Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 29, 2012

The Vibrant New Human Expressing on The New Unified Earth! But First….

The twists and turns really do come up fast these days coupled with some really intense emotions.  On April 27th the sun unleashed a massive CME on its southwestern (The fullness of your lifes garden into the harvest area) limb and seems to be hitting a lot of us directly in our own vile duct!!  It was at top-notch yesterday and I could feel it thru every single reading.  Ya know that feeling when you pluck a taunt wire and you can see and feel the energy of it reverberating?

Well this pesky ole CME hit me square in a spot I didn’t know I had lingering.  Like when you realize you have been walking around with gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe and every particle of dirt it could hold was stuck there too.  But what is really strange for me, it hit me just as I was falling asleep and a mass of really really unpleasant emotions erupted like a volcano out of control!

Of course, at the top of the lava flow was my son, our unpleasant conversation earlier in the morning.  God bless his arrogant ego.  By his own desire, I am not moving back to Virginia to help him thru this.  I also gave him the freedom to walk this path alone.

I so remember my own arrogance when my life feel apart in Virginia in 2001 and the very best thing I could have done back then for myself and my 11-year-old daughter was to move into a homeless shelter.  My ego had a meltdown… and I moved into a room rental with a couple of teenagers who ended up stealing everything my daughter had left to her name.  3 months later, I ended up in the homeless shelter.  It was one of those times where my team was with me in direction until I refused their direction and then said… go this alone and learn from it.  Ouch!

How much do we really have to lose before we get out of our own egoic way?? A lot, obviously!  Ohhh the hazard of being human!

So, for now, I remain in New Mexico.

Yesterday morning I thought a lot about the man I read for and seeing and feeling the hand of God crossing his path and being placed directly in front of him holding a silver platter out to him.  It appeared there was nothing (at least that I could see) on the silver platter.

So how does God, Creator, whatever word you are comfy with… cross our paths in his full presence?  Thru the heart of a human, how else?

Handing you a gift on a silver platter that appears empty.  I took all of this into my meditation yesterday morning… it was lingering in my heart to really understand.  And obviously so important it (He) wanted to be included in the closing statements of yesterdays sharings (I almost forgot about that and it came zooming to me before I ended my sharing.)

I lay in my bathtub remembering in clarity the visual given to my man in the UK. A long softly glowing white arm coming in from the right (spiritual side) of this mans forward path and a large softly glowing white hand holding a really large round silver platter…. with nothing that I could see upon the platter itself.

Funny how we can look at something and not see a thing and discount the very gift it holds.

So I had to ask God… how do we know?

And he reminded me of this very short journey with my son.  The full force of His love was flowing thru my heart chakra, moving me back to Virginia to live thru me until my son remembered how much he lives thru him and started to live thru that energy himself.

But the hand was slapped away.

I remember telling this man in the UK, it may come as a sudden and surprising opportunity… make sure you take it.  Often times, the most precious gifts from God are the very things we have been trying to avoid and close the door to!

Choices and Free Will…. pesky!!  We can clean up the last of our negative karma… or make it so big it becomes heart wrenching to walk thru.

This is the year ahead!

So of course it is no surprise that the last of the goo stuck under the barrel is now being released… if we choose.

So is it surprising that when I was done talking to God, in the same instant, in the same holy bath water… my own father comes spilling up from under my barrel. Geez I was pissed!  To go from Glory to pissed in a nanosecond is disorienting in and of itself.

I got a message the other day from my sister (his daughter) saying that the 29th is my fathers birthday (today) and he would love to have me call him.  In the euphoria of reconnection after 36 years… exciting.  And then I am reliving 1976 again.  Amazing the HiDef-DVD storage we have within us.

I am being blasted by so many unresolved issues around men!  My son, my father, my God!  This is hell thank you very much!!

And of course, on this super intense emotional day, and the stream of energy where like-attracts-like…. my first appointment was struggling to understand her place in the world.  Yup, I can so relate to that!!

My second was became down right pissed at me when I made a sexual reference.    Not about her at all, just as a metaphor, an example.  Breathe, Lisa breathe.  I am already recovering from pissed in my bath… and I had to start laughing she and I are in the same boat really.  That goo we so don’t want to take out and look at, deal with, or even admit “it” is sooooo incredibly important to transform as we cross this bridge into May.

I looked at her out in the field, there she was arms crossed, solar plexus and heart just pissed… closed down looking at her West field, her harvest but not budging an inch to go into it.  Mirror mirror on my phone, I am obviously taking the same stance here…. dammit!!

We decided to deal with our very similar issues thru this week and meet again next week.  What we choose to do this week, thru the 3rd seals the energy of our experience thru May 2013.  We will strip down and clean!!

I sure as hell didn’t know what to expect with my third reading.  I don’t know how much more my own heart can take of this mirror reflecting back at me stuff.  The good stuff is easy and we love to embrace it.  But that crazy silver platter…. gotta love it!!  Reflective.  Intense.  Silver is also the highest vibration of earth energy there is… couple that with the hand of God.  Holy shit batman!  Only a fool would turn away.  But then again, isn’t the fool also the magician??

I could feel her wires reverberating too.  We talked about my post of the morning and her really wanting to understand her passion, her high heart.  I decided to change this reading up…. I am not a 100% sure if the change was for her or for me…  but whatever the underlying reason was, I am grateful beyond words.

Instead of reading her in the field like I have been doing all this year, I brought her physical body into my kitchen.  Before our Light Bodies exploded into continuous change, I was able to read deep into your energy, your chakra system and see what was going on deep inside of your DNA.  But not so much since Sept. of last year.  At least, not until yesterday.

The New Human In The Ready:

The first thing I had seen on her was a glowing golden halo like energy placed directly on her head coupled with a stream a white energy going down into her head.  All completely under the skull area.  It looked like a brand new super highway of energy threads everywhere I could see in her head.  I was so surprised to see these threads actually connected to and enhanced the tip of her tongue.  I never had to define a tongue before in a reading…. so it took me a moment to understand the relevance.  I became very aware of my own tongue thru every word I was saying to her.  The various placements of my tongue on my teeth, the roof of my mouth as every word was spoken.   Ahhhh that’s it… this energy is going to be magnified thru her words.

I also got a really clear understanding of the now two very common intermingled colors I see.  The glowing white energy that represents the pure energy of spirit and the golden energy that is our magnetic field supercharged.  Keep in mind, our magnetic field is directed purely by our karma.  What we put out, we get back 100 fold!  (It was 10 fold, but now with that golden energy… everything is enhanced and really concentrated with a magnetic force that is gonna knock us off our rockers!!)

As I continued my journey down thru her body, my next stop was at her throat.  Man there is a lot of work going on in there!!  So many tiny little elementals helping to completely rework the grid of energy within her throat.  I could see the deep blue of her throat chakra coupled with a lot of black.  Black representing the energy she has not brought up yet for full expression.  The little elementals hard at work within her were making sure all this unforeseen, unused mastery was fully connected for expression.  I mentioned to her with all this work going on in her throat, don’t be surprised if your throat feels a bit scratchy and sore.  She admitted it already has been for a few days.  Perfect!!

Now this next adventure thru her body system… my lord, it gives us a clarity I have not seen, nor understood at all… not even while I was reading for her.  It was later in the day as I reflected on her amazing Light Body within that I really got the clarity of what I was not only seeing within her… but what I have been talking about now for a few weeks.

Her High Heart:

Man oh man… beautiful.  Keeping in mind the high heart is located at the thymus area of the sternum.  In my world, it radiates an intense pink energy when fully at the ready for use and expression.  Hers was/is.  It is also cylinder shaped with a potential flow very much like a firehose.  This is where we strive to get our passion center… our high heart energy.

She radiated something I have never seen before in the high heart stream… wisps of colored energy… parts of the rainbow.  There was a blue wisp, a violet wisp, an orange wisp and a yellow wisp.  Separate, but all moving in her high heart stream.  All I could think is… what the hell is that?  What could it possibly mean?  If this is your pure spiritual passion center… why colors that are not connected (next to each other,) yet clear as day?

Like I said it was later in the day that the clarity just burst into my awareness.  So let me make it clear here:

Before we can fully live in the full expression of Heaven on earth, we MUST call the rainbow of Light home into us!

We humans are so programmed to seek outside of ourselves for what we desire most.  It is almost funny to think it took me this flipping long to get it!!  We must call home every pure radiant emotion that is the colors of the rainbow into us.  Into our heart centers and blended them into our full expression.

As so many of us have sought the twin flame outside of ourselves, never realizing we are the twin flame of our desires… so is that area we call family.

Family, true, pure, connected energies of radiance can never exist in harmony outside of ourselves until it first is fully expressed and felt within ourselves!  When you feel like you “need” someone in your life, it is because you are missing a part of your own inner rainbow.  From May 2012 thru May 2013 we will be calling our rainbow family home into us… (it’s going to be interesting to see how that plays out!)

I have already asked the universe to provide us with understanding of each individual color/emotion so we can understand what we are striving for.  As always… in the right time, we will get to fully understand that.  As soon as I have even an inkling… you will too!!

Even as I write all that and really understand it more than I ever have… those going thru the deep goo release right now… guess whats next??  Becoming the living rainbow!!  Hurray??

When I moved into her base heart area…. my good lord!  At first it was an image of the entire earth, but as quickly as I had seen the globe I had seen 3 energy beings with shovels digging a big ass hole in her earthy heart.  The soil there… holy cow batman, the darkest, richest nutrient filled soil anyone could hope to have in their heart center.  I knew immediately she was deeply connected to mother earth.  A living expression of her… even if she isn’t living that part of her yet… she is now fully and completely wired to Be that now!!

As I moved into her solar plexus… phew!!  I so wanted to reach thru the phone lines and just hug her.  I could see the flames of fire spitting out her solar plexus.  Her Kundalini energy a permanent resident within her gut!!

I so love too, the humbleness and humility of this lady…. she was so surprised every step of the way to hear and feel not only her radiance, but how perfect her radiance is!!  Her energy body is what we all strive to have echoed thru space and time!  The purely tempered ego would of course be surprised… and she was!!

Her sacral chakra was a bouquet of wildflowers with various Shambhala flowers within the bouquet.  Now that didn’t surprise me at all, given the humbling journey thru her energy system to here.  She would have to have a hand in bringing the flowers of Shambhala together…

And as I moved to check on her root chakra, my whole heart lit up!  Her legs became two strong roots and I followed her roots into the heart of earth.  Deeply embedded in the passion of the earth.

Trust me, I lingered there.  I love our mother so much.  So incredibly much and to see this precious human radiating the love of earth thru her energy system… I just wanted to snuggle for a moment.

But then I felt something… something too that is equally, no…. FREAKIN important to us in these times.

The Unified Energy Communication

She will be bringing many messages from the heart of earth herself thru her.  Not as a separate energy but as a human in complete oneness with the earth.  In doing so, she will also fully realize why she is here at this time… In doing, we start to really understand.

I cannot tell you how tickled I was to feel and completely understand this important aspect of her journey… of all of our journeys.

We have created the concept of “channeling” as something outside of ourselves that speaks thru us as an outside entity.  This way was the only way of getting the message out.  We were knee-deep in separation and this was the best, most viable way of communicating with spirit.

Now… we are in ONENESS with spirit.  (Or at least striving to be)  Earth will not be a separate communication system from her, but the very breath of her words.  Ahhhh the tongue energy!!

Only our ego’s need to say this one is talking thru me, that one is talking thru me… the receiving heart knows what it feels when it is received regardless of who one claims to be channeling.  Life is no longer about standing out, but is all about blending in…. TOGETHER!!!

Because TOGETHER we have ALL-WAYS been ONE!!  Re-Member??

I love you all so much.  You have always been my living rainbow within my heart amplified for all to see and understand even more!!

Big bright colorful ((((HUGZ)))) to All!!

Lisa Gawlas


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  2. About the tip of the tongue:

    Drunvalo say’s at about 3:30 of

    “Your tongue is the key to higher consciousness”
    The tip of the tongue is also the first part which grows out of the heart
    and much more…. 🙂

    Love and Light,


    • Thank you so much for sharing that video Stefan!! Crazy that the tongue is birthed of the heart. Now wonder our words and our very breath is so powerful!!

      He even explained about the halo, which I never did understand!! Now I do!!

      Big big (((HUGZ))) of gratitude to you!!


  3. Lisa….you open the door to so much information and truth!!! You are one amazing soul….I love that video of confirmation from Stefan!!! WE ARE ON OUR WAY!!!!! YAYYYY…..oh….one of your readings you described regarding rainbow colors coming from the high heart….reminded me of my reading of the rainbow colors coming from my torso area. I was told from someone that I am a Rainbow Warrior…..just means I come from a rainbow race of beings I think. This journey is sooo amazing!!!


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