Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 14, 2012

Where The Heck Did All These Doors Come From??

Sorry this is coming out so late today.  I am sure I would still be sleeping right now if my son didn’t call me at 6am to tell me of a series of intense and actually disturbing dreams he had last night.

I was grateful for his call, because I had a 7am reading to do!

Waking up at 4am is my sweet spot.  Gives me plenty of time to get my caffeine and nicotine flowing into my system as I connect my wiring to the upper atmosphere via writing my blog and allow my body to fully wake up before my first reading.  So sleeping til 6am is like sleeping thru half my morning!!  Of course, I am asleep nightly by 9pm!

Today tho, everything just seemed…. weird.  I was able to chug a mug and a half of coffee before my reading, which I usually have a whole pot flowing thru my system by then… But I felt awake pretty much.

Until I connected with her, then I started to question myself.  I could only see three things, all multi-colored funnels of energy inter-playing with each other.  I could not find her to save my life.  I could feel the energy of her reading, but it was more like in the night air and the only things barely visible were these three funnels of energy.  Each one about 3 feet tall.  I really assumed this was all me and I just haven’t been awake long enough in my day.

As I was really trying to “see” any other aspect of her reading I could feel this bulging energy in my forehead… which was really strange.

Now reading the last two days.. absolutely clear and intense.  The feeling was like seeing in the midst of a massive light storm… imagine standing outside during a cat 4 hurricane… that is the same intensity the light is giving off in readings too!  Phew.

Fortunately she is in Australia so it was 11pm for her, we rescheduled for later today in my world, which will be 7am for her tomorrow (which is still today… gotta love the time warp thing.)

I decided to take a meditation instead of writing a blog.  Just to see if I can get some info on my self here.

I didn’t even have to set an agenda, the moment I closed my eyes I was standing on the edge of a bridgeway (yesterdays meditation that was shared) but it was really really weird because it was as if I was looking at everything in the pitch black night air.

I could not seem to get myself to go to the first door, which was strange in and of itself.  I know that first door is my door of finances, but hanging there for 2 days now.

All of a sudden I look up, just simply trying to figure out why I can’t seem to move forward and I see the circle of doors above me.  It was an intense light field up there.  My first door was completely open and I could see the energy as if it was breathing… white and gold flowing in and out.

Instantly I understood what it was showing me/us… what we give out spiritually (that white energy) we attract back to us magnetically (that gold energy  and for as long as we exhale of pure Light there will always be an inhale of pure magnetic attraction.  When we worry, it stops that breath, that flow of energy until we allow ourselves to breath again.

I was not 100% sure I was/am really breathing!!  But yet, my upper doorway show me otherwise.  Go figure!

But, in the scheme of this meditation, I still feel sorta lost (in understanding) because, even tho the circle above me was completely in Light, there still was only one door that I have been working.  I couldn’t even see the other doors…

So as I put my attention on where I was… this suddenly new circle of doorways I watched myself as I dove into the inner circle of energy as if I was mermaid, I started swimming right at the inner edge of these doorways in a circle as if I was a dolphin or something.  Bobbing up and down I guess some sort of energy (couldn’t see what, it was dark here) as I was swimming in a circle.  By the time I got to the area of doors 4 or 5 the energy just seemed to fade away and I was back on the bridgeway again.  I repeated this motion several times… all with the same result.

What the hell is that about!!??  I don’t want to deal with two sets / floors of doors lol!  And why am I swimming like a fish instead of standing in front of a door???

Well, what I am understanding is… that on a spiritual level (the above) all has been resolved.  I understand and I actually live it.  But… that below… pesky pesky below where everything is changing and accelerating… the ego aspect of myself is doing it’s job of over protection and the need to plan (which is what the ego does so well.)

Another aspect that gives way to the bi-level set of doors, I turn 50 tomorrow (did I just say that out loud!!) and start a whole brand new vibrational decade who’s them is CHANGE!  Which, I do know how to swim in (hence the mermaid/dolphin aspect.)

I have a feeling that the 8th key with no instruction set will represent the full on merger of all our spiritual work/clearing/wisdom/vibrancy aligning completely and fully with our earth aspect.

This is actually really exciting and equally as frustrating too!!  I just want it all to align up perfectly without so much freakin effort!  If I didn’t love and value my ego so much I would just kick it to the curb!  Of course that would be like standing in a pelting hail storm naked, not to wise or safe!

But I so do understand why this meditation would take til close to the equinox to fully do, at least for me!

Well, I have been writing this sharing off and on for 6 hours and I think I will leave it as it is and pick up with a fresh mind tomorrow morning.

I would love to hear how your meditations are going, especially after doing it multiple times!

I love y’all, thank you sooo much for Being a part of my life!!


Lisa Gawlas








  1. How funny … even though you do not usually post at this time .. I knew and arrived on time !!:-) Yay .. !!
    Happy. happy birthday Lisa. May all of the wonderful energy which you give to us each day be returned to you 100000000000000th fold.
    ((((((Big birthday hugs to you!!))))))


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  3. You know, there is no pressure that you have to write every day. 🙂
    After MORE nightmares and other very vivid dreams the past few days (I don’t dream on a regular basis but this has been nonstop) I emailed some friends and asked, “Are you having extra vivid and often scary dreams?” and everyone is writing back with YES! Something strange is going on, Batman!


    • Atheria, that is kinda like saying there is no pressure when you haven’t pee’d all day lol. My blogs are the way I release the intense information/light from the previous day and make room for more. Otherwise, I explode lol. Sometimes I do miss a day and you can tell those times cuz the next day, its a marathon sharing lol!!

      Also, now I am confused, did you go back to Atheria… where did Carrie go?

      Yes Robin… very strange goings on, this has been a weird, weird day…. good, but weird!!


      • Atheria just seeped out! I can’t hold her back! I am Atheria!!!


  4. Hey Lisa, I will tell you what someone told me when I turned 50 – 50 is da bomb! Which I didn’t understand right away because sometimes I am so disconnected from popular culture – I said “huh?’ But I have to admit, 50s have been really good. A time of becoming comfortable with yourself in a new way and being powerful in a new way.
    I also read that in some traditions/cultures you aren’t a mature adult until you are 50. (I think Cherokee is one of them) Because by then you have worked out all of the life issues you had to get out of the way before you could put more of your authentic self into your walk.
    From your current side of the number it looks big and looming and ominous. But it is really cool!
    Happy Birthday Sweetie!


    • Hi everyone ((((HUGZ))))

      I have been practicing saying I was 50 for a few months now… wasn’t bad at all. I was sure this was going to be an easy transition from 49 to 50… until it got REAL! Geez!!!

      I am with you Dorothy, tomorrow I am on top of the mountain and I am learning to fly, screw walking or running back down…

      I love y’all so much and see what great company I am in!!
      ((((HUGZ)))) filled with chocolate!


  5. Happy Birthday my friend! 50 is way better than all the other decades as far as I’m concerned!! I told everyone when I turned 50 that I was at the top (after they kept saying it was all downhill from there…) and never coming down!! So far, I found I haven’t reached the top yet, and nope, not ever coming down again!
    I totally agree with Lynn. However, you seem to be already in that mode so you should have an awesome decade without all this angst we (I) had to work through when we (I) hit 50.
    Big hugs


    • Besides…50 is the new 30. 🙂


  6. I wanted to share part of this door meditation, well the part I did anyhow lol.

    I got through the entry door easily enough, shutting and locking out the old energy. The first door kept changing from gold to dark and back. It finally settled on gold. I opened the door, stepped in, shut and locked the door behind me, and there I was, watching me bounce around in the energy in the center like a trampoline. In and out of the clouds. I could see the rainbow energy pouring in to the platform and through me. Suddenly in from the center flew a miniature man, like a doll representing my husband, who landed on my hand. The energy told me that this is not as big a problem as I make it out to be…..interesting. He flew from my palm to the left outside the platform. Letting it go. The second door was a problem and I got nowhere with it. I knew it was my financial triggers holding that door hostage. I didn’t get any further.
    Will try this again…and again, I am sure.


  7. Happy birthday Lisa !

    Turning fifty is survivable, I can vouch for that. The calendar claims I’ll be turning 58 coming sunday, but last year, insted of turning 57, I decided to go back to 55. So it’ll be 54 this year 🙂

    So, we’ll both be 52 in 2014… 😆


  8. Happy birthday Lisa! 🙂 I had a wonderful 50th birthday in 2010 and haven’t looked back. I don’t feel any older than 30, although the body might let me down a little there 😀 My life has never been this good! 🙂
    Love and BIG Birthday (((((HUGS)))))


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  10. […] and it is fluid.  Now I get why I first swam like a dolphin on my current level of doorways.  (You can read about that here, if you like.)  I am learning to swim as fluidly and effortlessly in my created reality of energy as I had […]


  11. […] and it is fluid.  Now I get why I first swam like a dolphin on my current level of doorways.  (You can read about that here, if you like.)  I am learning to swim as fluidly and effortlessly in my created reality of energy as I had […]


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