Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 23, 2012

The Energy Infusion Continues.

The one thing I know for sure… there is NOTHING mild about what’s happening on earth, in our bodies, and thru the very air we breathe!!

There is an image that simply stays with me from one of yesterdays readings…. well, all of them do really, but this one really really shows us the intensity of the energy infusion that is happening.

The energy showed up as a massive sun burst that reached as high and wide as my eyes could see.  The pure radiant energy from this sun burst was vivid yellow and silvery white… and there was an in and out pulsing taking place to the entire sphere of energy.

It took me a bit to find my client, but when I did, I was so surprised by what I had seen.  She was in this rubbery gel like energy.  It really reminded me of the hand grips on a bicycle.  The color was like mustard yellow… and form fit her body.  She was deep center of this huge sunburst that is literally feeding the entire space of earth, from deep below to above the magnetosphere.

This rubber-like gel thing sheathing her was a defuser.  Allowing the Light and various intensities in with filtering out the more than she needs aspect.  I could not see her, or really see what was taking place within her… nor would they let us move beyond that moment.  Everything was taking place in that single moment and until this deep infusion is complete, there is nothing more to see!

Another girl that I read for as she completes her class time with me was awe-striking as well.  There she was in her human form, equally in the center of this energy field… but she also had another aspect, that looked just like her, growing out of her heart.  This is truly the twin flame so many seek outside of themselves… Her spirit emerging outwardly thru her heart, yet connected with her “human” thru the heart.   Ohhh the things focused meditation helps you do for yourself….(smile…hint, hint!)  The City of Light is really in your heart!!

As my own morning progressed there was a strange child-like giddiness taking over my whole body.  I was so intensely excited and felt like I was walking on clouds.

I took a bath meditation and instantly the Guardians were present to talk about the couple of days I had guests here.  I was so surprised to learn that they purposely created a weather pattern that kept us inside (think of that symbology right there) and purposely knocked me out!!   When I say spirit is tricky… they (the Guardians) put the cherry right on top of the cake!!

But too, they taught me about true alchemy as well.  The pure infusion of Light thru food.  It is about the only thing I did while my guests were here.  I cooked up a storm!  I do so love to cook for people.  It is one of my greatest pleasures.  I never really understood why until yesterday.

We live in a crazy world that worries about GMO’s, eating animals, watching carbs… we have become scared to death of our food.

I am not!!

And trust me, the Guardians LOVE to be present in our dining experience.  I noticed that the first day I woke up here.  The pure relishing of bacon and eggs seemed so silly at the time.  But truly, now I get it!!

I had planned on making pork chops for our first meal together.  But suddenly the menu changed as I was preparing to get the ingredients I needed out.  We went from pork chops to stuffed shells.  Works for me.  I didn’t even think to wonder why.  I suppose, I wasn’t supposed to wonder… just do it!!

Stuffed shells brings in the element of the cow.  From the cheeses to the hamburger… In my bath meditation they told me they infused the pure energy attributes of the cow into the meal.  Next time you see some beef or cheese or milk… think of this:


Cows can teach us about the home and community and the joy, contentment therein. Cows aid us in realizing to be easy going and live in the moment. They show us about love and connections at work and home. Cow also may demonstrate how to eat properly (I would say, less properly-which is a human bias- and more consciously.)  Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables? Are you happy at home? Cow can teach how to make those changes that are needed to balance to the joy in your surroundings.

The next day was all about the pig.  From making pancakes and bacon for breakfast to tender loin pork chops for dinner.


Pig teaches spiritual strength, protection and the mysteries of nature. Aids in getting organized and solidifying changes. Shows self-reliance, independence and fearlessness in trials and tribulations. Are you too scattered in thoughts and actions? Do you need to stand up for your beliefs and opinions? Are you using your intuition throughout the day? Pig can teach power and respect in the balance of complacency and activity. Pig is resourceful and will teach the lessons to uncover what is needed. Pig medicine can show the power of transformation and quick change of direction may be needed in different aspects of your life.

(Animal meanings taking from this website)

So the next time you connect to the negative aspect of our food… really feel with the awe and wonder of it all.  Because we choose what we consume… the negative or the positive.  The more we de-Light in the energy and alchemy on our plate… and talk about it out loud as you are doing so… the more true empowerment you bring into yourself.

The energies are coming into us from all directions… the only thing that matters is our conscious participation with it ALL!!

Now here is an interesting thought floating thru my head and heart.  How many people really focus on the cruelty of animals when eating, and choose not to consume a particular food (including GMO’s) because of the negative aspect.  You must ask, what is that reflecting back to you?  Are you remembering a pain?  Does something feel fake in your life?

When you are fully aligned with your heart center, you will only feel the loving attributes of all of Life.

Hell, my own childhood was a nightmare… but who really see’s me and thinks of pain? (well,I pray you don’t)  What we focus on… we radiate out to all the world.  Period!  And bring it back to us for more…. second helpings come in the most unique ways!! (grin)

So, as I was basking in whatever was tickling the cockles of my heart… I got an email from a wonderful site called alphalifetrends and her email was talking about the new moon of the 22nd.  Holy cow… I didn’t even realize we were in the new moon.

I have long stopped asking the new moon for my own personal intentions/seeds… I have no clue what I really need to facilitate my personal/spiritual growth, so I always ask to be seeded with what I need in this cycle.  I now realize this has become a standing order between me and the moon!!

Within about an hour after I realized we are in a new moon energy my lovely landlady came to bring me my mail and return my crystals to me that she took with her on her journey to Chichen Itza, Mexico.   She placed my personal crystal on the feathered snake pyramid twice, once on the equinox and once just before it.  My crystal about leaped out of my bathtub and asked if it can go with her on her journey… I am so grateful she not only said yes, but made a point of infusing it with this highly sacred energy place.

Once she left I sat with my mail, and seen a package from Switzerland.  I thought I was getting rocks… much to my surprise it was filled with an abundance of chocolate!!  The shear variety of pure swiss chocolate made the little girl in me get up and dance!!  (To my beautiful friend in Switzerland, we all thank you!!!!!!)  No wonder I was so excited this day… my spirit knew the mother-load of chocolate was arriving soon.

But to top that off, I took out my crystal from the crystal pouch and felt the energy.  Holy cow batman… it was beaming.  It also became clearer inside, but then something caught my eye… and my heart!!  A massive record keeper formed on the triangle shape of its face.  This record keeper was the largest I had ever seen… filling the entire facet of the crystal.

I was like a child at christmas!!  I took some of each of the chocolates and my crystal and ran over to my land ladies house.  She also took a crystal that I had given her from my digs at Arkansas and her crystal too had record keepers form from the journey.

For those that currently have crystals I sent to you, you may want to look and see if any record keepers formed on your crystals too.  They are of the same energy and vibration and will release to those in alignment sacred information from the Mayan Temple!!

I slept with mine under my pillow last evening and woke up with my entire right side of my face bulging with energy.  My eye has been picky and tearing since I woke up, a pressure under my ear, my neck and throat are sore deep inside.  Gotta love it!!

Even as I was making my coffee this morning focusing on the sheer de-Light_full discomfort in my entire right face… I could see geometric codes everywhere… rising up like steam.

Later today, I am going into my crystal to consciously see whats in there.  You should too!!

To the New Moon (and Walter) thank you so much for the chocolate seed energy and the gift of the Maya’s!!  I look forward to growing these seeds and sharing them with all of you!!

May your day be as radiant as your energy field is!!

Big big (((((HUGZ))))) of pure loving seeds!!

Lisa Gawlas











  1. What is a “record keeper” on the facet of a crystal?


  2. I cannot seem to figure out how to embed a picture in the reply. Here is an url to a really good image of a crystal with record keepers:

    And here is a really good sight with what a record keeper is:



  3. WOW!!!!! This is excellent! I was aware of the new moon energies, but yesterday when I was AMPED, I didnt give full credit! I did a few moments ago though…

    I have some quartz crystals I bought a couple years back that I mean to use in some orgonite experiments, some double terminated and singles. I think I might be sleeping with those under my pillow tonight to see if anything interesting happens! I need to get on with those organite pyramids…I have ALL the supplies, yet it sits…incomplete. I do tend to be early on things it seems…I never am in a rush, except when I have a KNOWN destination.

    Perhaps that’s why I am so at east these days about it all…I have no idea what/when anything will “happen” so might as well just get your stuff ready and sit back and enjoy life in the meantime!

    One Love Adonai!



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    I posted a link to this blog on my friend Gea’s European website within the past several weeks, since she had asked for temporary help from her readers in posting new info while she changes jobs andnow posted your recent article on the main page. Gea lives in the Netherlands and I believe her blog is where I first saw a link to your site last year. She has many American readers, and I felt like I should mention your dream about Florida after the earthquake in Mexico City occurred. Like you, I do hope it’s just a dream, but still, I would want someone to mention it to me if I were planning a vacation to that area of the world right now. I am aware that our life plans are already worked out, but at the same time, don’t we that hear warnings have a responsibility to mention it to those who would appreciate knowing? Another of Gea’s readers, Cheesemissile, had just stated on the blog that she was trying to leave Mt. Rainier as soon as possible, and I took that to mean that there was some kind of warning being given to her that it was time to leave. It’s a fine line I guess between deciding what is “living in fear”, and when we are being given a warning that we need to be paying attention to so that we can protect ourselves and our loved ones……




    • Hi Edie (((HUGZ)))

      First, thank you for sharing my sharings outwards, it is appreciated!

      The vision of seeing the tip of Florida was not a dream, but a vision as I heard the Guardians talk about increasing earthquakes, shortly after that I had seen the tip of Florida completely under water.

      It is only in listening to the information coming out in subsequent sharings that I believe it just may be a real potential since water is going to be the key element of clearing, cleansing and recharging this year… coupled with the winds. Putting these two elements together may actually relate to an intense hurricane season for south florida… but truly, I do not know.

      I agree with you very much about the fine line of fear and prepared caution. The heart will always know before hand….all-ways. That is the best place to take the guidance from… if your heart says… move… then move!! If it doesn’t… then no worries.

      I love ya Edie (((HUGZ)))


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