings of yesterday… God knows I struggled to understand what the details that were being shown to me meant.  I ponder and processed all day long… slept till this side of forever (6:30am… which is really really late for me) and I so get it!!  OMG!!

My 2nd lady of the day told me a story about the 29th of September (full moon time) and seeing a light in the night sky closer than anything she ever witnessed before.  An orb of light, but made no sound what so ever (she lives in Texas) and she could see red lights and blue lights but the whole thing was a huge light too.  She she made a quick flash of light back at this thing hovering in her sky with her flash light, it zipped behind some trees.  She had a friend over who also witnessed this.

I share that story because it is soooo important to what I am about to share as her reading as well as the next lady’s reading too.

Her reading started out really strange (to my processing view of things.)  Imagine taking a picture of an image in the midst of a massive wind storm.  What you are going to get is a blur of everything moving out in the direction the wind was blowing.  This is how I had seen her entire life stage… a huge blur.  Even her acceleration point was nothing but a amber/golden blur of energy.

As I was trying to adjust my own eyes (assuming it was my field of vision out of frequency with hers) another energy permeated her field and was moving forward towards what I call the acceleration point area but then something really strange happened… it didn’t hit her acceleration point head on, it moved around it, behind it (hell I didn’t even know there was a “behind it” area lol.)

Now to set this understanding up clearly (a really good friend gave me this great analogy to use and fits perfectly here too) in the area I see as the platform of September 29th thru October 10th, this other energy (which felt strangely like her energy but at the same time… not) was amber/gold and mesh like and took up the entire space of her reading there… but it was moving forward, and I have feeling did something really interesting.  I could feel how fast it was moving forward (hence the blur of her energy field) but slowed the movement down so I could see what was really taking place.  As the energy moved into the space I call the acceleration point it started to change its color to gray.  Now think of the movie Ghost when Patrick Swayze puts his arm thru a door and it turns gray until it reaches the other side…  as her other energy moved behind her acceleration point and started to come out on the timeline I am just going to call Oct 13th it was a steel blue color.

I got really hung up on what this energy was and what it meant to her.  Now I so get it.  Those beautiful and loving entities that live off planet who were so kind to impregnate our cell structure (fetus) with their seed of biology/energy too… are also going thru their acceleration point and bringing us up to speed with them.  Keeping in mind they are already light years ahead of us vibrationally… but that is only going to be for a moment.  We are now being fully activated biologically as well as celestially.  This lady had a visitation that made sure we got this clearly… had she not had that story to tell from days prior… I would be lost in quantum soup instead of clearly understanding a vital ingredient being placed in our acceleration point at this time!!

I hung up with her with brain quivers!!  Some part of me was understanding this… yet another part was melting down at the same time.  Phew baby!!  I LOVE this ride!!

Then in my state of “holy cow-ness” and I once again seen a familiar image that I have not seen in many many months.  From the back yard towards my back door was three Pleiadians walking towards me.  I know now that is Franklyn (my Pleiadian daddy) his wife and their young child.  I have a feeling this is becoming a real visitation and I will jump out of my skin for joy!!

Well, if my own poor processing field of matter wasn’t on overdrive enough… my last reading of the day put the cherry straight on our beautifully iced cake!!

There she was, standing on top of her acceleration point, hands over her head holding this large five pointed star.  The star was filled with intensely yellow energy and was bulging in and out like it was breathing.  To her side were three tiny space ships… in relationship to her body and that star, let me tell you, these space ships could have been equal to our 25 cent piece.

Just given the fact that my last reading already took me into extra-terrestrial land, this one was showing us the finished product.  Our reach for the stars is in hand… with all the energy, connections and abilities that go with it.  We are so wonderfully helped by our family from the stars… with her, I had a full on feeling of Sirius.

Now please keep in mind too, my ET affiliation is sooooo limited.  I know and understand the Pleiadians but beyond that… not at all.  I mention this because of the other lady, her celestial friends have got to be from a place I am not familiar with… and because I am not familiar I cannot even guess lol.  When it comes to Serius I only have a small connection that is the energy field the that it encompasses.

When I attempted to see what her field of the rest of this year looked like… it was a vat of thick, beautiful yellow gel.  Alive gel… but nothing that would allow me to see thru it with details (dammit.)

Once again I hear my song from so long ago.. Yellow by Cold play.  From the first time I had heard it I felt the connection of utter change within our biology… even tho that song was presented to me as a desperate plea for validation… it is still very much a part of my heart energy and even moreso the validation of our change to Here.  Instead of embedding the video, I am going to just share the lyrics because this is really OUR SONG.  Read it as if you were reading the instruction of what got us to Here… especially the part where it says you are skin and bone turning into something beautiful (what it left out was how much that freakin change hurt inside our biology lol):

Look at the stars   Look how they shine for you  And everything you doYeah, they were all yellow

I came along     I wrote a song for you     And all the things you do      And it was called ‘Yellow’

So then I took my time       Oh what a thing to’ve done      And it was all yellow

Your skin, oh yeah, your skin and bones     Turn into something beautiful D’you know? You know I love you so      You know I love you so

I swam across   I jumped across for you     Oh what a thing to do     ‘Cause you were all yellow

I drew a line    I drew a line for you     Oh what a thing to do    And it was all yellow

Your skin, oh yeah, your skin and bones      Turn into something beautiful       D’you know? For you I bleed myself dry      For you I bleed myself dry

It’s true     Look how they shine for you        Look how they shine for you     Look how they shine for

Look how they shine for you     Look how they shine for you      Look how they shine
Look at the stars      Look how they shine for you     And all the things that you do

And now we have the stars in our hands, lighting up our field of life, with all that goes with it.  WE HAVE CHANGED!!

And as synchronicity has it, I woke up really late today and actually have already done my first reading of the day.  But man oh man does she fill in the rest of the story here.

There she was, standing with one foot on the left side of the acceleration point and one foot on the right side of the acceleration point… not in even spots, but what a crazy view to see.  As I looked at her biology completely aligned with the top of the acceleration point (from her groin upwards) I could see her cracking and splitting on from the groin up.  Her biology turned black and inside where the crack was now split open I could see liquid gold pouring out onto her space where her old body is splitting away from her.  Her/our new quantum magnetic life is being poured into reality as we share!!  There is so much more to this story… sadly, it will have to wait til tomorrow.  It is now time for my next appointment and I must scoot now!!

Thank you so much for all that you share with our evolving story of Light.  I cannot imagine where I would be without you.  I love you and honor you more than my simple words can ever express.  Thank you for the Light of your Life made manifest!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of celestial wonder to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas










  1. Honestly lisa i just cried when i read this because the sync’s within this sharing for me are unbelievable and just validate my own experience so much. I have said before that ‘yellow’ has always meant the same to me as to u and u know from my blogs that i am aware of my star family and today ihave been given more info regarding my plieadian soul family who are incarnated. I have been wanting to blog so much but have had my daughter here but the understandings have just been flowing in. Thank you for being in my life and validating my experience… We really are all in this together ❤


    • I just love you Kelly and really puts a cherry on top of that antenna too (smile.) Let me know when yo have your blog published… I want to read it!! And yes, I remember y/our connection to that song… heart (and for me now mind) expanding!!


      • I only hope i will be able to get it all written coz it seems like the understandings are just flowing in then I’m like ‘oooh yh must blog about that!’ then theyv just inetgrated and i forget what the fuss was about! haha 😀

        Will post it on ur fb when i finally do it coz i know ur a busy bee lol.

        Loadsa love xx


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  3. Lisa, do you have the details of your Ouija Board experience somewhere? I’m curious. 🙂


  4. On the the “Soul Center” Main Page, (link is on the upper right hand corner of this page) there is a link titled “Lisa’s Beginning” on the lower right hand side:

    We always miss our furry children, Atheria, but I hope your heart is healing a little each day.

    And You’re Welcome, Lisa. 🙂 Luv U 2!


    • Thank you Edie. Lisa’s story is even more interesting than I expected. Funny how your life is going along one way and BAM something happens to totally change your path.

      I am still missing my Bodhi, but doing a little better. Not sure I’ll ever heal the hole in my heart though. 😦 At least I have his ashes now with me and he made a point to hang around the house for over a week in spirit. I hope he does visit occasionally now that he’s moved on.



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  6. hi! me again!

    u are going to be very surprised in discover the fact that Coldplay – Yellow is in the key of B, B is Lime!!! = )
    i replied your question on the other message, hope u’ve read it.



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