Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 18, 2012

The Incubation within the Merging of Past and Future Energy!

Are these days getting intense in the emotional field or what?  It seems the emotional field is running the gamut, from intense highs in some people to crashing lows in others and everything in between.  It seems these days are equally as unpredictable as well, at least in reading the field!

I was so hoping for more juicy tidbits of what is to come yesterday, but instead what it feels like is the field is in the “locking and loading” position.

Oddly enough I only had one person on my schedule.  I had to smile when I noticed that because I have out-of-state company that came in the day before (arriving in NM a day earlier than their scheduled check in time where they are staying, so of course they stayed with me) and I was free all morning to hang with my new friends.  Every day prior and every day after, my calendar is booked with multiple readings each day.  This one day, the only day I would have liked some “off time” was right there without me having to block off my calendar beforehand.

I have got to bring this back to spirit knowing exactly what we need, when we need it and providing for exactly that!  Even when…. no, especially when we have no clue we even have a need yet!

So when my noon appointment rolled around, I really was excited to see what we are going to see thru it all.  Let me tell you, my antenna is really getting a super work out!!  Connecting is taking more and more energy and concentration!  Phew!!

When I finally found her, she was standing up on the top of the Mesa Cliff, almost in the same position I talked about yesterday with the lady and her split in half circle.  Only this lady had the added element of two flowing streams of energy moving towards her (but not at all connecting with her.)  These streams of energy were like gently flowing rivers, one moving towards her from the right… her future energy already releasing itself to her grid of life and one from the left, her past merging with her future energy.  Both streams of energy were rainbow-colored and the colors moved and changed with the flow.  The past energy was darker in colors. from what the field said, it is what she is already using that is represented there.  The future stream much more neon on colors and the field said it is what will be available to her.

Instead of these two streams connecting at her feet they merged together and flowed over the Mesa Cliff like a waterfall.  As I noticed her, she had this bright glowing white triangle of energy that seemed to direct the flow of both streams over the cliff.  The tip of the triangle was at the Mesa Cliff edge.

I followed the combined stream of energy as if it was happening in real-time, down the cliff, streaming onto the ground, moving towards the river, thru the river to the area of my backyard where the circle of energy I call “the Field” exists.  Keep in mind, her rainbow energy flow was about 5 feet wide.  Concentrated and surely knew exactly where it needed to go!!

I watched as it connected to the field.  But now, there was some added element to the field itself.  The familiar directional points that jut out from the circle…. gone.  The openness of the outer field now houses a magnetic dome of energy itself.  As I kept straining to hold my fiend of vision within what was happening and get clearer understanding of what it means to her, I realized out fields of energy (North, West, East, South) have been brought in from the outside connection points of the field itself to be housed directly in the field in full preparation for Sundays massive portal of energy called the solar eclipse.

This new dome of energy that has formed over the once open part of the field serves as a massive amplifier, integrator and multiplier.

I watched as her rainbow energy stream of past and present blended energy moved onto the new outer dome of magnetic energy and started to spin clockwise.  The spin became so fast I couldn’t bear to look at it any longer.

We rescheduled!

I only now realize this is the “egg” of her creation.  We all have one, are one and this is what will be fertilized for full expression as we merge with the portal energy of the eclipse!

My brains, my energetic system was completely spent after that beautiful connection.  I could barely move for the rest of the day and proceeded to have a 10 hour sleep cycle last night.

I just now got off the phone with my first reading of today, I had a feeling yesterday this was going to be a “par for the course” for the next few days… sure enough, she was in rainbow convergence, egg incubation period herself.  Considering she is in Australia, a full day and a half ahead of my own timeline, and much closer to the solar eclipse timeline that me, I have a feeling today and tomorrows readings are not going to reveal anything until the alignment of the eclipse starts to peck at the new, protective magnetic shell and we can look at all of the new life, new energy emerging from this amazing moment in time.

Ohhhh, my lady in Australia did have an added element which I really didn’t get until just this moment now.  She had like tentacles that were at least 6 feet high connected to her outer dome of energy and in a gentle swaying like movement straight up in the air.  Her whole body and spirit field is ready for this power-point on earth and even tho she is not in alignment geographically with the “surgeons scalpel” she has the added element of these golden tentacles to harness the energy releasing to start the emerging of her new life.

There is not a detail left out or forgotten about by this supporting universe.  I suppose when you have close to 26 thousand years to prepare, everything is seen and accounted and provided for!!

If you can imagine we are within an egg now… very much like a baby chick.  We know it is almost time to start pecking our way out of our “shell” to release and step fully into our new life.  The excitement grows within so many of us each day!!

I am also being asked to make clear that this visual is showing us the full confluence and convergance of our Light Fields.  Past, present, future, above, below all now housed in the incubating egg of our lives.

If you arrived at this moment in time with any unresolved issues… just start throwing them out the window… fast!!  Don’t need to grow more of “that” ever again!!  …unless you do!

To all my chickadee’s in waiting… Hang on tight, the best is so close we can smell it now!!

Happy Dancing within my egg!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of excitment and blissed out joy to all!!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. we are so loved!!! Felt the sun’s golden light bathing me as I awoke. Knowing all are being gifted with this expansive rain of liquid lovelight. Oh, what a time! thank you LIsa for your words that so honor this process we are in!


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    • Lucas 2012 you are officially my 777 th comment on here today… may this golden age of life honor and refelct back super sized, all you do, as you do for me and all of us!!



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