Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 29, 2012

The Magnetic’s of Your Life and Riding March’s Energy!

Here we are on an earth that is currently allowing every viable frequency be visible.  One of the hardest things I find to write about is the sheer variables within these frequencies.  We think and look in a linear way.  Yes truly, life is all a quantum state of energy.

So when I talk about the frequencies one is aligned too… I do talk about it as if they are all in a nice slice of frequencies one above the other.  Not so at all.  It just makes story telling much easier to paint a picture.

There are so many different frequencies all walking around on earth together.  Each dimensional frequencies has a lot of variations to it.  For example. lets say you get out of the thick and heavy 3D frequency and emerge into the 4D… that moment you start wondering if there is more to life… we can like at that as frequency 4.1, then you start to search for your own truth, that brings you to frequency 4.4, then you start applying and living those truths, you are now working in lets just say frequency 4.5 thru 4.100   … just saying.  There is a raise in your vibration every step of the way.

If you can look at your body as this huge magnetic pole of energy, this is where your frequency reality begins.  As you go into the higher octaves of where you had started from, your are literally pulling very different experiences and people to you.  But equally, the other (for lack of a better word) lower vibrations no longer resonate at your frequency and fall away from your magnetic pull.

Humanity has been so consumed with what we currently have in our lives, we rarely make room for what is coming.  Like our faded and torn jeans that no longer fit.  They had been so comfortable to wear… and now they no longer serve you.  Often, we simply put them in our closet, because we love them.  They are taking up space in your closet and keeps the new pair that is needed out.

We may even see someone in a new pair of jeans and they just look absolutely delightful in them, and so we go and get the same pair and yet they do not fit us at all.  Frequencies and experiences are like this.  Just that tiny little frequential difference matters.

Our body… our magnetic pole of life is constantly sending out magnetic waves of energy. Pulling to the very experiences and people you need for your highest growth.  But you must make room for them  That was the theme of February… major accelerated choice points in everyone’s life.

As I had said before there are a large variance of frequencies now very much in view of every eye on earth.  So there is going to be a wide variety of experiences in any given month.  Never, ever place a measuring stick of your growth next to anyone else on earth.  Each variance of frequencies produce their own experience… don’t get caught up if someone seems to be having an easier time than you.  Many are, many aren’t…. all is perfect!

The New Earth has its own magnetic pole.  It is pulling those who are vibrationally clear in their frequency towards it.  This is where I am aligned to, and share about and read from.

I know there is a larger world falling apart and regrouping, personally so many of us have already gone thru that within ourselves.  I have no desire to join that party again.  Staying focused on the outcome… the New Earth, the Heaven on Earth… that is what I look towards and vibrate with.

We are already having shared experiences, shared information coming to us.  We are pulling together.  Allowing the old to fall away in whatever way it needs to, and focusing our energies on the new creation already underway… underway thru us.  For it cannot exist with the human.

Now our human magnetic pole does accommodate several frequencies at once.  Which is why you can seem to read several varieties of information that another make see conflict in, but you resonate to it all, or maybe just some.    And then one day you go to read it again and none of it fits in your resonance.  This is the greatest way to see how your own frequency has changed.

Everything serves you well, until the moment it no longer serves you at all.

I did a spontaneous reading on facebook yesterday.  I could so see this lady standing in the dome area of  “the field” holding a flower.  A pansy with a stem.  This is the first time ever I had seen a stem on any of those pansies.  She was facing the North field, tears of sorrow and joy streaming down her face…. and the feeling was alone.  Arriving here all alone and yet, her heart so full she offered her flower of life to the spirit of the North.  I didn’t really get the significance of the north until right now… a time of rejuvenation to all that have arrived.  And we are arriving!!  Happy Dance!!

She was a divine reflection of where we are at right now.  Standing in the circle of time… rejuvenating.   Feeling all we have been thru, released, and are receiving all at the same time.

Take this day and celebrate the magnitude of all you have done.  All you are creating.  Without you, this would still be a potential instead of a reality!

Of course, we will have new work to do, new fields to sow, new life to bring forth, new spiritual attributes to use (well, new to our present consciousness…smile)!  And we must do this together.

Yesterday when I was sharing, I kept hearing the Guardians talk about bring the group together in an interactive way.  They didn’t say how… but I also get the feeling of the same thing today… only stronger.  Give me a day or two to get the clarity and I will put it into motion.

I am going to close with this sudden vision that just went thru me.  March… there are two aspects to this intense month.  I just seen that big ole tsunami wave of energy that had been present for March (in my field of vision) since last year.  It released so quickly and suddenly and for those aligned with it, will flow… or maybe zoom… into their next exciting expression of life.

However, there is also an undercurrent taking place too.  Until today, I have never seen this.  It pulls a person deep under water…. as undertows do.  To the point of feeling like one is drowning in their life.  Like I had said, all of humanity has been at a choice point of creation thru February.  March will show you exactly where you are…. drowning or surfing!  It’s all about Mastery.  Love.  Loving Mastery within the Garden of Life.

Do not get confused about your role thru life.  If you can look at this imagery… above water, deep under water…  You are not here to save anyone.  That can only come from within, from their own choices.  There are those who are still in the deep waters of life that have been aligned to help those caught in the undertow of energy.  Let them be the ones to help… you are here to create.  You may look and see those in the waters of March with hands stretched up, grab them, pull them into the wisdom you are riding upon… but don’t go jumping into the waters.

I have a feeling I now know the theme of readings for March!  lol… and trust me, I will be scoping out that tsunami ride (and undertow) with as much detail as I can glean!!

Here is surfing to the new Earth… the Gardens of Shambhala!!

((((HUGZ))))) of fluid joy to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I have put together a wide variety of reading packages together.  I will be discontinuing the “Infused Crystal Reading” on March 15th.  I will “see” you in the watery fields of March!!! ((((HUGZ)))) of gratitude to All of You!!




  1. Again thanks for the daily news:)
    The lady you read for on facebook, it could of been me, wow, sorrow, yes to that, and i feel so lonely its unbelievable that it could go on so very long and as much as i focus on the new and better times i become scared i see as i humanly cant see a way through this and my healths not good and yet i know deep down i can heal..
    I left you the music yesterday, thanks for the friendship i so wish you were not so far away, but somehow i can feel your energy and it inspires me, so thank you for that and may March, ( my birthday month!) bring you many blessings. xxxx J


    • Hi Jackie (((HUGZ)))… so so many are feeling exactly the way you do, which is why I mentioned it in the blog. Every reading, every connection whether spontaneous or planned has a reason to it. And having just done my first reading today… Holy Freakin Cow Batman… we are in for an amazing March!! May I ask what is out of alignment in your health?? I have a feeling (cuz I see it) your health is already being restored. I see you being carried almost lifeless like by your Guardian into the middle of “the Field”… healing and health can only come from that!! You are so loved and so taken care of… even, no.. especially when it seems otherwise!!
      Big big ((((HUGZ))) of love, joy and pure radiant health you!!


      • Hi Lisa,i emailed the answer to your question via your gmail address. xx


    • Jackie…check out here, this should give you something to chew on maybe till your birthday (mine is March too!!!!) HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO YOU AND GAIA!

      But never forget, the birth of this new world will be dramatic in many ways, and as we have repeated again and again, just as a natural birth, it will be accompanied by fear and pains for many, but the outcome will be a radiant one.


      and our missives lately have given you a few pointers as to how to achieve and maintain a more stable and tranquil base, and we ask you to take these messages to heart.

      You see, your balance will be seriously challenged now in so many ways, and it is therefore imperative that you work hard on finding that clear and calm center, so that you manage to stay firmly anchored in it no matter how hard the storm blows around you.


  2. I sense a level of WHEW in your post…is that valid? February has been a HARD energetic month and last night it really woke me up during some deeply anxious feelings of change. This morning I looked up the astrological alignments for me over the last few days and man o man…check this stuff out…(this is not sun sign horoscope crap)…

    Feb 28, 2012 (Feb 27, 2012 to Feb 28, 2012) Sun Sqr Ura

    Your usual routine is likely to be disrupted now, either by “freak” accidents beyond your control or by your own impatience with
    the status quo. Sudden unexpected events, and breaking free of confining situations and relationships are very likely.

    My wife and I spent the night talking about what we don’t like in our lives currently and how to change our relationship to the status quo.

    So then spending time in astrology last night I was BLOWN AWAY when I found this from an astrologer friend.

    I mentioned in some posts back about a GRAND TRINE on during the middle of the first week of March. Well it turns out there is actually a six pointed star created from the planets that last for a day and a half starting March 1st and another one pops up at the end of March for another roughly 1.5 days (30 hrs I think).

    AFAIK, no astrologer I know has any idea what this REALLY means as no one has seen basically a STAR OF DAVID pop up so well, let alone TWO and I find the synchronicities never ending as March is the 3 month. Trines are made of three planets 60 degrees opposition (another 3!). There are two TRINES, forming six triangles twice…so 12 triangles in total. Tesla said, if you knew the secrets of the 3, 6 & 9 you would know all the secrets of the universe.

    Prepare for the tsunami to reach us incrementally next week. No one really knows save the creator, what is coming. Everyone feels it though, so it is here now.

    Today is a day out of time, literally and figuratively. Take a moment, clear your mind and breathe in the New energies and empower them with your intent to produce your highest ideals. Really feel the energies you wish your to be surrounded by and the energy you choose to support.

    Lisa all your mentioning of the POLES touches another aspect I have been studying lately which is the poles moving/shifting. The north pole is now over Siberia after being located in CANADA for hundred if not thousands of years. According to George Stankov this is setting up for a flip of the poles which the way you word it, makes sense. The “new Earth” (I’m not fond of that saying) will have the opposite polarity of this one.

    Also Stankov details your frequency explanation in scientific terms. He uses octave levels and says to reach 5th dimension one must raise your vibration level to the 144 octave or higher. This is based on 12 dimensions or 12 densities depending on how you look at it. The thing is there are 7 chakra’s in the body (main) so is it twelve dimensions within 7 densities or 12 densities within 7 dimensions. Does it really matter? 🙂

    This man is the only truly scientifically spiritual person I have ever had the pleasure of finding. Fair warning if you check out his site, he is very scientific in many respects which many get turned off by due to his clinical nature at times. His main language is German so he has slowly translated all his books into English. If we’re all swimming, he’s the deepest end of the pool I have found yet! (funny thing too, I spent 5 years in Germany as a child – just remembered that!)

    One Love Adonai!



    • Patrick, if you felt the new WHEW in my sharing this morning… you should feel me after my readings this morning. Holy Freakin WHEW!! 🙂 It is interesting to… I am now reading in a “split screen” format… gotta love the changes!! As above… so below!!

      I love when folks mix science and metaphysics… that is why I loved The Holographic Universe and pretty much anything written by Gregg Braden! To blend the two with understanding… invaluable!!!

      Gotta scoot and get ready for my massage coming in.. now that is going to be interesting too!!
      ((((HUGZ)))) filled with sunshine and tsunami waves!!


  3. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you again for your support and allowing me to benefit from your gifts yesterday. I thought you might like to know that I sat with the image of me in the circle holding that flower. When I did, in the image I held the flower up and it became like a fountain. White-ish shapes like big flower shaped drops of water bubbled up and out. The higher I held it, the bigger the fountain. So I am feeling that this is important, and has something to do with not holding and guarding this flower anymore, but letting it be seen, and letting it spill it’s energy out watering the world around it.
    Hey, maybe this is how the garden gets watered!


    • Ohhhhhhh I so love that Lynn!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We are an amazing, connected garden of love… spewing forth in the fountain of lifes new, radiant, garden!!

      Dancing in the sunshine and flower energy!!


  4. @ Patrick, thanks:). yes i know and this is why i dont stay in the scared mode to long, i call back my energy from that when i happen to fall into it.
    The balance thing is something i have some physical problems with anyway, and i am doing my best to receive the inner lead i need now to help me get what i need to do this and i know its different for each of us now as to what that is.
    Thanks for your comments and happy B’day to you too for March:) X J


  5. […] link to original article […]


  6. Hi, Lisa, thank you for the tsunami warning (wink), it explains much, especially that feeling of getting drawn out away from shore before the wave hits… I’m grateful to Wolfke73 for sharing your site with me! Namaste, Leslee


  7. FLOW-er ))
    As in, go with the f-LO-w …
    or, be eaten by the w-OL-f, ma-Y-be ))

    Thanks for y-OUR efforts L-is-A ! -))

    HerE is a ‘strange’ something that came to me last niGht,
    “the tree” … in the eve & adam story … if WE take the last ‘e’ in tree and back it UP f-our spACes (E, fifth letter, miNus f-our spAce = A, first letter), and what do WE get “the’A’tre = THEATRE” … as in, L-if-E is a stAge ))

    W-hERe could something like this come from ??
    … lOl ))


    ps … WE are on the stAir-wAy to S-eve-N (math-em-AT-ic-ally speaKING) … and here is my proof ))
    … each number is a result, of the two nUmbeRs ‘above’ added together to create a ‘s-U-m’ (+1 = a sUn ? -) ‘below’ ))

    please share this information, if it resonates with you ? -))
    … t-here is lots of rOOm on my surf board, if nEEd BE ?? -))


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