Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 28, 2012

May Will Be a Full On Game Changer Fueled By YOU!

The one thing I am sure of, May is gearing up to be one very interesting ride!!  The readings have changed… again!!  This time tho, with a really interesting twist I have not experienced before.  Your spiritual team, the Guardians, are asking YOU questions!  I do understand it is their way of placing the mantle of power and responsibility back into your hands… but surely not a way of reading I am accustomed to at all!

There was a major common theme yesterday in all of the readings as well:

Loose the details of what you desire!!

In this long adventure we have been on, we have been in a space of co-creation with two major elements: our hearts and our minds.  But even then, most of the time our minds were tricking us into thinking our heart was engaged when really it was a really powerful mind adventure.  Most people, even so many that say they are “awakened” don’t really know their hearts, they know what their mind tells them and so often it really is a contradiction of energy.

To live a fully empowered spiritual life as we are designed to live it, we really need to start co-creating with spirit not our minds!

I was given the pure privilege of connecting with two amazing men yesterday, one on the phone, one on my massage table and two equally amazing women on the phone.  I want to talk about my last appointment first, my massage client.

He is a semi-practicing Indian (native american) whom I have been connecting with via a massage for two years now.  I was soooo excited when he called to say he is in New Mexico (he lives in CA) and wanted a session.  A massage reading really is very different from a phone reading.  I can see the energy changing in the physical body with intimate detail.

In a massage I always start the connection at the crown so I can see what is happening in the head.  I was able to see a full network of energy completely rewiring itself thru not only his entire brain system but came all the way down to his throat and shoulders too.  The energy itself was the purest white/yellow streaming strands of networked energy I had ever seen in a brain system.  It was in constant motion as well.  Then again, so has his spiritual pursuit of himself over the years.

There were these very interesting reflective shields that showed up on his shoulder, very much like shoulder pads.  They were a thin silver coating directly on his shoulders and from what I understood served as reflective energy out to the world.  Keeping in mind, silver itself is the highest vibration of earth energy, and our Indians (native americans) have always been deeply connected to the earth.

Take a moment and feel the profoundness of that.  The brand new network of energy flowing thru your mind is immediately reflected out to the world thru   these super charged shoulder pads.

What you think, you create.

There is no more room for second guessing or really, even changing your mind.  Which is why, what I had seen next, so super important to all of us to really understand and use!

Next, I moved down into his high heart, the area of the body where the thymus is located and in my world of color vibrates to the color pink to represent the passion of your heart/life.  Not the physical life but the spiritual one you came in to live and Be.

I had to stop and laugh out loud as I connected to his high heart.  There was a little elemental guy sitting just to his right side on his chest looking very much like Elmer Fudd, digging in his high heart center in a frenzy.  I will just call this little dude Elmer (smile.)  I could see Elmer digging around in the pure pink energy of his high heart, taking out several different items of mastery and putting them to the side.

This is a huge important item to really understand (it will also be reflected very very much in a reading I had done with a lady yesterday too, actually all of them, but most importantly these two folks as living examples.

Thru our journey to here we take out and use various aspects of our mastery all along the way.  When we think of the spiritual master, we so frequently go to spiritual things we can do, like energy work, mediumship… but we actually have been taking out various nuggets of often overlooked mastery.  Example, my own ability to interact with people.  I have spent all of my life in the sales field, forcing me to be able to not only interact with every conceivable ego on earth, but not “feel less” than in front of anyone.  If I didn’t spend my life learning and living this, I would be very ineffective in what I do now.  Interpersonal relationships are crucial for who I Am and what I do.  Mastering non-judgement in any aspect of life, is yet another crucial skill set.

So when I had seen Elmer digging in this precious man’s high heart taking out chunks of energy, I knew he was looking for something in his mastery, in his passion that he is NOT using to his fullest right now.  The fourth chunk down… Elmer found it and set it to the fore of his heart center.  The moment he put that chunk of mastery into place, a whole new network of pink energy started to radiate across his both sides of his chest.  It was the most beautiful thing to witness in both visual and feeling.

It wasn’t until I actually started massaging his right leg, his calf, which represents the foundation of the life he is living did I really understand what was placed in his network of passion.  I asked him how much he is using his healing abilities to help others.  Not so much.  He feels he can, but refers people out to others he trusts more than himself in ability.

Game change!!  No more doing that!!

His high heart energy and good ole Elmer amplified out the message I shared yesterday… get the hell out of your comfort zone and start really living outside of the place you have gotten yourself comfortable within.  THAT is the energy of a true master and that is exactly what this time on earth demands!

The next thing I had seen was a bugle getting ready to sound between his high heart and his base heart.  It wasn’t sounding yet (I kept straining my ears to hear if it was) but as I moved into his base heart, I really understood why.   There were all kinds of energy packets waiting for him as he crossed the bridge from April into May.  Most of these energy packets (opportunities) were set up on his left side, relating to his physical life.  When he moves near any of these packets, the bugle will sound, no doubt by a sudden and loud ringing in the ears!

Equally, he had a very old drum wayyyyy down deep in his base heart.  The first time I had ever seen any element of a DNA set go so deep it was showing way under my massage table.  I understand what this drum was representing was deeply embedded in his DNA.  At this time, the drum was keeping beat with his heart.  But the drum also said his ancient codes of mastery will be coming to the fore of his heart center.  At first in fragments as they start making their way to his consciousness, accompanied by what appears to be erratic heart beats within his chest.

Talk about a holy shit moment!!  My crazy heart has been doing some weird and wild stuff in my chest for the last several weeks.  The only reprieve I got from my erratic and full chest thumping heart beats was when I was in Virginia.  It beat normally, until the very moment I got back onto the Mesa.

My team assured me this was pure energy moving into my heart center, I never once thought about meditating with my heart to understand what exactly this new energy needs of me.  I have said it so many times before and have to say it again…. I can be really slow on the uptake!!

Now, my first reading of the day really hammered this point all the way home.  I have been reading for this man since last year and he seems to always show up in my world of reading as the elements of life and how we are to participate with them change.  So of course he would be the first reading of this brand new energy we are living within!

At first I thought my vision was broke…again!  All I could see was this super intense white/yellow energy beaming so brightly into the field that I couldn’t see a darn thing.  I surely couldn’t find or feel him thru the intensity.

I so love when a person is interactive in a reading.  We had just been talking about my blog about looking in unexpected places for things… so when I told him I cannot find him, he said to look in unexpected places (have I said I am really slow on the uptake…dah!! lol)  I found him instantly wayyyyyyy on the left side of the field.  As far left as one can be in my reading completely in silhouette form, with an equally black line/path connecting him directly to the bright mass of energy called The Field.  Strange!

Like I said, I know this mans energy, he is a master among masters.  He was the one who, thru the reading, unlocked every field (the four directions) within the dome with his glowing green key several months ago…. giving access to all of humanity to their collective fields.  So to see him way outside the dome of energy, completely void of anything within his body, baffled me.

It took me a bit, but I finally figured out that where he is now (energetically speaking) is outside of the fullness of energy that got him to this very moment in time.  Stripped clean.  Again, I have got to stress, what got you to HERE is NOT going to get you to THERE (wherever there

He started to ask many of our usual questions… what am I supposed to be doing, how do I do it… etc.  Then the guardians threw me for a super loop!  They asked him in a very matter of fact tone:  What do you want?    Hey, that’s not how readings are supposed to go!!  I was stunned and had to laugh.

But the point was incredible.  When anyone asks us what we want, the mind immediately engages and spits out the details as it perceives it.  This is the most limiting thing we allow ourselves to do.  Because the mind has no clue what-so-ever what we want and how it will appear for us.  Only the heart knows that truth and the way into that truth of desire.

So when the guardians asked again, addressing only his heart, his first reply was family… followed by the minds view of what that even means to him.  Alright… LOOSE THE MIND!!

Loose every detail of you think you know from what your heart truly desires. Even, no especially, your concept of family!!  We recreate these energies from what we think we know about life and interpersonal relationships we have formed and lived along the way.

It is funny, as I type out that above paragraph I am being shown what Family is to our creator.  The rainbow of energy that is Him/Her.  The pure, embedded feelings of each strand of rainbow energy finding its way back Home to enhance all the other colors of the rainbow by its mere presence.  What good is love if there is no joy?  What good is joy if there is no servitude.  What good is servitude if there is no gratitude.

Family is an energy.  Period.  A wholeness of life coming back together for full expression.  It is not biology, or even soul family (too many still asleep in both sectors.) True Family t is a pure, radiant every felt deep in the heart as you pass it by.

Loosing the details allows the pureness of this embodied energy to move toward you.  Creating any sort of details keeps the energy at bay… because you have formed conditions and judgements around your perception of the desire.

This time on earth is not about co-creating your mind…again!  It is about co-creating with creation itself.  What many of us refer to as “God.”  The mind is simply the go between. The mind gives you the ability and direction to put one foot in front of the other to move towards complete fulfillment of the hearts desires.

As we talked and really started to feel with the feeling of family as opposed to the preconceived details of what it looked like to him, something amazing happened.  His pure black path to the dome of energy started to radiate rainbow energy.  The more he moved into his feelings of desire and willingness to let go of the details, I watched as he took three giant steps towards the massive ball of Light called the Field.

I also know he wants to use the land he lives upon to create a community, to call his family home to live and grow together.  As we talked about this, I seen something that just took my breath away….again!

As we move past this life changing Solar Eclipse on the 20th of this month, his magnetic pole (his heart) is sending out wave after wave of energy like a beacon, reaching far and wide across the earth, hitting each Family member of the Rainbow of Light and calling them Home.

I know I am turning this sharing into yet another mini-novel, but there is one more element I must share here.  There is actually so many more than one, but that will leave me something to write about tomorrow (smile.)

One of the lady’s I read for yesterday had a really interesting twist in her reading.  I could see her sliding down a rainbow slide moving into the far left of her West Field, the time of Harvest.  At yesterdays point in the reading, she was only half way down the slide.  I moved her into her future moment when she is fully off the slide and into her garden for harvest.  It was the strangest thing I had seen in any aspect of the field or directional points.  There was no feeling of “lights on” in the field.  Like if you walked into a room and never turned on the light.  To be clear, it wasn’t night or dark… more like overcast.

The field of energy ready for harvest was void of color.  I thought… what the heck?  I could see many elements there, all in like earth tones.  I could not make out what most of the elements were.  However, one kept pressing against my eye to be seen and eventually understood!  It felt like a rose.  But a rose like I have never seen before.  It was in full bloom but dried out and a deep tan color.  It was obvious there was no energy running thru it, something that came into bloom then was put away.  But yet, that was the feeling of her entire left side of her West field (I never did she her right side come to think of it, we could not move past what was being shown.)

Once I finally got out of my mind trying to figure out this new and unique expression of someones field of harvest… I got it!  The rose itself represents the highest vibration of love there is (in my readings.)  All the earth tones represented the earth herself.  So she came into life to be a living expression of the love of earth and obviously for a while, she worked that well.  Then changed focus in her life and let this energy become a part of her past.

She told me she went to school for environmental studies, her passion (at that time) was working with and helping the earth.  And then suddenly she completely changed careers, and now works with children in foster care (or close to that.)

Yet, her field of harvest needs her back in the saddle of earth.  That is where her true mastery lays.  That is where the passion of her soul will find its fullest expression… and that is why everything looked dehydrated.  The very beautiful thing about our life’s gardens, the moment we put the energy where it is needed, it comes back to life in living color…. and the harvesting of the energy, instant.

We may not want to change our life because it is sooooo familiar to us and we can really cozy up into THAT… but we really aren’t here to be cozy and comfy, hell we coulda stayed in spirit if that is what we really signed up for.

Ok one more thing (smile) then I have to start my day of readings….

I had a man I was reading for (wow three men yesterday… I love it!) and something so out of the ordinary happened (not that anything is really ordinary any longer.)

I am so accustomed to guides showing up, guardians showing up, Archangels, even crossed over family members occasionally… it is a very very very rare occurence when God himself shows up.  But yesterday… my socks were completely blown off my feet as I watched the hand of God show up in a mans reading holding a big round silver platter.  I was so trying to understand the silver platter when it hit me:

God is giving him a gift on a silver platter and there was even a timeline.. the end of May.  I could not see what was on that silver platter… but the platter itself was BIG, but then again, so was Gods arm and hand!

Keep your heart open for sudden and unexpected opportunities next month.  Phew baby… the big man Himself is present and participating!!

Game on!!

I cannot tell you how much I treasure each and every one of you.  You are all the greatest gift unto my Life.  You Light my/our way Home each and every day, for that, my gratitude overflows!

((((HUGZ)))) of pure excitement to All!!

Lisa Gawlas


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  3. It seems the theme of coming full circle is prevalent for many…..of a weary traveller coming home to self, to unite aspects of the journey of self into wholeness. yay! I woke up with this 70’s? song (my guides send messages thru songs) by Maxine is a part of it……

    Ooo and it’s alright and it’s comin’ ‘long

    We got to get right back to where we started from

    Love is good, love can be strong

    We got to get right back to where we started from

    And not only integrating from this current lifestream but also those mastery parts that we hid from eons ago…it is safe now for us to be all we truly are.


    • Hey Gio (((HUGZ)))

      I used to love that song!!! This bridge of finality should be done by the 3rd… can I say I am ready to jump off now!! lol


  4. WOW! its getting good!! Not sure why yet all is quiet to me lately. And if still for a second :0) I feel an overwhelming tugging, a pull, almost magnetic, radiating from my heart and solar plexus chakra. This has been since wednesday. Any one else?
    Thank you Lisa!!
    Blessings to you,
    Sarah :0)


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