Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 17, 2012

The Great Falling Away and the Consummation of New Life!

Boy, my poor little “field” antenna is getting a work out these days.  We are raising our vibration so fast and so high, orientating myself in readings is really taking some work.  And yet, what is now coming thru… feels so sacred, so utterly exciting I am not even sure how to share it without drooling all over myself from the combined experiences!!

I suppose I am so programmed with linear time, one day following the next and an event on scheduled day is going to happen only on that scheduled day.  We can be sooooo human!

When I connected to my first reading yesterday, the field itself was far from defined.  It looked to me like loose spider webs of energy without form.  Very much in contrast to what I have been seeing all year.  No dome, no circular energy, no directional points.  Since these days and readings are changing with every connection and the lead up to the solar eclipse changing the forward movement, for a moment I assumed we were not going to see or understand anything.  I almost stopped the attempt at reading to reschedule when my eyes were pulled way up to the top of the Mesa Cliff.

I actually seen a full-blown solar eclipse hanging about 5 feet above the mesa cliff, I kept blinking… feeling like I could not possibly be seeing this imagery, not on the 16th of May!!  The more I blinked the clearer it became!  I suddenly realized that not only am I seeing the eclipse energy in this connection there was a movement to it.

At first it was a full solar eclipse, moon in front of the sun with a beautiful halo of fiery light all around the darkened disk.  When I looked again, the moon had moved about 2 inches forward.

The understanding came crashing down all over my excited presence!  The energy of this eclipse, this amazing alignment is already here on earth.  The moon has already started moving forward, coming out of alignment with the sun and releasing the full on “movement” on earth.

It really wasn’t until I read for my next two ladies did the fullness of this initial reading make sense to me.  So, I will come back to this very very important understanding in a few moments.

My second reading about blew my socks off!!  Every single detail, crisp, clear and unmistakable in presentation and feeling.

The first thing I had seen with her was the field itself.  I was first thrown off guard by what I did see.  Her South (life in full bloom) and West (Time of Harvest) fields were vivid in my field of vision and yet, there was this knowing the same thing was happening in the North (rejuvenation) as well as her East (New Beginnings) fields.

I could see vortexes coming up out of her south and west fields, something I had never seen before.  But not only were there vortex energies she also had these helpers at each station.  The helpers looked like a cross between an elf and a leprechaun!  They were each working as fast as they can to make sure her vortexes were completely ready.  I also understood that, at least for her, every direction is fully and completely activated… working simultaneously.  The moment I asked “ready for what” holy cow batman…

I once again seen the eclipse energy just above the Mesa in the same position as the prior reading.  The eclipse itself started to share an understanding with us.  By the time we arrive on our dateline of May 20th, it will be a completely opened portal of energy.  And I could see it… like the brightest, deepest portal of pure white energy like I have never seen before.

Suddenly, in the present of the full portal opening in this lady’s reading, something astounding happened:

From the entirety of the portal sun came 5 vortexes, 4 for each direction on the field and one really big one for the magnetic dome of energy in the center of the field.  I watched, and more importantly FELT their link up!  I am not sure I will ever have the words to describe what I felt or even the estoteric understanding that came with all the intense feelings, but maybe… I pray, the rest of her reading will help you to understand our greatest potential right now on earth.  Personal vibrational field allowing!

AS we talked and shared about this amazing visual the information came thru that we are presently, right now in this moment, already being prepared, activated, opened as fully as our inner work has allowed for the great alignment on the 20th.  It will take us 3 full earth days to integrate the enormity of release within this galactic event within our physical bodies and then another 3 days to integrate the energies within our bodies into full application within our lives.

I have really got to pay attention to the date May 23rd.  We already know the 23rd of each month embeds a “power node” and even as I write this I am feeling this will be the last power node of its kind.  I see it as a massive amount of energy, spinning so rapidly from the ground below your feet, upwards into your field of creation.  The rate of spin is so fast all the colors blur together, but I have a feeling it is a combination of white and gold energy.  Unequivocally <— spirits word, not mine) creating the next expression of your (our) life’s experiences.

So, I understood that the complete integration of the portal release from this eclipse alignment should complete itself by the 26th of May.  Of course, our next question is… then what?  Holy flipping cow batman!!

Crossing the Threshold of Life

Instantly I had seen an image of a man dressed in a black suit and he was carrying my lady forward.  I suddenly realized this is a bridegroom carrying his bride across the threshold, into their new life together!

Let me tell you, we were both beside ourselves with these details.  As she spoke (the lady having the reading) I could hear the crackling in her voice holding back the tears of both joy and relief.

I also understood this man was symbolic, which is why I only ever seen him from the backside.  The divine masculine (creation itself) carrying his beloved divine feminine (every human who has prepared their vessel) across the threshold of life!

She and I were like two giddy children.

I kept poking my eye into her future to see what all of this… any of this could mean.  I could not go far, could not get a sense of time at all, but what I had seen left me in a state of pure bliss about what is to come!!

The visual of the bridegroom carrying her across a threshold I could not see was very present as the next visual opened up.  It was raining… sort of.  Not watery kind of rain, but something that looked oddly familiar.  As I got my visual antenna up close to the imagery falling down from the sky I had to laugh so hard: It was raining sperm!!!

The sperm had really really long tails that stretched from the sky to near earth and their little heads each held a pinpoint of light within.

It took me a bit to regain my composure after this unexpected visual!

Altho I could see nothing more, I did understand the significance of this humorous visual from the field of life!

Once the wedding takes place, vows are exchanged, party is over the honeymoon begins.  From previous sharings I now really understand the 2 month honeymoon period of June and July… there is also the “consummation” of marriage.  I never seen the “how” but I find the timing of the Venus transit in June so timely!!  The universe left no detail forgotten or left out!!  Like I they said yesterday “They got this covered!!!”

The way I understood this visual of raining sperm is like this:  We, each human on earth are the ovum.  The feminine expression of life itself… the dreamer, the potential of life itself.  God, Creator (pick a word) is the Masculine, that which fertilizes the egg and brings potential into created matter.

Like Biology itself, anything left unresolved within the DNA expression will produce a life that involves that!   We think of it as genetic malfunctions in the growth process, but the soul planned it all.  So know, anything less than Heaven in experience in the year(s) ahead, is not a curse, a bad luck deal… not at all.  It is karma.  Your own energy field expressing itself to you.  Period.

For those who cleaned their egg… (smile) holy flipping cow batman!!  I don’t know how it unfolds… but man oh man, let the consummation begin!!

There is something to, that I want to make perfectly clear.  So many people have just emerged from a total and intense cleansing process.  The memories of the crap it took to get to “here” is still vivid in the mind.  That does not mean you are going to create more of that… not at all.  A soldier coming home from war is not still on the front lines, yet the psyche may still feel like it is.

The only thing that matters is the true, pure energy in your heart and the actions you put into motion thru that energy!

Which brings me back to my first reading.  Her field was unclear in our reading because she was unclear in her life.  She is actually in a life that does not match her frequency, actually quite the opposite really.  She lives with a relative who is emotionally unstable, and know what this eclipse brings energetically… I was/am actually worried about her safety!  Yet, there was no concrete action/energy in her field to remove her from that environment.

I had to pay attention to the movement of the eclipse energy… something had to be opening for her to get her to a productive, life enhancing place she heart and soul not only desires… but deserves as well.

Instantly I thought of my man in Texas and his rainbow wagon wheel.  Perhaps, the beginning of a whole new life and way of life to many (smile, wink.)

Last, but so far from least was my third reading of the day.  The energy and texture was very similar to the lady just before her, with some added interesting details!!  I cannot tell you how much I love and appreciate the alignment of souls in a reading.  Each adding to the other..

I had seen her at the top of the Mesa Cliff directly under the portal of energy of the full eclipse.  She asked a question that brought us more understanding (gotta love those questions!!!)

She asked how this eclipse affects her husband and teenage daughter.  The daughter is more than fine… the husband…. this was an interesting visual.  One you may want to take deep inside you as we all move towards this energetic.

The first thing I had seen was a half circle coming down from just above the Mesa Cliff.  As the two open points of the half circle came in contact with the surface of the cliff I could see massive cracks and fissures taking place.  The more this half circle penetration the rock… the rock itself started to crumble.  It was as if the back half of the Mesa Cliff started to completely crumble… fall away from the lady in the reading.  Her husband was in the falling rock.  The color scheme was black and amber.  When I see amber in any reading it is representative of the petrified tree sap amber… old, solidified and often times has bugs or something trapped in it… very old energy.  This was all starting to crumble… fall away, taking with it anyone aligned with outdated trapped energy/approaches to life.

Later in the day I read a text that really hit home with this visual:  the verse in Thessalonians where it talks about the ‘great falling away’.  One of those deep ah-ha moments!  I don’t know the bible, but I know what falling away looks like in a reading!!

He did have a window of time to change the black of fear to the lifeline of the black of unforeseen potential…. and he had to drastically change his mind about life.

I had to wonder, how what created this half circle… which is actually an annoying point I want to make.  If we don’t ask more questions… we don’t get any further details!!

I suddenly seen a full circle at the point of the eclipse itself.  This reading is all about my lady on the phone… so it shows she has come to the very end of a cycle of completion (ummmm we ALL have) and her energy field takes her into a sperm filled future… her husbands… not so much.  So in asking about him, her circle sliced itself in half and now looked very much like an S , reversed and verticle on the ground.  The elcipse is going to take her deep into herself (hence those 6 days afterwards) and she emerges into the field of raining sperm.  Her husband is on a landscape crumbling under his feet.

How this plays out in our reality… no clue.  At least… not yet.

Your choice points today are more crucial than they ever have been before.  Choose only from the heart, the mind does not know the way!!

I am officially in pre-party celebration… any one wanna dance????

((((HUGZ)))) filled with the most radiant seeds of New Life to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas


  1. You askin..? I’m dancin 🙂
    Lisa … I love you! Your readings .. your humour… your warmth … your energy!

    `It’s raining sperm… halleluiah!’ 🙂
    Thank you so much for BEing!
    (((BIG HUGS)))


    • You can really tell we are ALL on the same page… or maybe melodic note… as soon as I realized what I was seeing in the reading I started singing that very same verse out loud too!!

      No umbrella’s needed…. we are singing in the sperm filled rain!!

      I am in such de_light_full company… thank y’all!!!
      (((((HUGZ))))) of joy and laughter!


      • Hey Lisa … here’s a song to dance to ..

        Dee Lite Full 🙂 … Groove is in the heart.
        ((((((giggly hugs)))


  2. Lets dance!!!!!!!!!! Mexico was great!! came home with pneumonia-Clearing???? Who knows? better now! just off balance frequently! hahaha


  3. Right on soul sister! It shifted for me yesterday and now, thanks to YOU, I am singing…. “it’s raining sperm, Hallelujah!”


  4. dancing in the rain, sperm!!! I love you Lisa and all that we are all creating together!! Been feeling my man materialize out of thin air to carry me across that threshold. It feels soooo real! oh, we are so ready! God bless us and thank you God! What a wonder that we are truly here. so glad to be sharing the journey with you all!


  5. Matariki said it all so perfectly! I can only add my gratitude and joy for all that you share Lisa!
    Love and hugs,


  6. Just follow those inner urges…stop thinking if you still are. The men who do come here, stop analyzing if you have any of that left. A really beyond awesome book right now for men in particular (I FEEL) is LEFT IN THE DARK FREE EDITION. This is written by some scientists who have crossed all boundaries and made a GREAT attempt to unify all the sciences into a more coherent picture. They briefly touch on the potential of the right brain and very interesting things that have happened for these scientists under sleep deprivation. The left brain needs sleep…you dont 🙂 Wait till that sinks in…

    Get this book! Devour it in a day or two and sit back…let that all seep in and reread a few interesting sections. I did and I created a new meditation type mantra. I don’t meditate much anymore…I got what I needed out of it and basically just access HS at will now. However I developed a block at one point where I literally had a dark nights soul journey without access to any inner guidance. That was scary, but something really clicked into place permanently with this book.

    Basically I now visualize and within say to myself, less left brain…thank you left brain, but I need some more right brain help. I calm down the left brain…I love it into submission quite literally. I can not tell you what happens inside me, but I can tell you the feelings you’ll get quite soon after. You will lighten up immediately, your sense of self lightens and suddenly new thoughts might come to mind, don’t attach to any of them, just watch and feel them, DO NOT THINK.

    Naturally you won’t think much the more and more you practice this. It will become a light switch. I have been doing this for only 3 weeks, maybe 2 solid and already for me, this is a switch. Give thanks to the left brain for keeping you alive, its mostly rooted in the NOT now and its kept you alive. However we have no fear of our body safety, we are safe, so relax already! But literally telling the left brain to calm down and relax and take a break and thank you shuts em down.

    I am doing this more and more on tasks at work and noticing something. I can not logically or linearly tell you how it works, but I can SHOW you things without THINKING about them and yet the results are accurate. Yesterday I surprised my wife by detailing her car she hasn’t washed since we got it for her last NOV! She was saying she needs to do it…so I was out in it and an urge came to do it NOW! Well i argued…i said i didn’t have quarters to do it…I walked into the store i was @ and realized i didn’t have a wallet which i haven’t forgotten that in years! Spirit says, we took care of that…go back home get your wallet with the dollars and the quarters next to it!

    I was floored! I washed the car, but the funny thing is I never thought about it, i just kinda said show me the way and the way came through me. I had EXTRA time left on the clock from the vacuum and this is a four door! When i went to wash it, I said show me…and I most efficiently washed the car to the point every movement was intention filled and precise and I had time left over from the car wash!

    What that book and my inner questioning realized is we all have three brains basically. The mental body is physically seated in the original Brain, the one we call such. This is where the all is Mind. The second brain is your Heart and this is where your Spirit body is physically anchored. The HeartMath Institute can fill you in more (EM field of the heart is 10X the BRAIN!). Lastly you have the GUT which is the body’s brain physically anchored in this reality. The gut sends 9 signals to the brain for every signal the brain sends to the gut! Its contains more neural fibers than the spine. Through the mental, spirit and body centers you animate this existence.

    Further I see the mental body populated with left/right brain which is where the lower ego/higher ego manifest. Within Spirit there is a split between service to self and service to others, though with full vision you will see no difference. The body’s brains, the gut, is broken in half as I feel it as a fear/no fear state sometimes mis-characterized as fight/flight. Most of the fears we THINK we have is in reality FEAR originating in the body’s natural response to danger. Thank the body for the message but transmute it using LOVE from the Spirit within, rather than amplifying it with the mental body. Feel into that fear…you are not your body!

    I’m a convert…the lower ego is in the left brain, it is AFRAID of the potential that exists in the opposite side. The right is a mirror for the left…USE IT!!!!!

    I surrender 🙂

    One Love Adonai!!!!


    PS…I am terribly sorry for rambling like this…take what resonates and toss the rest!


  7. I find the image of “raining spem” utterly disgusting. I wish you had put it some other way.


    • Hi Marlene (((HUGZ)))

      Really… disgusting?? It was/is beautiful, funny and life serving/enriching. If spirit showed you a lot of sperm heading towards the earth upside down like rain… how would you describe it???

      Just wondering…


  8. Hi Lisa,

    This is a bit random but would you be so kind and post a “color chart” of the colors you see and their meanings? I see colors lights a lot but I have no clue what they mean or how to interpret them.



    • Crystal,
      Perhaps do not look for the answers out here, go within, feel into the colors and see what they teach you.

      Having said that, I’d still find a wheel to start with to get a MAP, but I would not in the least confuse that for the territory within.



  9. Hey Lisa, again we’re on the same vibe. I woke up at 4 this morning with a powerful dream. My dreams used to be vivid and I’d remember them all. Not lately. But last night I was in constant dream state and felt them all upon waking. Incredible. But this one that woke me up was of a global rain – not sperm but hail and rain. The Earth was travelling through some storm in space and we didn’t know when it would start or for how long. The dream started with the hail coming and giving way to the rains. There was a glass house (like a kids play house) and I ducked inside. I could see everything around me, but didn’t get wet. Mostly. There were leaks. A few others were inside the house, including my husband. Then freaky lightning crashed in places around us though no one was hit. Then it was over, and a TV regained reception and we could all see a few celebrities covering the story regain their composure and tell us all the storm was over and we’d come through alright. The other interesting point is my Mom and I were telepathically connected and wondering about a friend in Australia. She was in some kind of crisis and we were planning to visit her even though it would mean I’d be away for my birthday – which puts all this in June. The plane was huge and almost like an air cruise ship with dining rooms etc. There was something about four heavy stone or rock issues were present, but to trust this – but I couldn’t bring that back with me upon waking. The pilot announces that some danger was in store our attendant, white-faced, made her way to a vacant seat and buckled up. That was the end of the dream. haha


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  11. Hehe…love the imagery, Lisa
    As usual a beautiful insight.


  12. What a great post and sharing, love it all !!
    And Kai….thank you, thank you….Ramble on, Please, I really enjoy your sharing with us. Love and light, Deb


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