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Opening The Door To Your Soul – Powerful Meditation Included

Before I get to sharing today’s incredible stuff, I rushed yesterdays sharing to a close simply because I woke up really late (after 7am) and didn’t give proper credit where credit is due.

The STAR acronym actually was a gift from the same man who gave my the airfare money.  It was actually a gift given to him by a spiritual councilor before be moved out of his old life and into his new one.

The moment he said it to me, I knew I could write a full sharing on it because I felt the power and the truth within it, I just don’t want to take credit for it.

With all that said, I want to mention something even more powerful and actually, surprising.  I read for him yesterday and was shocked to see so many of YOU there in his opening.

I could see hands from all around the world, throwing handfuls of energy (gratitude, joy, love, etc) into his energy field.  He was already in an intense spiral of transformation as we connected, and YOU added the speed of growth to him by simply feeling.  His energy spiral was bulging fatter and fatter each time I looked at it thru his reading.

I mean, just think about how profound that is.  His growth was accelerated by your love and appreciation that swept your heart in a moment.  I realized, with a visual clarity that what we feel in relation to others, is sent to others in a nano-second.

With that in mind, karma… the exchange of energy, is always in motion.  What you put out must come back to you to remain whole at all times.  And we are definitely in a bonus round these days, so what you get back is 10 fold or 100 fold depending on your own intensity and lack of desired return!

The innocence and power of  love and gratitude of YOU!

Yesterdays readings also had another theme thru every reading.  Completion of a very powerful cycle thru earths story.  If we can break down the figure 8 like this:

The top half of the 8, the above, started on the Solar Eclipse of May 20th, 2012.  We started receiving higher energy, lighting up new soul codes within our DNA strands, life started changing and morphing in and around us.

Last week, we had seen the integration of these codes, very much like a platform between the above and below energies.

Now, we are full on the final stage of this massive earth event, the integration and use of the below, the energy embedded into the earth, permeating our air, changing our old story to the new.

My first reading of the day gave us details, imagery, understanding that before we were finished with her reading, I realized we were given a massively powerful meditation that could benefit anyone who wanted to do it.  She lovingly gave permission to share her reading as a meditation.

Before I dive into this End Cycle meditation, let me set it up just a bit.

She opened up holding a large circular key ring (the size of a softball) with keys dangling on this ring in a very specific formation.  There were seven keys all next to each other on the right side of this key ring and just behind the 7th key… still on the right side, closest to her hand holding the ring and a space of about and inch from the 7th was an 8th key.

The keys seemed to be blinking in and out of a vibrancy.  At first they were all gold keys, then as we were talking, some turned from gold to a gray/black, then back to gold… everyone eventually started to do this thru the reading.

I really understood something very powerful for all of us: we hold the keys to our new life.  We also hold the keys to stay in our old life!!  How we use them is always up to us.

So with this below meditation, keep in mind, gold keys, when inserted into the door lock only turns right to open up the door into your new life energy.  Gray/black keys only turn left, locking the door as well as you, into the old energy, the old story you are emerging from.

We are never solidified anywhere…. so being very conscious of what color your key is, and using only the gold one to unlock your true power, your soul energy into your creation…. key! (maybe a pun is intended there…smile)

Yesterday I drew a very humble schematic of how this meditation looks from the start.  Remember, you don’t have to “see” anything… just FEEL your way if you cannot see!

Notice that you are actually above the earth on a platform.  You are not creating on the old earth, the old energy of the earth.  You are in a high vibrational state of Being and you MUST create from there.  The new energies cannot live in the same space as the old energies.

As you see  the bridgeway or platform that is ending the old energy flow to your new life, be sure to turn around and lock the door.  There is a single, separate key for this on the ground/platform of the door at the rear.  Pick it up, give you gratitude for all that got you to here and say bah-bye to all the old energy that no longer serves you where you are heading now.  Keep in mind, all that is left behind, always has a choice to clear themselves to move forward with you… eventually.  Just as you had choices to get to Here.

In the center of the drawing is your “soul center.”  Your inner world of love and power.  There are two energies present here and this is key to your new life.

All of us still have this energy that looks (to me) very much like big thick clouds filling the center.  We are in the center, bobbing up and down in the clouds.  Some days we are crystal clear when we are not under the clouds, some days so cloudy because we are emerged in the clouds.  This was a much-needed energy to get us to here.  But now… it only serves to cloud our way forward and we must be the ones to clear this cloudy energy.

Beneath the cloudy energy… we can look at it as the floor or the foundation of your new life.  A rich, diverse, intense weaving of multi-colored energy.  Imagine what a cloth looks like as it comes off a loom.  Altho most of us cannot see this energy, or see it only sometimes, it is there.  This is your soul energy living as your foundation of life, and all that goes with the love and power of the soul living in matter.

So, with key ring in hand, make sure the first key is glowing gold and move off the bridgeway to the first door.  Stand directly in front of this door, which will be a deep golden color.  If it is any other color, take note and understand why.  Maybe you have some work to do before that door will vibrate to gold.

Gold is the highest vibration of spiritual energy and sets a new intense magnetic field within that vibration.  Both essential for living in the new energy fully and completely.

Feel this door (and each one you are in front of) literally.  Get any details that may be there for you.  What does this door represent to you.  It may be written across the door, or for those in feeling mode, may actually be like reading braille, but the energy of what this doorway means to you, will present itself!  If you cannot pick up anything from the door itself, the understanding may be held once you cross into the other side.

You will always open the door towards you.  Pulling it open to your soul energy.  You can look at the intention as: Opening the Door To Your Soul.

As you open the door walk thru to just the other side of the threshold.  You will find that the multi-colored energy from the foundation of your center is flowing strongly out the door… filling the air of your new life.

Feel the new energy, multi-colored streams of energy blowing thru your from the inside out.  Feel your entire biology sync up with this energy and then move and follow the flow.  Perhaps something is being revealed to you within this doorway.

Only do one doorway at a time until it is absolutely completed.  There are two ways you will know it is fully completed:

Once you go back, the door will already be open.  You will have one less key on your ring.

Do this for all 7 doorways.

As you complete each doorway you should experience less and less cloudy energy and more and more of the “floor” exposed and radiating naturally.  By the time you finish the 7th door, there should be no cloud like energy anywhere.

From what I understand, this meditation will last from now thru the Fall Equinox of Sept 22d.  (give or take some days)

I have not gotten any understanding about the 8th key yet.  But as soon as I do, I will share!!

For those in my meditation class… please do this meditation in addition to the ongoing homework you are already doing.  Not in the same sitting tho.  (smile)

Now to understand the platform above the “old earth.”

The use and fluidness of pure love energy… the new life we are opening the doors too and creating from the inside out, cannot sustain itself in the old 3 and 4D world of fear/negativity.  You will know you have stepped back into the old energy if you have a black key or if a door that was opened is closed and/or anything other than gold!

For the first time this week, I actually can see the opening energy of October.  It is amazing and so different from anything I have ever seen before.  It is an opening to a golden/amber field of Life, threaded thru it right now are what I can only call lines of black, making it look almost antique, yet so incredibly powerful energy wise.  This is about as close as image as I could find:

I have only been able to “see” about the first week in Oct.

Gold of course is the high spiritual / magnetic vibration we have solidified on earth.  Amber is the ancient wisdom within our high spiritual vibration.  Black is always unforeseen potential.

I want to be very clear here too… this energy that is oozing from October is available to those no longer playing in the old 3-4D earth plane.

Now September is pretty amazing too.  We have been so accustomed to having the Light of Life radiate down onto us, into us, from what we will just say is an outside source (solar flares, moon phases, stars, asteroids, whatever) as we move into September WE become the Source of Light for creation.

I have been seeing September something like this:

However, instead of seeing it like I was looking straight into the middle of the light rays, I see it from the side, radiating upwards from the earth.  This was the closest picture I could find.

WE are those rays of Light.  August is threading out Light Field deep into her core and creating a whole new ground, a whole new atmosphere of Light thru us!!

August is giving you a massive choice here.  Accelerate your Self, your Life, Your Light faster than the speed of sound… or kick you back a mile to really understand what and why letting go of all old energy is crucial to where we are all going anywayz!

I am going to close on that note, there is much more to this amazing story… but I have a day to now tend to.  Thats tomorrows sharing, and then some!!

On a closing note, I purchase my airfare to go back to Virginia today.  I will be leaving Sept. 7th and returning Sept 19th.  I will be taking some days off, but not all the days.

I am so utterly grateful, I cannot even tell you.  I can already feel the hug of my grandson in real time.  I am also working towards feeling the hug of my father and my siblings for the first time in 36 years too!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of love, appreciation, and empowered breathing to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

August is my Birthday Month

and I Am Giving Gifts of Love, Joy  and Guidance to You                 LAST 3 DAYS TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF BOTH OF THESE SPECIALS!!

ALL 30 Minute thru 60 Minute Readings will receive:
FREE (emailed) Astrology Report for the coming 4 weeks in your life via 
I will provide for you your natal chart for her to get intimate details on your planets and what it means to you in the present and coming weeks.  Both your natal chart and your 4 week astrology report will be emailed to you within a week of your booking!  Please provide in your appointment where it says notes: Date and time of birth and place of birth.  I will get the information to Geraldine!  Happy August Everyone!  It is POWERFUL!!
I have also reactivated the 3-4-2 Special thru August 16th.  
This packages gets you three 30 minutes sessions with Lisa to be used by the Fall Equinox.  You pay for two, I give you an extra session as a bonus.  PLUS I am including the Astrology Reading as mentioned above too!!




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  2. So I did this meditation…. the first door was gold and opened easily and I felt the wonderful energies of life/nature flowing toward me until a man walked out of it…I took it to mean a business partner of some sort…then the doorway just disappeared along with the key. The second door was black and felt like my family life…memories, attachments, my marriage, mainly my family. I was brought back to the entrance of the door and the door was left open. I felt like I was supposed to close it, but also felt like I couldn’t. Then I was facing the next door which was golden and opened it towards me…It felt like a world of abundance energies coming flying at me. I closed my eyes (even tho they were technically already closed–smile) and felt them seeping into me, but there was still this “dark part” holding back some of the energies from the previous door. Odd. The fourth door was golden and opened towards me and I felt the feelings, sensations of peace, serenity, comforting, satisfying, calm waters…vast and expansive oneness. The door then disappeared along with the key. I honestly don’t remember what the fifth door was, but the sixth door was silver. I automatically knew that I wasn’t going to be able to open it and didn’t even try. The seventh door seemed to wobble, like it was dependent on the outcome of the sixth door. So I found myself in the center just noticing the different sensations going through me. Ok, as I finished writing that part, I feel like the fifth door was another dark colored door, but I don’t remember what it felt like it represented at the time, maybe something about receiving? Nor do I recall how it faded away, or what happened. Hmmm… Very interesting meditation.

    I will try it again soon…I wonder….will I have less keys and doors next time?


    • Hi Pamela (((((HUGZ))))

      Thank you sooo much for sharing your journey with us!! I am still at door number one, so I am learning as I go too.

      But from what I understand, in order for all the keys and doors to remain fully open then no old energy can be in any of the space. But also, it doesn’t mean we haven’t worked on already opening the doors getting to here.

      End goal, all doors open/gone, zero cloud energy, and (subject to change here) the 8th door is our new life fully energized with zero old energy flowing thru it (since it cannot exist with old energy.)

      Please keep us updated on your adventure… I am so loving hearing of the experiences.

      One friend on facebook zoomed thru all these doorways and even thru the 8th… so she should already be in full October energy and I asked her to let us know what that means and looks like.

      With everything being cleared, we will go from thought to manifest without a real time delay.

      I know me personally, I am still dealing with money fears… granted no longer solid black, but nowhere near vibrant multi-colored energy. Prolly why I am still at door number 1, and today, it just amped up. lol

      I love this journey together!!!
      Again, thank you for sharing!!


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  5. Oooh I think this meditation is just what I need right now! Thank you Lisa 🙂 I will do this as soon as I get the chance. I’ve been feeling a bit… hmmm… i’m not sure lost is the right word but, kinda like I can’t move forward with even my blog at the moment. Maybe I need to really finish this clearing process in order to move forward with my new life in the best possible way.

    I was given info in dream time which was basically telling me I had stuff to do of this nature and I was shown a machine thing that measured waves… you know like a bit like when they measure brain waves and things… like on a lie detector test etc. Basically there was no reading for the equinox month, which obv is Sept. I got the feeling that until I have lifted my vibration a bit more/cleared a bit more, the vibrational outcome for me come Sept is unknown. I felt like I needed a slightly new approach to what I am already doing clearing wise… I just sent out the thought/intent/knowingness that it would come to me one way or another… and here it is!!

    Thank you for all that you do Lisa and for being in my life… you are so appreciated and I am so very happy that you are getting to visit your grandson… I had faith that you would!! It’s funny how it is easier to have faith for other peoples outcomes sometimes than it is for your own!! I am getting there though and getting better at keeping the faith 🙂

    Much love and gratitude,

    Kel xx


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  7. […] Opening The Door To Your Soul – Powerful Meditation Included […]


  8. […] I did a meditation suggested by Lisa Gawlas, in her post Opening the Door to your Soul, which is here. As the title suggests, it’s about finding out what’s inside and making a connection with what […]


    • Hi Lisa, here’s feedback on your meditation…’s AMAZING! There’s’s far too much for a comment, so I wrote a post about it. 🙂
      Thank you!!! Big (((hugs)))


      • I soooo LOVE your meditation Gabrielle!! Can we trade please!!?? (big grin) I love that this meditation is so incredibly diverse in experience by the meditator.

        Thank YOU for sharing your incredible doorways with us. Was this the first time you did it? I would be curious if you go back and is it the same or different. I am actually surprised how many folks are doing it in one sitting… and only two people (me included in the two) with stuff they are still working on. Can ya feel the sweat dripping from my brow lol.

        I love ya girl!!


  9. Yes, this was the first time, although I have done ‘door opening’ meditations of my own in the past – nothing this powerful though! I’ll try again in a few days if you like, and let you know what I get. 🙂
    I was a bit miffed about not having an 8th key – or door, come to that. What was supposed to be behind the 8th door – any idea yet?
    I have no doubt at all you’ll be able to open all your doors soon!
    Love you too! 🙂 (((hugs)))


    • Here is the thing about the 8th key… and truly this subject to change as we go! It is about completely opening to the full-on energy of our new unified life… only presented when ever aspect (door) is completely open and flowing without any trace of old energy in it. And again, this is actually someones reading turned into a meditation… so, from the reading I understood that the 8th key activation would be around the fall equinox, the length of time it will take us to completely use the energies of these doors into our created reality outside of meditation.

      Ohhh I am in no rush to open the doors, I am just pissed I now have two levels to work with and bringing them into harmony and Light together. lol Plus I couldn’t stand in front of a door to even try and work it, instead I went swimming! Geeeezzzzzz

      Big big ((((HUGZ)))) to ya!!


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  13. […] you have not read or done the doorway meditation let me share the link here to the blog.  What I didn’t know then, but really get now, you should eventually get to two sets […]


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  16. Thank you for sharing, and I dropped by after a link from Gabrielle’s…


    • Hi Sue,
      I just wanted to give you a big (((HUG))) of welcome and one as well to Gabrielle too! I love y’all and am so grateful to feel you here!!


      • Thank you Lisa, you have a wonderful and inspiring blog and a great zest for life that comes across to the reader… Hugs back ~Sue


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  19. […] excited me as well as surprised me… my double platform of doorways.  I have not seen or worked with this meditation (that was someone elses reading, I included the link to that exercise) for close to a month.  For […]


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